Nathan and Mary Barrett Warren, 1864.25. T.R. Burnham (Boston). Nathan and Mary Barrett Warren, 1864. From a carte de visite (source undiscovered).

Nathan Henry Warren—a farmer—and Mary Prescott Barrett of Concord were married in 1849. They were both twenty-one at the time. Their first child, Mary Elizabeth, was born in 1850. Second daughter Ella came along in 1855, son George Henry in 1860, and third daughter Alice in the spring of 1865. In this photograph, taken during Mrs. Warren's pregnancy with Alice, the full skirt and high waist of her dress only imperfectly conceal her condition.

Born in 1827, Mary Warren was a daughter of farmer George Minot Barrett (see #37) and his wife Elizabeth Prescott Barrett. Distinctly haggard in this photograph, Mrs. Warren presents quite a different appearance from her handsome sister Emily, two years her junior, who was also photographed around the same time (see #31). The effects of repeated childbearing had taken a toll on Mary's good looks.

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