ADA SHEPARD PAPERS, 1857-1859, 1930s, 2016

Vault A45, Hawthorne, Unit 2


The index of Ada Shepard letters, 1857-1859 was created in 2017 by Concord Free Public Library Special Collections. It provides a list of date references to people, places, and topics mentioned by Ada Shepard in her letters to her family and her fiance. It is by no means an exhaustive concordance, but special attention was paid to mentions of the Hawthorne family and the sketchbooks that make up part of the Ada Shepard Papers.

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To use the index, research terms in by their first letter. Letters and terms can be condensed for easier viewing by clicking on term or the arrow beside the term. This will indicate the folder to request and provides a summary of the packet of letters the reference appears in. To search all headings, type Ctrl-F or Command-F in your browser and type your search terms. The letters themselves must be viewed at Concord Free Public Library Special Collections.


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About, Edmund | Tolla


academic experience


Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze


Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia


Ackermann, Miss.


Adam and Eve (Crawford)






Akers, Benjamin Paul


Akers, Charles Carl


Akers, Paul


Alban Hills


Albani, Francesco


Albee, John




Alfred, Lord Tennyson




Aligheri, Dante


Allen, Elizabeth Chase


Allen, Professor Ira W.


Allen, Miss.


Allen, Professor Ira W.




Amherst, Massachusetts


Amiens Cathedral


Amiens, France


An analytical and practical grammar of the English language (Boullions)


Anderson, H. C. (Hans Christian) | Fairy Tales Told for Children


Andromaque (Racine)


Angel in the House, The (Patmore)


Angel Of The Annunciation, The (Romanelli)




Annunciation (Guido)


Antioch College


Antioch College News Letter


Antislavery meetings


Apollo Belvidere


Apotheosis of the Innocents (Read)


Appian Way


Appleton, Dr. Benjamin


Apthorp family


Apthorp, Eliza


Apthorp, Robert


Arc De Triomphe


Arch of Drusus


Arch of Titus




Archbasilica of St. John Lateran


Arezzo Cathedral


Arezzo, Italy


Ariadne (Corneille)


Ariadne (Lander)


Ariel (steamship)


Arisoto, Ludvico


Arles, France


Arno River




Ascension Day


Assisi, Italy




Athena Giustiniani


Atlantic Monthly


Atlantic Ocean


Aurora (Guercino)


Auroroa (Guido)


Aurora Leigh (Browning)




Austria (Steamship)


Autinous of the Capitol


Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini (Cellini)


automatic writing


Avenue des Champs-Élysées


Avignon, France


Avignon, France | Street life and culture


Avon River


Ayres, Elizabeth


Ayres, John


Ayres, Lizzie


BReturn to top


Bacchus (Story)


Badger family


Badger, Eliza


Badger, Henry Clay


Badger, Henry Clay | engagement


Badger, Joseph, Jr.


Badger, Joseph, Sr.


Badger, Mary


Badger, William




Bailey, Philip James


Balbi palace




Ballou, Miss


Balzac, Honoré de


Balzac, Honoré de | grave of


Balzac, Honoré de | Memories de deux jeunes Maries


Balzac, Honoré de | Physiologie Du Mariage, La


Banqueting House, Whitehall


Barber of Seville, The (Beaumarchais)


Barrière de l'Étoile


Bartholomew, Edward Sheffield


Bartholomew, Edward Sheffield | Eve Repentent


Bartholomew, Edward Sheffield | Hagar and Ishmael


Bartholomew, Edward Sheffield | Ruth, Orpah, and Naomi


Bartholomew, Edward Sheffield | William George Read in the Character of Belisarius


Basilica di Santa Chiara


Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore


Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva


Basilica di Santo Spirito


Basilica of Constantine


Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine


Basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the Walls


Basilica of San Francesco


Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo


Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli


Basilica Santa Croce in Gerusalemme


Baths of Caracalla


Baths of Diocletion


Battle of Lake Trasimene


Battle of Waterloo


Bazzi, Giovanni Antonio | Il Sodoma


Beatrice Cenci (Guido)


Beatrice Cenci (Hosmer)


Beaumarchais, Pierre | Barber of Seville, The


Bedford Square




Beliverti | Joseph and Potiphar's wife


Bella Donna (Titian)


Bellosguardo farm


Bellows, Dr.


Belvedere Torso


Benjamin West (Lawrence)


Bergdahl, Mr.




"Bertha in the Lane" (Browning)




Billingsgate Ward




Birmingham and London Canal




Bishop, Henry R. | Home Sweet Home


Bishop, Henry R. | "Home Sweet Home"


Black Eagle, San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy


Blagden, Isabella "Isa" Jane


Blake, Hally


Blake, Mr.


Blake, Mrs.


Blake, Mrs.


Blanchard family


Blanchard, Harriet


Blanchard, John


Blanchard, Walter


Blithedale Romance, The (Hawthorne)


Boboli Gardens


Boccaccio, Giovanni| Decameron, the


Bolsena lake


Bolsena, Italy


Borghetto d'Arroscia


Boston, Massachusetts


Boullions, Peter | An analytical and practical grammar of the English language


Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


Bracken, Annette


Brackett family


Brackett, Mr.


