A Concordance to the Collected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson

keyed to The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Centenary Edition, 12 volumes (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1903-1904)

Compiled by Eugene F. Irey


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Emerson in 1873, photographed by Foss
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Revised edition, December 2005


 A Key to Abbreviations Used throughout the Concordance

Aa to Absolute
Absolutely to Acclamations
Acclimate to Acta Sanctorum
Acted to Adepts
Adequate to Adults
Advance to Affairs
Affect to Agassiz
Age to Aikin's, John
Ails to Almira
Almoners to Altered
Altered to Amatory
Amazed to Amounts
Amphibious to Anglo-Saxons
Angrily to Apparently                                                                           Top of page
Apparition to Aratus
Arbiters to Army
Army to Artery
Artesian to Asiatic
Aside to Assiduously
Assign to Atlas Mountains
Atmosphere to Attire
Attitude to Autobiography
Autograph to Azure
B--, Aunt to Banquets
Banshee to Bears
Beast, Beauty and the to Becky Stow's Swamp
Become to Behaviours
Beheld to Belts                                                                                     Top of page
Belus to Best-Settled
Bet to Birminghamized
Birth to Blurs
Blush to Bonnets
Bonny to Bosses
Boston Advertiser to Brazier
Breach to Bristol, England
Britain, Great to Bude-light
Budgets to Byzantium
C., Lord to Came
Camel to Caroline, Amelia Elizabeth
Caron, Pierre Augustin to Catholics
Catilinarian to Centuples
Centuries to Chances                                                                           Top of page
'Change [Exchange] to Charivari
Charlatan to Chiffinch, William
Chilblain to Christ's Jesus
Chromatic to Cites
Citied to Clasps
Class to Cloisters
Close to Coldness
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor to Combustion
Come to Comings
Comity to Commuted
Como, Lake, Italy to Complexity
Compliance to Conducts
Cones to Consciousnesses
Conscriptions to Construing                                                                 Top of page
Consubstantiation to Contriving
Control to Copula
Copy to Countless
Countries to Courses
Court to Creature's
Crecy, France to Ctesiphon, Mesopotamia
Cuba to Czars
D., Mr. to Daws
Day, Commencement to Deadness
Deaf to Declaring
Decline to Defying
Degenerate to Demonstrator
Demophoon to Designs
Desirable to Devotions                                                                       Top of page
Devour to Dimensions
Diminish to Discovery
Discredit to Distasteful
Distemper to Doctrines
Document to Dramatizing
Drank to Driving
Droll to Dyspeptic
Eadwine to Eastward
Easy to Effectually
Effeminacy to Elicits
Eligible to Employs
Emporium to Enemy's
Energetic to Englishwomen
Engraft to Enthusiast's                                                                       Top of page
Enticement to Es
Escalier to Europes
Eustachius to Everywhere
Evidence to Excessive
Excester to Exists
Exmouth to Explosive
Exponent to Exuvial
Eye to Eyvind
Fable for Critics to Fact-Speaker
False to Far-Fetched
Farm to Faut
Feet to Ficino
Fickle to Finch
Find to Finders                                                                                Top of page
Findeth to Finest
Fingal's Cave to Firs
First to Fitting
Five to Floweth
Flowing to Forborne
Force, England High to Forgiving
Forgot to Forts
Fortuitous to Found
Foundation to Fowls
Fox, Charles James to Frequents
Freres to Fry, Elizabeth
Fucused to Futurity
Gabble to Gazels
Gazers to Genially                                                                            Top of page
Genii to Geniuses
Genoa to Gigs
Gilbert, Humphrey to Gladdest
Gladiators to Go-Carts
God, Almighty to Goitre
Gold to Good
Good (continued) to Grab
Gracchi to Gray-Headed
Graze to Great Desert
Great Mind to Grottoes
Ground to Gyved
Habeas Corpus to Handling
Hand-Looms to Harms
Harness to Heaps                                                                              Top of page
Hear to Hearty
Heat to Hemispheres
Hemlock to Higgle
High to Hints
Hipparchus to Holdship
Hole to Hooted
Hope, Cape of Good to Hospitality
Hospitals to Hours
Hous to Hum
Human to Hundredth
Hung to Hysterical
Iachimo to Illustrations
Illustrious to Imperfectly
Imperial to Incalculable                                                                       Top of page
Incantation to Indian-Rubber
Indicate to Infantine
Infantry to Inmates
Inmost to Instauration
Instead to Instruments
Intrusion to Intelligences
Intelligent to Intrinsically
Introduce to Irrespective
Irresponsible to Ivory
Jabber to Joyfully
Joying to Juxtapositions
Kader to Kinds
Kine to Knotty
Knowingness to Kyd                                                                          Top of page
Know to Knowingly
La Fontaine to Lands
Landscape to Lasts
