Concord Free Public Library Letter File, <1755> - <1995>

TLS, Herbert W. Gleaason, 1937 Jul. 28
Not to be reproduced without permission from the Concord Free Public Library.

Vault A55, Unit 1

EXTENT: <ca. 234> items (in two containers and one oversize box).

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized in a single file, arranged alphabetically by writer of letter. (Items of unidentified authorship are filed following the alphabetical sequence.)

SCOPE AND CONTENT: A long-established, artificial, continuously expanding collection, added to through both gift and purchase. Consists of approximately <234> letters (including a few poems and quotations copied for presentation purposes) written between <1755> and <1995> by a wide range of writers on a variety of subjects, acquired singly or in twos or threes from many sources. Most were written by or to Concord, Mass. residents or about Concord-related subjects, but a significant number have no Concord connection (except, perhaps, in the donor to the Concord Free Public Library). Although the subjects of some letters have been indicated in the item listing below, no systematic attempt has been made to note topics.

Writers represented in the collection include: Charlotte Adams; Ebenezer Adams; John Quincy Adams; Felix Adler; Chester G. Atkins; Molly Bailey; Mary A. Barrett; Richard Barrett; Benjamin Dixon Bartlett; William B. Bartlett; Ruthy Batcheller; Lavinia B. Bates; Josef Bernas; Ferdinand Bôcher; E.H. Brainard; William Brewster; Laura Dewey Bridgman; Edward W. Brooke; Phillips Brooks; Elizabeth Stow Brown; George W. Brown; Helen Dawes Brown; Simon Brown; Alexander Hamilton Bullock; Aaron Burr; Samuel C. Burr; John Burroughs; Anne French Bush; Alden Buttrick; Harriette Buttrick; John Caldwell Calhoun; Simon Cameron; Archibald Campbell; William Ellery Channing (1780-1842); William Ellery Channing (1817-1901); John M. Cheney; Robert Collyer; Peter Cooper; George William Curtis; Ralph E. Dakin; Richard Harding Davis; Dorothea Lynde Dix; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Waldo Emerson (with Ellen Emerson as amanuensis); William Emerson (1769-1811); Charles Carroll Everett; Edward Everett; David Glasgow Farragut; Dorothy Canfield Fisher; Benjamin Franklin; Allen French; Daniel Chester French; Henry Flagg French; Barzillai Frost; Philip Gibbs; Henry Giles; Herbert Wendell Gleason; George Lincoln Goodale; Doris Kearns Goodwin; Hersey Bradford Goodwin; Jane Loring Gray; William Greenleaf; Ephraim Whitman Gurney; Edward Everett Hale; Walter Harding; John Hay; Henry Z. Hayner; Horace Heard; Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; Caroline Downes Brooks Hoar; Samuel Hoar (1778-1856); Heinrich Hofmann; Sarah Watson Holden; Oliver Wendell Holmes; Eben Norton Horsford; Josephine Hosmer; A.E. (Alfred Edward) Housman; James B. Hovey; Mark Antony DeWolfe Howe; Samuel Gridley Howe; William Dean Howells; Thomas Ford Hunt; Frederic Dan Huntington; Isaac Hurd; Andrew Jackson; Charles Thomas Jackson; William A. Jackson; Edward Holton James; William James; Thomas Jefferson; Richard M. Johnson; Ephraim Jones; Wilbur Kitchener Jordan; John Fitzgerald Kennedy; John Keyes; John Shepard Keyes; the Ladies of Concord; William Lawrence; Abraham Lincoln; Mary E. Lockwood; T.M. (Thomas Morris) Longstreth; Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop (Margaret Sidney); Margaret M. Lothrop; Wilhelm Lübke; Harriet Martineau; Alfred B. Mason; Samuel Joseph May, Jr.; Julian S.C. Maynard; James C. Melvin; George E. Messer; Lydia Minot; Nahum Mitchell; Edward S. Morse; Daniel Munroe; B. Nagarkar; Albert H.Nelson; Egbert S. Newbury, Jr.; Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of Northumberland; Charles Eliot Norton; François d’Orléons, Prince de Joinville; Alice Freeman Palmer; Theodore Parker; Johnson Parkman; Daniel Todd Patterson; Andrew Preston Peabody; Elizabeth Palmer Peabody; Wendell Phillips; Fred S. Piper; George Lincoln Prescott (1829-1864); Herbert Putnam; Josiah Quincy; Robert Rantoul; Elias Richards; Walton Ricketson; Lincoln Ripley; George D. Robinson; William B. Rogers; Theodore Roosevelt; Samuel Worcester Rowse; Benjamin Russell; Ward Duren Safford; May Sarton; Edmond Hamilton Sears; William Henry Seward; Daniel Shattuck; Mary Pasco Sherwood; Mary Emerson Ripley Simmons; Charles E. Snell; Charles Stearns; Joseph Story; Mary Stowe; Charles Sumner; Thomas Whitney Surette; William C. Swain; George A. Tewksbury; Louise Hall Tharp; Sophia B. Thayer; Thomas Tingey; Daniel D. Tompkins; Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens); Charles M. Tyler; John Tyler; George Washington; Francis Wayland; Daniel Webster; John Weiss; Harriet Lincoln Wheeler; Arthur Whiting; J. Wiley; O. Whyte; Robert Charles Winthrop; Fannie L. Wood; George Edward Woodberry; organizers of the Wright Tavern Coffee House; H.C. Wyeth.

Recipients represented in the collection include: American Statistical Association; Nathan Appleton; Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Bailey; Richard Barrett; Eliot Fitch Bartlett; Eva Myrtle Whitcomb Bartlett; George Bradford Bartlett; Sarah Ripley Bartlett; Florence Benson; Isaac Bishop; Austin Blair; John Branch; Lucy A. Brimblecom; Elizabeth Jane Broderick; George M. Brooks; Louisa J. Brooks; Mary Dillingham Brooks; Mary Merrick Brooks; Nathan Brooks; Benjamin W. Brown; Elizabeth Stow Brown; Helen Dawes Brown; Jonathan Buck; Benjamin Reynolds Bulkeley; John Buttrick; Sally Chandler; Sarah Chapin; Lydia Maria Child; Sarah B. Cragin; Andrew J. Crawford; Charles W. Davis; Mahlon Dickerson; Paul Dudley; Rebekah F. Dunning; Louisa B. Dutton; Mr. Eaton; Frank Edwin Elwell; Edward Waldo Emerson; Mrs. Emerson (of New York); Lucy Everett; George O. Farnsworth; Mary Fenn; Alexander Forbes; G.A. Fox; Gustavus Vasa Fox; Maude Dorrance French; Miss Gade; W.P. Garrison; John M. Gourgas; Nathanael Greene; Mrs. Austin Grimshaw; Harvard, Mass. Christian Church and Congregational Society; Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; Silas Herbert Holden; Mr. Holland; Mary F. Hollis; Mr. Holt; Benjamin Homans; Herbert Buttrick Hosmer; Nathan S. Hosmer; Mrs. James S. Hovey; Benjamin Peter Hunt; Madeline Hurley; Edward Jarvis; Mary Hayward Jones; Grace Keyes; J.C. Keyes; John Keyes; John Shepard Keyes; Prescott Keyes; the Ladies of Concord; William Lee; Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop (Margaret Sidney); Mrs. John Lowell; Mr. Lyon; Managing Committee of the Sailor’s Fair, Boston; Mary Peabody Mann; Humphrey Marshall; Sarah Melvin; Judge E. Miller; Hans Miller; Marian Blackall Miller; A.C. Mitchell; Elizabeth G. Mitchell (Glenn Mitchell); James Monroe; Louisa Munroe; Mrs. Murphy; editor of the New England Farmer; Theodore Parker; William Parkman; James Kirke Paulding; A. Payne; Rev. Dr. Percy; Lord Bishop Percy of Dromone; Rev. Jonas Perkins; Louise DeRevere Pratt; George W. Prescott; Sarah Barker Edes Prescott; Lydia Priest; Grindall Reynolds; Arthur G. Robbins; Mr. Rodman; Mary Rodman; Mark Safford; Franklin Benjamin Sanborn; Josephine L. Sanborn; Dr. T. Sewall; Alice Smith; Robert Smith; Samuel S. Southard; Samuel Stearns; Charles Sumner; Smith Thompson; Charles Q. Tirrell; George Tolman; Barbara Tower; editor of the Vermont Record; Mary Walker; Daniel Webster; Lucy C. Wentworth; President of Western College, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Harriet Lincoln Wheeler; William Willder Wheildon; Polly F. Whittemore; Ebenezer Woodward; John Ellis Wool; Nathaniel Wyeth.