Brackett, Mrs.


Bremer, Frederika


Bremer, Fredrika | Brothers And Sisters: A Tale Of Domestic Life


British Museum


British Museum Library


Bronson, Professor


Brontë, Charlotte


Brontë, Charlotte | Jane Eyre


Brothers And Sisters: A Tale Of Domestic Life (Bremer)


Brown, George Loring


Brown, Mr.


Browning family


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett | Aurora Leigh


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett | "Bertha in the Lane"


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett | Lady Geraldine's Courtship


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett | Sabbath Morning at Sea


Browning, Robert


Browning, Robert Barrett Pen


Bryant family


Bryant, Frances Fairchild


Bryant, Helen


Bryant, Julia Sands


Bryant, William Cullen


Bryant, William Cullen | Hymn of the Sea


Bryant, William Cullen | Rivulet, The


Buckingham Palace


Buffalo, New York


Burkholder, Hervey


Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron (Lord Byron)


Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron (Lord Byron) | Childe Harold's pilgrimage


Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron (Lord Byron) | Prisoner of Chillon


Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron (Lord Byron) | signature of


CReturn to top


Caesars, The (De Quincey)


Calamart, France


Cambridge, Massachusetts




Campagna di Roma (Italy)


Canova | Monument to Clement XIII


Canova, Antonio | Creugas and Damoxenos


Canova, Antonio (studio of)


Capitoline Hill (Rome, Italy)


Capitoline Museums


Capitoline She-Wolf


Capuchin friar


Carew, Mr.


Carew, Mrs.


Carey family


Carey, Mr. and Mrs.


Carey, Mrs.


Carlton, Harriette


Carlyle, Thomas




Carver, Maria


Casa Del Bello


Casa Guidi


Cascata delle Marmore, Umbria, Italy


Cass, Lewis, Jr.


Castel Nuovo


Castel Sant'Angelo


Catacomb of Callixtus


Catacombs of Rome


Cathedral of St. Lorenzo


Cellini, Benvenuto | Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini


Ceolian Hill


Chamouni, Switzerland


Chapman, John Gadsby


Charing Cross


Chateau Mendon


Chateu au of Chillon


Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of, 1694-1773


Child, Francis James Child




Childe Harold's pilgrimage (Byron)


Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Turner)






Childs, Frank


Chillon Castle


Chimouni, Switzerland


Christ among the Doctors (D¨rer)


Christ bearing the cross (Volterra, Daniele da)




Christianity: The Logic of Creation (James)




Christy, Mr.




Church of Audrea D'Oria


Church of Saint Anna


Church of Saint-Roch


Church of St. Augustine


Church of St. Dominic


Church of the Annunziata


Church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti


Churchill, Miss.


Churchill, Mrs.


Cid, Le (Cornielle)


Cincinnati, Ohio


Civita Castellana, Italy


Civita Vecchia, Italy


Clarens, Switzerland


Claude (artist)


Clemons, Mr.


Clifton, Ohio


Clitunno River




Colosseum (Rome, Italy)


Columbaria in Vigna Codini, Italy


Column of Antoninus Pius


Last Communion of St. Jerome (Domenichino)


Confidences (Lamartine)


Conjugal love and its chaste delights (Swedenborg)


Consenza, Giovanni Carlo | Elisabetta Potowski


Domenichino | Last Communion of St. Jerome






Convento Di San Francesco


Conversion of St. Paul, (Cortona)


Conway, Mr.


Coppet, Switzerland


Corinne (Staël)


Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine) | Corinne


Corneille, Pierre


Corneille, Pierre | Horace


Corneille, Thomas | Ariadne


Corneille, Thomas | Le Comte d'Essex


Cornielle, Pierre | Cid, Le


Correggio | Danaë


Corso d'Italia


Cortona, Italy


Cortona, Pietro da | Conversion of St. Paul


Count of Monte Cristo


Coventry, England


Craig, Adelaide [née Churchill]


Craig, Mr.


Cranach, Lucas | Martin Luther


Cranach, Lucas | Phillip Melanchthon


Cranch family


Cranch, Mr.


Cranch, Mr. and Mrs.


Cranch, Mrs.


Crawford, Louisa


Crawford, Mrs.


Crawford, Thomas


Crawford, Thomas (studio of)


Crawford, Thomas | Adam and Eve


Crawford, Thomas | Hebe and Ganymede


Crawford, Thomas | Virginia Washington Monument


Creugas and Damoxenos "Boxers" (Canova)


Crocker, Miss


Crystal Palace (Sydenham, London, England)


Cumaean Sibyl (Domenichino)


Cushing, Miss.


Cushman, Charlotte


Custom house


DReturn to top


da Montauto, Signore Conte Cavaliere Guilio Bambaloni


da Vinci, Leonardo | Vanity and Modesty






Darning, Jennie


date palm


Davidson, Eugenia Badger


Davidson, Mary Badger


Day, Mrs.


