Section of Jarvis's hand-drawn map of Concord Center, 1810 - 1820

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1. Monument Square, 1810 - 1820, from a Map by Edward Jarvis

Edward Jarvis (1803-1884) was a physician, a pioneer in the care of the mentally ill, a social statistician, writer, and historian of Concord, Massachusetts. Born and raised in Concord, he practiced medicine here between 1832 and 1837. He lived the final four decades of his life in Dorchester. Late in life, Jarvis was drawn to record research, lore, memories, and analyses of life in his native town. His manuscript Houses and People in Concord, 1810 to 1882 contains his recollections of buildings in Concord during his youth, and some account of those who owned or occupied them. Jarvis prepared a hand-drawn and watercolored map to accompany Houses and People. The section shown here depicts Monument Square and the surrounding area some forty years before the Town House was constructed. The old mill pond, drained in the mid-1820s, forms a prominent landscape feature.