Lucy Barrett Barrett, ca. 1860.26. Whipple (Boston). Lucy Barrett Barrett, ca. 1860. From a carte de visite (source undiscovered).

Early in 1855, Lucy Ann Barrett of Watertown married her Concord cousin Nathan Barrett, a prosperous farmer on Punkatasset Hill and a widower with a family. The bride was thirty-eight, the groom twenty years her senior. The couple never had children.

The Barretts enjoyed a comfortable life. Nathan had inherited considerable property from his father (also Nathan) and had improved upon his situation by dairy farming and the cultivation of fruit crops. He also raised sheep. He was a member of the Social Circle and, in his later years, a deacon of the First Parish. Evidently a woman of some executive ability, Lucy served as the treasurer of the Concord Soldiers' Aid Society. Nathan died in 1868, Lucy in 1893.

This carte de visite image of Lucy shows a self-assured woman, confident in her social standing, and attentive to her appearance—indeed, a touch vain.

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