ALS, Sanborn to Theodore Parker, 1856

73. Franklin Benjamin Sanborn.
Letter [to Theodore Parker], Concord, June 10, 1856.
From Franklin Benjamin Sanborn Papers, CFPL Vault Collection.


In this letter, Frank Sanborn asks Theodore Parker to write a second draft for a contribution to Kansas relief to replace one earlier lost in the mail, and refers to an upcoming Kansas Aid fundraising meeting in Concord for which he hopes to engage a suitable speaker (preferably someone "who has lately come from Kansas").  Sanborn anticipates that Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, Moncure Conway, and others will also speak at what will "probably be a great meeting."

Sanborn's closing reveals the sense of urgency he felt about the situation in Kansas: "Every new dispatch increases the desire in me to do something—and I have again debated the plan of going myself.  Armed settlers are needed, and all subscriptions here, so far as I can influence them shall go for that purpose."


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