Edward Jarvis Bartlett and Bartlett Family Papers, 1850-1938

Vault, A45, Bartlett, Unit 8

Edward Jarvis Bartlett
Mary Bartlett Davis
Edward Jarvis Bartlett
Mary Bartlett Davis



Family Chronology



EXTENT: 5 boxes (1.7 linear feet)

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENTTwo series with three subseries each.

Series 1: Papers, 1850-1934.

Subseries 1 Edward J. Bartlett and Sarah Flagg French Bartlett correspondence, 1861-1909

Divided approximately by recipient and arranged chronologically

Subseries 2 Mary Bartlett Davis and Philip Davis correspondence, 1880-1934

Chronological order

Subseries 3 Bartlett and Davis family papers, 1850-1932

Chronological order

Series 2: Photographs, 1862-1938.

Boxes 4 and 5 are nested in Box 3.

Subseries 1 Albums and frames,1862-1910s, undated

Subseries 2 Identified loose photographs, 1860s-1938

Bartlett immediate family, relations, in-laws first followed by friends. Items tied together with linen tape for stability. Researchers should re-bundle together or ask for help from staff.

Subseries 3 Unidentified loose photographs, circa 1860s-1910s



Edward “Ned” Jarvis Bartlett (1842-1914) was the son of Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Jr. (Concord, Mass., physician) and Martha Tilden Bradford. Josiah Bartlett, Sr., (1754-1820) served in the Revolutionary War and after as a doctor, as opposed to the Josiah Bartlett who was a Declaration of Independence signatory/ New Hampshire governor. Edward was the youngest sibling: David Bradford (1822); Martha (born 1824); Gorham (1826); James Walker (1828); Elizabeth B. (1830); author George Bradford (1832); Samuel Ripley (1837); Annie Keyes (1840); Edward Jarvis (1842). Edward grew up in Concord and attended local schools up through high school before apprenticing in Boston in dry goods.

When war broke out, Edward had already been living in Boston for two years. In 1862 at the age of 20 he enlisted in Company F, Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. After serving the term of his enlistment, he recruited for the black regiments. In 1864, he went to Washington to assist the Sanitary Commission, a private medical establishment established to support wounded Union soldiers. Edward rejoined as a commissioned officer as Second Lieutenant in Company E, Fifth Massachusetts Cavalry (a black regiment) in September. In the spring of 1865, the Fifth Cavalry left Richmond to join Grant’s army; they were afterward ordered to Texas. Edward later returned to the Sanitary Commission, where he worked until the Commission closed down in 1866. Edward returned to Boston after a short stint in Detroit where his brother James and his family lived, and worked at Damon’s Wharf in Charlestown. He worked for Ammi Lombard until his death. Ammi’s son, George and Edward continued on as business partners from 1872-1902.

Edward married Sarah “Sallie” Flagg French in 1873. Sarah’s father was the Honorable Henry F. French, first president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College and assistant secretary of the Treasury during the second Grant administration. Sarah’s uncle was Daniel Chester French, the acclaimed and prolific sculptor, who made Concord’s Minuteman statue; John Harvard in Harvard yard, Cambridge; and Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington. The Bartletts settled in Concord and lived there. Edward continued to work in Boston. Sallie Bartlett died in 1883 from tuberculosis (consumption). They had two children, Mary (May), born 1875 and William Bradford, born 1880.

Edward participated with the Loyal Legion (1880), Grand Army Post (1884), helped confirm names for Concord’s Spanish-American War monument; joined the Tuesday club in 1879 as a charter member, continued with the Social Circle in 1895, and acted as president of the Dramatic Club when it formed. He retired in 1902. He stayed active, was a member of the First Parish Unitarian Church in Concord. According to his friend and Social Circle commemorator, Edward Waldo Emerson, Ned’s health declined, exacerbated by a hernia; the surgery to try to correct that was not successful; he died after reviving from anesthesia March 7, 1914.    

Family Chronology


Father Josiah Bartlett born



Mother Martha Tildon Bradford born



Josiah and Martha married



Brother Daniel Bradford Bartlett born

Married Rebecca Dana (1827-1898) in 1853; Children: Martha, David. Primary adult residence: Lowell, MA


Sister Martha born

Remained unmarried. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Brother Gorham born

Remained unmarried. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Brother James Walker born

Married Achsah Ballou (1833-1898) in 1853; Children: George, Frank, Mary, Fanny, Elizabeth, William, Margaret. Primary adult residence: Detroit, MI


Sister Elizabeth Bradford born

Remained unmarried. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Brother George Bradford born

Remained unmarried. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Brother Samuel Ripley born

Married Eva Myrtella Whitcomb (1853-?) in 1881; Child: Sarah. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Sister Anna Keyes born

