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Henry David Thoreau's Survey no. 90a
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EXTENT: ca. 265 items + related photocopy, transcripts, and printed materials (one five- drawer flat storage unit for surveys, plus two containers)

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized into four series: I. Surveys, 1846-1860; II. Survey-related notes, mss., etc., 1840-1861; III. Manuscripts, [1862], [n.d.]; IV. Correspondence, 1836, 1855, [n.d.]. Surveys and most survey-related materials arranged according to Library-devised numbering system (by and large alphabetical by name of property owner).

BIOGRAPHY: American author, lecturer, naturalist, student of Native American artifacts and life, transcendentalist, land surveyor, and life-long resident of Concord, Mass. Active opponent of slavery and social critic.

Born July 12, 1817, son of Concord storekeeper and pencilmaker John Thoreau and Cynthia Dunbar Thoreau. Graduated from Harvard College and began keeping a journal--the source for much of his writing--in 1837. Taught public school in Concord briefly in 1837. Lecturer for Concord Lyceum from 1838. Sought (largely unsuccessfully) to publish pieces in periodicals from late 1830s. Travelled down Concord and Merrimack Rivers with brother John in 1839. Ran private school with John 1839-1841, John’s illness and death putting an end to the enterprise. Lived in Emerson household 1841-1843. Tutored children of Emerson’s brother William on Staten Island 1843-1844. Returned to Concord and, in 1845, built house on Emerson’s land at Walden Pond, where he lived from summer of 1845 until Sept., 1847. In summer of 1846, jailed overnight for non-payment of poll tax in protest against slavery. His piece "Resistance to Civil Government," reflecting this experience, was published in E.P. Peabody’s Aesthetic Papers in 1849. While at Walden, wrote first draft of A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers and kept journals which he later worked into Walden, or, Life in the Woods. A Week, published at author’s risk in 1849, did not sell and the remaining copies were returned to Thoreau (1853). Walden was published in 1854.

Actively took up land and property surveying in 1840s, working both for Town of Concord and for private property owners. Thoreau’s friends included Emerson, Alcott, and Channing in Concord, H.G.O. Blake of Worcester, and Daniel Ricketson of New Bedford. Journeyed to Cape Cod in 1849 and 1853, to Canada in 1850, to Maine in 1853 and 1857, and to Minnesota (with Horace Mann, Jr.) in 1861.

Thoreau’s essay "Walking," published posthumously in the Atlantic Monthly for June, 1862, was based largely on journal entries for 1850-1852. Thoreau had delivered lectures entitled "Walking" in 1851/1852 and 1856/1857. Close to his death, he revised his material in preparing the manuscript submitted for publication in the Atlantic Monthly.

Died of tuberculosis on May 6, 1862. Sister Sophia edited unpublished manuscripts, resulting in publication of several posthumous books--Excursions (1863), The Maine Woods (1864), Cape Cod (1865), A Yankee in Canada (1866). Emerson edited letters (Letters to Various Persons, 1865). H.G.O. Blake published four volumes based on selected journal entries (Early Spring in Massachusetts, 1881, Summer, 1884, Winter, 1888, Autumn, 1892). Thoreau biographer H.S. Salt and F.B. Sanborn edited poems (Poems of Nature, 1895). Complete works: Riverside Edition (1894); Walden Edition (1906); Princeton Edition (ongoing to date).

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Papers 1836-[1862], including 195 land and property surveys and maps (1846-1860), survey-related notes, manuscripts, etc. (1840-1861), other manuscript material ([1862] and [n.d.]), and correspondence (1836, 1855, and [n.d.]).

Surveys are primarily of land and property in Concord, Mass. (including three of Walden Pond). Collection also includes surveys of land in Acton, Bedford, Boxborough, Carlisle, Framingham, Haverhill, Lincoln, Littleton, and Stow, one well-known survey of the Concord River "from East Sudbury to Billerica Mills," and one of Eagleswood in Perth Amboy, New Jersey (done for Marcus Spring). Surveys include properties belonging to A. Bronson Alcott, Edward Carver Damon, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Francis R. Gourgas, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edward S. Hoar, Samuel Hoar, Edmund Hosmer, John Hosmer, David Loring, the Concord Mill Dam Company, Abel Moore, John Brooks Moore, William Munroe, Daniel Shattuck, Samuel Staples, Cyrus Stow, the Town of Concord, and others. Most of the surveys are pencil or ink drafts; a few are finished products in ink. The sizes and dimensions of individual surveys vary considerably, the largest being the rolled river survey (38 x 233 cm.). Although not strictly a survey, Thoreau’s "Statistics of the Bridges Over Concord River, Between Heard’s Bridge and Billerica Dam ... " is included in the survey collection, as are several traced or copied maps.

