Deed, John Jones, Jr. to Elizabeth Wooley, 1759 Mar. 9.
John Jones, Jr. to Elizabeth Wooley ("single woman"), for property ("upland & wood") in Concord, 1759 Mar. 9.

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Vault A50, Unit 4

EXTENT: ca. 100 items (one container and five oversize folders).

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Two series, I. Property in Concord, 1686-1925, containing documents relating to real and personal property in Concord, Mass., and II. Non-Concord Property, 1673-1893, consisting of documents relating to real property in places other than Concord. Items within each series are arranged alphabetically by property owner or, in the case of deeds, by the name of the party conveying rather than the party acquiring the property. (The filing name is in bold and italic type in the item listing, other parties connected with a transaction in bold only. The place of residence for a non-Concord party is included in the item listing if specified in a document; if no place follows a name, it may be assumed that the party is of Concord.) Multiple items filed under a single name are arranged chronologically. (Deeds are dated by the date witnessed rather than the date received or recorded in the registry or by the dates of subsequent transactions that are recorded on some deeds.)

SCOPE AND CONTENT: An artificial collection of about 100 documents (1673-1925) relating to real and personal property in Concord (1686-1925) and elsewhere in Massachusetts (1673-1893). About three quarters of the collection relates to Concord property, one quarter to property outside of Concord—in Boston, Braintree, Cambridge, Cummington, Littleton, Medfield, Natick, Quincy, Sudbury and East Sudbury, and "Tyng’s Township." The collection consists primarily of deeds, but also includes agreements, building specifications, an estate inventory and other estate records (among them documents relating to the "widow’s third"), an insurance-related document, leases, letters, mortgage-related documents, notes, a memorandum, plans (surveys), promissory notes, proprietors’ records, a receipt, a will, and a writ of replevin. The following personal, family, and institutional names are represented among the documents pertaining to Concord property: Ball; Barrett; Bartlett; Bateman; Bates; Bigelow; Billings; Boynton; Britton; Brooks; Brown; Buttrick; Concord (Town of); Concord Mill Dam Company; Dakin; Damon; Darby; Davis; Eastabrook; Edwards; Farrar; First Parish in Concord; Flagg; Flint; Friend; Garrison; Goodnow; Hagerty; Hastings; Haynes; Hayward; Helsjer; Heywood; Hoar; Holbrook; Hosmer; How; Hubbard; Hudson; Hunt; Jones; Keyes; Lee; Maynard; Merrick; Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company; Miles; Minot; Norton; Parkman; Potter; Prescott; Prichard; Puffer; Robbins; Shattuck; Smith; Stearns; Stow; Sudbury (Constables of); Taylor (Taillor); Thatcher; Thoreau; Tolman; Tuttle; Walker; Warren; Wheeler; Wigly; Wilson; Winthrop; Wooley; and Wright. The following names are included in the documents relating to non-Concord property: Abbot; Barron; Bowdoin; Bowery; Brown; Colburn; Coolidge; Crossboy; Cumming (Cuming); Curtis; (Curtiss); Dakin; Fuller; Greene; Haynes; Hoar; Hollis; Howard; Jerault; Lowder; Maynard; Morrill; Neal; Prescott; Proprietors of the Common Land (or Common & Undivided Land) in Sudbury; Proprietors of Township No. 5; Puffer; Scammell; Shepard (Sheppard); Smith; Stow; Whale; and Winthrop.

SOURCES OF ACQUISITION: Multiple; most not established. (Known sources of acquisition for particular items are noted in the item listing.)

ASSOCIATED MATERIALS: The Middlesex Registry of Deeds is responsible for systematically and comprehensively archiving Concord deeds and making them available to the public. Official, legally acceptable copies can be obtained only from the registry, not from the Concord Free Public Library or the Concord Town Clerk’s office. The library’s Special Collections hold only copy deeds from personal and family collections, reflecting a very small percentage of the Concord deeds on file at the registry, which keeps the copies of record of all Concord deeds, including the deeds in this collection. In addition to the collection here described, several other collections in the CFPL contain deeds and other documentation relating to real and personal property in Concord and elsewhere: Barrett Family Papers; Nathan Brooks Family Papers; Allen French-Ruth Wheeler Collection of Papers and Documents Relating Primarily to Concord, Mass.; Keyes Family Deeds and Other Property Documents; Stow Family Papers; Winnifred Sturdy Collection of Papers and Records Connected Primarily with Concord, Mass; and Charles Hosmer Walcott Papers. Contact the staff of the CFPL Special Collections for further information.

