Emerson Family Correspondence, 1827-1957

A45, Emerson, Unit 2


Envelope to ALS, Ellen T. Emerson to Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hofman, 1904 Apr. 15EXTENT:  42 items (1 container)

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT:  Five Series:  I. William and Susan Haven Emerson letters; II. Edward  and Annie Shepard  Keyes Emerson letters; III. Ellen Tucker Emerson  letters; IV. Raymond Emerson letters; V.  George Barrell Emerson letters.

BIOGRAPHY:  The oldest son of William and Ruth (Haskins) Emerson, William Emerson (1801-1868) was two years older than his brother Ralph Waldo Emerson.  He became a lawyer in New York City and married  Susan Woodward Haven  in 1833.  They lived on Staten Island.  William Emerson retired to Concord, Massachusetts, returning to New York City after his wife’s death.  He died September 13, 1868.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) was an American philosopher, essayist, poet, lecturer, Transcendentalist, and prominent citizen of Concord.  Emerson and his wife, Lidian (Jackson) Emerson (1802-1892) had four children including  Ellen Tucker Emerson (1839-1909) and Edward Waldo Emerson (1844-1930). The youngest of four, Edward attended Harvard College from 1861 to 1866.  After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1874, he became a doctor and practiced medicine in Concord until 1882.  He married Annie Shepard Keyes (1847-1928) in 1874. They had seven children.  After Ralph Waldo Emerson’s death Edward turned to painting, writing, and editing his father’s works.

Ellen Tucker Emerson (1839-1909), the first daughter of Ralph Waldo and Lidian lived in Concord throughout her life.  She did not marry.  Her adulthood was devoted to family, community, and religion.  As Emerson aged, she helped him in a variety of ways, as a traveling companion and an assistant.

Raymond Emerson (1886-1977), the youngest child of Edward and Annie Keyes Emerson, lived in Concord.  He married Amelia Forbes in 1913, became a civil engineer and later an investment manager.

George Barrell Emerson (1797-1881) was an educator and author of A Report on the Trees and Shrubs Growing Naturally in the Forests of Massachusetts (1846).  Like his distant cousin Ralph Waldo Emerson, he descended from Thomas Emerson of Ipswich and from Thomas's son Joseph.

Scope and Content:  Correspondence dating from 1827 to 1957, by and to Emersons in several generations: William and Susan Haven Emerson; Edward Waldo Emerson and his wife Annie Keyes Emerson; Ellen Tucker Emerson; Raymond Emerson; and George Barrell Emerson. Among the Emerson correspondents represented in the collection: Glen Walter Blodget; Rev. C.T. Brooks; Samuel Chapman; Edward Everett; Herbert W. Gleason; John D. Gilmore; Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Hofman; Silas M. Holden; Samuel G. Howe; Bessie Keyes Hudson; Woodward Hudson; Horace Mann; John H. Morison; Augusta Myers; George Putnam; Walton Ricketson; Gov. G.D. Robinson; James Walker; Margarett White; and Adeline D.T. Whitney.

Sources of Acquisition:  Multiple sources of acquisition. Ten letters purchased on Dec. 31, 2002, and paid for by an anonymous donation in Jan., 2003.  They include: S. H. Emerson to Alfred, n.d.;  Ellen Tucker Emerson to Mr. Prescott, n.d.; Ellen Tucker Emerson to Dear Sir, Mar. 9, 1880; Ellen Tucker Emerson to Miss Bates, Sept. 2, 1882; Edward Emerson to Charley, June 6th; Edward Emerson to Mr. Glen Walter Blodget; George B. Emerson to Mrs. Chas. D. O. White, Dec.13, 1861; George B. Emerson to Rev. C. T. Brooks, one dated May 7, 1846, the other July 4, 1861; William Emerson to George, Apr. 9, 1899. One letter A. F. Emerson (estate), a letter Edward Emerson to Mr. Keyes, n.d. Two letters donated by Mary R. Fenn, given to her by Mr. Wilmot; one Edward Emerson letter to Woodward [Hudson], Dec. 15, 1912; the other Edward Emerson to Bessie [Hudson], Aug. 23, 1912. A letter Ellen Tucker Emerson to Mr. and Mrs. Hofman dated Apr.  15, 1904 presented by an unnamed donor, brought by Mrs. Robert Gill in 1986. Mr. Charles S. Morgan donated two letters in l988, both written by Raymond Emerson, one to Mr. Morgan dated Oct. 7, 1957, the other to Mr. French dated Sept. 13th, 1935. A letter Herbert W. Gleason to Dr. Emerson dated May 14, l918, was presented by Anne Wanzer on Jan. 23, 2001. Three Ellen T. Emerson letters (to Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Ward, and Mr. Ireland) purchased of Up-Country Letters, Feb. 2011. 

