Kansas relief subscription

72. Kansas relief subscription list (manuscript on letterpress form), [1855 or 1856].
From Franklin Benjamin Sanborn Papers, CFPL Vault Collection.


This document identifies Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar, Samuel Hoar, John Shepard Keyes, and Frank Sanborn as the four most generous Concord contributors to a plea for funds "to be placed at the disposal of John Brown, late of Kansas—to enable said Brown to continue his efforts to sustain the cause of Freedom" (so described in the letterpress portion of the subscription form).  Each of the four gave one hundred dollars.  William Whiting, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Nathan Brooks (lawyer and husband of Mary Merrick Brooks) contributed fifty dollars apiece.  Other Concord people who provided support for Brown included Daniel Brooks Clark, Reuben Rice, George Brooks (son of Nathan and Mary Brooks), Sam Staples (Thoreau's jailer in 1846), John Cheney, Cyrus Stow, Louisa Jane Whiting, Simon Brown, Dr. Josiah Bartlett and his son George Bradford Bartlett, Nathan Henry Warren, Sarah Sanborn, Lorenzo Eaton, and John Thoreau (father of Henry David Thoreau).


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