remembrances by
Gladys R. Clark, Concord, Mass.

It may be that many remember Miss Ellen Emerson, the daughter of Ralph Waldo who lived in the Emerson house, and after her father's death made a home for two of our Concord teachers - Miss Grace Hurd of Sudbury who taught the 6th grade, and Miss Helen Ligate of Pratt's Junction who was the principal but taught the Latin and arithmetic classes.

Each year Miss Ellen - as she was called - invited the pupils of the eighth grade to her home for an afternoon party of old fashioned - sitting down games - and supper of bowls of bread and milk, and a custard. That was her personal evening repast and one she considered adequate for others.

As a friend to folks of all ages she gave a dance in the town hall each winter for the older people of the town - these dances were always a real event of the season and thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed.

As a personal tribute to Miss Ellen's unusual character an incident that has stayed with me occurred one day when as a young girl I was going to her home on an errand. Miss Ellen had just come from her gate with her bicycle. She got on, rode a few feet and fell off - walked back to the gate and started again. This time she was able to ride about twice the distance. Back to the gate she went again. This time she succeeded in her determination to ride from the gate to her destination. I kept my distance, and interviewed her another day. Her courage and determination were synonymous with the past.