Charles Darling’s Photographs of Concord Gardens, 1920-1929

Vault B5, Unit 24


EXTENT: One container.

ORGANIZATION: One series, listed chronologically, then alphabetically within each year.

BIOGRAPHIES: Photographer Charles Darling is associated with the towns of Medford and Salem, Massachusetts. Darling was a photographer in the style of Wallace Nutting, concentrating primarily on antiquarian subjects. Mrs. Florence Taft Eaton, born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts in 1857, was the wife of William Lorenzo Eaton, a principal and superintendent of the Concord Public Schools. They had four sons and a daughter. Mrs. Eaton was a prolific writer in her later years, writing on both domestic and historical topics, including district schools, Thanksgiving in New England, Ephraim Bull’s Concord grape, and the “up-to-the-minute kitchen.” In 1928 she published a piece titled “Broader Horizons for Women.” Several of her articles are available in William Munroe Special Collections. Mrs. Eaton died in 1939.

SCOPE & CONTENT: The collection consists of twenty-nine photographs of various Concord gardens taken between 1920 and 1929 by photographer Charles Darling, at least in part to illustrate a series of articles by Florence Taft Eaton. Gardens include those of Mr. Stedman Buttrick, Mrs. Sherman Hoar, architect Harry Little and Mrs. Russell Robb.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Source undiscovered.

PROCESSED BY:  C. Manoli-Skocay, April 2014.


Container List


Folder 1: Ralph Waldo Emerson House, Cambridge Turnpike, Concord. Mrs. Florence Taft Eaton in the garden, [ca. 1920].

Folder 2: House of Mr. Charles Pepper, Elm Street, Concord. Taken the year following the great ice storm (1921), 1922.

Folder 3: Mr. Charles S. Richardson garden, River Street, Concord. Vegetable garden, view looking across the river toward Wood Street, [ca. 1925].

Folder 4: Mrs. Alfred Curtis garden, 1927.
Folder 5: Mr. Harry Little garden, “The Edge of the Wood” at Littleholme, 1927 (includes negative).
Folder 6: Old hemlocks, Assabet River (north branch), Concord, 1927.
Folder 7: Stone House garden, Lexington Road, Concord, 1927.

1927 & 1929
Folder 8: Mrs. Russell Robb garden, Monument Street, Concord. “Up to the Hill,”; Mrs. Robb’s garden (vertical orientation, with birch trees); Mrs. Robb’s garden, with manicured path between flower beds; Mrs. Robb’s garden, with manicured path, fence, shed, all 1927.
Folder 9: Mrs. Russell Robb garden, Monument Street, Concord. Informal hillside rock planting; hillside rock planting (two copies); the “garden path”; showing path (curved); showing path (manicured); showing house (two copies), all 1929.
Folder 10: The Wayside, Lexington Road, Concord. Side yard (west) and boulder leading to path, 1927.
Folder 11: The Wayside, Lexington Road, Concord. Stone steps leading to the ridge at the rear of the house, 1929.

Folder 12: Mr. Stedman Buttrick garden, Monument Street, Concord. On the old Buttrick farm, Concord River in distance; showing Buttrick Mansion; 7 additional images showing plantings, paths, walls, gate, 1929.
Folder 13: Mrs. Charles F. Edgarton, Sr. garden, Main Street, Concord. Terrace garden, view overlooking river toward northwest and Nashawtuc Hill, 1929.
Folder 14: Mrs. Sherman Hoar garden at Battle Lawn, Liberty Street, Concord; conservatory at Battle Lawn, 1929.



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