Lucie Howe Brigham, ca. 1883.28. Lucie Howe Brigham, ca. 1883. From a tintype, presented by Esther Howe Wheeler Anderson, 1981.

This tintype image shows Lucie Howe Brigham—the future Mrs. Frank Wheeler—as a girl on the threshold of maturity.

Lucie Brigham (born in 1865) and Frank Wheeler (born in 1856) both grew up in the Nine Acre Corner area of Concord. Married in 1888, they lived on the Wheeler family farm and had six daughters (one of them Esther Howe Wheeler, who later married Leslie Anderson and became a local Thoreauvian and a noted photographer of the Concord landscape).

Lucie Wheeler died in 1918, Frank—a successful market gardener and greenhouse farmer—in 1919.

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