SOURCES OF ACQUISITION: Multiple; most not established. (Known sources of acquisition for particular items are noted in the item listing.)

NOTES/COMMENTS: This collection represents a streamlined version of the old Concord Free Public Library Letter File. At the time of preliminary processing, coherent groupings of letters were removed to form or to augment significant separate collections of papers or records (for example, Ezra Ripley Papers, Emerson Family Correspondence, Thoreau Family Correspondence, Records of the Concord Committee of Arrangements for the Celebration in Concord of the Centennial of the Concord Fight). Also, non-letter materials were removed for addition to the Concord Pamphlet Collection , the Broadside Collection, or elsewhere (as appropriate). Former Letter File numbers for individual items are included in the item listing. Contact Special Collections staff for additional information.

PROCESSED BY: LPW; finding aid completed 2004 March 31; latest revision LPW/RCH 2013 January 30; 2013 April 16.



BOX 1:


C. Adams, 1:
TLS (letter of thanks for the gift of Edward Jarvis’s Traditions and Reminiscences of Concord, Massachusetts, ed. by Sarah Chapin) Charlotte [Adams] to "Sally, my dear" [Sarah Chapin], Chapel Hill, N.C., 1995 Oct. 19, on Adams Houses letterhead. (AMC 096; presented by Sarah Chapin, 2003 Feb. 24.)

E. Adams, 1:
ALS, Ebenezer Adams to Nathan Brooks, Hanover, N.H., 1827 Mar. 17. (Formerly Letter File 3a, A3.)

J.Q. Adams, 1:
ALS, John Quincy Adams to John M. Gourgas, Washington, D.C., 1832 Feb. 27. (Formerly Letter File 6, A2.)

F. Adler, 1:
ALS, Felix Adler to B.R. Bulkley [Benjamin Reynolds Bulkeley], New York, N.Y., 1879 Dec. 3, on The Society for Ethical Culture letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, A1.)

C.G. Atkins, 1:
TLS, Chester G. Atkins to Eliot F. [Fitch] Bartlett, Boston, 1973 Dec. 20, on Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, A16.)



M. Bailey, 1:
ALS (letter home to Texas describing tourist trip to Lexington and Concord), [Molly] Bailey [later Mrs. Howard Clinton Lane of Mount Vernon, Iowa] to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Bailey, Cambridge, Mass., [1912 Dec. 4], with envelope. (Gift of Anne Mattill.)

M.A. Barrett, 1:
ALS, Mary A. Barrett to Mrs. Sarah Melvin ("My Dear Cousin"), New Ipswich, N.H., 1851 Mar. 18. (Formerly Letter File 3, B33.)

J. Barron, 1:
ALS (letter of recommendation for Mr. Towner), James Barron to Samuel L. Southard (Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D.C.), Commandant’s Office, United States Navy Yard, Gosport [Portsmouth, Va.], 1828 Feb. 2. (Formerly Letter File 1, B2.)

B.D. Bartlett, 1:
Two ALS, B.D. [Benjamin Dixon] Bartlett to Nathan Brooks: Cambridge, [Mass.], 1817 Aug. 5; Bangor, [Maine], 1837 Nov. 3. (Formerly Letter File 3a, B3 and B4.)

W.B. Bartlett, 1:
ALS, William B. Bartlett to Dr. [Edward Waldo] Emerson, Hartford [Conn.], 1914 Mar. 24, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3, E15.)

R. Batcheller, 1:
ALS, Ruthy Batcheller to Miss Sally Chandler, New Ipswich [N.H.], 1808 Jan 16. (Formerly Letter File 3, B34.)

L.B. Bates, 1:
ALS, Lavinia B. Bates to Mr. [Benjamin W.] Brown, Concord, 1875 Oct. 1. (Formerly Letter File 6, B6.)

J. Bernas, 1:
ALS, Josef Bernas to the "Right Honourable American Statistical Association at Boston," Prague, 1868 Aug. 8. (Formerly Letter File 1, B4.)

F. Bôcher, 1:
ALS (a letter of reference for Miss Mabel Greenwood), Ferdinand Bôcher to [recipient unspecified], Cambridge, Mass., 1864 June 9, on Harvard University letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, B7.)

E.H. Brainard, 1:
ALS, E.H. Brainard to "Dear Cousin," Boston, 1884 Aug. 28. (Formerly Letter File 13, P27.)

W. Brewster, 1:
Four ALS, William Brewster to Mr. [Silas Herbert] Holden: Cambridge, [Mass.], 1894 Dec. 22; Cambridge, Mass., 1898 Jan. 2 (on personal letterhead); Jaffrey, N.H., 1900 Aug. 9; Lancaster, 1901 May 29. (Formerly Letter File 9, B5—the two earlier letters—and B6—the two later letters.)

L.D. Bridgman, 1:
L.D. [Laura Dewey] Bridgman, "Holy Home": holograph poem, [n.d.]. (Formerly Letter File 1, B9.)

E.W. Brooke, 1:
TLS, Edward W. Brooke to Eliot Fitch Bartlett, Washington, D.C., 1973 Nov. 2, on United States Senate letterhead, plus printed postal card (form response to communications to Senator Brooke), [n.d.], without postmark. (Formerly Letter File 6, B7.)

P. Brooks, 1:
ALS, Phillips Brooks to George M. Brooks, Boston, 1888 Sept. 1, on letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3a, B6.)

E.S. Brown, 1:
ALS, Elizabeth S. [Stow] Brown to "My dear Helen" [Helen Dawes Brown], 1877 Oct. 14. (Formerly Letter File 6, B4a.)

G.W. Brown, 1:
ALS, George W. Brown to "Dear Elizabeth" [Elizabeth Stow Brown], Concord, [1880] Apr. 25, with ALS, Helen [Dawes Brown] to "My dear Jeannette," 1880 May 6, on reverse of final page. (Formerly Letter File 6, B5.)

S. Brown, 1:
ALS, Simon Brown to "Editor Vt. Record," Concord, 1865 Feb. 11. (Purchased of Fred Robichaud, World Postal History, 1996 Mar. 14.)

A. Bullock, 1:
ALS, A.H. [Alexander Hamilton] Bullock to "My Dear Sir," Boston, 1848 Feb. 15. (Formerly Letter File 1, B11.)