Remained unmarried. Primary residence: Concord, MA


Edward Jarvis (Ned) born

August 12


Wife Sarah “Sallie” Flagg French born

August 14


Brother Gorham dies

January 5


Mother Martha dies

June 17


Edward and Sarah marry

June 19


Daughter Mary Bradford born

Feb 25


Father Josiah dies

Jan 5


Son William Bradford born

Married Ruth Jackson, date unknown; child: Edward. Residences: Hartford, CT and Concord, MA


Wife Sarah “Sallie” dies

June 25


Brother Samuel Ripley dies

March 17


Sisters Martha and Anna die

March 27, May 7


Brother George dies

June 21


Brother Daniel dies

July 10


Brother James dies

July 4


Daughter Mary (May) and Philip Davis (1877-?) marry

Children: Philip A., Jr. and Sarah Bartlett Brett


Edward Jarvis dies

March 6


Son William dies



Daughter Mary “May” Davis dies




Bartlett family papers

Annie Keys Bartlett letters to Edward Jarvis Bartlett

Social Circle obituary




SCOPE AND CONTENT:  This collection consists of personal letters and photographs. The personal letters generated by Edward (Ned) Jarvis Bartlett (EJB) and his wife, Sarah (Sallie) Flagg French Bartlett. There are also significant number of letters to and some from daughter Mary (May) Bartlett Davis, her husband, Philip Davis. The photographs are primarily daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes of friends and family members.


Series 1 Papers, 1850-1934

The majority of the material in the collection is in the papers, which are primarily family letters and most during Edward’s Civil War service. Edward and Sarah’s letters feature as well, plus some sent directly to Sarah. Edward’s daughter, Mary (May) and her husband, Philip Davis represent the other major section. Most are to Mary before she was married.

Subseries 1 Edward J. Bartlett and Sarah Flagg French Bartlett correspondence, 1861-1909

Contains family letters to and from Edward and Sarah, their family, and friends. Many of Edward’s siblings feature in the Civil War letters, but mostly they are from Ripley, Annie, and Martha. Most notable is the 1865 Concord bank robbery. There is a folder of letters between Ned and Sallie that predate their marriage. Four letters mention the Great Boston Fire of 1872. When Sallie died in 1883, which was documented in extensive sympathy letters from friends and family including Sallie’s father, Ned’s siblings, and the Concord families/neighbors. Most Also includes Edward’s Civil War related-papers and the Social Circle biographical sketch by Edward Waldo Emerson. The Civil War era documents primarily do not have accompanying envelopes, but almost all others do. Buffer paper is used to divide one letter from another as well as list correspondents and dates.

Subseries 2 Mary Bartlett Davis and Philip Davis correspondence, 1880-1934

Contains letters by Mary Bartlett before she was married, correspondence between Mary and Philip before they were married, and letters sent or received by either once they were married. Most letters have associated envelopes, therefore buffer paper is used to divide one letter from another as well as list correspondents and dates. Items include a bound journal containing a list of people invited to Ned and Sallie’s wedding and whether they were coming to reception or not, a list of bridesmaids and groomsmen, etc.

Subseries 3 Bartlett and Davis family papers, 1850-1932

Contains materials created by or collected by either the Bartlett or Davis family, including letters written by family members who were not Edward J. Bartlett, Mary Bartlett Davis, or their respective spouses. Items include the deed to Josiah Bartlett, Jr.’s Sleepy Hollow Cemetery plot; a biographical sketch of Josiah Bartlett, Sr., who served in the Revolutionary War; and letters to or from Bartlett family members that are not addressed to Edward, Sarah, Mary, or Philip.



Series 2 Photographs, 1862-1938

Mostly but not all photographs are unidentified and undated, some in albums, many loose

Subseries 1 Albums and Frames, 1862-1910s, undated

There are three photo albums, two with intact latches, but many removed or loose portraits. Almost no photographs have identification. The third album contains tin-type portraits, none identified. The framed pieces are all range from 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches and are daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.

Subseries 2 Identified loose photographs, 1860s-1938.

There are 4 green paper envelopes printed with Andrew J. Lloyd Company Eyeglasses & Spectacles each containing snapshots, dating from 1938, taken in Gloucester and the neighboring village, Annisquam. Some feature unidentified people, but most relate to boats, boat-building, and a wreck.

Subseries 3 Unidentified loose photographs, circa 1860s-1910s


SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Gift of Marjory Brett in 2 accessions, 2016.



Annie Keyes Bartlett Letters to Edward Jarvis Bartlett, 1860-1865

William Bradford Bartlett College Scrapbook, 1898-1902

Bartlett Family Papers, 1816-1972

Bartlett-Jackson Family Papers, 1832-1966

Daniel Chester French Correspondence, 1873-1931


NOTES/COMMENTS: Accession #256

PROCESSED BY:  Initial research and organization by Amanda Fowler, fall 2018. Completed by Jessica Steytler, May 2019.


