Isabelle Wheeler, ca. 1887.36. Alfred Munroe (Concord). Isabelle Wheeler, ca. 1887. From a glass plate negative, presented by Henry Francis Smith.

Isabelle Wheeler was born in Concord in 1867 to Francis and Amelia Eaton Wheeler. In the 1890s, she became the owner of the ancestral Wheeler farmhouse now numbered 99 Sudbury Road (the Scotchford-Wheeler House), which—to the surprise of her brothers and male cousins—her father conveyed to her. Although Miss Wheeler repaired and restored the old house and eventually made it her home, she spent extended periods away from Concord (in Washington, D.C. and in travel abroad), during which the place was rented as a two-family house. Kin to the Smith and Blanchard families, Isabelle Wheeler died in 1955.

This elegant outdoor photograph shows Isabelle Wheeler with her viola. The instrument is included in the portrait to suggest the young lady's cultivation and refinement.

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