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Notes/Comments:  21 items transferred from the CFPL Letter File: (former Letter File 1, A4, E3, E6, H17, P10, M2, M4, W2, W8; Letter File 3, E1, E2, E3, E4, E10, E11, E12, E13, E14; Letter File 3A, B20, E3, E4). Feb. 2011 purchases from Up-Country Letters accessioned (AMC 193).


Container List

Folder 1:
Series I.  William and Susan Haven Emerson letters:
ALS, William Emerson to Mr. Holden, 1868 Apr. 30.
ALS, William Emerson to Silas M. Holden, 1868 May 9.
ALS,. Susan H. Emerson to My dear Alfred, [n.d.]

Folder 2:
Series II.  Edward and Annie Shepard Keyes letters:
ALS, Edward Emerson to Mr. Glen Walter Blodget, [n.d.]
ALS, Edward Emerson to Dear Charley, June 6th.
ALS, John D. Gilmore to Edward Emerson,  [n.d.]
ALS, Edward Emerson to Mr. Keyes, [n.d.]
ALS, Edward Emerson to Governor Robinson, [n.d.]
ALS (encapsulated), Edward Emerson to Walton Ricketson (regarding Ricketson's bust of Thoreau), 1898 Oct. 15.
ALS, Edward Emerson to Dear George, 1899 April 9.
ALS, Edward Emerson to Dear Bessie [Hudson], 1912 August 23.
ALS, Edward Emerson to Mrs. Woodward [Bessie] Hudson, 1912 December 15, with envelope.
TLS, Herbert Gleason to Edward Emerson, 1918 May 14.
ALS, Edward Emerson to Mr. French, 1920 February 20.
ALS, Annie S. Emerson to Woodward [Hudson], [1926] February 20.
ALS, Annie S. Emerson to Sally, [n.d.]

Folder 3:
Series III. Ellen Tucker Emerson letters:
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Dear Sir, 1880 March 9.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Miss Bates, 1882 September 2.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mrs. Ward, 1896 Feb. 24.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mr. Ireland, 1897 Dec. 18.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mr. Metcalf, 1901 March 25.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Miss [Augusta] Myers, 1904 March 5.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Miss [Augusta] Myers, 1904 March 19.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mr. And Mrs. H.O. Hofman, 1904 April 15.
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mr. Gordon, [n.d.]
ALS, Ellen Emerson to Mrs. Prescott, [n.d.]

Folder 4:
IV. Raymond Emerson letters:
ALS, Raymond Emerson to Mr. French, 1935 September 13.
ALS, Raymond Emerson to Dear Sally, 1947 August 4.
ALS, Raymond Emerson to Mr. Morgan, 1957 7 October.

Folder 5:
V. George B. Emerson letters:
ALS, Edward Everett to G.B. Emerson, 1827 August 6.
ALS, (draft), S.G. Howe to G.B. Emerson, 1845 April.
ALS, Horace Mann to G.B. Emerson, 1845 April 18.
ALS, G.B. Emerson to Rev. C.T. Brooks, 1845 May 7.
ALS, George Putnam to G.B. Emerson, 1846, May 14.
ALS, Adeline D.T. Whitney to G.B. Emerson, 1859 December 29.
ALS, John H. Morison to G.B. Emerson, 1860 February 22.
ALS, Edward Everett to G.B. Emerson, 1860 June 13.
ALS, G.B. Emerson to Rev. C.T. Brooks, 1861 July 20 [?]
ALS, G.B. Emerson to Mrs. D.O. White [Margarett White], 1861 December 13.
ALS, James Walker to G.B. Emerson, 1863 July 25.
ALS, W. [?] Bartlett to G.B. Emerson, 1865 January 2.
ALS, Samuel Chapman to Mr. [G.B.] Emerson, 1871 March 19, on Hampton [Va.] Normal and Agricultural Institute letterhead.

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