Survey-related notes, manuscripts, etc., include measurements and calculations, field notes, and other material generated by Thoreau in the preparation of his surveys. Thoreau used the manuscript volume he entitled Field-Notes of Surveys Made by Henry D. Thoreau Since November 1849 (containing dated entries from 1849 to 1861, plus some material tipped or laid in) to record work done for various employers, measurements, expenses, and fees charged.

Manuscripts consist of [1862] publisher’s manuscript of "Walking," published in Atlantic Monthly for June, 1862 (v. 9, no. 56; Borst D49) and later in the collection Excursions (first published in Boston by Ticknor and Fields, Oct., 1863; Borst A3.1) and two undated manuscript fragments or notes. The manuscript of "Walking" contains numerous deletions and emendations by Thoreau; portions of it are in the hand of Thoreau’s sister Sophia. The original is accompanied by a complete photocopy, by a (1975) typed transcript by Thomas Blanding, and by photocopy of the piece as printed in the Atlantic Monthly.

Correspondence includes three letters to Thoreau: Robert Collyer to Mr. Thoreau, 22 May [18--]; Charles Wyatt Rice to Friend David, Brookfield, 1836 July 31 (referring to Thoreau’s pursuit of "indian remains"); E[lizabeth] Oakes Smith to Henry Thoreau, Brooklyn, 1855 Feb. 14 (asking Thoreau to inquire about possibility of her lecturing on Margaret Fuller in Concord; this letter accompanied by typed transcript).


Bulk of surveys and survey-related materials (including volume of field notes) deposited in Concord Free Public Library by Sophia Thoreau, 1874/75, bequeathed to Library by Sophia Thoreau, 1876/77.

Two surveys (unspecified) presented by Wallace A. Calef, 1899/1900.

Survey 90a presented by Mrs. Stedman Buttrick, Sr.

Receipt to Town of Concord presented by Dr. Randolph Piper, 1969.

Manuscript "Walking" presented by James T. Fields in honor of opening of Concord Free Public Library, Sept.,  1873.

R. Collyer letter deposited by the Concord Antiquarian Society in 1971, converted to gift in 1974 (formerly CAS item no. D-2030j).

C.W. Rice and E.O. Smith letters purchased in 1992.

ITEMS AVAILABLE ON MICROFILM: Surveys, volume of field notes, and "Walking" manuscript available on microfilm, for use in Library.


Thoreau, Henry David. "Walking." Atlantic Monthly, v. 9, no. 56 (June, 1862), p. [657]-674 (piece printed from publisher’s manuscript of "Walking" later presented to Library).

Moss, Marcia. A Catalog of Thoreau’s Surveys in the Concord Free Public Library (Geneseo, N.Y.: Thoreau Society, 1976).

Cameron, Kenneth Walter. Thoreau’s Canadian Notebook and Record of Surveys (Hartford, Conn.: Transcendental Books, c1967).

ASSOCIATED MATERIALS: Other significant collections of Henry David Thoreau manuscript material are found in the Houghton Library (Harvard University), the Abernethy Library (Middlebury College), the Berg Collection (New York Public Library), the Pierpont Morgan Library, and the Henry E. Huntington Library.

The Concord Free Public Library also holds a number of archival, manuscript, printed, and photographic collections relating to Thoreau.

NOTES/COMMENTS: One item (Robert Collyer letter) transferred from Letter File (formerly Letter File 1, C17), Mar. 1995. "Walking" manuscript accessioned (accession number 8581), Sept., 1873. Survey collection, volume of field notes, and "Walking" manuscript sent to NEDCC for various conservation/preservation treatments (dry cleaning, washing where possible, deacidification, encapsulation of surveys, microfilming, etc.), ca. 1975-1977 and 1997.

