West Concord Women’s Club Records, 1902-2004

Vault A75, W.Con.W.C., Unit 1

Membership listEXTENT: Eight linear feet; ten boxes

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized into four series. Series I: Meeting books and yearbooks, 1924-1991; Series II: Scrapbooks and press books, 1954-1998; Series III: Photo albums, 1986-2004; Series IV: Club records and ephemera, 1902-1987.

HISTORY: The West Concord Women’s Club was formed on 4 November 1902, by Henrietta Chase, the club’s first president, and her friends with the intent of promoting educational, social and philanthropic issues. Their founding principles were “to be social, to know each other better and to love each other more” which later became “to be open to all, to be social, to broaden our minds, to promote education, and to serve the community.” They met at many locations throughout the club’s lifetime, including the Chase’s home, Association Hall, West Concord Union Church, and the Thoreau School, and had a rotating presidency every one to two years. In the beginning, the club had monthly meetings and a larger annual meeting for the members and their spouses. In 1911, they achieved a membership in the Massachusetts State Federation of Women’s Clubs (MSFWC) and in 1926, a membership in the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). Some of their programs and initiatives included rummage sales, performances of plays, puppet sewing projects for the young patients at Emerson Hospital, service visits to local hospitals, the Kenneth Dunn Square conservation project, and raising funds for both donations and their Scholarship Foundation. The club also aided in two war efforts by making sweaters and socks with other organizations. The remaining members merged with the Concord Women’s Club in the early 2000s.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection spans 80 years, from 1924 to 2004, and consists of club meeting books, yearbooks, scrapbooks, press books, photo albums and ephemera. Series I contains detailed books from the club’s meetings, as well as 80 yearbooks highlighting club members and events. Series II contains many scrapbooks in which most of the books begin with the corresponding yearbook, while the contents cover the club’s news and programs. The photo albums in Series III display many of the events the club held throughout its lifespan. Materials in Series IV cover the history of the club, including the first club meeting report (Nov. 1902), the club’s constitution and by-laws, the 85th birthday celebration, community service reports, and scholarship records. This series also contains awards and other ephemera.

RELATED COLLECTIONS: Records of Concord Massachusetts Women’s Club, 1895-ongoing (Vault A75 Con. Mas., Unit 1), Concord Free Public Library, William Munroe Special Collections, Concord, MA.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Given in multiple gifts by the West Concord Women’s Club.

PROCESSED BY: Amanda Cucchiara, April 2016.



Series I: Meeting books and yearbooks, 1924-1991

Box 1: Executive Board meeting minute books, 1924-1991

Item 1 -   Treasurer’s report, 1924-1969        
Item 2 -   Meeting book, 1928-1938
Item 3 -   Secretary reports of regular meetings, 1938-1952
Item 4 -   Executive record meetings, 1940-1958
Item 5 -   Secretary reports of regular meetings, 1952-1965
Item 6 -   Cash book, April 11, 1957 - Feb. 29, 1988
Item 7 -   Executive record meetings, 1959-1965      
Item 8 -   Secretary reports of regular meetings, Nov. 1965 - April 1978
Item 9 -   Executive board meetings, Sept. 14, 1965 - June 16, 1970
Item 10 - Secretary’s minutes Executive Board meetings, Oct. 1970 - April 1978
Item 11 - Executive Board meetings, 1978/79-1984/85
Item 12 - Meeting book, 1978-1991

Box 2: Yearbooks, 1924 to 1991

80 yearbooks arranged chronologically. (Missing three books: 1922/23, 1925/26, 1945/46).
Series II: Scrapbooks and press books, 1954-1998

Box 3: 1954-1989

Item 1 - Publicity book, April 1954-April 1962

Contents: newspaper clippings from Colonial, Concord Enterprise, and Concord Journal (club news and events), establishing and maintaining the teen center project notes, “Our Concern For Our Youth” paper, correspondence.

Item 2 - Publicity book, April 1962-1971

Contents: newspaper clippings from Concord Enterprise, Free Press, and Concord Journal (club news and events), citations/awards, photographs, scholarships, fairs, 60th anniversary celebration, includes one folder containing four envelopes (loose photos, newspaper clippings, a rough draft of Florence Damon’s ‘Past Presidents’ paper and two newspaper articles).

Item 3 - Publicity book, 1978-1982

Contents: photographs and newspaper clippings about luncheons, scholarships, puppet picnic, Dunn Square, teas, and Christmas Bell Bazaar; correspondence, Florence Damon obituary, annual report ’81-’82, 80th anniversary celebration.

Item 4 - Publicity book, 1984-1985 [some 1983 materials included]

Contents: musical program ’84, Christmas Bell Bazaar, luncheons and teas, correspondence, newspaper clippings, State Federation annual meeting ’84 and ’85, scholarship winners, bridge marathons, West Concord Family Festival, fashion show, Christmas concert ’84, puppet picnic, Concord’s 350th anniversary celebration, obituaries, board meetings.

