Early Collectors and Donors: Elizabeth Peabody's Foreign Library

5.  François Auguste René, Vicomte de Chateaubriand.  Génie du Christianisme . . . Livre Quatrième . . . (Brussels: Adolphe Weissenbruch, 1827).

Foreign Library bookplate

Vol. 4 of a six-volume set (1826-1827) bearing printed Foreign Library bookplates.  From the Peabody Books (part of the CFPL Vault Collection).  Gift of Elizabeth Peabody, 1878.

The bookplate shown here is the earlier and more prevalent of two printed bookplates found on surviving Foreign Library volumes in the Concord Free Public Library.  It identifies Peabody’s per-year subscription fee as five dollars, but additionally includes weekly terms for non-subscribers to the library.


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