De Quincey, Thomas | Caesars, The


de Staël, Germaine


Dean, Mrs.




Decameron, the (Boccaccio)




Deposition (Raphael)


Diana with nymphs at play (Domenichino)




Dickens, Charles


Dickens, Charles | Household Words


Dickens, Charles | Nicholas Nickelby


Dieppe, France


Dijon, France






Doge's Palace


Doherty, Professor


Dolci, Carlo | Madonna and Child


Domenichino | Cumaean Sibyl


Domenichino | Diana with nymphs at play


Domenichino | Last Communion of St. Jerome


Domenichino | Rebuke of Adam and Eve


Domenichino | Triumph of David


Donati Comet


Donelan, Father John


Doni, Dono


Dorchester, Massachusetts


Downer family


Downer, Maria


Downer, Mrs.








Duke of Wellington funeral car and bust


Duke of York monument


Dürer, Albrecht | Christ among the Doctors


Durrazzi palace


Dutch Republic (Motley)


Dying Gaul



EReturn to top


Eagleswood, New Jersey


East India Company


Easter Sunday


Eastman, Mary


Eastman, Miss.


Eddystone lighthouse


Edes, Robert T.


Edward I


Edward VII (Prince of Wales)




Eglise de la Madeleine


Egyptian obelisks


Elba, Italy


Elisabetta Potowski (Consenza)


Elliott, E. | Labour and Live


Emerson, Charles


Emerson, Lizzie


Emerson, Ralph Waldo




Endymion (Guercino)


Endymion (Keats)


Endymion and his flock (Titian)




England and France (enmity between)


English Channel


English culture


l'Esprit des Lois, De (Montesquieu)


Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone (wine)




Europe | political climate


Europe | travel plans


Euthanasy (Mountford)


Evangeline (Lander)


Eve Repentent (Bartholomew)





FReturn to top


Fairy (nickname)


Fairy Tales Told for Children (Anderson)


Farnese Palace


Farrar, Eliza




Fassett family


Fassett, Mr.


Faun of Praxiteles


Fay family


Fay, Mr.


Fay, Mrs.




Ferray, Mr.


Festa della Rificolona


Festival of the moccoletti (Carnival)


Fezendié family


Fezendié, M.


Fezendié, M.


Fezendié, M. Boarding House and French language school


Fiesole, Italy


First Cradle


Fisher, Emma Guild


Fisher, Mr.




Flammian Way


Flaxman, John




Fleet Street, London




Florence Cathedral


Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy | street life and culture


Florence, Italy | travel plans


Florence, Italy | Via del Corso






Foligno Cathedral


Foligno, Italy


Folkestone, Kent, England


Fontana dei Dioscuri




Ford family


Fornarina (Raphael)


Fountain of Trevi


Fountain of Vauchuese


Fourth of July holiday


Fox, Mr.


Fox, Thomas


Fra Angelico




France | comparison to England


France | prospective travel to


France | society


Francia, Francesco | Madonna


Franco, Dr.


Frederick Barbarossa


Frederick III, German Emperor


Freja River


French language studies




Fuller, Margaret


Fuller, Margaret | Memoirs of Margaret Fuller




Furay, Mrs.



GReturn to top


Gaetano (vetturino driver)


Gage, Mary


Gage, Mattie


Gainsborough, Thomas


Galignani's Messanger


Galignani's New Paris Guide


Galilei, Galileo


Galileo's Tower


Galleria Borghese


Garden of Sallust


Garden of the Luxembourg


Gaskell, Elizabeth | Life of Charlotte Brontë


Gaskell, Elizabeth | The Life of Charlotte Brontë


Geneva, Switzerland


Genevieve (Lamartine)


Genoa, Italy


German language studies




Germany (Sta&eml;l)


Ghilardi, Mr.


Ghino, di Tacco, active 13th century


Gibson, John


Gibson, Mary W. Stanley




Gillott's pens


Ginevra da Siena (Story)


Giorgione (artist)




Glory to God (Handel)


Gobelins Manufactory


Godiva (Tennyson)


Gordon, Mr.


Gounod, Charles | Sapho




Grammar of the Latin language; for the use of schools and colleges (Allen and Stoddard)


Grape arbor


Great Cumberland Place, London


Great Fire Monument


Great Russell Street


Great Russell Street | House at


Great Russell Street area


Greek language studies


Greenough, Horatio


Greenough, Louisa Gore


Gregorie, Major Charles


Grimes House, Antioch College


Keats, John | "Endymion"


Guercino | Persian Sibyl


Guercino | Samian Sybil


Guercino | St. John


Guernico | Aurora


Guido, Reni | Beatrice Cenci


Guido, Reni, Annunciation


Guildhall, London


Guy Fawkes Day


Guy's Cliffe House (Warwickshire, England)



HReturn to top


Hagar and Ishmael (Bartholomew)


Hahn-Hahn, Ida | Ulrich


Hall, Henry


Hall, Mr.