Item 5 - Press book, 1988-1989

Contents: club meetings, club news, MSFWC news, scholarships, puppets, Christmas Bell Bazaar, awards/certifications, newspaper clippings, photographs, a brief history.     

Box 4: 1976-1988

Item 1 - Publicity book, 1976-1977

Contents: newspaper clippings (coming events for the club).

Item 2 - Publicity book, 1982-1983

Contents: newspaper clippings (membership teas and luncheon announcements, club events), citations/awards, scholarships.

Item 3 - Press book, 1983-1984

Contents: meetings (annual, monthly, membership teas), community service (scholarship awards, Christmas Bell Bazaar, puppet making, parade participation, committee for the 350th anniversary of Concord’s founding), news of members and past scholars, media list and credits, newspaper clippings, citations/awards, publications, correspondence.

Item 4 - Press book, 1984-1985

Contents: meetings (monthly, annual, membership tea, MSFWC), community service (Christmas Bell Bazaar, puppet making, scholarship awards, application announcements for MSFWC scholarships, special project to celebrate Concord’s 350th anniversary), news of members and past scholars.

Item 5 - Press book, 1985-1986

Contents: directory, general meetings, community service (scholarships, hospital, puppet making, Christmas Bell Bazaar, Kenneth Dunn Square, Concord’s 350th parade), activities and news (MSFWC 7th District award, annual and fall meetings, new officers, the Kenneth Dunn Square project, Adopt-A-Ward program), press releases, certificate of appreciation.


Item 6 - Publicity book, 1986-1987

Contents: yearbook, Our Town-Our Club (a brief history by Miriam Coombs), general meetings, community service (Christmas Bell Bazaar, scholarships, puppet making), news (MSFWC awards day, Adopt-A-Ward program, annual MSFWC meeting, club officers), awards and recognition (membership, press book, Veterans Administration Hospital).

Item 7 - Press book, 1987-1988

Contents: yearbook, general meetings (March ’87 to Feb. ’88, 85th anniversary Nov. ’87), community service (Christmas Bell Bazaar, scholarships, puppet making), news (press book, officers, Adopt-A-Ward, MSFWC headquarters and winter meeting, garage sale, newsletter), awards and recognition (membership, press book, “Sight and Sound” videotape, Veterans Administration Hospital), History of the Club - 60th Birthday, 1962-’87 history, and a list of the presidents from 1953-56, 1978-80.

Box 5: 1989-1995

Item 1 - Press book, 1989-1990

Contents: scholarships, workshops, Christmas Bell Bazaar, club news (elected officers, marathon bridge), newsletter, yearbook, MSFWC meeting, general meetings, scholarships, workshops (fairs and puppet making), Christmas Bell Bazaar, federation topics.

Item 2 - Press book, 1990-1991

Contents: newspaper clippings (club news and upcoming events), scholarships, GFWC programs, newsletter, service award from the Veterans Administration Hospital.

Item 3 - Press book, 1991-1992

Contents: newsletters, newspaper clippings (club news and events), GFWC news and programs, two service awards from the Veterans Administration Hospital.

Item 4 - Press book, 1992-1993

Contents: yearbook, 90th anniversary celebration (program, newspaper clippings, newsletters and photographs), newspaper clippings (club news and events), Christmas Bell Bazaar, GFWC programs.

Item 5 - Press book, 1993-1994

Contents: yearbook, officers, West Concord Family Festival photographs, Action Unlimited and Concord Journal press releases, Christmas Bell Bazaar posters, Kenneth Dunn Square pictures, scholarships, newsletters, GFWC programs.

Item 6 - Press book, 1994-1995

Contents: yearbook, officers, programs, drama — “When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet,” luncheons and teas, puppet workshop, Action Unlimited press releases, West Concord Family Festival, Christmas Bell Bazaar, Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) choirs, Meeting Ned Crecelius - Walden Station, Meeting Jill Henderson - “Arts Antiques and Auctions,” newsletters, museum gallery talks, GFWC (activities, programs and magazine).
Box 6: 1995-1998

Item 1 - Press book, 1995-1996

Contents: 10th anniversary of Adopt-A-Ward, birthday party for volunteers, Christmas Bell Bazaar, West Concord Family Festival, scholarship benefit, club meetings, Action Unlimited and Concord Journal press releases, luncheons, award for Volunteer Group of the Year, April 1995 newsletter.

Item 2 - Press book, 1996-1997

Contents: annual luncheon, membership teas, bridge marathon, puppet making, Christmas Bell Bazaar, art exhibit, Action Unlimited and Concord Journal press releases, West Concord Family Festival, Junction Belle newsletters, photographs.