NOTES/COMMENTS: The bulk of the collection was transferred from the former Concord Free Public Library Letter Files. Old Letter File numbers are recorded in the item listing. Several more recently acquired items in the collection were accessioned (their accession numbers also noted in the item listing).

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Folder 1, A-B:

Deed, Abner Ball (of Lowell) to Nathan Barrett, for property in "the northerly part" of Concord, 1834 Feb. 17. (Formerly Letter File 4, B2.)

Deed, Nehemiah Ball to Josiah Bartlett, for property in "the middle" of Concord, 1834 June 26. (Gift of Ruth Bartlett, 1962 Jan.)

Deed, John Bateman to Thomas Brown, for property ("wast Land") in the "north part" of Concord, 1715 Feb. 16.

Deed, Mary Bates to David Wilson (of Boston), for property ("woodland") in the "Easterly part" of Concord, 1824 Dec. 22. (Formerly Letter File 8, B4.)

Deed, Francis E. Bigelow to George M. Brooks, for property "on Sudbury Street, near the centre" of Concord, 1863 Sept. 3.

Deed, Caleb Billings and George A. Thatcher (of Bangor, Maine) and William Jones (of Boston) to Joseph Holbrook, for property in Concord (a "certain parcel of River Meadow land … on the southerly side of the Great Meadows"), 1854 Apr. 10. (Formerly Letter File 4, B6.)

Deed (photocopy), William Boynton (of Winchester) to Francis A. Wheeler (of Billerica), for property in Concord and Sudbury (multiple parcels), 1869 Nov. 1.

Deed, Joel Britton to Amanda M. Brown, for property in Concord ("near the middle, on the main Street"), 1847 June 26. (Gift of Marie Gooding Eaton, 2001 Oct. 1; accessioned as part of AMC 068; another deed in the same accession listed under Damon.)

Deed, George M. Brooks and Humphrey P. Heywood to Nathan Barrett, for property ("Sprout land") in Concord, 1862 May 1. (Formerly Letter File 4, B8.)

Deed, George M. Brooks to Lucy A. Buttrick, for property "near the Unitarian Meeting house in the centre" of Concord, 1863 Oct. 22. (Formerly Letter File 13, B8.)

Plan of woodlot (the "Reuben Brown Lot") on Fair Haven Hill, belonging to George M. Brooks and E.R. Hoar, surveyed by Reuben Rice, 1866 Nov. 13. (Formerly Letter File 8, B15.) (THIS ITEM IN OVERSIZE FOLDER 1)

Deed, Nathan Brooks, Mary M. Brooks, Francis J. Merrick (of Boston), and Augustus Merrick (of Cambridge) to Daniel Shattuck, for property "near the middle" of Concord, 1836 Oct. 15.

Deed, Jacob Brown to Eli Daken (Dakin), for property in "the northerly part of … Concord in what is called great meadowes" ("a meadowlot … called spring meadow"), 1816 Jan. 3. (Formerly Letter File 8, B9.)

Will of Thomas Brown (copy), 1759 Apr. 6. (Formerly Letter File 9, B14.)

Deed, Humphrey H. Buttrick to George M. Brooks, for property "near the Unitarian Meeting house in the centre" of Concord, 1863 Oct. 22. (Formerly Letter File 13, B5.)

Deed, Lucy A. Buttrick to the Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, for property "near the Unitarian Church" in Concord, 1876 Mar. 21. (Formerly Letter 13, B6.)

Folder 2, C-G:

Deed (copy; incomplete), Concord Mill Dam Company to Daniel Shattuck, for lot of Friend & Davis, 1844 July 12 (copied 1875). (Formerly Letter File 8, M4.)

Deed, Eli Dakin to Nathan Barrett, Jr., for "the westerly half of a meadow lot … called Spring Meadow … in the northerly part" of Concord, "in what is called Great Meadows," 1820 Jan. 7. (Formerly Letter File 8, D1.)

Deed, Samuel Dakin to Samuel Parkman (of Boston), for property ("about seven acres of land … more or Less, on which stands a Dwelling house and a Barn and a Carpenters Shop—and other out Houses") in the "Northerly-part" of Concord, 1817 Apr. 8. (Formerly Letter File 8, M3.)

Deed, Rebecca P. Damon to Amanda M. Brown, for property (two parcels) "near the centre" of Concord, 1858 Oct. 1. (Gift of Marie Gooding Eaton, 2001 Oct. 1; accessioned as part of AMC 068; another deed in the same accession listed under Britton.)

