Jarvis drawing of original hotel and neighbors

3. The Original Middlesex Hotel Building and Its Neighbors, as Drawn by Edward Jarvis from Memory

This detail from Edward Jarvis's map of Concord Center as it looked in the early nineteenth century (drawn to accompany Jarvis's manuscript Houses and People in Concord, 1810 to 1820) shows the north side of the Mill Dam and west side of Monument Square, including Richardson's Middlesex Hotel building (Jarvis's 43). The hotel stable (42) is shown directly behind the hotel, the stone jail (44) behind the County House (45). The east end of the Mill Dam was occupied by several buildings owned by Stephen Wood - store (34), currier shop (35), tanyard (36), bark mill (37), bark shed (38), and by a casting shop (39), the office of William Jones and the house of Sam Platt (40), and the shoemaking shop of Gaius Proctor (41).