Item 3 - Press book, 1997-1998

Contents: 95th anniversary celebration, Junction Belle newsletter, membership teas, luncheons, Fowler Library Damon portrait ceremony, West Concord Family Festival, scholarships, Action Unlimited and Concord Journal press releases.

Series III: Photo albums, 1986-2004

Box 7: Photo albums, 1986-1999

Item 1 - Photo album, 1986-1989

Contents: monthly and annual meetings, luncheons, teas, puppet making, Christmas Bell Bazaar, Action Unlimited newspaper clippings, scholarship winners, letters, 85th anniversary celebration, dedication of MSFWC headquarters building.

Item 2 - Photo album (Historian - Ferne Burke), 1988-1995

Contents: annual and regular meetings, luncheons, puppet making, Action Unlimited newspaper clippings (news, events and announcements), scholarship winners, Christmas Bell Bazaar, Bedford Veterans Administration Hospital, CCHS boys choir, honoring Miriam Coombs, 90th anniversary celebration, pictures from 1968-1970.

Item 3 - Photo album (Historian - Ferne Burke), 1994-1999

Contents: regular and annual meetings, performances, teas, Veterans Administration Hospital visits, luncheons, puppet making, installation of Presidents, Christmas Bell Bazaar, West Concord Family Festivals, citations and certificates, correspondence, Kenneth Dunn Square photographs, scholarship winners, Women’s Clubs Players, Edith Bailey’s 95th Birthday, 95th anniversary celebration (Oct. 23, 1997), Laurie Baker celebration, obituaries.

Box 8: Photo albums, 2000-2004

Item 1 - Photo album, 2000-2001

Contents: board meetings, bridge marathon, scholarship fair, craft workshops, puppet making, Kenneth Dunn Memorial Garden, Action Unlimited and Concord Journal newspapers clippings, GFWC meeting in June 2000, GFWC International meeting in Boston.

Item 2 - Photo album, 2000-2004

Contents: luncheons, annual meetings, puppet making, membership teas, scholarship fair, CCHS chorus, President’s parade, West Concord Family Festival, GFWC Convention, WCWC’s 100th anniversary celebration (Oct. 17, 2002), Alcott School chorus, Miriam Coombs 95th birthday and tribute, scholarship announcements in Concord Journal and photographs.

Series IV: Club records and ephemera, 1902-1987

Box 9: Club records, 1902-1987

Item 1 - CIP Report Kenneth Dunn Square project, West Concord, Mass.

Item 2 - Scholarship records, 1960 to 1977.

Folder 1 - Original first meeting of the Member’s Club for General Reading held on Nov. 4, 1902 attendance list; constitution (accepted in January 1964); treasurer’s annual report 1963-1964; budget list from 1965; annual treasurer’s report 1964-1965; summary report — 1962-64 community improvement program; newspaper article Crossing the Bridge by Don Mesibov; newspaper article titled Women’s West Concord Club Organized 39 Years Ago - Has Outstanding Record of Service to the Community, from Wednesday, October 29, 1941.

Folder 2 - Proposed revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of WCWC, Concord Junction, Mass. 1928; membership 1927-28.

Folder 3 - Complete history for our records, 1902-1986.

Folder 4 - History of the WCWC 1902-1962 by Florence Damon.

Folder 5 - WCWC 85th birthday photographs with original envelope: (1) members Gertrude Wheeler, Ann Damon, Edith Bailey, Mary Lush on Nov. 12, 1987 at Gertrude Wheeler’s house [photograph by Alice Moulton] and (2) members Gertrude Wheeler, Ann Damon, Edith Bailey, Mary Lush at Everett Gardens on Nov. 12, 1987 [photograph by Alice Moulton].

Folder 6 - Oral history transcripts: (1) West Concord Women’s Club Transcript of Oral History Tape for 85th Birthday,1987 and (2) Tape Transcript 85th Birthday 1987 by Renee Garrelick.

Folder 7 - Newspaper article Looking Backward 1895-1955 from Concord Journal, Thursday, April 14, 1955; program for 85th anniversary celebration; West Concord chronology; Women of Concord - April 19, 1775, a skit by Florence Damon; By-Laws of the WCWC, adopted December 15, 1983.

Box 10: Ephemera, 1949-1987

Cassette tape from WCWC 85th birthday, recorded September 1987.

1980-82 CIP 7th District award.

Mabel Clarke Davison’s Manual of Plain Parliamentary Procedure, 1949.

Recipe flash cards: (1) Workshop Desserts and Luncheon Choices and (2) Junction Belles’ Best Recipes.

Junction Function 1976 1st Prize Civic award.

Note cards with envelopes, published by the WCWC to commemorate Concord’s 350th anniversary, September 12, 1985.

West Concord Women's Club

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