Series 1: Papers

Subseries 1: Edward J. Bartlett and Sarah Flagg French Bartlett correspondence

Box 1, Folder 1 Edward Bartlett Civil War correspondence, 1864-1866

Box 1, Folder 2 Edward Bartlett receipts and passes, 1863-1866

Box 1, Folder 3 Edward Bartlett Sanitary Commission correspondence, 1863

Box 1, Folder 4 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, 1862

Box 1, Folder 5 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, 1863

Box 1, Folder 6 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, 1864

Box 1, Folder 7 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, 1865

Notable: bank robbery in Concord, 1965

Box 1, Folder 8 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, 1866

Box 1, Folder 9 Bartlett family correspondence with Edward, undated

Notable: mostly from sisters Martha and Annie

Box 1, Folder 10 Edward Bartlett and Sarah Flagg French (Sallie) Correspondence, 1872-1873

Notable: four letters referencing the Great Boston Fire in 1872

Box 1, Folder 11 Edward Bartlett correspondence to, 1881-1904

Box 1, Folder 12 Edward Bartlett correspondence to, following Sarah’s death, 1883-1884


Subseries 2: Mary Bartlett Davis and Philip Davis correspondence


Box 2, Folder 1 Remembering and honoring EJB, circa 1904, 1914

Box 2, Folder 2 Edward Bartlett social circle biography written by Edward Waldo Emerson, 1909

Box 2, Folder 3 Sarah (Sallie) French to Mary Wells correspondence, 1869-1871, undated

Box 2, Folder 4 Sarah (Sallie) Bartlett correspondence TO, 1873-1884, undated

Box 2, Folder 5 Sarah (Sallie) Bartlett and William French correspondence, 1879


Subseries 3: Bartlett and Davis family papers


Box 2, Folder 6 Mary (May) Bartlett correspondence to Philip Davis, 1898-1901

Box 2, Folder 7 Mary Bartlett (Davis) correspondence TO, 1880, undated

Box 2, Folder 8 Mary Bartlett Davis correspondence TO, 1904-1934

Box 2, Folder 9 Philip and Mary Davis correspondence, 1904-1934, undated

Box 2, Folder 10 Philip Davis and Mary (May) Bartlett wedding book, 1905 September 27    

Box 2, Folder 11 S. Ripley Bartlett – Excelsior publication vol. 1, 1850 Feb 13

Box 2, Folder 12 Josiah Bartlett cemetery deed, 1855

Box 2, Folder 13 Postcards and poems, 1862, 1876, undated

Box 2, Folder 14 Ephemera, 1874-1907

Box 2, Folder 15 Bartlett family correspondence, 1875-1932

Box 2, Folder 16 Josiah Bartlett (1754-1820) biographical sketch, undated


Series 2: Photographs

Subseries 1: Albums and frames


Box 3, Item 1 Brown album w/ clasps: flyleaf inscription “Miss Lizzie Bartlett with the regards of J. S. Keyes June 1863.” Photo studios names stamped on backs of cartes de visite. Dated photos: Jan. 1868, Dec. 1862, August 4, 1870, James (?) Higginson 1862 (Berlin photo co.), Sept. 1863, Feb. 14, 1862, Jan. 1862; also portrait of baby who died with age in photo and age at death (undated), and portrait photo of woman taken at Brady’s National Photographic Portrait Gallery in NYC.

Box 3, Item 2 Brown leather album w/ clasps – cartes de visite portraits, photograph studios listed on backs: Richardson 22 Winter St. Boston; Whipple 297 Washington St. Boston, Hoag & Quick’s Art Palace No. 100 4th St. Opp Post Office, Cincinnati, O.; Silsbee, Case, & Co. Photograph Artists 299 ½ Washington St. Boston, JW Black 173 Washington St. Boston dated Jan. 1863; Photographed by Black 1?3 Washington St. Boston; Allen No. 13 Winter St. Boston (2¢ stamp with name Allen written on)

Box 3, Item 3 Tintype of group of young men and women, laughing and the men are smoking (2 copies) in flowery metal frame

Box 4, Item 1 Small red album w/tiny tintypes of children and some adults – page in middle has pencil note: “Charles Davis Woburn Cornet” and last page “G Burnham”


Leather case

Box 5, Item 1 Woman seated in checked dress, one leather glove on, and broad white collar “Theo Harris, Artist, Louisville, KY”

Box 5, Item 2 Seated woman with scalloped collar and embroidered flowers on dress

Box 5, Item 3 Seated woman in scalloped white collar, dark bodice, light skirt

Box 5, Item 4 Standing woman with flowered shawl and lace collar, leaning on column

Box 5, Item 5 Woman in a bonnet, was in a case but missing front and hinge, clasp still on.

