Concord Historic Buildings Website

Six well-known Concord buildings - five still standing, one demolished more than a century ago - have been selected and are here explored, visually and textually, to highlight local resources.

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The built landscape of Concord, Massachusetts is richly documented by a variety of locally held primary materials - maps, family papers, manuscripts, surveys, sketches, photographs, and ephemera in the William Munroe Special Collections of the Concord Free Public Library, and town records, as well. These sources reveal both change and continuity in the face of the town over time, and tell the human story behind chronology, architectural detail, and other data relating to Concord's historic buildings. A number of useful secondary sources - most notably, the Concord Historical Commission's Survey of Historical and Architectural Resources of Concord, Massachusetts (1994; revised edition [2002]) - have drawn upon some of this documentation in describing historic structures. Researchers are often unaware, however, of the extent and depth of the primary material that underlies, supports, extends, and occasionally corrects published information. The purpose of the Concord Historic Buildings Website is to enhance understanding of the range of documentation available for research on Concord's built landscape.