17 (above) and 18 (below)
Ralph Waldo Emerson. Journal L (Concord). Em_Con_17
      -                                                                                                                         -
Concord Town Records, 1650-1714 (Volume D1-3). Em_Con_18

17.   Ralph Waldo Emerson. Journal L (“Concord”), 1835: typed transcript, 1930. Typescript on paper.

18.   Concord Town Records, 1650-1714 (Volume D1-3).  Ink on paper; silked and rebound in full leather.  From the Town Archives; on deposit in the library.

   The Concord Free Public Library holds typed transcripts of the many volumes of Emerson’s manuscript journals deposited in the Houghton Library at Harvard, among them Journal L (“Concord”), which contains Emerson’s notes from a variety of sources in preparing the 1835 discourse.  The library also houses the original town records scoured by Emerson for information on the periods of Concord history treated in the address.  Both are useful for scholars examining how Emerson adapted his source material in interpreting the town’s history.

No image in this online display may be reproduced in any form, including electronic, without permission from the Curator of Special Collections of the Concord Free Public Library.

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