Opening of Junction Park

September 12, 1987

Maynard Forbes, Spokesperson for the West Concord Division of the Concord Chamber of Commerce

In tracing the history of the park and the railroad crossing which you see embedded in the brick behind you I would like to go back to the turn of the century. It was the early and rapid development of the railroad which brought to life the community of West Concord as we know it today. To recognize the importance of the railroad the town was known officially as Concord Junction for many years. Even today many of our older residents still refer to the town as the Junction, and we are seeing a resurgence of the name in new business ventures.

As the years passed by and the means of transportation changed the importance of the railroad has changed. The traffic on the Old Colony Line (the line which ran north and south through this spot) dimished. As this was happening the Boston Gas Company gained an interest in the land. About four years age when the Boston and Maine/MBTA tracks were rebuilt the crossing was removed completely as were the tracks from the crossing south through Main Street to the bridge. Two things resulted. The development of the "no mans" land which existed until about a year ago when the park construction started and the development of the plans to bring the area what you see here today.

The name of the Park - Junction Park - continues the identification of our heritage with the railroad. There are certainly a number of worthy people in the recent history of Concord Junction to whom the park could be dedicated, but this would likely slight others. Junction Park encompasses the work and lives of all.

The Park is not totally complete. Much of the loam used in the park was donated by Dave Eagle and Jack Mahoney, the Developers at South Meadow Ridge. One half of the sod was donated by Ken Greeno. Both Will Tuffin for Nuclear Metals and Bob Moran for A/C Chevrolet have donated money for the purchase of trees which will be planted in the near future, and Bill Sullivan did the sandblasting of the granite. We are all indebted to these public spirited citizens. Benches and a water fountain are also included in the plan. These items may require some financial support to become realities in the near future.

It is our responsibility, young and old, to use and to maintain the park so that we retain the heritage and beauty of it. This will be a job for all and I would issue this as a challenge to all. It is your park preserve it.

Junction Park Committee:
Katherine Reid, Chairman
William Sullivan
Vivienne Aldrich
John Forbes
Mari Weinberg
Dan Monahan, Director of Natural Resources
Jackie Kelley, Acting Town Manager
Clifford Prentiss, Architect

Others involved in the development:
Steve Sheiffer, former Town Manager
Hal Storrs, Director of Community Services

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