PROCESSING NOTE: Papers processed and cataloged through a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.  Microfilm of field notes and surveys prepared at the Northeast Document Conservation Center, through a grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.  Processed by DW (intern) and LPW; finding aid prepared 1/8/97, revised 1998, 1999.


Series I. Surveys, 1846-1860:

Note: The survey captions are Thoreau's own.

Permission must be obtained from the Concord Free Public Library to publish these images in any form, including electronic.

Survey number, title and date:

1       Acton/Concord Town Line ... [Sept. 15, 1851]

2a      Plan of A. Bronson Alcott's Estate; Concord, Mass. ... Sept. 22, 1857

2b      [Draft of 2a] Sept. 22, 1857

3       Plan of a Woodlot Near Flint's Pond in Lincoln, Mass. Belonging to Jacob Baker ... Apr. 23, 1852

4       Plan ... of a Small Woodlot in ... Concord--Belonging to Prescott Barrett ... June 10, 1859

5       Plan of a Part of Samuel Barrett's Woodlot Near Annursnack ... Dec. 6, 1851

6       Plan of a Piece of Woodland Belonging to the Estate of Caleb Bates Deceased ... Dec. 22, 1857

7a     Plan of the Court House Grounds and Adjacent Lots ... June 13, 1850

7b     Burying Ground Street ... July 1853

7c     New Road Toward Bedford ... July 1853

7d     Plan of the Town House Lot ... June 13, 1850

7e     Profile View of the Third Section of the New Bedford Road ... [n.d.] (rolled survey)

7f      [Untitled] (rolled survey)

7g      Plan of the Bedford Road at Moore's Swamp (Between the Fences) ... May 3, 1859

7h      [Draft of 7g] May 3, 1859

7i       Plan of a New Road from the N.E. Burying Ground in Concord to William Pedrick's House ... July 1853

7j       Plan of Sleepy Hollow from Plans Made by Cyrus Hubbard in 1836 & 1852 and the New Road Added by Henry D. Thoreau Feb. 1, 1854

9        Plan of the [Wyman/Goose Pond] Woodlot (so called) Belonging to Geo[rge] Heywood Concord Mass. ...Dec. 25, 1857

10      Plan of a Woodlot in the South Part of Concord Belonging to Abel Brooks ... Dec. 29, 1857

11      Plan of the Noah & Joshua Brooks Farm in Lincoln Mass. ... May 26-8-9-+31st, 1852

12      Plan of That Part of Thomas Brooks' Woodland in Lincoln Mass.  Which was Burned Over in the Fall of 1857 ...June 5, 1858

13       J.P. Brown's Woodlot Sold to Wm Wheeler Dec. 19-21, [18]53

14a     Plan of Woodland on Fair Haven Hill in Concord, Mass. Belonging to Reuben Brown ... Oct. 22, 1851

14b     Mainly From Hub[bard']s Plan of Brown's Farm ... [n.d.]

14c     [Draft and notes for 14a; n.d., ca. Oct., 1851]

15       Plan of Woodland in Acton Belonging to Wm. D. Brown The Wood Chiefly White Pine Sold to Warner ...Apr. 12, [18]58

17       A Woodlot in Acton (South Part) Belonging to Stedman Buttrick Sold to Sumner Blood of Acton ...Apr. 18, [18]59

18       Plan of the Boundary Line Between Concord & Carlisle ... Dec. 1851

20       This Plan Represents a Part of the Homestead Farm of the Late General James Colburn Deceased ...Copy of Plan Made by Hubbard about 1830 ... Nov. 6, 1854

23       Measured Area of Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Boxborough, Acton, Littleton, Stow, Bedford for Rhodes ...Oct. 1, 1860

24a     Plan of a New Street, from the Depot in Concord, Mass. to the Academy Lane, Through Land of Francis Monroe and Others ... March 1851

24b     Plan Showing the Relation of a Proposed Street to the Depot and Neighboring Streets ... Sept. 1850

25a     [Edward Damon factory site, May 6, 7, 13, 14, 1859]

25b-f   [Rough drafts of Edward Damon's factory lot and other properties; 5 items; n.d.]

