Old Hill Burying Ground
The Old Hill Burying Ground
Not to be reproduced without permission of the Concord Free Public Library

Gravemarker Data
from the
South (Main Street) Burying Ground
and the
Old Hill Burying Ground,
Concord, Mass.

(Draft, October 2005)


The old burying grounds of Concord, Massachusetts contain important historical data. The Town of Concord recognizes that the historic burying grounds are a rich cultural resource and welcomes visitors and scholars who wish to gather information there. As part of its charge to oversee the maintenance and perpetual care of the burying grounds, Concord Public Works undertook a Gravemarker Preservation Program in 1999 to address the serious deterioration of many of the markers. As a starting point, a written and photographic record was created for every gravemarker in the South Burying Ground and the Old Hill Burying Ground. These inventories provide a valuable archive of the genealogical data contained on the stones as well as a record of the condition of each gravemarker as the baseline for a restoration plan. The Concord Free Public Library is pleased to make the database created from these records available for public use so that scholars and researchers may easily access the genealogical and other information that they contain.

The gravemarker inventory project was undertaken by a team of volunteers under the direction of Alicia Paresi, consulting archaeologist. The data base was prepared by Paul Reinhardt, Management Analyst at Concord Public Works, with invaluable assistance from Sarah Chapin, Concord historian and author.

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Explanatory Notes
Marker ID: Record identifier used only to link information in this database.

Marker #: Location and numerical designation for the grave marker. For example: SBG-24/3. The letters identify the cemetery (SBG = South Burying Ground; OHBG = Old Hill Burying Ground). The first number is the section number, as shown on the Map of Sections for each of the historical burying grounds (each burying ground was divided into hypothetical 20 ft by 20 ft sections for the purpose of this inventory). The number after the slash mark is the number of the individual stone within each section.

Tolman#: Headstone number assigned in the summer of 1873 by George Tolman, a genealogist and researcher who transcribed headstone inscriptions in the South Burying Ground and the Old Hill Burying Ground. Nineteenth century Concord historian George Tolman assigned numbers to the gravestones in the Hill and South burying grounds and carefully recorded the epitaphs.  Tolman’s manuscript The Inscriptions from the Old Burying-Grounds in Concord, Mass. is held by the Concord Free Public Library and is there available on microfilm for research use.

     1. Slate (S)
     2. Marble (M)
     3. Sandstone (SS)
     4. Granite (G)
     5. Other ____

Condition [of carvings]:
     1. Sound
     2. Chipped
     3. Cracked
     4. Crumbled
     5. Eroded
     6. Biological Activity
     7. Tilted
     8. Sunken
     9. Fragmented
     10. Flaked
     11. Discolored
     12. Broken
     13. Soiled
     14. Exfoliated
     15. Fallen
     16. Delaminated
     17. Other_________

Dimensions: Height, width and thickness are measured in centimeters.

Inscriptions are recorded exactly as they appear on the gravestones. Unfamiliar usages that may be encountered include relict = widow (from Latin, relictus, left behind) and aet. (abbreviation of Latin aetatis, [year] of age), decd, deceased.

Paresi, Alicia R., et al.
1999 Gravemarker Inventory of South Burying Ground, Concord, MA.,
Unpublished manuscript. On file at Concord Public Works.

1999 Gravemarker Inventory of Old Hill Burying Ground, Concord, MA.,
Unpublished manuscript. On file at Concord Public Works.

Copyright 2005, Town of Concord, Massachusetts, Dept. of Public Works. Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the Town.
Draft version, mounted 22 Oct. 2005. rcwh.


