Bartlett Family Papers, 1816-1972

Alcott to Bartlett

Vault A45, Bartlett, Unit 1

Extent: 1.1 linear feet (2 boxes)

Organization and Arrangement: Three series: Series I.  Samuel R. Bartlett and Eva M.W. Bartlett Papers, 1816-1972, and undated; Series II.  Papers of other children of Josiah and Martha T.B. Bartlett, 185[ ]-1914, and undated; Series III.  Sarah R. Bartlett Papers, 1892-1928, and undated
Items removed from family scrapbook in Series I are arranged chronologically. 

Biography: Dr. Josiah Bartlett (Concord, Mass., physician) and Martha Tilden Bradford of Waltham announced their intent to marry in November 1821.  Their children were Martha (born 1824); Gorham (1826); James Walker (1828); Elizabeth B. (1830); author George Bradford (1832); Samuel Ripley (1837); Annie Keyes (1840); Edward Jarvis (1842); and (David) Bradford.  In 1863, James moved to Detroit and became superintendent of the Detroit Locomotive Works (later Buhl Locomotive Works).  Samuel joined James in Detroit in 1864 and took a job as draftsman at the Locomotive Works.  Inspired by the Social Circle in Concord, Samuel and James were founding members of the Detroit Prismatic Club (founded in 1867).  Samuel married Eva Myrtle Whitcomb in 1881.  Their daughter Sarah Ripley Bartlett was Librarian of the Concord Free Public Library from 1920 to 1953.

Scope and Content: Scrapbooks, albums, correspondence, manuscripts, composition book, autograph album, birthday book, photograph albums, and loose photos.

Series Descriptions:

Series I.  Samuel R. Bartlett and Eva M.W. Bartlett Papers 1816-1972, and undated: includes family scrapbook containing items 1816-1902, among them: papers of Josiah and Martha T.B. Bartlett, 1816-1878 (including marriage intention, 1861 pass from military headquarters in Washington, address before Massachusetts Medical Society, ALS from William Lloyd Garrison, biographical and obituary sketches of Dr. Bartlett); papers of Samuel R. Bartlett, 1862-1864; papers of George Bradford Bartlett, 1875-1896 (including ALS from George William Curtis, ALS from Edward Jarvis, manuscript Poems); miscellaneous correspondence (Louisa May Alcott to Miss Bartlett, Charles Carroll Everett to unidentified correspondent, George Frisbie Hoar to “My dear [Ebenezer] Rockwood [Hoar]”); clippings (poems, obituaries, George Bradford Bartlett’s poems, notices and reviews of his writings, accounts of events and people in or related to Concord); printed ephemera.  Series also includes Samuel R. Bartlett scrapbook 1857-1860 (primarily clippings of writings by Samuel R. Bartlett), Samuel and Eva M.W. Bartlett scrapbook 1876-1886, William O. Whitcomb album 1843-1846, and file relating to involvement of Samuel and James in Prismatic Club of Detroit (correspondence to and from Sarah R. Bartlett, photocopied Samuel R. Bartlett ALS, article by Philip P. Mason on Club). 
Series II.  Papers of other children of Josiah and Martha T.B. Bartlett 185[ ]-1914, and undated: includes ALS from Martha Bartlett to Edward J. Bartlett (“Ned”), 1914 obituary of Edward, manuscript poems of George Bradford Bartlett ([1864]-1895), unidentified composition book ([185-]-1855, possibly Whitcomb rather than Bartlett), and unidentified tintypes.

Series III.  Sarah R. Bartlett Papers 1892-1928, and undated: includes miscellaneous papers (among them a pencil sketch of Sarah R. Bartlett), autograph album 1892-1895, birthday book 1911-1967, photograph albums, and loose photographs.

Sources of Acquisition: Most of papers: Sarah R. Bartlett gift.  Several items: Philip A. Davis, Jr. gift; 1993.

Associated Materials: The Concord Free Public Library Special Collections include the following other Bartlett family papers: Annie Keyes Bartlett Letters to Edward Jarvis Bartlett, 1860-1865 (Vault A45, Bartlett, Unit 2); Bartlett-Jackson Family Papers, 1832-1966 (Vault, A45, Bartlett, Unit 3).  Other Bartlett materials can be located in the Minuteman Library Network Catalog.

Notes/Comments: One George Bradford Bartlett poem (“In memory of Col. G.L. Prescott”) was transferred from Letter File 3, B3 in Mar. 1995 by LPW.  Items from the Bartlett family scrapbook, 1916-1902 were dismounted, washed, buffered, etc. in 1977 by NEDCC.