Notes on disputed property transaction, Almira Davis to David Wilson, for "several parcels of land … in the northeasterly part of … Concord," 1835. Extract: "This disagreement appears between the note [dated 10 Mar. 1831, signed by Peter Robbins] & the mortgage—the mortgages both refer to the same note and refer to it as being signed by Almira & Peter Robbins when the note is signed by Peter Robbins only—." (Formerly Letter File 7, D1.)

"An inventory of the estate of Persis Emily Davis, a minor and child of Jonathan H. Davis late of Concord," [undated]. (Formerly Letter File 4, D2.)

Deed, First Parish in Concord to Asa Brooks, for pew number fifty-three (53) in the First Parish meeting house, 1845 Oct. 3. (Formerly Letter File 8, F3.)

Account of Susanna Flagg as administrator "of the estate of her late husband John Flagg" for expenses paid from estate, 1763 Nov. 28 (approved 1774 July 26). (Formerly Letter File 9, F7.)

Deed, John Flint to Nathan Barrett, Jr., for "meadow land lying in the northerly part of Concord (in the great Meadows so called)," 1825 Mar. 28. (Formerly Letter File 4, F1.)

Deed, Nehemiah Flint to Nathan Barrett, Jr., for property in "the northerly part" of Concord, 1827 Apr. 23. Attached to deed: Survey map of property by Cyrus Hubbard, 1827 Apr. 23. (Both items formerly Letter File 4, F2.)

Deed, John Garrison and Susan Garrison to Daniel Shattuck, for "all right, title and interest, which we or either of us have in and to the Dwelling House and land under and about the same, where we now live in … Concord, being the same Dwelling House reserved for the said Susan’s use and occupation during her natural life by Humphrey Barrett," 1837 Apr. 10. (Formerly Letter File 8, G1.)

Deed, John Garrison to Daniel Shattuck, for property "near the Middle" of Concord, 1861 June 22. (Deed refers to plan of property made by Henry D. Thoreau, 1860 Nov. 13.)

Folder 3, H:

Discharge of mortgage, Samuel Hoar to Martinus O. Helsjer, for property in Concord [not described], 1898 Aug. 25.

Deed, Asahel Hosmer to John Tuttle (of Acton), for property in "the Southerly part of Concord and the Northerly part of Sudbury," 1808 Feb. 25. (Formerly Letter File 13, H13.)

Subdivision by Stephen Hosmer, Jr., "Surveyor," of lot No. 23 of First Division in Concord Village ("The Part Belonging to John Hosmer on the Right of Nathl. Billing [Billings] for the Place that he Sold to Mr. Eastabrook Being a Sixty one Right and Said John Hosmer Eighty four Right"), 1731 June 26; on one folded sheet with subdivision by Stephen Hosmer of "No. 4 the Meadow Lott to Quallyfye No. 23 first Division."  (Formerly Letter File 7, H1.)

Deed, Nathan Hosmer to Sophia S. Hosmer, for property "near the Orthodox Meeting house" in Concord, 1849 June 9. (Formerly Letter File 13, H14.)

Deed, Stephen Hosmer, Sr. to John Hosmer, for property (house, barn, and several parcels) in Concord, 1706 June 29. (Formerly Letter File 4, H5.)

Deed, Stephen Hosmer, Sr. to John Hosmer, Sr., for the "eighty four Right as is usually calld Drawn from the House In the possession of him said John Hosmer and said Right Lys In Concord village or New grant In No 23," 1731/1732 Mar. 9. (Formerly Letter File 4, H6.)

Deed, Samuel How (of Plainsfield, Conn.) to "my son[-in-law] George Farrar (of Concord), for "all my Right in the village belonging to the Town of Concord and allso all my Right in all Lands whatsoever Lying in the Town of Concord," 1710/11 Jan. 26. (Acquired from Goodspeed’s Book Shop; date and specifics of acquisition undiscovered.)

Deed, Jonathan Hubbard to Nathaniel Jones, for property in the "south part" of Concord, one parcel "at a place called … southfield," a second parcel on the "northerly side of Lancaster Road," 1708 Apr. 7. (Formerly Letter File 9, H6.)

Deed, Susanna H. Hubbard and Fannie E. Wheeler to John Hagerty, for "the right to carry hay and wood from his meadow … on the Easterly bank of the Sudbury River … across our land to land of Caleb H. Wheeler," 1890 Oct. 4. (Formerly Letter File 8, H8.)