Metal frames

Box 4, Item 2 Ambrotype of girl in metal frame – backing is advert for Ambrotype Rooms, Boston, cracked glass

Box 4, Item 3 ­Ambrotype of man standing with his hands clasped at chest height in metal frame – backing: From Metcalf & Harley’s Saloon, Cambridgeport & East Cambridge

Box 4, Item 4 daguerreotypes/ambrotype in small frames man with festive, flowered vest, hat, and holding up an object in his right hand

Box 4, Item 5 daguerreotypes/ambrotype close up of man in flat topped, brimmed hat and thick cravat. Faded/fogged surface


Subseries 2: Identified loose photographs


Box 3, Item 4 Edward J. Bartlett, extensive notes on back, 1862-1863

Box 3, Item 5 6 Portraits of Mary Bartlett (Davis)

·         Cousin May with the love of Sallie Bartlett Xmas 1884

·         Mary Bartlett 2 ½ years old

·         With Merry Christmas from Mary Bartlett – profile, undated

·         In white dress and a necklace, very faded, undated

·         In puffed sleeved flowered dress with high black collar, undated

·         Seated in a chez long in a white dress and a flat, brimmed hat, undated circa 1910s

Box 3, Item 6 Bartlett family, circa 1900

Box 3, Item 7 Dr. Bartlett Jr. Concord, Mass. 2 portraits from different years, undated

Box 3, Item 8 Wm. Figgy (Lizzy?) Bartlett Six months old, undated

Box 3, Item 94 images related to Daniel Chester French

·         DCF seated at table with bust on plinth – handwritten inscription on photo mat: “To May & Phil, Recalling August 13, 1913, Daniel C. French.”

·         Second copy of image of above Daniel French, no frame, attached to cardstock, on front “To E. J. B. from D. C. F. to recall August 14, 1913” and on back “Brett”

·         Photo print on card (scotch-taped to a framing mat) of “D.C.F, 1874” with “D.C. French” and ”Brett” written on back and printed with H.G. Smith Studio Building, Boston.

·         Christmas card signed Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan (unframed)

Box 3, Item 10 Sally Davis, had photo of older woman behind it in frame with a small tiara in her hair- moved to unidentified subseries (unframed), undated

Box 3, Item 11 Henry Thomas (?) French aged 4 months & 1 day, undated

Box 3, Item 12 Aunt Phinney (?), undated
NOTE: 2 news articles about Baroness Mary Phinney von Olnhausen in Bartlett Family Papers, 1816-1972: Series I, Box 1, Folder 30.

Box 3, Item 13 Charles Lowell Emerson 2 yrs 8 mos, 1879 March

Box 3, Item 14 Johnsons

·         Mrs. Johnson, 1862

·         Mr. Johnson, undated

Box 3, Item 15 Lizzie Smith, undated

Box 3, Item 16 Theodora M. (W?) Thayer 4 yrs old, 1872 June 18

Box 3, Item 17 Mrs. Willard, 1862 Jan

Box 3, Item 18 Woods

·         Jenny, 1862

·         Ellen, undated

Box 3, Item 19 Claude? & Maria 1862 April 19

Box 3, Item 20 Name illegible, possibly Lottie Smith (? Smits?), undated

Box 3, Item 21 Print attached to cardstock, image of a group of soldiers with “Officers of the 44th Mass V[olunteer] M[ilitia] D [?] 1862 Newbern, N.C.” written on the front of the card and “E.J.B.” written on photo. circa 1864

Box 3, Item 22 Reenactment? “Off to War!” May 6th 1898


4 green paper envelopes printed with Andrew J. Lloyd Company Eyeglasses & Spectacles each containing very small photo prints:

Box 3, Item 23 “Gloucester pier 1938” 40 prints of ships, docks, dock workers, Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial, etc. Some have notes on the back like “Kodabrom #4 f16-13 sec. Kodabrom #3 9 sec. 4x6”, 1938

Box 3, Item 24 “Gloucester [nys?] 1938 to be enlayed [?] Sept. 12” Negatives of photos from envelope #1.

Box 3, Item 25 Annisquam – 1938 to be printed Sept. 12” 13 prints and their negatives of a man and 2 women on a sailboat., 1938

Box 3, Item 26 “Wreck – Gloucester” 7 prints and their negatives of a wrecked sailboat., circa 1938


Subseries 3: Unidentified loose photographs


Box 3, Item 26 Image of little girl, unframed, signed Bachrach, removed from frame, 1915

Box 3, Item 27 Originally in gold-colored metal oval frame w/ stand, removed but frame retained

·         Print of older man w/ baby, undated

·         Woman, very faded exposure, undated

Box 3, Item 27 5 portraits, unidentified, possibly Bartlett family, 19th century, undated

Box 4, 9 items tintypes (unnamed/undated), undated


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