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MarkerID Cemetery Marker# Tolman# #Graves Marker Type Footstone? FS Markings Material Carver ID Motif Condition Height Width Thickness Marker Notes Inscription
6 SBG 1/1 497 1 Headstone TRUE A.B. S None Urn/Willow 1 126 55 4 Sound, chipped, biological activity, flaked, discolored In Memory of Mrs. Lydia, wife of Mr. Amos Noyes, who died Nov. 15, 1825: AEt. 45, formerly consort of Mr. Andrew Conant.  When I lie buried in the dust, My flesh shall be thy care:  These withering limbs with thee I trust, to raise them strong and fair.
7 SBG 1/2 496 1 Headstone TRUE MR. A. CONANT S None Urn/Willow, Pillars 1 121 76 4 chipped, biological activity, sunken, oxidation ERECTED In memory of Mr. Andrew Conant who died Jan. 31, 1813 Aet 39 years
8 SBG 1/3 495 1 Headstone TRUE MRS. CATHERINE CONANT S None Winged head on a pillar 2 15 57 3 cracked, biological activity, flaked, mower scratches In Memory of Mrs. Catherine Conant wife of Mr. Abel Conant, who died March ye 24th, 1780; In the 29th year of her age.
Life is short but death is sure Sin is ye wound, Christ is the cure.
9 SBG 1/4 494 2 Obelisk FALSE   marble, granite None Lettering only 2 197 91 0 eroded, biological activity, flaked, discolored John Hosmer, Died Feb. 16, 1836 Aet 84 Although in arms at the Battle of Concord and a soldier of the Continental Army, he was in all his life after a man of peace.
Mary his wife, Died 17 of June, 1814. Aged 54, a prudent and faithful wife, she aided her
10 SBG 1/5 493 1 Headstone TRUE MR. MOSES BINNEY S None Winged Head, urn/willow 1 122 69 6 chipped, biological activity Erected In Memory of Mr. Moses Binney, who departed this life Sept. 21st. 1788: In the 28th year of his age. Here mix'd with earth his ashes must remain Till death shall die & mortals rise again.
11 SBG 1/6 492 1 Headstone TRUE E.B. S B. Day, Lowell Urn/Willow 1 139 61 6 chipped, cracked, biological activity In memory of Elizabeth Widow of Moses Binney, who died March 3, 1847, Aet 82. B. Day, Lowell 8:6
12 SBG 1/10 498 1 Headstone TRUE S.C. S None Urn/Willow and border 2 143 79 4 sound, algae, flaked, discolored, target practice Erected in memory of Miss Susannah Conant who died Sept. 9.1819 AEt. 59
13 SBG 1/11 499 1 Headstone FALSE   S None Urn 2 112 61 3 chipped, cracked, discolored, broken, oxidation possibly from repair In Memory of Andrew Conant, son of Mr. Silas & Mrs. Louis Conant, who died Feb. 8, 1803 aged 21 years. Who live'd defin'd & died lemented
14 SBG 2/2 515 1 Headstone TRUE MR. JONATHAN HERRICK S n/a Winged Skull, border 2 54 47 7 Chipped, cracked, flaked, discolored, exfoliated Here Lyes ye Body of Mr. Jonathan Herrick. Who Decd. July ye 29th 1724 in ye 53rd year of his age
15 SBG 2/6 514 1 Headstone TRUE RUTH CONANT S n/a face, spirals, rosettes 2 59 42 7 mold, algae, sound, chipped, flaked Here lies Buried The Body of Ruth Conant Dauter of Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Elisabeth Conant Who Died March ye 14 1760 In ye 15 year of Her Age
16 SBG 2/7 513 1 Headstone TRUE MRS. ELIZABETH CONANT S n/a rosettes, spirals, border; face without wings 2 90 57 5 sound, chipped, cracked, flaked, discolored, exfoliated Here lies Buried The Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Conant Wife of Mr. Andrew Conant Who Died Sept ye 10 1758 In Ye 54 year of Her Age
17 SBG 2/8 572 1 Headstone TRUE EPHRAIM BROWN sandstone n/a Winged Skull 4 101 71 9 crumbled, eroded, moss and mold, exfoliated Hr'd th ap E
[Inscription is almost completely missing but a US Veteran flag was placed at it, so someone knows whose stone it is. According to the Old Map, it should be Ephraine [sic] Browne, because it's between Hannah Browne and Elizabeth Conant. The 
18 SBG 2/9 511 1 Headstone FALSE   S n/a border,portrait, memento mori s 91 56 4 sound, chipped, cracked, bird droppings Memento mori
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Hannah Brown wife to Capt Ephraim Brown, who died June 30th 1768. In the 73rd year of her age. She was a gentle woman of a pious mind, and was Remarkably conversant with and knoing in the Holy Scripture.
19 SBG 2/10 N/A 1 Headstone FALSE   Marble n/a Lettering only 2 84 52 5 sound, chipped, eroded, biological activity, base reinforced Lydia Hosmer, Died Mar, 23m 1868, Aged 29 years.
20 SBG 2/11 487 1 Headstone TRUE S.H. marble n/a Lettering only 5,6,12,13 80 50 5 eroded, biological activity, soiled, broken Ly Hosmer Born of Elijah & Sarah G. Hosmer born Nov. 13, 1778 Died Sept. 19, 1855
21 SBG 2/12 488 1 Headstone TRUE Mr. N. Hosmer green slate n/a Urn/Willow, border n/a 95 64 4.5 Chipped, cracked, tilted, moss/bird droppings, flaked, discolored, exfoliated. ERECTED In memory of Mr. Nathan Hosmer who was drowned Dec. 25th 1777: Aet. 36 yrs.
Retire my friends dry up your tears, Here I must lie till Christ appears.
22 SBG 2/13 489 1 Headstone TRUE Mrs. B. Hosmer S None Urn/Willow 1 106 62 3 chipped, cracked, biological activity, flaked ERECTED In memory of Mrs. Beulah Hosmer who died Nov. 17, 1778. Aet 36 years. Retire my friends, dry up your tears Here I must lye till Christ appears.
23 SBG 2/14 491 1 Headstone FALSE   green slate n/a Urn/Willow 1 96 61 4 cracked, eroded very little, delaminated, biological activity ERECTED In Memory of Miss Beulah Hosmer, daughter of Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Beulah Hosmer who died May 10, 1787
24 SBG 2/15 490 1 Headstone TRUE S. Hosmer S None Urn 1 72 43 4 NO DAMAGE In memory of Stephen Hosmer, son of Mr. Nathan and Mrs. Beulah Hosmer, who died July 17, 1778; Aet. 2 months.
25 SBG 3/1 486 2 Double headstone TRUE S.H.E.H 1 n/a Urn/Willow 1 152 92 4 chipped, biological activity, flaked, discolored, delaminated, possible target Practice In memory of Mr. Elijah Hosmer who died May 31, 1828.