Folder 4, J-M:

Deed, John Jones, Jr. to Elizabeth Wooley ("single woman"), for property ("upland & wood") in Concord, 1759 Mar. 9.

Deed, Joshua Jones to John Norton (of Boston), for property in Concord (bounded in part by "the great meadow-road"), 1816 Aug. 13. (Formerly Letter File 8, J4.)

Deed, Samuel Jones (of Acton) to Joseph Darby, for property (a "Tract of upland") in "the westerly Part" of Concord, 1770 Nov. 27. (Formerly Letter File 4, J7.)

Deed, Thomas Lee (of Cambridge) and Joseph Lee (of Beverly) to Phinehas Wheeler and Jonas Buttrick, for a farm in Concord "that was set off by execution to Joseph Lee late of Cambridge," and other parcels, 1803 Mar. 2. (Formerly Letter File 4, L4.)

Petition (printed form with blanks left for manuscript additions) from property owner Willard Maynard to Abner Goodnow, agent of the Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company, for continuation of insurance policy following alterations to the insured property (the location of the property unspecified but possibly Concord, as Maynard was a Sudbury resident but also a property owner in Concord), 1842 Jan. 12. (Formerly Letter File 8, M1.)

Discharge of mortgage, Middlesex Mutual Fire Insurance Company to Lucy A. Buttrick, for payment of mortgage taken 1876 Mar. 21, 1896 Dec. 7. (Formerly Letter File 13, B7.)

Deed, Joseph Miles to Keziah Stearns, for property in the "Southerly part" of Concord (three parcels), 1863 Feb. 23. (Formerly Letter File 13, S6.)

"An Inventory of Capt. J Minots Real estate," [1813] ([3] p. on [2] leaves), and "Boundaries of the Widow Mary Minot’s thirds set off April 17. 1813" ([2] p. on [1] leaf). (Formerly Letter File 4, M9-10.) Accompanied by: Typed transcripts of both documents by Thomas Blanding.

Folder 5, N-R:

Deed, John Norton to David Wilson (both of Boston), for property in Concord (bounded in part by "the great Medow road"), 1823 Mar. 29. (Formerly Letter File 8, N1).

"Specification for a building for Francis Potter to Be Erected upon the Lot near the mill dam," 1849 Feb. 26. (Formerly Letter File 8, B1.)

Deed, Jonathan Prescott to Samuel Wheeler, for property in Concord ("upland and swamp"), 1701 Sept. 19. (Gift of the Petersham Historical Society, 2002 Apr. 3; accessioned as AMC 076.) (THIS ITEM IN OVERSIZE FOLDER 2)

Deed, Fatima Robbins to Daniel Shattuck, for her "right, title, and interest in and to the Peter Robbins place so called … near the river meadows and great fields" in Concord, 1852 June 2. (Formerly Letter File 4, R2.)

Deed, Peter Robbins to Daniel Shattuck, for property in the "northeasterly part" of Concord (two parcels), 1830 Nov. 10. Attached to deed: Memorandum, 1832 Apr. 20—"Danl. Shattuck took quiet and peaceable possession of the premises described in the annexed mortgage deed," signed by Moses Prichard and Andrews Edwards. Accompanied by: Promissory note, Peter Robbins to Daniel Shattuck, 1830 Nov. 10.

Deed, Peter Robbins to Daniel Shattuck, for property in the "northeasterly part" of Concord (two parcels), 1830 Nov. 13. (Formerly Letter File 4, R3).

Folder 6, S-T:

Deed, Daniel Shattuck to Joseph Holbrook, for property in Concord, 1854 Sept. 28. (Formerly Letter File 4, S4.)

Lease, Lydia Smith to Joseph Miles, Jr. and Liab Lee, for property in the "southerly part of … Concord and westerly part of Lincoln," 1821 Apr. 1. (Formerly Letter File 7, S7.)

Deed (photographed), James Taillor (Taylor) to Nathaniel Ball, for property in Concord (two house lots), 1686 Feb. 1. (Two photographs of deed to the Wayside, the original owned by the National Park Service; one photograph shows the recto of the deed, the other the verso). (Formerly Letter File 4, W12, 1 and 2.)

Deed, Cynthia D. Thoreau and Sophia E. Thoreau to Frederic Hudson, for property in Concord, 1866 Oct. 18. Accompanied by: ALS, Woodward Hudson to Prescott Keyes, 1925 Dec. 9, presenting deed to Keyes. (Both items formerly Letter File 8, T1.)

