Collection of materials relating to ships named the USS Concord, 1898-1992

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TLS, Theodore Roosevelt to Samuel Hoar, 1934 Sept. 2.EXTENT: .5 linear feet (one document box).

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized in two series. Series I: USS Concord, 1898-1992; Series II: Reduced Minute Man statue created for the USS Concord,1947-1986. Both series are arranged chronologically.

HISTORY: The first USS Concord was a sloop-of-war launched on September 24, 1828 and commissioned on May 7, 1830. She was used in various locations until she ran aground October 2, 1842 off the coast of Mozambique. The second USS Concord was a PG-3 twin screw gunboat launched March 8, 1890, and commissioned February 14, 1891. She served during the Spanish-American War under Admiral Dewey and played a part in the victory at Manila Bay. She was decommissioned and then recommissioned twice before she was permanently decommissioned on November 4, 1909. The third USS Concord was a No. 773 built in 1898, purchased by the Navy on September 22, 1917, and commissioned November 20, 1917. She was renamed the Mendota in 1920 and, in 1932, the Muscotah. The fourth USS Concord, CL-10, was launched December 15, 1921 and commissioned November 3, 1923 with Captain O.G. Murfin in command. During WWII she served in the Pacific in the Kurile Islands and Japan under the command of Rear Admiral Ingram Cecil Sowell. She was decommissioned on December 12, 1945 and sold January 21, 1947. The fifth USS Concord, AFS-5, was a “MARS” class combat stores ship launched December 17, 1966 and decommissioned on October 15, 1992.
Starting with the second USS Concord, there has been a reduced-size Minute Man statue on display on all of the USS Concord ships. This statue derives from the original full-size statue created by sculptor Daniel Chester French for the 1875 commemoration of the centennial of the Concord Fight in 1775. Eight reduced-sized replicas have been made as of 1986. The original reduced-size statue is now held by the Navy Memorial Museum, and new USS Concord vessels are presented with a reduced-size replica for placement. In 1947, the original replica was placed on loan to the Town of Concord until 1968 when it was placed on the fifth USS Concord. The Navy Memorial Museum more recently lent the original to the Concord Free Public Library and the Concord Museum (in succession).

SCOPE AND CONTENT: An artificial collection of materials pertaining to the five USS Concord vessels, dealing primarily with the second, fourth, and fifth vessels. Materials include photos of and artifacts from the vessels themselves, as well as correspondence and information pertaining to the various vessels. There is information on the life of Rear Admiral Ingram Cecil Sowell and also on Manila Bay and the USS Concord’s participation in WWII. The collection also contains correspondence and accounts relating to the reduced-sized Minute Man statue as well as other items on the USS Concord vessels. Correspondence ranges from the 1920s to the 1980s, and includes a letter from Theodore Roosevelt while he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy. There are transcripts from the annual Concord town reports about the gifting and then holding of these statues as well as other gifts given by the town. Most correspondence within the collection are either to or from various members of the “Town of Concord Council.”

NOTES AND COMMENTS: Items in the collection dated and arranged chronologically unless no date is given on the record.

RELATED MATERIALS: The John Shepard Keyes Papers at the CFPL include records of the gunboat Concord.

PROCESSED BY: Camille Dupuis, 23 April 2016


Container List

Series One: USS Concord vessels, 1898-1992:

Folder 1: History of the USS Concord vessels, 1927 &1968

Quick fact sheet on all five USS Concord vessels with their dates of commission and decommission

Facts and history of the USS Concord vessels 1-4, released for Navy Day, October 7, 1927

Detailed history of the USS Concord vessels, mostly about the fifth USS Concord, AFS-5, and the Mission Statement

History of the USS Concord, CL-10

Fact sheet for the USS Concord, AFS-5

Two sheets from Concord town report dealing with the USS Concord, one dated 1968

Folder 2: Battle of Manila, newspaper clippings (USS Concord Gunboat, PG-3), 1898-1938

Typed copy, “In a critical article of the Spanish War so able Strategist as Admiral Luce said”

“To Surprise Camara,” in the event that Camara should arrive before the Monterey

“Synopsis of the part the USS Concord took in the operations in Manila Bay and Adjacent Waters”

Copy of the proclamation issued by General Otis, Manila, P.I., January 4, 1898

Pamphlet, “The Bounding Billow,” about the fall of Manila, Aug-Sept. 1898

Newspaper article, Freedom newspaper, “Great Work of the Concord, Charleston, Monterey and other Vessels – One Man Wounded,” Manila, September 25, 1899

Newspaper article, “The Spanish War,” Thursday, May 9, 1929

Newspaper articles, “Few of Dewey’s Officers remain” and “Destroy the Olympia,” May 10, 1938

Newspaper article, “Dewey’s Great Victory in Manila Bay,” as printed in The Searchlight, undated