A. Burr, 1:
ALS, A. [Aaron] Burr to Isaac Bishop, Troy [N.Y.], 1822 Sept. 1. (Formerly Letter File 1, B12.)

S.C. Burr, 1:
ALS, Samuel C. Burr to N. [Nathan] Brooks, Boston, 1856 July 1. (Formerly Letter File 3a, B7.)

J. Burroughs, 1:
ALS, John Burroughs to Mr. Holt, West Park, N.Y., [year not specified] Nov. 3. (Formerly Letter File 1, B13.)

A.F. Bush, 1:
TLS, Anne [French Bush] to "Dear Alice" (Mrs. Theodore L. Smith), South Brooksville, Maine, 1954 Sept. 20, with envelope. (Formerly Letter File 13, B4.)

A. Buttrick, 1:
ALS, Alden Buttrick to Lucy A. Brimblecom ("Dear Cousin Lucy"), Camp Gaines Hill, Va., 1862 June 5, with envelope. (AMC 075; purchased at online auction, 2002 Apr., as gift of Leslie P. Wilson.)

H. Buttrick, 1:
ALS, Harriette Buttrick to Mrs. [Mary Merrick] Brooks, Richmond, Va., 1867 Nov. 17. (Formerly Letter File 3a, B11.)



J.C. Calhoun, 1:
ALS, J.C. [John Caldwell] Calhoun to S. [Smith] Thompson (Secretary of the U.S. Navy), [Washington, D.C.], 1820 July 6. (Formerly Letter File 1, C1.)

S. Cameron, 1:
ALS, Simon Cameron to Mr. [Austin] Blair, 1861 Apr. 10. (Formerly Letter File 1, C1.)

A. Campbell, 1:
ALS (apology for misbehavior of Calder, a grenadier permitted to go to Cambridge), Lieut. Colo[ne]l Archibald Campbell to Colo[ne]l [John] Botherick [Buttrick] and the Committee, [1777 May]. (Formerly Letter File 3, C1.)

W.E. Channing (1780-1842), 1:
ALS, Wm. E. [William Ellery] Channing to Nathan Appleton, 1834 Feb. 24. (Formerly Letter File 5, C8.)

W.E. Channing (1817-1901), 1:
ALS (regarding death of Charles Emerson, son of Edward Waldo and Annie Shepard Keyes Emerson), WEC [William Ellery Channing] to Mrs. Josephine L. Sanborn, Concord, Mass., 1880 June 10, with envelope.

J.M. Cheney, 1:
ALS, John M. Cheney to W.W. [William Willder] Wheildon, Concord, 1861 Apr. 13, on Concord Bank letterhead, with printed notice ("Robbery") regarding the theft of items from the Cheney home tipped to letter. (Formerly Letter File 3, C3.)

R. Collyer, 1:
ALS, Robert Collyer to "Dear Laddie" [Benjamin Reynolds Bulkeley], New York, 1906 Dec. 28, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter 1, C12.)

P. Cooper, 1:
ALS, Peter Cooper to "Editor of New England Farmer," New York, 1883 Feb. 18, on postal card. (Formerly Letter File 1, C13.)

G.W. Curtis, 1:
Two letters, George William Curtis to George Bradford Bartlett: ALS, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., 1880 Jan. 31, on personal letterhead; TLS, Asfield, Mass., 1890 Aug. 29. (Formerly Letter File 1, C15 and Letter File 13, C4.)

G.W. Curtis, 2:
TLS, George William Curtis to "My dear Sir," West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., 1888 Apr. 20, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 2, C16.)

G.W. Curtis, 3:
TLS, George William Curtis to "Dear Madam," West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y., 1888 Apr. 26, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 2, C17.)



R.E. Dakin, 1:
Manuscript and typed transcripts of letter, Ralph E. Dakin to Miss Mary F. Hollis, 1900 Apr. 13, concerning burning of the First Parish in Concord. (Sent to Sallie Bartlett by Mrs. Carl Anderson, daughter of Ralph and Mary Hollis Dakin, of Concord, N.H., 1970 Aug. 7.)

R.H. Davis, 1:
ALS, Richard Harding Davis to Mr. [Frank Edwin] Elwell, [New York, N.Y.], [n.d.], on letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, D5.)

D.L. Dix, 1:
ALS, D.L. [Dorothea Lynde] Dix to "Dear Sir," Dorchester, 1873 July 30. (Formerly Letter File 1, D2.)



R.W. Emerson, 1:
Letter of response to invitation, Mrs. and Mrs. R.W. [Ralph Waldo] Emerson to Mr. [J.C.] Keyes, Concord, [Mass.], 1879 June 9, in manuscript hand of Ellen Emerson, plus calling card for Mrs. & Mrs. J.C. Keyes (with envelope). (Gift of the Trustees of the Acton Memorial Library, 1997 Apr. 8.)

W. Emerson (1769-1811), 1:
ALS (acceptance of invitation to the ministry in the Town of Harvard), W.E. [William Emerson] to "The Christian Church and Congregational Society in the Town of Harvard," Harvard, 1792 Mar. 17. (AMC 102; purchased of Up-Country Letters, 2004 Mar. 15.)

C.C. Everett, 1:
ALS (form letter), C.C. [Charles Carroll] Everett to "My dear Sir" [Benjamin Reynolds Bulkeley], Cambridge, 1879 Dec. 3, on Harvard University letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, E1.)

C.C. Everett, 2:
ALS, C.C. [Charles Carroll] Everett to G.B. [George Bradford] Bartlett, Cambridge, 1880 May 13. (Formerly Letter File 1, E2.)

E. Everett, 1:
ALS, Edward Everett to Edward Jarvis, Charlestown, Mass., 1837 Mar. 25. (Formerly Letter File 1, E5.)

E. Everett, 2:
ALS, Edward Everett to Mrs. Lucy Everett (via Nathan Hale), Naples, 1819 Feb. 26, plus typed transcription (with annotations) by Dr. Thomas F. Sellers, Jr. (AMC 043; gift of Thomas F. Sellers, Jr., and family, 2000 Oct. 7.)



D.G. Farragut, 1:
ALS, D.G. [David Glasgow] Farragut to G.A. Fox, F.S. Hartford, New Orleans [La.], 1862 Dec. 23. (Formerly Letter File 1, F2.)

D.G. Farragut, 2:
ALS, D.G. [David Glasgow] Farragut to Mr. A.C. Mitchell, off Pensacola [Fla.], 1864 Mar. 21, on U.S. Flag Ship Hartford letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, F1.)

D.C. Fisher, 1:
ALS, Dorothy Canfield Fisher to Mrs. [Marian Blackall] Miller, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1927 Dec. 18, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, F5.)

B. Franklin, 1:
ALS, B. [Benjamin] Franklin to Humphry Marshall, London, 1771 Apr. 22. (Gift of George L. Prescott; removed from frame and conserved at NEDCC, 1977.)

A. French, 1:
Printed Christmas card, Mr. and Mrs. Allen French to [recipient not specified], [Concord, Mass.], 1922 Dec.

A. French, 2:
TLS, Allen French to Rebekah F. Dunning, 1946 June 24, on personal letterhead, with envelope. (Presented by Mrs. William Ballard—niece of Rebekah Dunning—in 1991.)

A. French, 3:
TLS (letter of thanks for mounting exhibit), Allen French to Hans Miller, 1937 Dec. 3, on personal letterhead.

