For research and publication purposes, the Concord Free Public Library holds and provides access to thousands of images documenting the Concord landscape (natural and built), the town’s people and life, and its historical, cultural, and literary heritage, as well as photographs of unique items—manuscripts and artwork—in the Library collections. 

If you are unable to visit the Library please contact Special Collections staff at for assistance with your request. In addition, you may also visit our list of Most Requested Images (below) which includes many representative examples of our visual holdings.

While we are pleased to provide images for reference or personal use, receipt of an image does not confer the right to reproduce that image in any form.  To use an image in a publication or for an exhibit it is necessary to obtain formal permission.

Obtaining permission to use Concord Free Public Library images in a print or electronic publication, film, or exhibition: (a) a written request providing the details of intended use (requests by email are encouraged); (b) inclusion of the clearly visible credit line “Courtesy Concord Free Public Library” adjacent to the image; (c) payment of a per image one-time use reproduction fee; and (d) signing a form acknowledging the restrictions on use.

We accept checks made out to the Concord Free Public Library (all foreign checks to be payable in U.S. funds). We do not accept payment by credit card at this time.

Use of images in student presentations, dissertations, etc. is free of charge.  However, such uses nevertheless require written requests and the inclusion of the credit line or verbal acknowledgment, as appropriate.  

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The following selection of Concord Free Public Library images is provided to suggest the range of images available in the Special Collections. It is—emphatically—not intended to limit patron selection.  If you do not see what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us to explore other possibilities.  If you find what you want, you may order it by number (indicating that you saw it on our photo order page). If an image is shown in black and white, it is available only in black and white.  If it is shown in color (including sepia), please specify whether you want it in black and white or color.

