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   The on-line display “Emerson in Concord” is based on a gallery exhibition on view at the Concord Free Public Library throughout March, April, and May of 2003.  In both its gallery and on-line forms, it was prepared as the Concord Free Public Library's contribution to the 2003 Emerson Bicentennial Celebration.  It represents the work of the staff of the library Special Collections—Curator Leslie Perrin Wilson, Staff Assistant Joyce T. Woodman, and Associate Librarian/CFPL Webmaster Robert C.W. Hall, Jr.  A wide range of primary and secondary sources in the CFPL collections was consulted in preparing the display text.

   Thanks to Ronald A. Bosco (Distinguished Service Professor of English and American Literature at the State University of New York at Albany) and Joel Myerson (Carolina Distinguished Professor of American Literature of the University of South Carolina) for their interest in the display and for listing it among the events included in the Emerson Society’s calendar for 2003.  Both of them kindly agreed to proofread and comment on the display text, and spoke at the opening reception for  the gallery exhibition on March 21, 2003.

   Thanks also to Special Collections volunteers Reed Anthony, Bette Aschaffenburg, Marie Eaton, Gretchen Frasier, Jiro Ishihara, Constance Manoli-Skocay, Freelon Morris, James Stoessel, and intern Sandra Waxman for valuable assistance of various kinds, and to Deborah Bier, Maurice Brodeur and Andrea Taylor, Luisa Granitto, John Pastor, John Rossetti, Richard Stevenson, Mark Whitney of Anderson Photo, and Warner Wood for much practical help.

Exhibition table of contents - Exhibition Table of Contents - I. Emerson's Concord Heritage - II. Settling In  -- The Emerson House - III. Taking a Place in Town Life -- the 1835 Celebration - IV. At the Center of the Circle - V. Concord's Conscience - VI. Citizen, Townsman, Friend, and Family Man - VII. The Respect and Affection of Concord - VIII. Concord Keeps the Flame - Special Collections Home.