26a     Plan of the McHard Lot (so called) Belonging to James H. Duncan Esq. Haverhill Mass. ...[Apr. 12-29, 1853]

26b     Plan of the Little River Lot (so called) Belonging to James H. Duncan Esq. Haverhill Mass. ...[Apr. 12-29, 1853]

28       Plan of a Piece of Meadow in the Easterly Part of Concord Belonging to Mr Ellis ... Dec. 24, 1857

29a     Plan of the Lee Farm (so called) Belonging to David Elwell Concord Mass. ... Dec. 30-31 & Jan. 1, [18]57. Var Jan. 7 ... Jan. 10

30       Plan of a Tract of Land Belonging to the Heirs of Nehemiah Emerson in Haverhill, Mass. ... May 1850 . [Note: Title amended from "Plan of a Part of the House Lot of the Hayes Farm ... "]

31a     RWE [Ralph Waldo Emerson] Lot by Walden ... Dec. 1857

31b     RWE's Woodlot by Walden ... [n.d.]

32      Moore & Hosmer's Lot by RRoad 1849-50

33      Plot of...Part of R.W.E. Woodlot and Meadow by Walden Pond Contained within the Lincoln Bounds ...March 1850

34      Plan of the Sawmill Woodlot (so called), Belonging to R. W. Emerson, Surveyed by Cyrus Hubbard and H. D. Thoreau in 1849 & 1850, Represented in One Plan by H. D. T. Nov. 7, 1854

35a    Plan of the Goose Pond & Walden Pond Woodlots (so called) Belonging to the Heirs of John Richardson, Jr Esq ...Nov. & Dec. 1857

35b    [Untitled; Goose Pond/Walden Pond area] Jan. 2, [18]58

35c    Heirs of John Richardson R.T.S. [n.d.]

35d    Goose Pond Lots R.T.S. [n.d.]

36      Plan of North Part of R.W.E. Woodlot Burned Last March ... Apr. 30, 1860

38      RWE's Land [n.d.]

38.5   Plan of Land on the Bedford Road Belonging to RWE ... Sept. 16, [18]59

40      This Plan Represents the Farm Belonging to Willard T. Farrar, Containing 43 Acres & 93(?) Rods, Copied from the Original of Plan Jan 1850 ...

41      Plan of the Farm Belonging to the Estate of Virgil Fuller (deceased) in the North Part of Concord, Mass. ...Dec. 16, 1852

42      Plan of Robert D. Gilson's Mill in Littleton Mass ... May 9, [18]57

43      Plan of Charles Gordon's Farm Concord Mass. ... Mar. 23, 1858

44      Plan of Land in Concord Mass., Conveyed by E.R. Hoar to F.R. Gourgas ... Apr. 30, 1853

45      Plan of a House Lot in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Miss Maria Green ... Aug. 31, 1854

46      Plan of a Woodlot in W Part of Stow--Belonging to Mr.--Hale Surveyed for Turner Bryant & James Wood Jr.Jan. 18, [18]53

47      Plan of the Town of Lincoln in the County of Middlesex from Survey Made in 1830 by John G. Hale Fayette Street Boston [copy; n.d.]

48      Plan of Roads from J Hapgood's House to the Centre of Acton ... June 20, 1850 ...

49      Plan of a Woodlot in Acton Mass. Belonging to Simon Hapgood ... Dec. 15, 1853

51a    Plan of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Estate in Concord Mass. ... Aug. 20, 1860

51b    [Draft for 51a; n.d.]

53      Plan of a Farm in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Edward S. Hoar ... March 1860 (27 & 28) [Notation on reverse: "Snelling Farm, So[uth] Lincoln"]

54      Plan of Woodlots Belonging to to Samuel Hoar, of Concord, Mass., Surveyed by Henry D. Thoreau, Ap. 5, 1854 [two surveys on one side of one sheet of paper]: Plan of the Poplar Hill woodlot, (so called) in Concord & Carlisle, Belonging to Samuel Hoar of Concord, Mass.; Plan of the Hutchinson Woodlot (so called), in Carlisle, Mass., Belonging to Samuel Hoar of Concord, Mass.