D.C. French, 1:
TLS, Daniel Chester French to Arthur G. Robbins, New York, 1907 Feb. 13, on letterhead, asking for data about the lot in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery designated for French’s Melvin Memorial.

H.F. French, 1:
ALS, H.F. [Henry Flagg] French to "My dear Grace [Grace Keyes]," Washington, [D.C.], 1884 Mar. 30, on Treasury Department letterhead. (Presented by Mrs. Wesley Wilmot.)

B. Frost, 1:
AL (regarding son’s death), [Barzillai Frost] to "My dear Friend," Fayal, 1858 June 8. (Formerly Letter File 6, F4.)



P. Gibbs, 1:
ALS, Philip Gibbs to Mrs. Mark H. [Lucy C.] Wentworth, Shamley Green, Guildford, 1937 May 4, on letterhead, with envelope. (Formerly Letter File 6, G2.)

H. Giles, 1:
ALS, H. [Henry] Giles to "My dear Sir," Quincy, Mass., 1864 Oct. 1. (Formerly Letter File 1, G3.)

H.W. Gleason, 1:
Three TLS, Herbert W. [Wendell] Gleason to Herbert B. [Buttrick] Hosmer: regarding Brister’s Spring in Concord, Boston, Mass., 1935 Sept. 30, on H.W. Gleason "Garden Photographs" letterhead; regarding places in Concord referred to by Thoreau, Boston, Mass., 1937 July 28, on H.W. Gleason "Illustrated Lectures on Gardens and Other Floral Subjects" letterhead; regarding a planned photographic trip to Concord, 1937 Sept. 13, on H.W. Gleason "Illustrated Lectures on Gardens and Other Floral Subjects" letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, G5-G7.)

G.L. Goodale, 1:
ALS, George Lincoln Goodale to Miss [Mary] Rodman, Cambridge, [Mass.], 1899 Jan. 17. (Formerly Letter File 1, G4.)

H.B. Goodwin, 1:
ALS, H.B. [Hersey Bradford] Goodwin to Mr. and Mrs. N. [Nathan and Mary Merrick] Brooks, Concord, [Mass.], 1833 Apr. 1, expressing sympathy for the death of their son [Charles Augustus]. (Formerly Letter File 3, G3.)

J.L. Gray, 1:
ALS, Jane L. [Loring] Gray [Mrs. Asa Gray] to "My dear Mr. Garrison," Cambridge, Mass., 1893 Apr. 4, on Botanic Garden letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 8, G4.)

W. Greenleaf, 1:
ALS (account of 1775 Apr. 19), William Greenleaf to Captain Jonathan Buck, Haverhill, [Mass.], 1775 Apr. 29, plus photostat and typed transcript. (Presented by Mrs. Alice Forsyth Buck and Mrs. Florence Buck Adriance. Original letter formerly Letter File 3A, G1; photostat Letter File 3A, G1a and G1b.)

E.W. Gurney, 1:
ALS (regarding "ill-mannered profane remark" made by Prescott Keyes during a Modern Physical Geography examination at Harvard), E.W. [Ephraim Whitman] Gurney to P. [Prescott] Keyes, 1874 July 7, on Harvard College letterhead, plus handwritten note recording the remark as reported to Marian Blackall Miller by Bessie Keyes Hudson, cousin of Prescott Keyes. (Formerly Letter File 3A, K7a.)

E.W. Gurney, 2:
ALS (reporting Harvard faculty vote to put Prescott Keyes on probation), E.W. [Ephraim Whitman] Gurney to John S. [Shepard] Keyes, 1875 Dec. 14, on Harvard College letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3A, K76.)



E.E. Hale, 1:
ALS, Edward E. [Everett] Hale to "My dear Sir," Boston, 1860 Oct. 26. (Formerly Letter File 1, H1.)

W. Harding, 1:
Typed postal card, signed, Walter Harding to Miss [Sarah R.] Bartlett, 1966 Mar. 8.

J. Hay, 1:
TLS, John Hay to Charles Q. Tirrell, Department of State, Washington, [D.C.], 1905 Jan. 4, on black-bordered stationery. (Formerly Letter File 6, H1.)

H. Heard, 1:
ALS (regarding payment from estate of Ebenezer Hubbard of one thousand dollars for the erection of a monument in Concord [D.C. French’s Minute Man statue]), Horace Heard to E.R. [Ebenezer Rockwood] Hoar, Wayland, [Mass.], 1875 Apr. 20. (Formerly Letter File 8, H4a.)

C.D.B. Hoar, 1:
ALS (regarding specifications for or alterations to a dress for Mrs. Hoar’s daughter Beth [Elizabeth]), C.D. [Caroline Downes Brooks] Hoar to Mrs. [Isaiah] Brooks [Louisa J. Brooks], [undated; 1870s].  (AMC 210; gift of Faith Howland, 2013 Apr. 16.  The letter was found in a wall of the donor’s home at 69 Middle Street in Concord.  The writer of the letter, Mrs. Brooks, was a dressmaker and suffrage leader in Concord.  In widowhood, she took in boarders and guided tourists.)

E.R. Hoar, 1:
ALS, E.R. [Ebenezer Rockwood] Hoar to A. Payne, Boston, [Mass.], 1873 Oct. 13, on Office of E.R. Hoar and Samuel Hoar letterhead. (AMC 055; purchased of Steven S. Raab at online auction, 2001 Apr. 4.)

E.R. Hoar, 2:
ALS, E.R. [Ebenezer Rockwood] Hoar to “My Dear Sir” (B.P. [Benjamin Peter] Hunt, [Philadelphia]), Concord, 1865 Dec. 24, thanking Hunt for a gift of cigars and quoting passages from an appreciative note from James Russell Lowell, to whom Hoar had regifted some of the cigars.

S. Hoar (1778-1856), 1:
ALS (response to invitation to Worcester convention of "aged men" to consider the slavery question), Samuel Hoar to "Gentlemen," Concord, [Mass.}, 1854 Sept. 2. (AMC 093; purchased of Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, 2003 July 16.)

H. Hofmann, 1:
ALS, Heinrich Hofmann to "Geehrtes Fräulein" [Louisa B. Dutton], Dresden, 1899 Nov. 13, accompanied by letter of donation from L.B. Dutton to Sallie [Bartlett]. (Presented by Louisa B. Dutton, 1922 July 19. Formerly Letter File 1, H9a and H9b.)

S.W. Holden, 1:
AL or manuscript statement, [Sarah Watson Holden] to [unnamed recipient], Lincoln, [Mass.], 1846 Jan. 25, describing trip from Lincoln, Mass., to Griggsville, Ill. and back in 1836. (Formerly Letter File 9, H7.)

O.W. Holmes, 1:
ALS (requesting information for "American Men of Letters" volume on Emerson), Oliver Wendell Holmes to "My dear Sir," Boston, 1884 May 20, plus typed transcription. (Formerly Letter File 6, H2a.)

E.N. Horsford, 1:
ALS (accompanying the gift of one of his books), E.N. [Eben Norton] Horsford to "My dear Miss Gade," Cambridge, [Mass.], 1888 Mar. 26. (Gift of Mrs. Horace Gade, 1953. Formerly Letter File 13, H10.)

J. Hosmer, 1:
Manuscript poem by Josephine Hosmer, "written on the day of Henry’s [Henry Thoreau’s] funeral," [undated copy of piece written in 1862]. (Deposited by the Concord Antiquarian Society in 1971; converted to gift in 1974. CAS D-2030s. Formerly Letter File 3A, H37.)

