The typical frost-free growing season for this area (Zone 6) starts May 8 and ends September 29. Dates may vary, please check your local nursery or Farmer's Almanac here.

Our Seed Planting Guide (Page 1: Arugula - Dill, Page 2: Eggplant - Watermelon) may help you decide what you would like to plant and when to get started, but keep in mind that the dates provided are not set in stone. Some years are great for growing, others not as much. Many seeds can be started indoors and transplanted outside later. If you are not thinking about your garden in February, there are plenty of seeds that can be sown directly in your garden throughout the spring, summer and into fall.

We typically offer an annual Seed Starting Workshop in the spring. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar and sign up to join us!