76.   A Public Reception of Mr. R.W. Emerson on His Return Home from Europe Will  be given by the Citizens of Concord … [printed broadside], 1873.  Letterpress on paper.

77.   Committee on Reception of R.W. Emerson.  Records (three receipts for supplies purchased and work done in preparation for the reception of Emerson on Tuesday, May 27, 1873), May 27, May 28, and June 3, 1873.  Ink on paper; one receipt on letterhead.

78.   “Concord’s Irreparable Loss!  The Death and Funeral of Ralph Waldo Emerson.”  Front page article in the Concord Freeman for May 4, 1882.  Letterpress on paper.

Exhibition table of contents - Exhibition Introduction - I. Emerson's Concord Heritage - II. Settling In  -- The Emerson House - III. Taking a Place in Town Life -- the 1835 Celebration - IV. At the Center of the Circle - V. Concord's Conscience - VI. Citizen, Townsman, Friend, and Family Man - VII. The Respect and Affection of Concord - VIII. Concord Keeps the Flame - Special Collections Home.