A.E. Housman, 1:
ALS, A.E. [Alfred Edward] Housman to "Dear Mrs. Murphy," Trinity College, Cambridge, England, 1927 Feb. 18. (Formerly Letter File 1, H11.)

J.B. Hovey, 1:
ALS, James B. Hovey to Mrs. James S. Hovey, Camb[ridge], 1886 Nov. 19, with envelope. (Formerly Letter File 3A, H25.)

M.A. Howe, 1:
ALS, M.A. [Mark Antony] DeWolfe Howe to F.B. [Franklin Benjamin] Sanborn, Boston, [Mass.], 1901 Mar. 20, on The Beacon Biographies letterhead. (Purchased by Marcia E. Moss, 1987, as a gift to the library.)

S.G. Howe, 1:
ALS, S.G. [Samuel Gridley] Howe to "Dear Sir," S. Boston, [Mass.], [1859] June 11. (Formerly Letter File 1, H18.)

W.D. Howells, 1:
ALS, W.D. [William Dean] Howells to Mr. [George Bradford] Bartlett, 1879 June 21, on letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, H20.)

T.F. Hunt, 1:
ALS (photocopy), Thomas F. [Ford] Hunt to "My Dear Nephew," Concord, 1856 Jan. 18. (Formerly Letter File 13, H20.)

F.D. Huntington, 1:
ALS, F.D. [Frederic Dan] Huntington to "Dear Sir," 1844 Nov. 14. (Formerly Letter File 1, H22.)

I. Hurd, 1:
ALS (notice of Charitable Library Society annual meeting), Isaac Hurd to Rev. Samuel Stearns, Concord, 1805 Dec. 23. (Formerly Letter File 3, H10.)



A. Jackson, 1:
ALS, Andrew Jackson to Rev. Andrew J. Crawford, Washington, [D.C.], 1833 May 1. Marked "private." (Presented by Mrs. W.J. Dale. Formerly Letter File 1, J1.)

C.T. Jackson, 1:
ALS (letter of introduction for Edward Jarvis), Charles T. [Thomas] Jackson to Dr. T. Sewall, Boston, 1837 Mar. 21. (Formerly Letter File 1, J2.)

W.A. Jackson, 1:
Two TLS (regarding donation of Alcott manuscripts to the Houghton Library as accession no. *52M-59), William A. Jackson to Mrs. Bronson Alcott Pratt [Louise DeRevere Pratt]: Cambridge, Mass., 1952 Oct. 15, on Library of Harvard University, Houghton Library letterhead; Cambridge, Mass., 1952 Oct. 30, on Library of Harvard University, Houghton Library letterhead, with enclosure (list of donated manuscripts) and envelope.

E.H. James, 1:
ALS, Edward Holton James to "G.A.VN.," Concord, Mass., 1942 Mar. 14, on personal letterhead.

W. James, 1:
ALS (declining to speak speak in memory of Henry Lee), William James to Mr. Lyon, Cambridge, [Mass.], 1899 Mar. 20. (Formerly Letter File 6, J3.)

T. Jefferson, 1:
AL, Th. Mr. Smith ([Thomas Jefferson] to [Robert] Smith), Monticello, 1806 May 19. (Formerly Letter File 1, J7.)

R. Johnson, 1:
ALS (recommending transfer of H. Coleman to Marine Corps), Richard M. Johnson to John Branch ("Sec. Of the Navy"), Blue Spring, 1829 June 20. (Formerly Letter File 1, J8.)

E. Jones, 1 (IN OVERSIZE BOX):
ALS, Capt. Ephraim Jones to "My Dear" [his wife, Mary Hayward Jones], Fort Monckton at Gaspereau, 1755 Dec. 15, plus typed transcript. (Gift of Francis H. Gleason, 1972; deframed and lined.)

W.K. Jordan, 1:
TLS, W.K. [Wilbur Kitchener] Jordan to Mrs. [Marian Blackall] Miller, Cambridge, Mass., 1949 Nov. 15, on Radcliffe College letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, J4.)


BOX 2:


J.F. Kennedy, 1:
TLS (regarding efforts on behalf of the Save Walden Committee of the Thoreau Society), John F. [Fitzgerald] Kennedy to Alexander Forbes, [Washington, D.C.], 1959 May 7, on United States Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare letterhead. (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Emerson. Formerly Letter File 6, K3.)

J. Keyes, 1:
ALS (regarding Senate candidacy), John Keyes "To the convention assembled at Concord Thursday March 27 1828," Concord, 1828 Mar. 27. (Formerly Letter File 3A, K1.)

J. Keyes, 2:
ALS (objecting to secret negotiations for candidacy for public office), John Keyes to W.W. [William Willder] Wheildon, Concord, 1831 Feb. 25. Marked "Confidential." (Formerly Letter File 3, K1.)

J.S. Keyes, 1:
ALS (regarding list of students at William Whiting’s school), J.S. [John Shepard] Keyes to "Dear Brad," Concord, 1884 Sept. 26. (Formerly Letter File 13, K1.)



Ladies of Concord, 1:
ALS (regarding gift of a standard to the Concord Artillery Company), "The Ladies of Concord" to Capt. Richard Barrett, Concord, [Mass.], 1843 May, with ALS (acknowledgment of the gift on behalf of the Artillery), Commander Richard Barrett "Mrs. C … ," [n.d.], on reverse. (Formerly Letter File 3, B2.)

W. Lawrence, 1:
ALS, William Lawrence to "Dear Mr. Rodman," Boston, Mass., 1900 Jan. 16, on The Diocesan House, Office of the Bishop of Massachusetts letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, L1.)

A. Lincoln, 1:
Early facsimile reproduction of ALS (regarding petition of Concord, Mass., children requesting the emancipation of slaves), A. [Abraham] Lincoln to "Madam" [Mary Peabody Mann], Washington, [D.C.], 1864 Apr. 5, on Executive Mansion letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 6, L5.)

A. Lincoln, 2:
Autograph note, A. [Abraham] Lincoln to Capt. Fox [Gustavus Vasa Fox], 1864 Sept. 22, on card. (Formerly Letter File 1, L2.)

ALS, A. [Abraham] Lincoln to "The Managing Committee of the Sailor’s Fair, Boston, Mass.," Washington, [D.C.], 1864 Nov. 8, on Executive Mansion letterhead. Framed. (Presented by William Munroe, 1876/1877.)

M.E. Lockwood, 1:
ALS, Mary E. Lockwood to "My Dear Cousin" [Mary A. Dillingham Brooks], Old Town, Maine, 1888 Oct. 21, on decorative stationery. (Formerly Letter File 3A, L1.)

T.M. Longstreth, 1:
TLS, Morris [Thomas Morris] Longstreth to Marian [Blackall] Miller, Westtown, Pa., 1949 Aug. 6. (Formerly Letter File 6, L8.)

H.M.S. Lothrop, 1:
Autographed quote and two ALS, Harriet Mulford Stone Lothrop [Margaret Sidney] to Madeline Hurley: Wayside, Concord, Mass., 1897 May 14 (quote from Mamsie Pepper, signed Margaret Sidney), with envelope; Wayside, Concord, Mass., 1897 May 21, with enclosures (printed list titled "Margaret Sidney’s Books" and pressed lily of the valley "from the Hawthorne border" at the Wayside); Wayside, Concord, Mass., 1897 June 29, with envelope. (Gift of Bob Juhren, Glen Falls, N.Y., 1985.)

