Stedman Buttrick, January 13, 1874.45. J.S. Mitchell (Boston). Stedman Buttrick, January 13, 1874. From a carte de visite, presented by Mrs. John Moore.

Son of Jonas and Lucy Hudson Buttrick, Stedman Buttrick was born in Concord in 1796, twenty-one years after his grandfather Major John Buttrick served as officer in charge of the combined colonial minute and militia men who marched on the North Bridge on April 19, 1775. Buttrick married Mary Heywood Hunt in January of 1827. Between July, 1827 and May, 1838, they had ten children (including William, born in 1834, the father of Mary Tolman Buttrick—see #35). Mrs. Buttrick died in 1838, a month after her tenth child was born.

A prosperous farmer, Buttrick was active in town and county affairs. A Democrat and an opponent of Masonry, he served as treasurer of Middlesex County. In 1873, he donated to the Town of Concord the land on which French's Minute Man statue was erected for the town's centennial celebration of the Concord Fight. He died in November, 1874, ten months after this photograph was taken and five months before the 1875 festivities.

Stedman Buttrick was seventy-eight years old when this portrait was made. His dominant personality and sense of prerogative are apparent.

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