55      Plan of the Boundary Line Between Land of Moses Prichard and Land of Joseph Holbrook on ... Main Street in Concord Mass. ... May 12, 1860

57      Plan of a Woodlot in Concord Mass. Belonging to Tilly Holden ... Dec. 9, 1854

58a   Plan of a Woodlot in Acton, Mass., Belonging to Abel Hosmer of Concord, Mass. ... Apr. 4, 1854

58b    [Draft of 58a] Apr. 4, 1854

59      Plan of a White Pine Woodlot Large Growth (Very Few Oaks) Belonging to Cyrus Hosmer ... Dec. 28, [18]57

60a    Plan of Edmund Hosmer's Farm in Concord Mass. ... June 17, 18, & 21, 1851

60b    [Copy of 60a on cloth] June 1851

60c    [Draft of 60a] June 17, 18, & 21, 1851

61      Jesse Hosmer's Farm ... Spring of [18]50 [date from reverse of survey]

63a    Plans of Wood & Meadow Lots in the Westerly Part of Concord  Belonging to John Moore Enlarged from Plans Made by Cyrus Hubbard with Additions in Blue & Red Ink by H.D. Thoreau June 3 & 4, [18]56

63b    Plans of Meadow and Wood Lots in the Westerly Part of Concord Belonging to John Hosmer Enlarged from Plans Made by Cyrus Hubbard (With Additions in Blue Ink) by Henry D. Thoreau June 1856

63c    Moore & Hosmer Woodlots by Walden [n.d.]

64      Plans of Woodlot Belonging to John Hosmer ... Oct. 29, [18]59

65a    Plans of a Road (a continuation of another road,) Leading from Land of Luther Hosmer, Near the Road to Sudbury, Through Land of James P. Brown, to the Marlboro Road, at Land of Thomas Wheeler ... May 3, 1851

65b    [Draft of 65a] May 3, 1851

66      Plan of Silas Hosmer's House Lot, in Concord, Mass. ... May 15, 1852

68      A Plot of Abel Moore & John Hosmer's Woodlot 1842 (by Hubbard) ... Copied Dec. [18]57

69      Plan of Land in Haverhill Mass. Belonging to Elizabeth How ... Apr. 20-21, 1853

70      E. [Ebenezer] Hubbard Lot ... [n.d.]

71      Plan of Wood & Pasture Land, in the North part of Concord, Mass., Belonging to the Heirs of Humphrey Hunt ...Dec., 1852

72      Plan of T.F. Hunt's House Lot in Concord Mass. ... Oct. 17, 1853

74      Plan of the Kettell Farm (so called) in Concord Mass. Belonging to Samuel Staples ... Apr. 8 & 9, 1858

76a    Plan of John Le Grosse's Farm in the North-West Part of Concord, Mass. ... Jan. 1853 [Note: Smaller plan inset upper left corner: "Woodland in Carlisle & Acton--Davis Lot"]

76b    [Draft of 76a] Jan. 1853

76c    [Draft of inset plan of Davis lot on 76a; n.d.]

77      Plan of a Tract of land at the Factory Village in the SW Part of Concord Belonging to Samuel Lees ...May 17, [18]59

78      Plan of Land Near the Factory Village, Concord, Mass. Owned by Thomas Lord ... Apr. 12, 1851

80a-g  [Plans for a cow barn and stanchion to be built in Northboro; Dec. 16, 1850]:

     80a     [Cow Barn] West Side
     80b     [Cow Barn] Ground
     80c     [Cow Barn] South End
     80d     [Cow Barn--north end?]
     80e     [Cow Barn]
     80f      Stanchions for Cows ...
     80g     Stanchions for Cows ...

81a    [Land Near Depot (Loring, Wheeler, etc.)], June 21, [18]52

81b    Rough Plan of Land Near the Depot in Concord Mass. Belonging to David Loring

82      Plan of the House Lot of David Loring in Concord, Mass. ... Sep. 17, 1856

83      Plan of Land at End of Texas Street Belonging to D. Loring ... Sep. 13, 1856 (Note: Date amended from 1853)

84      George Loring--[plan for lead pipe machine] Sep. 15, [18]52

85a     Plan of Land Owned by James McCafferty, in the East Part of Concord, Mass. ... March & April 1851