Deed, Thomas Tolman to Humphrey H. Buttrick, for property "near the Unitarian Meeting house" in Concord, 1859 June 4. (Formerly Letter File 13, T3.)

Folder 7, W and [conveyor not named]:

Deed (photocopy), James Walker to William Boynton (of Winchester), for property in Concord and Sudbury (multiple parcels), 1869 July 8.

Deed (copy; incomplete), C. [Cyrus] Warren to Town of Concord, [for property in Concord], 1850 Nov. 20. (Formerly Letter File 8, W1.)

Deed (copy), Cyrus Warren to Benjamin Hastings, for property in "the middle" of Concord, 30 October 1854 ("A true copy taken from the record," 1871 May 9). (Formerly Letter File 8, W2.)

Deed, Gardner Wheeler to Francis A. Wheeler (of Billerica), for property in the "Southwesterly part" of Concord, 1867 Dec. 26.

Agreement between widow Phebe Wheeler and Joseph Barrett, Nathan Stow, and Cyrus Stow regarding the setting off of "her full third part … of which she is by law dowable," 1814 Mar. 23. (Formerly Letter File 4, W2.)

Writ to the Constables of Sudbury for the replevin from Isaac Puffer (of Sudbury) of two oxen belonging to Phinehas Wheeler, 1772 Aug. 14. (Formerly Letter File 7, W2.)

Lease, Phinehas Wheeler and Jonas Buttrick to Cyrus Hayward, for farm in Concord (purchased by Wheeler and Buttrick from "Thomas & Joseph Lee executors of the last will and testament of the Honble. Joseph Lee Esq. late of Cambridge deceased"), 1803 Aug. 29. (Formerly Letter File 7, W3.)

Deed, Mary Wigly to John Heywood, Jr., for property in Concord, 1693 Jan. 15. (Presented by Mrs. S.D. Richardson, 1896 May.) (THIS ITEM IN OVERSIZE FOLDER 3)

Deed, David Wilson to John Norton (both of Boston), for "one half in quantity and Quality of a certain piece of Wood land situated in the Easterly part of Concord," 1825 May 14. (Formerly Letter File 8, W4.)

Transfer of mortgage, Nathan Brooks as administrator for estate of David Wilson to Patrick Haynes, 1834 June 12. (Formerly Letter File 8, B7.)

Deed, Adam Winthrop (of Boston) to John Hunt for "Severall Tracts of Land and Meadow and other accommodations" in Concord, 1701 Apr. 3. (Deframed, dry cleaned, washed, deacidified, mended, and encapsulated at NEDCC, 1977 Dec.) (THIS ITEM IN OVERSIZE FOLDER 5)

Appraisal and record of distribution of estate of estate of Calven (Calvin) Wright, [1803]. (Formerly Letter File 4, W10.)

Sketch of plot of land, "From hydrant at Wrights to Elm tree between Tuttles Ho. & barn," [undated]. (Formerly Letter File 7, D4.)

[Conveyor not named.] Three blank receipts (with space left to add names of purchasers) for part payment on "the parcel of sprout land near the Great Meadows in the N.E. part of Concord," "the Waverly Saloon building sold at auction this day," and "the Peter Robbins place near the Great Meadows in the N.E. part of Concord," all dated 1868 Apr. 18.


Folder 8, B-L:

Deed, Susannah Barron to Ebenezer Puffer (of Sudbury), for parcels on "the Westerly side of Sudbury river, in Sudbury," 1758 Jan. 20. (Formerly Letter File 4, B5.)

Deed, Jonathan Bowery (of Billerica) to John Colburn (of Dracut), for property in "Tyngs Township," 1739 Aug. 13. (Formerly Letter File 4, B7.)

Deed, Josiah Brown to Jotham Brown (both of Sudbury) for property (meadow) in Sudbury, 1748 Sept. 1. (Formerly Letter File 4, B10.)

Deed, Josiah Brown (of Cambridge) to Edward Stow (of Boston), for property (two parcels) in Cambridge, 1765 Sept. 18. Accompanied by: Plan by Abr. Fuller of property in Cambridge belonging to Capt. Edward Stow, 1765 Sept. 18. (Both items formerly Letter File 4, B11.)

Deed, Thomas Coolidge (of Natick) to Timothy Sheppard/Shepard (of Sherborn), for property (five parcels) in East Sudbury, 1786 Feb. 14. (Formerly Letter File 4, C1.)