Hall, Nathaniel


Handbook for travellers in central Italy by John Murray (firm)


Handel, George Frederic | Glory to God






Harlan, Judge


Harvard University


Hathaway, Anne | cottage of


Havre, France


Hawthorne children


Hawthorne children | diet of


Hawthorne children | Illness


Hawthorne children | relationship with parents


Hawthorne children | studies


Hawthorne family


Hawthorne family | callers


Hawthorne parents


Hawthorne parents


Hawthorne parents | marriage


Hawthorne parents | parenting


Hawthorne parents | relationship with children


Hawthorne, Julian


Hawthorne, Julian


Hawthorne, Julian | drawing


Hawthorne, Julian | illness


Hawthorne, Julian | Nathaniel Hawthorne and


Hawthorne, Julian | personality


Hawthorne, Julian | studies


Hawthorne, Julian | walking


Hawthorne, Nathaniel


Hawthorne, Nathaniel


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Blithedale Romance, The


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | business with Henry Wildling


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Illness


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Julian Hawthorne and


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Liverpool Consul


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Marble Faun, The


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | on American culture


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Scarlet Letter, The


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Silsbee, friend of


Hawthorne, Nathaniel | Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys


Hawthorne, Rose


Hawthorne, Rose | illness


Hawthorne, Sophia


Hawthorne, Sophia


Hawthorne, Sophia | Illness


Hawthorne, Sophia | parenting


Hawthorne, Sophia | writing of


Hawthorne, Una


Hawthorne, Una | illness


Hawthorne, Una | studies


Hay Market


Head, Mr.


Hebe and Ganymede (Crawford)


Hébert, Dr.


Hébert, Martin


Heir of Redclyffe (Yonge)


Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610


Henry the VIII


Henry VI part II (Shakespeare)


Herrick, Tom


Herschall, Sir John


Hillard, George Stillman | Six Months in Italy


history | studies of


Hoar, Edward


Hoar, Elizabeth


Hoar, Elizabeth Hallett Prichard


Hoffer, Mr.


Hogarth, William


Hogarth, William | Marriage à-la-mode


Holy Family, the (Romano)


Holy Week


Holyoke, Massachusetts


"Home Sweet Home" (Bishop)


Honeoye Falls, New York


Hooker, Mr.


Hooker, Mr.


Horace (Corneille)


Horace (Cornielle)


Hosmer, Harriet


Hosmer, Harriet | Puck


Hosmer, Harriet | Zenobia


Hosmer, Harriet | Beatrice Cenci


Hotel Aquila Nera, Siena


Hotel d'Angleterre, Geneva


Hotel de Provence


Hotel des Colonies, Marseilles


Hôtel des invalides, Paris


Hotel d'Europe, Avignon


Hotel du Louvre


Hotel du Louvre, Paris, France


Hotel du Rhin


Hôtel du Rhin, Amiens, France


Hotel Du Ville, Paris


Hotel Spillman


House of Commons


House of Lords


House of Seven Gables


Household Words (Dickens ed.)


Howell, Mr.


Howell, Virginia


Hoyt, Dr.


Hudson, Miss


Hughes, Thomas | Tom Brown's School Days


Hugo, Victor


Hugo, Victor | Notre Dame de Paris


human anatomy


Hunt, Miss.


Hussor, Mr.


Hyde Park


Hyeres island


Hymn of the Sea (Bryant)


Hyperion (Keats)



IReturn to top


Il Sodoma (Bazzi)


Iliad of Homer (Pope translation)


Imitation of Jesus Christ (Kempis)


In Memoriam (Tennyson)


In Memorium (Tennyson)






Indian Girl's Lament (Mozier)


Infant Samuel (Reynolds)


Inner Temple, London


Ireland, Miss.


Isle of Cos


Isle of Wight


Italian culture


Italian language


Italian Language studies


Italian War of 1859




Italy | rural life


Italy | Tourism


Italy countryside



JReturn to top


James, Henry | Christianity: The Logic of Creation


Jameson, Mrs.


Jameson, Mrs. (Anna) | Sacred and Legendary Art


Jane Eyre (Brontë)


Jardin des Plantes


Jardin Le Plais


Jarvis family


Jarvis, Dr.


Jay, Mr.


Jay, Mrs.


Jerusalem Delivered (Tasso)


Jewish people


Johnson, Mr.




Joseph and Potiphar's wife (Beliverti)


Josephine, Empress, consort of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1763-1814


Judge Mills


Judith (Story)


Julius Caesar (Shakespeare)


Juno Ludovisi (sculpture)



KReturn to top


LReturn to top


La Madeleine, Paris


Labour and Live (Elliott)


Lady Geraldine's Courtship (Browning)


Lake Como


Lake Erie


Lake Geneva, Switzerland


Lake Maggiore


Lake Trasimeno






Lamartine, Alphonse de | Confidences


Lamartine, Alphonse de | Genevieve


Lamartine, Alphonse de | Novel by


Lamartine, Alphonse de | Romances


Land's End


Lander, Maria Louisa


Lander, Maria Louisa | Ariadne


Lander, Maria Louisa | Evangeline


Lander, Maria Louisa | Miranda


Lander, Maria Louisa | Nathaniel Hawthorne


Lander, Maria Louisa | Virginia Dare


Landseer, Edwin Henry (artist)


Lane, Mr.


language studies




Latin language studies


Laura (Petrarch)


Laura de Noves


Lawrence, Sir Thomas | Benjamin West


Lazarus, Dr.