Late to Lavoisier
Law to Lax
Laxer to Leasts
Leather to Leg
Legacy to Lessing
Lesson to Liberty's
Librarian to Life
Life (continued) to Lifetime
Lift to Lind's
Line to Littleton
Liturgies to Logically                                                                         Top of page
Logician to Loo
Look to Lost
Lot, Day of the to Low-Born
Lowell, Charles to Lysis's
M. C. to Magnanimously
Magne to Makaria
Make to Make-Believe
Maker, Almighty to Making
Maladies to Man
Man (continued)
Manacled to Manque
Man's to Map
Maple to Masses
Massinger to Meagreness                                                                  Top of page
Meal to Mechi
Medal to Memphis, Egypt
Men, Creator of to Men
Men (continued)
Menace to Methuselah
Metonomy [Metonymy] to Mina
Mince-Meat to Minded
Minder to Mitissimus
Mix to Monge
Mongol to Mordaunt
More (continued) to More's
Morgan, Lady to Motes
Moth to Movers                                                                               Top of page
Moves to Much-Travelled
Muck to Mythus
N. F. to Natal
Nation, Cherokee to Naturata
Nature (continued)
Naturlangsamkeit to Negligently
Negotation to Nevermore
New to New Englander
New Hampshire to Noah's
Nothing to Nymphs
Oak to Obtains
Obtrude to Officiousness
Offset to Omniscient                                                                        Top of page
Once to Opium-Shop
Opponent to Organisms
Organization to Overwork
Ovid to Oysters
Pace to Parables
Parabola to Partially
Participant to Passed
Passenger to Pays
Peace to Penury
People to Peremtory
Perennial to Permitting
Permutation to Perspire
Persuade to Picard
Piccadilly to Pivots                                                                          Top of page
Placarding to Plants
Plastic to Plenteous
Plentiful to Poetry
Poets to Polls
Pollute to Positives
Posse to Powders
Power and Manifestation to Power
Power (continued) to Poz
Practicable to Preeminent
Preestablished to President's
Presides to Privy Council
Prize to Progressive
Prohibition to Propounds
Proprietary to Puberty                                                                     Top of page
Public to Purlieus
Purple to Pythoness
Quack to Questions
Quetelet to Quoting
Rabbinical to Ranks
Ransack to Reacts
Read [Best-Read] to Reality
Realization to Reciprocity
Recitals to Reflex
Reform to Relative
Relatively to Remedial
Remedies to Replying
Report, First to Reservoirs
Reside to Restraints                                                                         Top of page
Restricted to Revolutions
Revolve to Rigging
Right to Rived
River to Romeo
Romes to Ruling
Rum to Rylstone Doe
S., Major to Saib
Said to Saidst
Sail to Samos
Samples to Saxons
Say to Scabbard
Scaffold to Scintillations
Scipio to Sea-Stroke
Seat to Sedulously                                                                           Top of page
See to Seek'st
Seem to Seigneurs
Seize to Sensations
Sense, Common to Sepals
Separable to Set-To
Seven to Sharpwitted
Shatter to Short-Sighted
Shot to Sidewise
Sidmouth to Sinewy
Sinful to Skills
Skims to Small-Pox
Smaragdus to Society's
Sockets to Sometimes
Somewhat to Sought                                                                        Top of page
Soul, Blessed to Souvenirs
Soverchio to Specimens
Speck to Spiridion
Spirit, Divine to Spirit-Realm
Spirits to Squid
Squint to Stars
Start to Steads
Steady to Stimulus
Sting to Strangest
Strangled to Strondes
Strong to Subduing
Subject to Suetonius
Suez to Sung
Sun-Gilt to Supremely                                                                       Top of page
Surprises to Sweeps
Sweet to Systole
T., Miss to Taleb
Talent to Taurida
Taverns to Tempestuous
Templars to Testify
Testimonies to Thin
Thing to Things
Think to Thorwaldsen's
Thought (continued) to Thoughts [Pensees]
Thoulouse [Toulouse] to Ticonderoga
Tidal to Timely
Times to Told                                                                                  Top of page
Toledo to Tow-Head
Town to Trains
Trait to Treaty
Treble to Trudge
True to Trusty
Truth to Turnips
Turnkey to Tyrolese
Ubiquitous to Unexhausted
Unexpected to University, Yale
Unjust to Usages
Use to Utters
Vacancy to Vastness
Vat to Victory
Vis to Vying                                                                                      Top of page
W to Wapping
War, Black Hawk to Watts’s
Wave to Wealth
Weaned to Weevil
Weiber to Wentworth
Wept to Whithersoever
Whiting, John to Whortleberries
Wibbacowet to Wimborne
Win to Wise
Wise (continued) to Wist
Wit to Wolves
Woman to Woo
Worcester Cathedral to Wore
Work to Work-Yards                                                                       Top of page
World Fairs to Wormy
Worn to Writings
Writs to Wyman, Jeffries
Xanthian to Ximenes
Yacht to Yemen’s Tale
Yeoman, Middlesex to Yunani
Zanonit to Zymosis

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