Deed, Oliver Dakin to Moses Maynard (both of Sudbury), for "a ceartain tract of upland and meadow lying in the Northearly Part of Sudbury" ("only the said maynard shall not stop the watter Runing across said Land to the damage of the meadows above"), 1771 May 15. (Formerly Letter File 4, D3.)

Deed, Aaron Haynes to Ebenezar Puffer (both of Sudbury), for property ("upland meadow and Swamp Land") in Sudbury, 1763 Apr. 11. (Formerly Letter File 4, H1.)

Deed, Israel Haynes to James Puffer, Jr. (both of Sudbury), for property ("up Land and Medowland") in Sudbury, 1763 Apr. 11. (Formerly Letter File 4, H2.)

Deed, Thomas Hollis (of Braintree) to Noah Curtis (of Quincy), for property in Quincy, 1815 May 26.

Deed, James Jerault (of Medfield) to Martha Greene, Benjamin Greene, and Hannah Greene (all of Boston) for property in Medfield, another parcel "Laying in said Medfield Commonly known by the Name of Boston," and a third parcel on "Harbour Island," 1784 Aug. 4. (Formerly Letter File 4, J6.)

Deed (copy), John Lowder (of Roxbury) to Samuel Scammell (of Mendon), for a "certain Tenement or Dwelling House with the Land under the same" in the "Southerly part" of Boston, 1750 Nov. 23. (Formerly Letter File 4, L5.)

Folder 9, M-S:

Deed, Joseph Maynard to Ebenezer Puffer (both of Sudbury), for "Sundry Pieces or Parcels of upland and Meadow" in Sudbury, 1740 Mar. 31. (Formerly Letter File 4, M2.)

Deed, Isaac Morrill (of Natick) to Timothy Shepard (of Medfield), for property in Natick, 1793 Feb. 25. (Formerly Letter File 4, M3.)

"Deed of division" (agreement), between Joseph Neal, Joseph Crossboy, Benjamin Beal, and Benjamin Beal, Jr. (all of Braintree) and Samuel Curtiss and John Curtiss (both of Braintree), regarding division of property (a parcel of "about one Hundred & fifty-eight acres") in Braintree, 1723 July 29. (Formerly Latter File 7, N1.)

Deed, Peter Prescott to James Bowdoin (of Roxbury), for property "at the northerly end of Boston," 1757 July 15. Accompanied by: ALS, R.C. Winthrop, Jr. to E.R. Hoar, 1893 Jan. 15, regarding donation of deed to CFPL by Winthrop via Judge Hoar. (Formerly Letter File 4, P8, a and b.)

Deed, Proprietors of the Common Land in Sudbury to Moses Maynard, Jr. (of Sudbury), for "ninty Rods of their Common Land in … Sudbury," 1771 Mar. 25. (Formerly Letter File 4, S5.)

Deed, Proprietors of the Common & Undivided Land in Sudbury to James Puffer, Jr., for "about ninty Rods of their Common Land in Sudbury," 1778 Nov. 2. (Formerly Letter File 4, S6.)

Transcribed extract from records of Proprietors of Township No. 5 (Cummington, Hampshire County, Mass.), including reference to John Cumming/Cuming of Concord, proprietor of the township, 1762-1764. (Formerly Letter File 4, T3.) Accompanied by: Plan of first and second division of land in Township No. 5, showing Windsor, Plainfield, and Cummington, Mass. (Formerly Letter File 4, T3b.)

Deed, Ebenezer Puffer to Moses Maynard (both of Sudbury), for property (two parcels) in Sudbury, 1782 May 20. (Formerly Letter File 4, P9.)

Deed, Jabez Puffer and Jabez Puffer, Jr. to Joseph Puffer (all of Sudbury), for property in Sudbury (on the "westerly Side of … Sudbury river"), 1731 Nov. 10. (Formerly Letter File 4, P10.)

Deed, Samuel Puffer to Moses Maynard (both of Sudbury), for property in the "northwesterly part" of Sudbury, 1771 Mar. 1. (Formerly Letter File 4, P11.)

Deed, Samuel Smith (of Littleton) to John Abbot (of Westford), for property in Littleton, 1828 Sept. 17. Attached to deed: Promissory note, Samuel Smith to John Abbot, Littleton, 1828 Sept. 17. (Formerly Letter File 8, S7.)

Deed, Philemon Whale and Elizabeth Whale (of Sudbury) to Joseph Howard for property (meadow) [in Sudbury], 1673 July 7. (THIS ITEM IN OVERSIZE FOLDER 4)

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