Le Comte d'Essex (Cornielle)


Le Havre, France


Leam River


Leamington public garden


Leamington, England


Leamington, Warwickshire, England | House at


Leavittt, Caddie


Ledelci, Dr.


Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of, 1532?-1588


Leicester, Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl of


Leopoldo II, Grand-Duke of Tuscany, 1797-1870


Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim


Lessons Pascal (extracts), Lamartine, Corneille, La Bruyere






Life and Letters of Joseph Story (Story)


Life of Charlotte Brontë (Gaskell)


Lillington, Warwickshire, England


Lincoln's Inn


Lincoln's Inn Chapel


Lind, Jenny


Lisbon, Spain


Liverpool, England


Living Age


Livorno Synagogue


Livorno, Italy




Lizard's point


Locksley Hall (Tennyson)


London bridge


London, Mr.


London, England


London, Mr.


Lord Leycester Hospital


Lord Leycester Hospital (Warwick, England)


Loudon, Mr.


Louvre Museum


Love and Duty (Tennyson)


Lover's Grove, Leamington


Lowell, James Russell


Lowell, James Russell | "What Is So Rare As A Day in June"


Lowell, Maria White | "Alpine Sheep"


Lucy Noble


Ludlow, Captain


Ludovisi Ares


Luxemburg Garden


Lyons, France



MReturn to top


Macdaniel family


Macdaniel, Miss.


Mackay, Charles


Macquay and Pakenham, Florence


Madonna (Francia)


Madonna (Murillo)


Madonna (Sassoferrato)


Madonna and Child (Dolci)


Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints (Raphael)


Madonna di Foligno (Raphael)


Magdalene with Roots (Reni)


Maggiore River






Mallet, General


Mamertine Prison, Rome


Mann, Horace


Mann, Mary Tyler Peabody


Marble Faun, The (Hawthorne)


Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies


Marlborough House


Marriage à-la-mode (Hogarth)


Marriage in Cana of Galilee (Overbeck)


Marseilles, France


Martin Luther (Cranach)


May, Samuel J.


Mediterranean Sea


Memoirs of Margaret Fuller (Fuller)


Memories de deux jeunes Maries (Balzac)


Ménagerie du Jardin des plantes


Metastasio, Pietro


Mexican War




Middle Temple


Milan, Italy


Milan Cathedral


Milliken, Mr.


Mills, Judge


Miniati, Aspasia


Miniati, Mrs.


Miranda (Lander)


Miss Blaisdell and Mr. Bennett (US)


Mitchell, Maria




Modenses Apennines


Moffat, Joe




Monne & Co.


Mont Blanc, Switzerland


Monte Cavallo


Montesquieu, Charles de Secondat, baron de | l'Esprit des Lois, De


Monument to Clement XIII (Canova)


Morse, Emma






Motley family


Motley, John Lothrop


Motley, John Lothrop | Rise of the Dutch Republic and The United Netherlands, The


Motley, Lily


Motley, Mary Elizabeth Benjamin


Motley,John Lothrop | Rise of the Dutch Republic and The United Netherlands, The


Mount Janiculum


Mount Marius


Mount Monadnoc


Mount Monadnock


Mount Soratte, Italy


Mountford family


Mountford, Mrs.


Mountford, W. | Euthanasy


Mountford, William, 1816-1885


Mowatt, Anna Cora


Mowatt, Mrs (former)


Mozier, Joseph


Mozier, Joseph | Indian Girl's Lament


Müller, Mr.




Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban


Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban | Madonna


Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban | Virgin and Child


Musee des Souverains


Museum of the Capitol



NReturn to top


Naples, Italy


Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821


Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821 | tomb of


Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1822


Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1823


Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1824


Nar River


Narni, Italy


Nasmyth, Patrick


Nathaniel Hawthorne (Lander)


National gallery of Paintings, London, England


Nativity (Pinturicolio)


Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary




Nelson monument




New Method of Learning to Read, Write and Speak the Italian Language, Adapted for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers (Ollendorff )


New method of learning to read, write, and speak the German language; to which is added, a systematic outline of German grammar (Ollendorff)


New Orleans, Louisiana


New Pastoral (Read)


New York, New York


Newgate Prison (London, England)


Newhaven, England


Niagra Falls


Nicholas Nickelby (Dickens)


Ninfeo di Egeria


Noble, Julian Augustus


Noble, Lucy


Noble, William


Normal School


Notre Dame de Paris (Hugo)


Notre-Dame de Paris


Numa Pompilius, King of Rome, active 715 B.C.-673 B.C.