85b     [Draft of 85a] March & April 1851

86      Plan of Land in Concord, Mass. Belonging to Barnard MacKay ... May 25, [18]52

87      Plan of Land on the Lowell Road in "Merrick's Pasture" formerly so called--Belonging to Daniel Shattuck ...Jan. 10, [18]57

88a    Plan of Land and Buildings in Concord Mass. Belonging to the Milldam Company ... April 30, 1853 (Note: This plan also carries the date Oct. 31, [18]55)

88b    Plan of the Same Premises with Additions in Nov. 1855 ... Oct. 31, [18]55

88c    View of the North Side or Rear of the Buildings Oct. 31, [18]55

88d    Land Belonging to the Mill Dam Company ... Apr. 30, 1853

89      Plan of the Ministerial Lot (so called) in the Southwest Part of Concord, Mass. ... Nov. 14 to 25, 1851

90a    Plan of Part of the Ministerial Lot, in the Southeast Part of Concord ... Dec. 9, [18]51

90b    [Draft of 90a] Dec. 9, [18]51

91      Plan of Geo. Minot's Land on the Mill Brook ... Aug. 30 & 31, 1860

92a    Plan of a Piece of Land Near the Depot in Concord, Mass. Purchased by Francis Monroe ... Aug. 17, 1850

92b    Plan of a Piece of land Near the Depot in Concord, Mass. Belonging to Francis Monroe & Others; With a Street Laid Out on the Same ... Aug. 1850

93a    Plan of a Piece of Land in Concord Mass. Belonging to William Monroe Jr. ... Dec. 4, 1860

93b    Plan of Land in Concord Mass. Belonging to William Monroe Jr. ... Dec. 1, 1860

94a    Plan of John B. Moore's Farm Concord Mass. ... Feb. 1853

94b    [Printed item] Plan of John B. Moore's Farm in Concord Mass. Surveyed by Henry D. Thoreau. To be Sold at Public Auction on the Premises on Thursday May 10th 1860 at 1 o'clock p.m. N.A.  Thompson & Co. Auctioneers. Office Old State House, Boston.

94c    Plan of John B. Moore's Farm ... Apr. 1860 [apparently the draft for printed plan 94b]

95      Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Rufus Morse ... Aug. 17, [18]59

96      Copied from Warren Nixon's Plan Made for Bartlett June 27, [18]56 ...

97      Plan of a Woodlot in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Schuyler Parks ... Apr. 12, 1854

99a    Plan of Land in the Southwest Part of Concord Mass. Belonging to John Reynolds ... May 17, [18]53

99b    Plan of John Reynolds' Premises, Concord Mass. ... March 17, 1854

102    Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Wm Rice ... Jan. 20, 1858

103    Plan of a Woodlot in Lincoln & Waltham Belonging to the Heirs of John Richardson ... Nov. 12, [18]53

104    J. Richardson's Heirs Walden Pond Lot Dec. 2 & 3, 1857

105    Plan of the Fair Haven Woodlot (so called) Belonging to the Heirs of John Richardson Esq. ... Dec. 3 & 8, 1857

106    Rufus Morse [and] Heirs of John Richardson ... Dec. [18]57

107a  Plan of Concord River from East Sudbury & Billerica Mills, 22.15 Miles, To be used on a trial in the S.J. Court, Sudbury & East Sudbury Meadow Corporation vs. Middlesex Canal, Taken by agreement of Parties, By L. Baldwin, Civil Engineer. Surveyed & Drawn by B.F. Perham. May 1834 [1859/1860] (rolled survey)

107b  Statistics of the Bridges Over Concord River, Between Heard's Bridge and Billerica Dam, Obtained June 22, 23, & 24, 1859

108    Plan of Daniel Shattuck's Cottage House Lot on the Main Street in Concord Mass. ... June 19, 1850

109    Plan of the Cottage House Lot on Main Street, and a Lot on Monroe Street Belonging to Daniel Shattuck ...Oct. 6, 1856

110    Plan of a Woodlot in Concord Mass. Belonging to Daniel Shattuck ... Sept. 11, 1854

113    Plan of the Estate of Daniel Shattuck in Concord Mass. ... Sept. 29, 1860

114    Plan of House Lot Concord Mass. Belonging to Daniel Shattuck ... Nov. 13, 1860 (Notation on reverse in very faint pencil: "Daniel Shattuck's Land Monument Street ... ")