M. M. Lothrop, 1:
Autographed note card (with personal letterhead), Margaret M. Lothrop to Mrs. Austin Grimshaw, Wayside, Concord, Mass., 1944 Sept. 20, with envelope.

W. Lübke, 1:
ALS, W. [Wilhelm] Lübke to [recipient not named], [place of writing undeciphered], 1873 June 13, accompanied by letter of donation from J.L. Corning to Miss E. Fanny [Ellen Frances] Whitney, Stuttgart, Wurtemberg, 1874 Apr. 17. (Gift of J.L. Corning, 1874. Formerly Letter File 1, L4.)



H. Martineau, 1:
ALS, Harriet Martineau to "Dear Mr. Holland," Ambleside, Westmoreland, [1848] Sept. 21, on black-bordered stationery. (Formerly Letter File 1, M3.)

A.B. Mason, 1:
ALS (letter of introduction for William Merchant Richardson French), Alfred B. Mason to "My dear Sir," Chicago, 1875 Jan. 6. (Formerly Letter File 9, F17.)

S.J. May, 1:
ALS, Samuel [Joseph] May, Jr. to "Dear Mrs. [Mary Merrick] Brooks," Boston, 1867 Apr. 9. (Formerly Letter File 3a, M6.)

J.S.C. Maynard, 1:
ALS (request for assistance in finding a suitable wife), Julian S.C. Maynard to Mrs. [Lydia Maria] Child, Vandalia, Ill., 1837 May 13.

J.C. Melvin, 1:
ALS, James C. Melvin to “Dear Arthur” [Arthur G. Robbins], Boston, 1906 Dec. 14, on letterhead, regarding surveying the lot designated for Daniel Chester French’s Melvin Memorial in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

G.E. Messer, 1:
ALS, George E. Messer to Mr. [Nathan S.] Hosmer, Camp Massachusetts, 1861 June 14. (Formerly Letter File 13, H12.)

L. Minot, 1:
ALS, Lydia Minot to Nathan Brooks, Concord, 1817 [?] May 9. (Formerly Letter File 3A, M7.)

N. Mitchell, 1:
ALS, Nahum Mitchell to John Keyes, Treasury Office, Boston, 1825 Dec. 2. (Formerly Letter File 3A, M1.)

E.S. Morse, 1:
ALS (agreeing to address the Woman’s Education Association), Edward S. Morse to "Dear Madame," Salem, [Mass.], 1891 Feb. 27. (Formerly Letter File 1, M5.)

D. Munroe:
ALS, Daniel Munroe, Jr. to Paul Dudley ("Executor of the remains of the last will of Saml. Dakin"), Boston, 1821 Jan. 1. (Formerly Letter File 3A, M2.)



W.P.N. [?], 1:
ALS (regarding Tariff of 1828 in relation to manufacture of woollens), W.P.N. [?] to Daniel Webster, Boston, 1828 Apr. 30. (Formerly Letter File 1, W14.)

B. Nagarkar, 1:
ALS, B. Nagarkar to Dr. [Grindall] Reynolds, 1894 June 22, 10 P.M. on Cunard Royal Steamship Etruria letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3A, N1.)

A.H. Nelson, 1:
ALS (regarding Whig Committee business), A. [Albert] H. Nelson to William W. [Willder] Whieldon [em.e. Wheildon], Concord, 1835 Oct. 22. (Formerly Letter File 3, N1.)

E.S. Newbury, 1:
TLS (regarding provision in deed to F.B. Sanborn property on Elm Street in Concord, preventing removal of stone tablet from west wall of house and stipulating that name of house remain A.R.I.A.N.A.), Bert (Egbert S. Newbury, Jr.) to Mary (Mrs. Edmund W.) Fenn, 1974 Nov. 20, on Comins & Newbury letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 9, N1.)

Northumberland, 1:
ALS, [Hugh] Percy, [2nd Duke of Northumberland] to the Rev. Dr. Percy (Northumberland House, London), Cove of Cork, 1771 Mar. 6, plus manuscript "Scotch Song" referred to in letter. (Presented by George Frisbie Hoar, 1887/88.)

Northumberland, 2:
ALS, [Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of] Northumberland to "My Dear Lord" [the Lord Bishop Percy of Dromone], Alnwick Castle, 1804 Oct. 14. (Presented by George Frisbie Hoar, 1887/88.)

Northumberland, 3:
ALS, [Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of] Northumberland to the Lord Bishop [Percy] of Dromone, North[umberland] House, [London], 1809 Jan. 23, with extract from the Bishop’s answer on blank last page of letter. (Presented by George Frisbie Hoar, 1887/88.)

C.E. Norton, 1:
ALS (regarding Adirondack Club trips and William James Stillman’s painting Philosophers’ Camp in the Adirondacks), C.E. [Charles Eliot] Norton to W.P. Garrison, Shady Hill, Cambridge, [Mass.], 1893 Apr. 4. (Formerly Letter File 8, N2.)



F. d’Orléans, 1:
ALS (concerning armaments), François d’Orléans [Prince de Joinville] to "Dear Sir," Richmond, 1866 May 18, on black-bordered stationery. (Formerly Letter File 1, O1.)



A.F. Palmer, 1:
ALS, Alice F. [Freeman] Palmer to Miss [Mary] Rodman, Cambridge, [Mass.], 1891 Nov. 9, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, P2.)

T. Parker, 1:
ALS, Theodore Parker to [Ralph Waldo] Emerson, Boston, 1853 Apr. 9.  (AMC 203; purchased of Up-Country Letters, 2011 Aug. 25.)

J. Parkman, 1:
ALS, Johnson Parkman to William Parkman, Milford, [Mass.], 1828 Oct. 3. (Presented by Ruth R. Wheeler.)

D.T. Patterson, 1:
ALS (letter of recommendation for William Hunter), Daniel T. [Todd] Patterson to Mahlon Dickerson ("Secretary of the Navy"), U.S. Navy Yard, Washington, [D.C.], 1836 Mar. 28. (Formerly Letter File 1, P3.)

A.P. Peabody, 1:
ALS, A.P. [Andrew Preston] Peabody to "My dear Mr. [Benjamin Reynolds] Bulkeley," Cambridge, [Mass.], 1891 Mar. 23, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, P5.)

E.P. Peabody, 1:
ALS, Elizabeth P. [Palmer] Peabody to "Dear Mr. Lee" [William Lee], Concord, Mass., 1878 June 22, plus photocopied letter (Margaret Neussendorfer to Marcia E. Moss, 1981 Mar. 5) explaining names and references in Peabody letter.

E.P. Peabody, 2:
Autographed quotation ("Life is but Thought and think I will / That youth & I are housemates still"), signed Elisabeth [Elizabeth] P. Peabody, 1884 June. (AMC 052; purchased of Marc Zakroff at online auction, 2001 Feb. 27.)

W. Phillips, 1:
ALS, Wendell Phillips to "My Brother Brooks" [Nathan Brooks], [n.d.]. (Deposited by the Concord Antiquarian Society in 1971; converted to gift in 1974. CAS D-2030u. Formerly Letter File 1, P12.)

W. Phillips, 2:
ALS, Wendell Phillips to "Dear H," [n.d.]. (Formerly Letter File 1, P8.)

F.S. Piper, 1:
Two ALS, Fred S. Piper to Miss [Sarah R.] Bartlett: regarding the Thoreau’s "Texas House" in Concord, Lexington, Mass., 1932 Mar. 16, on personal letterhead; containing "A statement written by Henry Stephens Salt and read at his funeral by Bertram Lloyd," Lexington, [Mass.], [1939] June 4. (Formerly Letter File 9, P3 and P4.)