OReturn to top


Obelisk of Luxor


Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington (Tennyson)


Oenone (Tennyson)


Offermann, Madame


Ollendorff, Heinrich Gottfried | New Method of Learning to Read, Write and Speak the Italian Language, Adapted for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers


Ollendorff, Heinrich Gottfried | New method of learning to read, write, and speak the German language; to which is added, a systematic outline of German grammar


Ollendorff, H. G. (Heinrich Gottfried), 1803-1865




Orestes and Electra (sculpture)


Ostia, Italy


Overbeck, Friedrich | Marriage in Cana of Galilee


Overbeck, Friedrich | Pardon of Assisi


Overbeck, Johann Friedrich




Oxford Street



PReturn to top


Page, Abby




Pakenham and Hooker


Pakenham and Hooker, banker's, Rome


Pakenham, Hooker and Co.


Palace del Bello


Palace of the Caesars


Palace of the Vatican


Palais de l'Industrie


Palais-Royal (Paris, France)


Palatine Hill


Palazzo Barberini


Palazzo dei Conservatori


Palazzo Doria Pamphilj


Palazzo Doria Pamphilj (Rome)


Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi


Palazzo Spada


Palazzo Vecchio


Pall Mall, London


Palo, Italy


Panic of 1857


Pantheon (Rome, Italy)


Pantheon, London


Papal Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels in Assisi


Papernoster Row


Pardon of Assisi (Overbeck)


Paris, France


Paris, France | Streetlife


Parish, France


Park of the Caffarella


Parker, Mr.


Parker, Theodore


Parliament, England


Passignano, Italy


Patmore, Coventry


Patmore, Coventry | Angel in the House, The


Patmore, Emily


Paul family


Paul, Almira


Peabody family


Peabody, Elizabeth (Palmer)


Pease, Mr.


Percy Bysshe Shelley | Grave


Pére la Chaise


Persian sibyl (Guercino)


Perugia, Italy


Perugino, Pietro


Perugino, Pietro | St. Sebastian


Perugiuo, Pietro


Petrarch | "Laura"


Petrarch, Francesco


Petrarch, Francesco | home of


Phédre (Racine)


Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield


Phillip Melanchthon (Cranach)


Phillips, Willard | Treatise on the Law of Insurance


Physiologie Du Mariage, La (Balzac)


photographs and daguerreotypes




Physiologie Du Mariage, La (Balzac)




Piale, Luigi


Piazza del Campidoglio


Piazza del Popolo


Piazza di Shogna


Piccolomini Library


Pickman, Caroline


Pierce, Franklin


Pierron, Madame


Piers Gaveston Monument


Pincian Hill, Rome




Pinturicolio | Nativity


Pitti Gallery


Pitti Palace


Place de la Concorde


Place du Carousel


Place du Palais Royal


Place Vendôme


Politics, American


Pompeii, Italy


Ponte Molle


Ponte Rotto


Ponte Sant'Angelo


Pope family


Pope Leo X | home


Pope Pius IX


Pope, Alexander


Pope, Alexander | Iliad of Homer


Pope, Catharine


Pope, Charlotte


Pope, Charlotte Lottie


Pope, Mary Grandmother


Pope, Sarah


Pope, Sidney Thaxter


Pope, William Grandfather


Porta del Popolo


Porta Maggiore


Porta Pia


Porta Pinciana


Porta San Giovanni


Porta San Sebastino


Porta Tiburtina


Porte d'Aix


Porte del Popolo


Portland Place


Post office


Poste Restante, Florence, Italy


Poussin, Nicolas


Powers family


Powers, Annie


Powers, Elizabeth Gibson


Powers, Hiram


Powers, Louisa


Powers, Preston


Prescott, William H.


Prichard, Elizabeth Hallett


Prince Piombino


Princess Maria Anna of Saxony (1799—1832)


Prisoner of Chillon (Bryon)


Probe, The


Protestant Cemetery, Rome


Puck (Hosmer)


Punch and Judy


Punch's Pocket Books


Pyramid of Caius Cestius



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Racine (author), Athalie


Racine, Jean | Andromaque


Racine, Jean | Phédre


Radicofani, Italy


Rakemann, Mr.




Raphael | Deposition


Raphael | Fornarina


Raphael | Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints


Raphael | Madonna di Foligno


Raphael | Transfiguration


Raphael | Violin Player


Raphael Rooms


Ravilliac, François


Read, Thomas Buchanan


Read, Thomas Buchanan | "New Pastoral"


Reade, Charles, Never Too Late To Mend


Rebuke of Adam and Eve (Domenichino)


Regent Street


Regents Park Zoological Gardens






religion | Catholicism


religion | Christianity


Reni, Guido


Reni, Guido | Magdalene with Roots


Reni, Guido | Saint Mary Magdalene


Reni, Guido | St. Michael the Archangel




Reynolds, Sir Joshua


Reynolds, Sir Joshua | Infant Samuel


Rhône River, France


Rice, Rebecca


Richardson, Mary


Rise of the Dutch Republic and The United Netherlands, The (Motley)


Dutch Republic (Motley)


Rivulet, The (Bryant)


RMS Persia


Robinson, Ellen


Robinson, Mr.