In memory of Mrs. Sarah, wife of Elijah Hosmer; who died March 22, 1827 Aet. 73

So Jesus stepid God's dying son, Pass'd through the grave ad blest the bed!
Rest here dear saint till from his thr
26 SBG 3/2 485 1 Headstone TRUE Ms Sarah Wheeler S n/a Winged Skull 1 58 46 7 chipped, moss, flaked, discolored Here lyes ye Body of Ms Sarah Wheeler, wife to Ensign Thomas Wheeler; who Decd August 5, 1728, in ye 63d year of her age.
27 SBG 3/3 484 1 Headstone FALSE   S n/a Rosettes, face, spirals 2 0 52 5 chipped,mold, biological activity, flaked, discolored HERE LIES BURIED YE BODY OF INSGN THOMAS WHEELER WHO DECD OCTOBER YE 2ND AD 1734 AND IN YE 75TH YEAR OF HIS AGE.
28 SBG 3/5 482 1   TRUE Ruth Wood 1715 S None Lettering only 3 29 28 5 chipped, eroded, biological activity, flaked Ruth Wood 1715 Died
29 SBG 3/4 483 1 Headstone TRUE Thomas Wheeler S n/a rosettes, face, spirals 2 65 51 5 chipped, biological activity, tilted, flaked, discolored, cement repair Here lies buried ye body of Thomas Wheeler ye son of Lieutn Thomas Wheeler & Mrs. Mary his wife who decd January ye 14th 1737 Age 13 years 11M& 20D
30 SBG 3/6 503 1 Headstone FALSE Ms. Mary Wright S n/a winged Skull,rosettes, border, feathers across tym 2 57 50 6 sound, chipped, flaked, soiled Here Lyes ye Body of Ms. Mary Wright wife to Mr. Samuel Wright who decd Decebr. 24th 1725 in ye 62nd year of her age