Lydia Loring Barrett and daughter Lucy Fay Barrett, ca. 1850.1. Lydia Loring Barrett and daughter Lucy Fay Barrett, ca. 1850.  From a daguerreotype, presented by Lydia C. Smith, 1992.

Born in 1827, Lydia Ann Loring was the oldest daughter of Concord lead pipe and (later) wooden pail manufacturer David Loring and his wife Susan Frost Sherman Loring (see #30). In 1848, she married lawyer Jonathan Fay Barrett, who was eleven years her senior. Their daughter Lucy Fay Barrett was born in 1849. J. Fay Barrett—educated at the Concord Academy and (for a year) at Harvard College—was, like Lydia's father, a respected community member. He joined the Social Circle in Concord in 1851.

This portrait shows Lydia Barrett as a young mother, shy and tentative, leaning in protectively toward little Lucy. Although Lydia could not have known it when the photograph was taken, Lucy would be her only child.

Later in life, Lydia Barrett was an invalid, tended by her husband. Lucy married John H. Chapman in 1876.

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