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54.  Concord School of Philosophy.  The Concord School of Philosophy (Concord: Concord School of Philosophy, 1885). 

Concord School of Philosophy program

Printed program for 1885 session (letterpress on paper).  From the Barrett Collection of Printed Ephemera Relating to Sessions of the Concord School of Philosophy (part of the CFPL Vault Collection).  Source undetermined.

Printed programs for the Concord School of Philosophy provide fine examples of ephemera and, at the same time, valuable primary research material.  In the absence of formal records of the school’s operation, these programs offer some information not available through other sources.

Subjects covered during the 1881 session included philosophical distinctions, Hegel’s philosophy, Platonic philosophy, and Platonism and its relation to modern civilization.  In 1885, Goethe’s genius and work and pantheism as the legitimate outcome of modern science were explored.

Although the details of the library’s acquisition of the collection including these two programs have been lost, their original collector is identifiable as Julia Robbins Barrett (a Lexington native and later a Concord resident; a proponent of antislavery and women’s rights; and an attendee of the Concord School of Philosophy).


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