Rochester, New York


Roman forum


Roman Forum (Rome, Italy)


Romances (Lamartine)


Romanelli, Giovanni Francesco | Angel Of The Annunciation, The


Romano, Giulio | Holy Family, the


Romano, Guilio


Rome | Tourists


Rome, Italy


Rome, Italy | street life and culture


Rome, Italy | travel plans


Rome, Italy | Via Della Croce


Rome, Italy | Via Nomentana


Rome, Italy | Via Porta Pinciana


Rousseu, Jean-Jacques


Rubens, Peter Paul


Rue de la Paix, Paris


Rue de l'Echelle, Paris


Rue de Rivoli, Paris


Rue Marengo, Paris


Rue Richelieu, Paris


Rue Rivioli, Paris


Rue St, Honoré, Paris


Rue St. Denis, Paris


Rue St. Honore, Paris


Rugby School


Rugby, England


Russell Square, London


Ruth, Orpah, and Naomi (Bartholomew)



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Sabbath Morning at Sea (Browning)


Sabine Hills, Italy


Sacred and Legendary Art (Jameson)






Saint Mary Magdalene (Reni)


Saint Roch




Salvator Rosa


Samian Sybil (Guercino)


San Domenico


Sand, George


Sanguinetto, Italy


Santa Claus


Santa Costanza


Santa Francesca Romana


Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri


Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral : Florence, Italy)


Santa Maria del Popolo


Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini


Santa Maria Novella


Santa Prassede


Santa Pudenziana


Sant'Agnese in Agone


Santi Cosma e Damiano


Sapho (Gounod)


Sassoferrato | Madonna


Savonarola, Girolamo


Scarlet Letter, The (Hawthorne)


Schiller, Friedrich


Schiller, Friedrich | Wallenstein


Schiller, Friedrich | Wilhelm Tell


Sciana Palace


Scilly Isles


Scott, Sir Walter (signature)


Seabury, Mr.


Seabury, Mr.


Sedgewick, Elizabeth Dana Ellery


Selby, Lord


Selina, Ohio


Sepoy Rebellion


Sequoia tree (referred to as the California Tree)


Sévigné, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de, 1626-1696


Sévigné, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de, 1626-1697




Shakespeare, William


Shakespeare, William | birthplace


Shakespeare, William | Henry VI part II


Shakespeare, William | Julius Caesar


Shakespeare, William | tomb


Shepard family


Shepard, Ada


Shepard, Ada | daily routine


Shepard, Ada | finances


Shepard, Ada | governess position tenure


Shepard, Ada | illness


Shepard, Ada | journal


Shepard, Ada | Nathaniel Hawthorne on


Shepard, Ada | social life


Shepard, Ada | spiritualism


Shepard, Ann Adeline | engagement


Shepard, Ann Adeline | health


Shepard, Ann Pope


Shepard, Charles


Shepard, Eliza


Shepard, Ellen Nellie


Shepard, Emily


Shepard, Horace Blanchard


Shepard, Katharine Kate


Shepard, Liza


Shepard, Lucy


Shepard, Otis Sr.


Shepard, Otis, Jr.


Shepard, Otis, Sr.


Shepard, Rachel


Shepard, Rebecca


Shepard, Sarah


Ship Central America




Shottery, England


Siena Cathedral


Siena market


Siena, Italy


Sienese culture




Silsbee, Mary Crowninshield


Silsbee, Mr.


Sistine Chapel


Six Months in Italy (Hillard)








Smith family


Smith, Bell


Smith, Lydia


Smith, Mr.


Smith, Mrs.


Smith, Prudence




Sobieski, Mr.


social interaction


Sorgue River


South America


Southhampton, England


Speer, Maria


Spillman's hotel


Spirit of the law (Montesquieu)




spiritualism | Ghosts


Splendid old Pantheon


Spoleto Cathedral


Spoleto, Italy


Spring, Edward


Spring, M.


Springfield, Ohio


SS Central America


St. Bartholomew's hospital


St. Clothide


St. Cloud


St. Giles' Church


St. James' Park


St. James' Place


St. James' Street


St. John (Guercino)


St. John the Baptist's Day


St. Joseph's Day


St. Louis, Missouri


St. Martin-in-the-Fields (Church : Westminster, London, England)


St. Mary's church


St. Michael the Archangel (Reni)


St. Paul's Cathedral


St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England


St. Peter's Basilica


St. Peter's Basilica (Rome, Italy)


St. Sebastian (Perugino)


Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine) | Corinne


Staël, Madame de (Anne-Louise-Germaine) | Germany


Stafford House


Stark, Harriet


Start Point, England


Statue of Charles James Fox


Statue of the Duke of Bedford


Steamer Ariel | Passengers


Steamship Ariel


Steamship Fulton


Stebbins, Emma




Stone, Minnie


Stone, Mr.


Story family


Story, Dr.