G.L. Prescott (1829-1864), 1:
ALS, George L. [Lincoln] Prescott to "Friend Charlie" [Charles W. Davis], "Camp Andrew Near Alexandria Va.," 1861 May 29. (Formerly Letter File 3, P2.)

H. Putnam, 1:
ALS, Herbert Putnam to Miss Mary Rodman, Boston, [Mass.], 1895 June 14, on Boston Public Library Librarian’s Office letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, P11.)



J. Quincy, 1:
ALS, Josiah Quincy to Dr. Ebenezer Woodward, Boston, [Mass.], 1852 Dec. 28.



R. Rantoul, 1:
ALS (letter of recommendation for Gilman J. Davis), R. [Robert] Rantoul, Jr. to J. K. [James Kirke] Paulding, Beverly, [Mass.], 1840 Sept. 18. (Letter File 1, R1.)

E. Richards, 1:
ALS (requesting use of meeting house for upcoming speech on slavery by C.M. Burleigh and appeal for assistance by Lunsford Lane, a North Carolina "man of color" who had purchased his own freedom and was attempting to raise money to purchase his family’s), Elias Richards to Rev. Jonas Perkins, Weymouth, [Mass.], 1842 Jan. 18. Marked "copy."

W. Ricketson, 1:
Two ALS, Walton Ricketson to Mrs. Polly F. Whittemore: concerning a request to obtain a copy of the book Daniel Ricketson and His Friends, New Bedford, Mass., 1918 Jan. 17; regarding Daniel Ricketson’s thoughts on books and reading, including an opinion on the 1861 Dunshee ambrotype of Henry David Thoreau, and responding to a question on Dr. Channing New Bedford, Mass., 1918 Jan. 25. (AMC 034; presented by Henrik Gustafsson, 1999 Nov. 3.)

L. Ripley, 1:
Three ALS, Rev. Lincoln Ripley to Mrs. Lydia Priest: Waterford [Me.], 1834 Sept. 28; Waterford [Me.], 1845 Jan. 30; Waterford, [Me.], 1849 Oct. 6. (Formerly Letter File 6, R7-R9.)

G.D. Robinson, 1:
ALS, [Gov.] George D. Robinson to John S. [Shepard] Keyes, Boston, 1885 Oct. 6, on Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Department letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3A, R3.)

W.B. Rogers, 1:
ALS, William B. Rogers to Mrs. John Lowell, Boston, 1881 May 20. (Formerly Letter File 1, R2.)

T. Roosevelt, 1:
ALS, Theodore Roosevelt to "Dear little Miss Barbara" (Barbara Tower), "In the Lado, beside the White Nile," 1910 Feb. 2. In pencil.

S.W. Rowse, 1:
ALS , S.W. [Samuel Worcester] Rowse to "Dear Mrs. Emerson" (informing her of his delay in reaching New York, where she was expecting him), [year not given] Jan. 23. (AMC 056; purchased at online auction, 2001 Apr.)

B. Russell, 1:
ALS (requesting a midshipman’s appointment for son Horatio Nelson Russell), Benjamin Russell to James Monroe ("Your Excellency"), Boston, 1820 Oct. 9. (Formerly Letter File 1, R3.)



W.D. Safford, 1:
ALS, Ward Duren Safford to “Dear Parents” (addressed to “Mr Mark Safford, Washington, NH”), Concord [Mass.], 1835 Sept. 20, describing the recent 1835 bicentennial celebration of Concord’s incorporation.  (AMC 201; purchased of Fred Schmitt/Schmitt Investors Ltd. at online auction, 2011 Aug. 14.)

M. Sarton, 1:
ALS, May Sarton to Dr. Glenn Mitchell [Elizabeth G. Mitchell], 1986 Oct. 5, on reverse of printed poem "Blizzard" (Concord, N.H.: William B. Ewert, 1986; limited edition of 186 copies, of which 50 were printed on special paper and signed by Sarton), with envelope.

E.H. Sears, 1:
Autograph poem ("Christmas Hymn") by Edmond Hamilton Sears, [n.d.], with note by E.R. Hoar regarding gift of manuscript by Sears to Hoar. (Presented by E.R. Hoar. Formerly Letter File 1, S2.)

W.H. Seward, 1:
ALS, William H. [Henry] Seward to G.V. [Gustavus Vasa] Fox, Department of State, Washington, [D.C.], 1861 Dec. 29, on Department of State letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 1, S3.)

D. Shattuck, 1:
ALS, Daniel Shattuck to W.W. [William Willder] Wheildon, Boston, 1834 Jan. 8. (Formerly Letter File 3, S2.)

M. Sherwood, 1:
Two TLS, Mary P. [Pasco] Sherwood to Maude D. [Dorrance] French: Concord, Mass., 1964 Apr. 20, on Thoreau Wildgarden letterhead; Concord, Mass., 1964 Apr. 25, on Thoreau Wildgarden letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 9, F13 and F14.)

M.E.R. Simmons, 1:
ALS (regarding portrait of Ezra Ripley), Mary E. [Emerson Ripley] Simmons [Mrs. George F. Simmons] to "Dear Mr. Eaton," 1895 Jan. 11. (Formerly Letter File 9, S11.)

C.E. Snell, 1:
ALS, Charles E. Snell to "Friend Nathan" [Nathan S. Hosmer], Camp Parapet, New Orleans, [La.], 1863 May 26. (Formerly Letter File 13, H11.)

C. Stearns, 1:
ALS (letter of recommendation for Miss Kezia Stearns), Charles Stearns "To all persons whom it may concern," Lincoln, 1799 May 29. (Formerly Letter File 3A, S3.)

J. Story, 1:
ALS, Joseph Story to George W. Prescott, Salem, 1806 Feb. 2. ("From Dr. E. Jarvis." Formerly Letter File 1, S4.)

M. Stowe, 1:
ALS, M. [Mary] Stowe to Mary A. Moore, Mason Village, 1840 Aug. 16. (Formerly Letter File 3, M11.)

C. Sumner, 1:
ALS (recommending William Brigham as candidate for Senate), Charles Sumner to "My dear Sir," Court Street, 1848 Oct. 16 [?]. (Formerly Letter File 1, S5.)

C. Sumner, 2:
ALS, Charles Sumner to "Dear Sir," Coolidge House, Boston, [Mass.], 1870 July 30. (Formerly Letter File 1, S6.)

C. Sumner, 3:
ALS (note of thanks for gift of pen-holder), Charles Sumner to Mrs. Sarah B. Cragin, Senate Chamber, 1873 Dec. 10, with envelope. (Gift of Allen French. Formerly Letter File 1, S7.)

T.W. Surette, 1:
Two ALS, Thomas Whitney Surette to Miss Mary Walker: [no year given] July 8; Concord, Mass., 1928 Nov. 5, on personal letterhead. (Formerly Letter File 3, S5 and S4.)

T.W. Surette, 2:
ALS, Thomas Whitney Surette to “Dear Louisa” [Louisa Munroe, a student at Surette’s Concord Summer School of Music], Concord, 1935 June 11, on Concord Summer School of Music letterhead.  (Gift of Ross Harris, 2008 Dec. 11; AMC 169.)