Newspaper article, “The Spanish War,” undated

Folder 3: USS Concord Gunboat, PG-3, other, 1890-1963

Pamphlet, “Gunboat Concord,” “Report of the Committee on the Gunboat Concord,” Concord, Mass., 1890

ALS, George Lerch to “Board of Aldermen Town of Concord,” with facts on USS Concord and officers, December 27, 1948

TL, Krist Anderson to George Lerch, January 4, 1949

TLS, Ira Miller (Clatsop County Historical Society) to Florence Brooks, May 10, 1963

Folder 4: Artifacts from USS Concord Gunboat (PG-3), 1890-1963

Piece of flag

Photo of gunboat, 1890

Campaign medals belonging to Captain Asa Walker, 1898

Black and white photo of hatch doors, accompanied by copy of TLS, Ira Miller to Florence Brooks, May 10, 1963

Folder 5: USS Concord, CL-10, 1924

Envelope from letter from Theodore Roosevelt to the Board of Selectmen, Concord, Mass., [1924]

TLS, Theodore Roosevelt to Sam Hoar, September 2, 1924

TLS, O.G. Murfin to Sam Hoar, December 9, 1924

TLS, Sam Hoar to George Weed, December 19, 1924

Folder 6: USS Concord, CL-10, World War II, 1944-1975

Poem on USS Concord by D.J. Brand, undated

Article, “Paramushiro Shelled, Task Force Bombards Jap Island in Daylight,” taken from Attu Morning Sun

Report of the day, June 13, 1944

Plan of the Day, Saturday, August 11, 1945

Plan of the Day, Thursday, August 16, 1945

Plan of the Day, Monday, September 10, 1945

Photographs, black & white, [Japan], with copies

History of Rear Admiral Ingram Cecil Sowell, US Navy, April 29, 1947

Photograph of Ingram Cecil Sowell, black & white

Newspaper article, “WWII’s Last Shot,” V.F.W. Magazine, December 1975

Folder 7: USS Concord, CL-10, Navy Day, Boston, 1945

Pamphlet, Navy Day, Boston, 1945

Pre-Navy Day release for Boston-area newspapers

Four photographs of ship and crew, black &white, with three photos described

Folder 8: USS Concord, AFS-5, commissioning and ceremony, 1968

TLS, Louis J. Collister to Laurence Murray, September 18, 1968

Mission of USS Concord

History of Ships named Concord

TLS, Laurence Murray to Louis J. Collister, September 27, 1968

TLS, Louis J. Collister to Laurence Murray, November 9, 1968

Folders 9-11: Artifacts, USS Concord, AFS-5, 1968-1992

Two pamphlets, commissioning of USS Concord, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, November 27, 1968

1968-1970, USS Concord AFS-5, (book)

Welcome Aboard, by Captain Van F. Westfall

Photograph, color, USS Concord, signed by Westfall, 1980

Welcome Aboard pamphlet, [1980]

Welcome to Replenishment pamphlet, [1980]

Mediterranean Cruise, 1979-1980 (book)



Embroidered Patch, 1992

Welcome Aboard Pamphlet, [1992]

Series Two: Minute Man statue, 1947-1986:

Folder 12: Town of Concord related materials, 1947-1948

Concord town report, photocopy, page 141, undated

Concord town report, photocopy, page 13, 1947

Transcript, remarks by Selectman Egbert S. Newbury Jr., July 4, 1947

Handwritten remarks by Selectman Egbert S. Newbury Jr.

USS Concord trophies, where stored, May 4, 1948 [in the town of Concord]

Folder 13: Minute Man statue, 1964-1986

TLS, carbon copy, David Little to Jason Korell, June 18, 1964

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Board of Selectmen, Concord, June 24, 1964

TL, carbon copy, David Little, to Board of Selectmen, Concord, June 27, 1964

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Herbert Wilkins, July 2, 1964

Motion of the Library Committee, July 10, 1964, copy

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Robert D. Wild, July 3, 1964

Copy of photos of the Minute Man

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Board of Selectmen, Concord, July 9, 1964

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Robert Wild, July 10, 1964

TL, carbon copy, David Little to Alf L. Braconier, July 10, 1964

Memorandum, transfer of Concord Minute Man statue to the US Navy, November 4, 1968

Photograph, black & white, description on back

Photograph, black & white, description on back

ALS, Fred A. Lumb to Mrs. Marcia Moss, May 6, 1986

TL, carbon copy, Adam F. Panarese to Dean C. Allard, May 9, 1986

TLS, B.F. Cavalcante to Commander Adam F. Panarese, May 30, 1986

TLS, Fred A. Lumb to Rose Marie Mitten and Marcia Moss, June 16, 1986

Photocopied memorandum, by Commanding Officer F.E. Perrill on the subject of “Valuable Gifts,” March 29, 1977, with accompanying material about Minute Man statue

Folder 14: Artifact

Spare musket barrel for Minute Man statue


USS Concord


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