Doolittie - Concord
1. Amos Doolittle. A View of the Town of Concord, 1775 (engraving).
Doolittle - Bridge
2. Amos Doolittle. The Engagement at the North Bridge in Concord, 1775 (engraving).
Concord Covenant
3. Solemn League and Covenant, 1774 (front, showing printed text).
Concord Covenant
4. Solemn League and Covenant, 1774 (reverse, showing signatures only).
Declaration of Independence
5. Declaration of Independence (Salem: E. Russell, 1776).  Concord’s copy, addressed to William Emerson.
Concord Bridge
6. North Bridge, 1875, with celebration tents for centennial of Concord Fight in background.
1875 celebration
7. T. Lewis. Dining Tent, interior (Centennial of Concord Fight), 1875.
8. T. Lewis. Battle Monument, North Bridge, 1875.
President Grant and Cabinet
9. Residence of Judge Hoar with President Grant and Cabinet (centennial of Concord Fight), 1875.
Concord Square
10. T. Lewis. Concord Square, April 19, 1875 (Centennial of Concord Fight).
Minute Man Statue
11. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. Daniel Chester French’s Minute Man, ca. 1885-1890.
North Bridge, 1965.
12. Keith Martin. North Bridge, 1965.
Map of Concord, 1810-20
13. Edward Jarvis. Map of Concord Mass. Central Village, as it was 1810 to 1820, 1883 (drawn from memory).
A.B. Alcott
14. Amos Bronson Alcott on steps of Concord School of Philosophy.
A.B. Alcott
15. Amos Bronson Alcott on a rustic seat.
L.M. Alcott
16. Louisa May Alcott, writing at desk in Orchard House.
L. M. Alcott
17. Louisa May Alcott, seated, pen in hand.
L.M. Alcott
18. Louisa May Alcott, seated, reading (Conly’s Portraits).
Orchard House
19. Orchard House and Concord School of Philosophy.
W.E. Channing
20. Ellery Channing (copied by A.W. Hosmer from original photograph).
R.W. Emerson
21. Ralph Waldo Emerson, looking to his right (photograph by Black).
R.W. Emerson
22. Ralph Waldo Emerson, in lecture stance (photograph by Black).
R.W. Emerson
23. Ralph Waldo Emerson, seated (photograph by Black).
R.W. Emerson
24. Ralph Waldo Emerson, head and shoulders (photograph by Black).
R.W. Emerson
25. Ralph Waldo Emerson (Gutekunst).
Nature, by R.W. Emerson
26. Title-page, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature (Boston: James Munroe, 1836).
Cover to The Dial
27. Wrapper, The Dial, Vol. 1, No. 1, July, 1840.
Lidian and Edward Emerson
28. Lidian Emerson holding young son Edward, ca. 1847.
Old Manse
29. T. Lewis. Old Manse (centennial of Concord Fight), 1875.
A.W. Hosmer, Old Manse
30. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. Old Manse, ca. 1890-1895.
20 Cambridge Tpk.
31. Residence of R.W. Emerson, 1875.
Emerson House
32. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. Emerson House.
Margaret Fuller
33. Margaret Fuller (copied by A.W. Hosmer from an engraving).
Nathaniel Hawthorne.
34.  Mayall (London).  Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1860.
The Wayside.
35. Wayside, showing Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne.
36. Hawthorne’s Home, “The Wayside,” Concord, Massachusetts.
E.P. Peabody
37. Elizabeth Palmer Peabody.
W.T. Harris and E.P. Peabody
38. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. William Torrey Harris and Elizabeth Palmer Peabody by the Concord School of Philosophy.
B.F. Sanborn
39. Franklin Benjamin Sanborn.
H.D. Thoreau
40. Samuel Worcester Rowse.  Henry David Thoreau, 1854 (crayon portrait).
H.D. Thoreau
41. Benjamin Maxham. Henry David Thoreau, 1856 (A.W. Hosmer copy from one of three daguerreotypes—that originally held by H.G.O. Blake—by Maxham).
H.D. Thoreau
42. Edward S. Dunshee. Henry David Thoreau, 1861 (carte de visite copy from original ambrotype).
H.D. Thoreau birthplace
43. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. Thoreau's birthplace (Virginia Road, Concord).
Thoreau room
44. Alfred Winslow Hosmer. Thoreau’s Walden furniture (displayed in the Concord Antiquarian Society building).
Walden Pond survey
45. Henry David Thoreau. Walden Pond, 1846 (manuscript survey, ink on paper).
Thoreau.  Walden
46. Title-page, Henry David Thoreau, Walden, or, Life in the Woods (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1854).
Hosmer. Walden pond.
47. Alfred Winslow Hosmer.  Walden Pond and cairn, ca. 1890-1895.
Gleason. Overlooking Walden Pond
48. Herbert Wendell Gleason.  Overlooking Walden Pond toward Mt. Wachusett, from Pine Hill, Apr. 28, 1906.   
Egg Rock
49. Herbert Wendell Gleason.  Egg Rock, Oct. 31, 1899.
50. Alfred Munroe.  Canoe under the Leaning Hemlocks, Assabet River.
Wright Tavern
51. Monument Square from Lexington Road (showing Wright Tavern, Middlesex Hotel, flagpole, Soldiers’ Monument).
1st Parish
52. Alfred Munroe.  First Parish in Concord (before 1900 fire and rebuilding).
Wright Tavern
53. Alfred Munroe.  Wright Tavern.
Concord Center.
54. John Warner Barber.  Central Part of Concord, Mass., 1839 (engraved by J. Downes; published in 1840 in Barber’s Historical Collections).
Monument Square
55. A.H. Putnam.  Soldiers’ Monument, Monument Square.
Middlesex Hotel
56.  Middlesex Hotel.
Town House
57. City Hall (Town House), Concord, Mass., 1875.
Monument Square
58. Alfred Winslow Hosmer.  Monument Square and Town House, before 1895.
Concord Square
59. Concord Square, Concord, Mass. (looking west; showing trolley).
Concord Center, 1865
60. Concord Center, south side, looking west, ca. 1865.
Concord Center
61. Concord Center, looking east (toward Monument Square).
Concord Center
62. Concord Bank building (Concord Center, north side), late 1850s.
Concord Free Public Library
63. Concord Free Public Library, ca. 1880.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.
64. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Mass.
West Concord Junction
65. Station, Concord Junction, Mass.
West Concord Station.
66. Depot, Concord Junction, Mass.
Union Square, West Concord
67. Union Square, Concord Junction, Mass.
Comm. Ave., West Concord
68. Commonwealth Avenue.  Concord Junction, Mass.
Allen Chair Co., Concord Junction
69. Buildings of the Allen Chair Co., Concord Junction, Mass.
Boston Harness Co.
70. Boston Harness Co., Concord Junction (West Concord), Mass.
Damon Mill
71. Alfred Winslow Hosmer.  Damon Mill building, Main Street, Damondale (West Concord), Mass., ca. 1895. 
MCI Concord
72.  Concord Reformatory (M.C.I. Concord), 1937.

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