Emerson in Concord: 

an Exhibition in Celebration of the 200th Anniversary 
of the Birth of Ralph Waldo Emerson

This online exhibition consists of introductory text and eight topical sections. Each section includes an essay, numbered display entries (87 total), and an image for each entry. The entire exhibition may be viewed by following the links provided below. 

Exhibition Introduction

I. Emerson's Concord Heritage
II. Settling In -- The Emerson House
III. Taking a Place in Town Life -- the 1835 Celebration
IV. At the Center of the Circle
V. Concord's Conscience
VI. Citizen, Townsman, Friend, and Family Man
VII. The Respect and Affection of Concord
VIII. Concord Keeps the Flame

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Permission must be obtained from the Curator of Special Collections, Concord Free Public Library, to reproduce these images in any form, including  electronic. 
Text copyright 2003, Concord Free Public Library.

R. W. Emerson, standing