Processed By: LPW, 1995.  Finding aid prepared by Karen Chmielewski, April 2007.

Container List:

Series I.  Samuel R. Bartlett and Eva M.W. Bartlett Papers 1816-1972, and undated

Scrapbook items, dismounted (scrapbook containing items 1816-1902), items described in full.

Box 1, Folder 1:
Scrapbook pages. Clippings, letters, etc., dismounted, washed, de-acidified, mended by NEDCC, 22 March 1977.  Includes some pages with notations and some pages with clippings that were not removed.

Box 1, Folder 2:
Josiah and Martha Tilden Bradford Bartlett papers, 1816-1878:

Box 1, Folder 3:
Samuel Ripley Bartlett papers, 1862-1864:

Box 1, Folder 4:
George Bradford Bartlett papers, 1875-1896: 

Box 1, Folder 5:
Miscellaneous letters:

Box 1, Folder 6:
Scrapbook items, 1853:

Box 1, Folder 7:
Scrapbook items, 1860:

Box 1, Folder 8:
Scrapbook items, 1864:

Box 1, Folder 9:
Scrapbook items, 1865:

Box 1, Folder 10:
Scrapbook items, 1866:

Box 1, Folder 11:
Scrapbook items, 1867:

Box 1, Folder 12:
Scrapbook items, 1872:

Box 1, Folder 13:
Scrapbook items, 1874:

Box 1, Folder 14:
Scrapbook items, 1875:

Box 1, Folder 15:
Scrapbook items, 1876:

Box 1, Folder 16:
Scrapbook items, 1877:

Box 1, Folder 17:
Scrapbook items, 1878:

Box 1, Folder 18:
Scrapbook items, 1879:

Box 1, Folder 19:
Scrapbook items, 1880:

Box 1, Folder 20:
Scrapbook items, 1881:

Box 1, Folder 21:
Scrapbook items, 1882:

Box 1, Folder 22:
Scrapbook items, 1883:

Box 1, Folder 23:
Scrapbook items, 1886:

Box 1, Folder 24:
Scrapbook items, 1887:

Box 1, Folder 25:
Scrapbook items, 1888:

Box 1, Folder 26:
Scrapbook items, 1889:

Box 1, Folder 27:
Scrapbook items, 1890:

Box 1, Folder 28:
Scrapbook items, 1895:

Box 1, Folder 29:
Scrapbook items, 1899:

Box 1, Folder 30:
Scrapbook items, 1902:

Box 1, Folder 31:
Scrapbook items, undated:

Box 1, Folder 32:
Autographs (A-W):

Box 2, Folder 1:
Samuel Ripley Bartlett scrapbook, 1857-1860:

Box 2, Folder 2:
Samuel Ripley Bartlett and Eva Myrtella Whitcomb Bartlett (Myrtle) scrapbook, 1876-1886:

Box 2, Folder 3:
William O. Whitcomb album, (titled “Remembrancer, Vol. 3”) 1843-1846 (relative of Eva Myrtella Whitcomb, Mrs. Samuel Ripley Bartlett)

Box 2, Folder 4:
Detroit Prismatic Club, 1873-1972 (Sarah Bartlett correspondence, etc. re: Samuel R. Bartlett and James W. Bartlett):

Series II.  Papers of other children of Josiah and Martha T.B. Bartlett 185[ ]-1914, and undated

Box 2, Folder 5:
ALS, Martha Bartlett to Edward Jarvis (Ned Bartlett), 2 Apr. 1865

Box 2, Folder 6:
Bartlett, Edward Jarvis, Obituary, Concord Enterprise, 11 Mar. 1914

Box 2, Folder 7:
Bartlett, George Bradford.  Manuscript Poems, [1864]-1895

Box 2, Folder 8:
Unidentified composition book, 185[ ]-1855 (written in 2 hands)

Box 2, Folder 9:
Tintypes (subjects unidentified; Bartlett?):

Series III.  Sarah R. Bartlett Papers 1892-1928, and undated

Box 2, Folder 10:
Letter, pencil sketch, notes, 1909-[196-?]:

Box 2, Folder 11:
Sarah R. Bartlett autograph album, 1892-1895

Box 2, Folder 12:
Sarah R. Bartlett birthday book, 1911-1967

Box 2, Folder 13:
Sarah R. Bartlett photograph album, undated
Box 2, Folder 14:
Sarah R. Bartlett photograph album, 1905

Box 2, Folder 15:
Sarah R. Bartlett photograph album, 1927-1928

Box 2, Folder 16:
Sarah R. Bartlett photographs (loose), including:

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