116    [For Marcus Spring] Eagleswood, Perth Amboy [N.J.] Nov. 1856

117    Plan of a Woodlot in the North Part of Framingham Mass. Belonging to Sarah Stacy ... Aug. 3, 1853

119    Plan of a Woodlot Near Walden Pond Belonging to Samuel Staples ... Dec. 8, [18]57

120    Plan of a Woodlot in the Southwesterly Part of Concord Belonging to Cyrus Stow ... Nov. 14, 1850

121a  Plan of a Woodlot on Pine Hill, in the East Part of Concord Mass. Owned by Cyrus Stow ...Feb. 27 to March 3, 1851

121b  Plan of a Woodlot Near Flint's Pond, Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Cyrus Stow ... May 9, [18]59

122    Plan of a Piece of Swamp Land in Bedford Mass. Belonging to Cyrus Stow of Concord ... Feb. 20 to 27, 1851

123    Plan of Land Owned by Cyrus Stow in Concord Mass. Divided into House Lots and a New Street ...Apr. 18, 1851

125a  Plan of Cyrus Stow's Grounds, Concord Mass. ... Oct. 28, 1851

125b  Stow's Yard Plan of Front Yard [n.d.; ca. Oct. 1851]

125c  Front View of Fence [Stow's; n.d.]

126    Nathan & Cyrus Stow ... Jan. 12, 1858

127    Ground Plan of Louis A. Surette's Cemetery Lot ... March 31, [18]57

128    Plan of Meadow Land in Concord Mass. Belonging to Cyrus Temple ... Oct. 3, 1860

129    Plan of the Yellow House Lot, so called ... May 25, 1850

131    Plan of Augustus Tuttle's Farm, Concord Mass. ... Aug. 1853

132a  Plan of a Woodlot in Lincoln Mass., Belonging to Augustus Tuttle ... June 21, 1855

132b  [Draft of 132a] June 21, 1855

133a  Walden Pond [1846]

133b  Walden Pond [draft of 133a; 1846]

133c  Walden Pond R.T.S. [n.d.]

135    Isaac Watts' Woodlot Nov. 1849

136    Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass., Belonging to Daniel Weston ... Aug. 17, 1852

137    Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass., Belonging to Daniel Weston ... Dec. 13, 1852

138    Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass., Belonging to Daniel Weston ... Dec. 17, [18]53

142a  Texas Road [draft; June, 1852]

143    Plan of the "Davis Piece" (so called) in the S.W. Part of Concord Mass. Belonging to Thomas Wheeler ...Apr. 28, 1856

144    Plan of the "House Lot" of Thomas Wheeler Concord Mass. ... Apr. 30, 1856

145a  Plan of the "Ox Pasture" (so called) Belonging to Thomas Wheeler Concord, Mass. ... May 5, [18]56

147    Plan of the Kimball Lot, (so called), Belonging to Charles White Esq., Haverhill, Mass. ... Apr. 1853

148    White Pond Feb. 17 [1851]

149    Plan of Cemetery Lots for Mrs. Whitman May 24, [18]56

150a  Plan of Samuel A. Willis' House & Woodlot at the Factory Village Concord Mass. Surveyed by Henry D. Thoreau & William D. Tuttle May 6, 1859 & Apr. 25, 1864

150b  [Draft of 150a] May 6, [18]59

152a  Plan of the Road at the East Quarter School ... Nov. 9, 1855

152b  [Draft of 152a]

152c  [Draft of 152a]

153    [Unidentified; n.d.]

154    [Unidentified; n.d.]

155    [Unidentified; n.d.]

156a  Canada East [n.d.] (Note: This and others among the following appear to be maps copied or traced by Thoreau)

156b  [Untitled; a more detailed copy of 156a; n.d.]

157    [Cape Cod; n.d.]