W.C. Swain, 1:
ALS (letter of appreciation for Little Maid of Concord Town, with reference to Meliscent Barrett Swain), William C. Swain to Margaret Sidney [Harriet Mulford Stone (Mrs. Daniel) Lothrop], Milwaukee, [Wis.], [n.d.]. (Presented by Margaret M. Lothrop, 1960 Feb. 9; from the papers of Harriet Lothrop. Formerly Letter File 6, L7.)



G.A. Tewksbury, 1:
ALS, George A. Tewksbury to Mr. [George] Tolman, Concord, 1895 May 1. (Formerly Letter File 6, T2.)

L.H. Tharp, 1:
Two items (card and letter), Louise Hall Tharp to Miss [Sarah R.] Bartlett: Christmas card, [Darien, Conn., 1950 Dec.]; TLS, Darien, Conn., 1953 Dec. 14, on personal letterhead.

S.B. Thayer, 1:
ALS, Sophia B. Thayer to "My dear Myrtle" (Mrs. Samuel Ripley Bartlett [Eva Myrtle Whitcomb Bartlett]), [n.d.] ("Tuesday"), with envelope.

T. Tingey, 1:
ALS, T. [Thomas] Tingey to Benjamin Homans, Navy Yard, Washington, [D.C.], 1820 Sept. 1. (Formerly Letter File 1, T1.)

D. Tompkins, 1:
ALS, Daniel D. Tompkins to Smith Thompson, New York, [N.Y.], 1820 Aug. 21. (Formerly Letter File 1, T1.)

M. Twain, 1:
ALS, S.L. Clemens to "Dear Florence [Benson]," [New York, N.Y.], 1907 Dec. 1, on personal letterhead, plus typed transcript of Florence Benson’s letter to Clemens, 1907 Nov. 30, and a typed copy of her statement on her correspondence with Clemens (undated). (Formerly Letter File 6, C4a-C4c.)

C. Tyler, 1:
ALS, Charles M. Tyler to U.S. Marshal [John Shepard] Keyes, Petersburg, Va., 1864 June 14, on one sheet with ALS, C.M. Tyler to Mrs. [Sarah Barker Edes] Prescott and with dictated note (dying words) from George [Lincoln Prescott] to "My dearest Sallie" [Sarah B.E. Prescott] in hand of C.M. Tyler (both also dated 1864 June 14). (Formerly Letter File 3, T1.)

J. Tyler, 1:
ALS (letter of recommendation for appointment of Cincinatus [sic] Pryor as midshipman), John Tyler to "My D[ea]r Sir, 1825 Feb. 11. (Formerly Letter File 1, T3.)



ALS, G. [George] Washington to [Gen. Nathanael Greene], Middlebrook, [N.J.], 1779 Apr. 24. Framed. (Presented by William Munroe, 1873/1874.)

F. Wayland, 1:
ALS, F. [Francis] Wayland to Judge E. Miller, Providence, [R.I.], 1851 Mar. 25. (Formerly Letter File 1, W5.)

D. Webster, 1:
Printed Department of State form letter (regarding delivery of government documents), signed, with manuscript additions, Daniel Webster to "The President of Western College, Hopkinsville, Ky.," Washington, [D.C.], 1841 July 8. (Formerly Letter File 1, W6.)

J. Weiss, 1:
ALS, John Weiss to "My dear Mr. [Charles] Sumner," Watertown, [Mass.], 1865 Jan. 4. (Formerly Letter File 1, S8.)

H.L. Wheeler, 1:
Two ALS between Harriet Lincoln Wheeler and Maj. Gen. John E. Wool concerning the location of Union prisoners of war held by the Confederacy (including a son of H.L. Wheeler): H.L. [Harriet Lincoln] Wheeler to Maj. Gen. [John Ellis] Wool, Concord, Mass., 1862 Mar. 15; H. [Henry] Z. Hayner ("Maj. & aid to Maj. Genl. Jno. E. Wool") to Mrs. H.L. [Harriet Lincoln] Wheeler, "Head-quarters, Department of Va., Fort Monroe, Va.," 1862 Mar. 20, on Fort Monroe letterhead. (ALS from H.L. Lincoln to Gen. Wool AMC 053; purchased at online auction from Beltrone & Co., 2001 Feb. ALS from H.Z. Hayner to Mrs. Wheeler transferred from "Civil War Papers" collection.)

Whiting, 1:
ALS, Arthur Whiting to "Dear Dorothy," Hot Springs, Va., 1925 Oct. 1. (Formerly Letter File 13, W2.)

J. Wiley [?], 1:
ALS, J. Wiley [?] to Rev. Theodore Parker, Boston, [Mass.], 1850 Aug. 12. (Formerly Letter File 13, R1.)

O. Whyte, 1:
ALS, O. Whyte to William Parkman, Petersburg, Ga., 1801 Feb. 9. (Gift of Sarah D. Richardson, granddaughter of William Parkman. Formerly Letter File 1, W9.)

R.C. Winthrop, 1:
ALS, Robert C. [Charles] Winthrop to "My Dear Sir," [Boston, Mass.], [n.d.]. (Formerly Letter File 1, W10.)

F. L. Wood, 1:
Two ALS (with envelopes), Fannie L. Wood, Concord, Mass., to George [O. Farnsworth], Waltham, Mass.: 1889 Oct. 22; 1890 Feb. 26.  (AMC 109; gift of Leslie P. Wilson, 2004 Sept. 14;  purchased by LPW for CFPL at online auction.)

G.E. Woodberry, 1:
ALS, G.E. [George Edward] Woodberry to Mr. [Benjamin Reynolds] Bulkeley, Beverly, [Mass.], 1912 Jan. 11. (Formerly Letter File 1, W12.)

[Wright Tavern Coffee House organizers], 1:
Printed form letter (to accompany return of donations to subscribers who supported the unsuccessful Wright Tavern Coffee House project [described by Bessie Keyes Hudson in her memoir of Mrs. E.R. Hoar—Caroline Downes Brooks Hoar—as Mrs. Hoar’s project]), Concord, 1884 Oct. 18, with partial list of subscribers in pencil on reverse. (AMC 095; presented by Anne Ipsen, 2003 July 21.)

H.C. Wyeth, 1:
ALS, H.C. Wyeth to “Dear Brother Nathaniel,” Concord, 1854 Sept. 28.  (Purchased of Fred Schmitt/Schmitt Investors Ltd., 2009 Dec.)


Writer unidentified:

Writer unidentified, 1:
ALS (concerning cold weather, confinement indoors due to health, occupations to pass the time, Adams caring for Holstein stock, and local opinion of Concord School of Philosophy), "Your aff[ectionate] Bro[ther] William" to "Bro[ther] Sam[ue]l, Sudbury St., Concord, Mass., 1881 Feb. 3. (Presented by Anne Wanzer in memory of Bonnie Bracker, 1994 Jan. 21.)

Writer unidentified, 2:
Manuscript account of journey to Sackett’s Harbour to settle "the concerns of Col. Tuttle," 1813 October. (Formerly Letter File 8, S3.)

Writer unidentified, 3:
ALS (reporting information obtained at Sackett’s Harbour regarding the sickness and death of recipient’s brother, "the Col."), [unsigned] to "Dear Madam," 1813 Nov. 20. Letter (incomplete?) written on reverse of two copies of lease (1813 Nov. 17) between Josiah Meriam and Robert Kathrine, both of Concord, Mass. (Formerly Letter File 8, S8.)


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