Susan Sherman Loring, ca. 1855.30. Susan Sherman Loring, ca. 1855. From a daguerreotype, presented by Lydia C. Smith, 1992.

While visiting the John Brown family in Concord, Susan (Susanna) Frost Sherman—daughter of Micah and Susanna Dennison Sherman of Marlborough—met up-and-coming entrepreneur David Loring, who boarded with the Browns. The two—both born in 1800—were married in 1824. They lived first in West Concord, near David's lead pipe factory, moving in the late 1830s to Concord Center, to Main Street (the present 186). They had a large family. (Lydia Loring Barrett—see #1—was their oldest daughter.).

David Loring's lead pipe and sheet metal business prospered for some time. Loring was an active promoter and a director of the Fitchburg Railroad, a trustee of the Middlesex Institution for Savings and, from 1840, a member of the Social Circle in Concord. He eventually discontinued his lead pipe business and established a pail factory in West Concord. The failure of this venture, coupled with investment losses, ruined him financially. The Lorings left Concord in 1857. They went to Framingham, then (in 1859) to Minnesota. Susan Loring died in 1862, David in 1870.

This image shows Susan Loring proud, upright, and direct—a woman mindful of her own worth, regardless of the state of the family finances.

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