158    Nantucket [n.d.]

159    Unidentified

160    Unidentified

161    Part of the Map "Americae sive novi orbis, nova descriptio" in "Ortelii Theatrum Orbis Terrarum," Antwerp, preface dated 1570 ... [copied] Sept. 17, [18]55

162    Norumbega et Virginia 1597 ... copied ... Sept. 17, [18]55

163    Road Between Acton Center & West Acton Nov. 27[?], [18]50

164    Acton Road [n.d.]

165    A Plan of the Public Lands in the State of Maine Surveyed under Instructions from the Commissioners & Agents of the State of Massachusetts and Maine..., Boston, 1835 [one section (that including Mount Katahdin) of a multi-sectional map]



Series II. Survey-Related Notes, Mss., Etc., 1840-1861:

Box 1, Folder 1
7k. Misc. notes on the new Bedford Road (relating to surveys 7a-7j), [n.d.]

Box 1, Folder 2
25g. Misc. notes for Damon properties (relating to surveys 25a-f), 1 item, 1860

Box 1, Folder 3
29b.  Misc. notes for plan of Lee Farm (survey 29a), 1857

Box 1, Folder 4
31c. Misc. notes on Emerson properties (relating to surveys 31a-b)

Box 1, Folder 5
107c. Drafts and notes for "Statistics of the Bridges Over Concord River, Between Heard’s Bridge and Billerica Dam ..." (survey item 107b), 3 items, 1859

Box 1, Folder 6
107d. Misc. notes for river survey (107a) and "Statistics of the Bridges ... " (107b), 1852, 1853, 1859, [n.d.] -- Includes contemporary clipping relating to court case

Box 1, Folder 7
107e. Correspondence, mostly concerning river survey (107a), 5 items, 1859, [n.d.]

Box 1, Folder 8
145b. Misc. notes for plan of "Ox Pasture" belonging to Thomas Wheeler (145a), 1856

Box 1, Folder 9
165. Misc. survey notes, approx. 48 items, 1840-1856, [n.d.]

Box 1, Folder 10
166. Ms. and letter fragments with survey notes, 5 items:

   -"Moonlight is the best restorer of antiquity"
   -"This process by which we get our coats is not what it should be"
   -Draft of first part of letter [to H.G.O. Blake], 1856 Nov. (relating to survey 116, for Marcus Spring)
   -Note by Walter Harding about the letter fragment, 1969 Aug. 8
   -"But they did not all ... arrive in Dunstable ... "

Box 1, Folder 11
Field-Notes of Surveys Made by Henry D. Thoreau Since November 1849, ms. volume containing entries dated 1849-1861

Box 1, Folder 12
Receipts for payment for surveys, 2 items, 1852, 1861:

-1852 June 10, to Nathan Brooks, for survey of "Farm in Lincoln Mass." [this receipt possibly removed from Nathan Brooks Family Papers prior to their processing in 1995/96]
-1861 Nov. 20, to Town of Concord, for "inspecting the Stone Bridge, on the Main Stream" (gift of Dr. Randolph Piper, May 5, 1969)


SERIES III. MANUSCRIPTS, [1862], [n.d.]:

Box 2, Folder 1
"Walking", printer’s manuscript for publication in AtlanticMonthly (v. 9, no. 56, June, 1862), [1862]

Box 2, Folder 2
Photocopy of manuscript "Walking"

Box 2, Folder 3
Typed transcript (1975) by Thomas Blanding from "Walking" manuscript in Concord Free Public Library

Box 2, Folder 4
Photocopy of printed piece "Walking" in Atlantic Monthly (v. 9, no. 56, June, 1862, p. [657]-674)

Box 2, Folder 5
Manuscript note, "In a low level upon ... a branch of Merrimack is seated Concord ... "

Box 2, Folder 6
Manuscript fragment and printed items removed from 1854 Smithsonian annual report

Series IV. Correspondence, 1836, 1855, [n.d.]:

Box 2, Folder 7
-Robert Collyer to Mr. Thoreau, Chicago, 22 May [18--] (CAS D-2030j; formerly Letter File 1, C17)
-Charles Wyatt Rice to Friend David, Brookfield, 1836 July 31; referring to Thoreau’s pursuit of "indian remains" (Purchased 1992 through the Bonnie Bracker Fund)
-E[lizabeth] Oakes Smith to Henry Thoreau, Brooklyn, 1855 Feb. 14 (plus typed transcript), asking Thoreau to inquire about possibility of her lecturing on Margaret Fuller in Concord (Purchased 1992 through the Bonnie Bracker Fund)

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