Join us for summer reading in 2024! We have four age-based reading programs on reader age, and our very first all ages Summer Maker Program in the Workshop. Check out these programs and then stop by the Library to sign up!

  • Summer Maker Program | All Ages

    Make things. Earn prizes. Make more things! Pick up a Workshop Summer Maker Program card and earn a stamp every time you visit from June to August. Collect 10 stamps to trade your card in for special makerspace materials, including: needle-felting and cross-stitching kitscolorful laser cutter acrylicholographic iron-on vinyl to create your own custom clothes with our Cricut machines, and glow-in-the-dark 3D printing plastic!

  • Rubber Ducky Club | Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

    Sign up, read, and record each day you read with your child this summer on our events calendar! Every seven days, you will earn a rubber ducky and a ticket for the Grand Prize Raffle!

  • Reading Dragons | Kids & Teens

    Read and collect dragon trading cards for the opportunity to win prizes! You can evolve your dragon (or pick a new egg) for every two days you read this summer. Every time you evolve a dragon into an adult (after eight days of reading), you will earn a ticket for the Grand Prize Raffle! Sign up in-person at the Main Library or the Fowler Branch beginning Monday, June 10. Read. Hatch. Collect them all!

  • Trial By Firewall | Teens

    Trial By Firewall is a Summer Reading Club for teens only. Folks in grades 6th-12th can participate in this club, Reading Dragons, or both.

    Teen Librarian Erick's FAQ:

    Why would I want to do this? Well, reading is its own reward, but I will appeal to the greedy cynic in us all and say that you get raffle tickets for prizes.

    What prizes? So far we have gift cards to DoorDash, Dunkin', Kimball Farm, Roblox, and Target. We also have a fancy D&D dice set, Magic the Gathering Cards, a gummy candy bundle, and a chocolate candy bundle. We're also taking your suggestions!

    How do I get raffle tickets? Two easy ways: read books, or complete challenges. Then just report your progress on this Trial By Firewall Reporting Form so we know how many raffle tickets to give you.

    What books do I have to read? Any book that's appropriate for your reading level. No "see spot run" type books. Read something with some meat on it. Audio books are ok too.

    What are these challenges?

    • Attend a program: Show up at some of the fun stuff we do. Bonus tickets if you suggest a program and then we run it.
    • Be a good human: Do something nice for people in the room, volunteer somewhere, or help us clean up when needed.
    • Defeat the librarian: Beat Teen librarian Erick in a game of skill or chance. Bonus tickets if you let Erick pick the challenge.
    • Library scavenger hunt: Find the weekly cursed image QR code hidden somewhere in the library and report it.
    • Show your Concord library card: Lost it? Don't have one? We can make you one for free, and you still get a ticket.
    • Spin the wheel: Once per day, you might win extra raffle tickets, you might have to drink pickle juice. Take your chances.
    • Unlock all achievements: If you manage to do all of the above challenges and read at least one book, you get bonus tickets.

    When do I win this stuff?

    All raffle drawings are done at our Summer Reading Wrap Party on August 23rd. You don't have to be there to win.

  • Adult Summer Reading | Adults

    Join us for adult summer reading! During each visit to either the Main or Fowler libraries, share what you have read, watched, or listened to recently. Fill out a raffle ticket to enter weekly drawings for gift cards to local businesses. Each ticket will also be an entry for a chance to win the grand prize in August