Story, Edith Marion (Marchesa Peruzzi de Medici)


Story, Emelyn


Story, Joseph


Story, Joseph | Life and Letters of Joseph Story


Story, Judge Joseph


Story, Julian


Story, Thomas Waldo


Story, William Wetmore


Story, William Wetmore | Bacchus


Story, William Wetmore | Ginevra da Siena


Story, William Wetmore | Judith


Stoughton, Massachusetts


Strand, The (London, England)


Stratford-upon-Avon, England


Sumner, Charles


Swayne, Mr.




Swedenborg, Emanuel | Conjugal love and its chaste delights




Swiss Family Robinson (Wyss)




Syndenham Hill, London, England



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Tacitus (Emperor)


Tallant, Mary Jane


Tarpeian Rock


Tasso, Torquato


Tasso, Torquato | "Jerusalem Delivered"


Taylor, Dr.




teaching | theory


Temple Bar, London, England


Temple Church


Temple Gardens, London, England


Temple of Antonius and Faustina


Temple of Minerva Medica


Temple of Vespasian and Titus


Temple of Vesta


Temple Protestant de l'Oratoire du Louvre


Teniers, David, The Younger


Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson | "Godiva"


Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson | "In Memoriam"


Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson | "Locksley Hall"


Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson | "Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington"


Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson | "Oenone"


Terni Cathedral


Terni, Italy


Terry, Mr.


Terry, Mr.






Thayer, Caroline


The Life of Charlotte Brontë (Gaskell)




Thompson family


Thompson, Anna Cora


Thompson, Cephas Giovanni


Thompson, Cora


Thompson, Edward Francis Eddy


Thompson, Hurbert Ogden


Thompson, Mary


Thorwaldsen, Bertel


Tibbetts, Mr.


Tiber Island


Tiber River (Italy)


Tiber River, Italy


Titian (artist)


Titian | Bella Donna


Titian | Endymion and his flock


tobacco (snuff and cigarettes)


Tolla (About, Edmund)


Tom Brown's School Days (Hughes)


Tomb of Caecilia Metella


Tomb of Caecilia Metella (Rome, Italy)


Tomb of Eurysaces the Baker


Tomb of John Keats


Tomb of Leicester


Tomb of the Scipios




Tower of London


Trafalgar Square


Trajan's Column


Transatlantic telegraph cable


Transfiguration (Raphael)


Treatise on the Law of Insurance (Phillips)


Trevi, Italy


Tribune (newspaper)


Trinità dei Monti


Triumph of David (Domenichino)


Tucker, Beverly (Hawthorne's replacement at the Consolate at Liverpool)


Tuileries Garden


Tuileries Palace


Turner, J. M. W.


Turner, J. M. W. (Joseph Mallord William) | Childe Harold's Pilgrimage


Tuscan culture


Tuscan street life


Two Years Ago (Kingsley)


Typhoid fever





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Val d'Arno


Vale of Clitumnus


Valence, France


van Dyck, Anthony


Vanderbilt steamships


Vanity and Modesty (da Vinci)




Vatican Museums


Vatican obelisk


Vatican Observatory


Vatican Palace


Vaticano Obelisk


Venice, Italy


Venus de' Medici


Venus of the Capitol


Vernazzano leaning tower


Vevey, Switzerland


Victoria, Empress, consort of Frederick III, German Emperor


Vigna Codini, Italy


Villa Albani


Villa Borghese


Villa Doria Pamphili


Villa Ludovisi


Villa Medici


Villa Montauto


Villeneuve, Switzerland


Villeneuve, Switzterland


Vincian Hill


Violin Player (Raphael)


Virgin and Child (Murillo)


Virginia Dare (Lander)


Virginia Washington Monument (Crawford)


Viterbo, Italy


Volsinii (roman town)


Volterra, Daniele da | Christ bearing the cross


von Kotzebue, August



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Waite, Juliet


Waite, Miss


Wallenstein (Schiller)




Ward, Anna


Warriner, Mr.


Warriner, Professor


Warwick Castle


Warwick Museum


Warwick, england


Warwick, Warwickshire, England


Washington Street, Boston


watches, Swiss


Waterston, Helen


Waterston, Robert




Webster, Daniel




Weeks, Mr.


Weld, Mr.


Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852, monument to


Wellington, Louise


West Newton, Massachusetts


West, Benjamin


Westminister Abbey


Westminster Abbey


Westminster Hall


Weston family


Weston, Miss


"What Is So Rare As A Day in June "(Lowell)




White Hall, England


White Mountains


White Tower




Wicke Mr.


Wilding, Henry


Wildling, Henry


Wilhelm Tell (Schiller)


Wilkie, David


Wilkinson family


Wilkinson, Dr. James John Garth


Wilkinson, Mrs.


William George Read in the Character of Belisarius (Bartholomew)


Williams, Mr.




Willis, Augusta


Wilmarth, Miss


Windmill Inn Stratford-on-Avon




Witnash, England




womens' rights


Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys (Hawthorne)


Wren, Christopher


Wrigley, Frances Fanny Augusta




writing materials


Wyss, Johann David | Swiss Family Robinson



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Yellow Springs News Letter


Yellow Springs, Ohio


Yendell, Abby


Yonge, Charlotte M. | Heir of Redclyffe


Youman, Mr.


Young Augustus



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