Vault A75, Belk., Unit 1

Belknap House


EXTENT: 2 containers.

I. Financial records, 1992-2003
II: Operational records, 1992-1999
III. Board of Directors records, 1992-1997
IV. Correspondence, 1992-2000
V. Ruth Ames papers, 1993-2003
VI. Photographs, 1989-1997
VI.A. Birthdays and celebrations, 1989-1997
VI.B. Grounds and maintenance, 1993-1996.

HISTORY: The Belknap House was a residence for independent seniors located at 207 Main Street, Concord. Open from 1978 until 2004, it was run by Concord Alternative Residence (CAR), a non-profit organization that worked to provide a home for healthy seniors age 65 and older who no longer wished to live alone or be responsible for household tasks. The house was comprised of nine rooms, each with its own bathroom, as well as living rooms, a dining room, library, and kitchen, all available to residents. The residents divided the costs of running the house, and everything but nursing care was provided. The residence was run by a manager who worked under the advisement of the Concord Alternative Residence Board of Directors, as well as a small staff.

The historic building was originally located nearby, but moved to its current lot in the 1830s following a fire. Sewall F. Belknap, a railroad contractor, lived in Concord from 1843 until 1847, and it is believed he was responsible for the house's renovations after its move to this lot, though he may never have lived in the house. Belknap was in charge of the construction of the Fitchburg Railroad, which brought great social changes to Concord, and his name remained prominent as a result. The house had several other owners before being purchased by Concord Alternative Residence, Inc. in 1977 and named Belknap House.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Materials, 1989-2003 (bulk 1992-1999), generated and collected by the Belknap House and its associates. It is believed that the collection was originally arranged and kept by Ruth Ames, manager of the house from 1993 until 2000.
Series I contains tax forms, insurance paperwork, wage and tax reports, accounting reports, audited financial statements, and materials regarding bonuses from 1992-2003.
Series II contains the operational materials of Ruth Ames, Belknap House manager from 1992 to 1999. The materials were originally kept in two binders, with some loose papers of operational materials. The series includes materials such as job descriptions, signage, operational manuals for food service, etc.
Series III contains materials regarding the Board of Directors, such as monthly reports from the manager, meeting agendas and minutes, and materials related to Board operations and committees, 1992-1997.
Series IV contains correspondence to and from the Belknap House and its manager, Ruth Ames 1992-2000, arranged chronologically. This includes letters to members of the community and future residents, information packets for interested residents, and memos to staff and current residents.
Series V contains personal documents and correspondence of Ruth Ames, 1993-2003. The series includes copies of her resume (undated), performance appraisals, some correspondence, and newspaper clippings.
Series VI contains photographs 1989-1997. The photographs are divided into two subseries.
VI.A Birthdays and celebrations, 1989-1997.
VI.B Grounds and maintenance, 1993-1996. The photographs and negatives are separated by event or subject and arranged chronologically, except for a small number of undated photographs.

ACQUISITION: Donated by Paricia E. Gerty, executrix of the estate of Ruth Ames.

PROCESSED BY: Erin Kelley, finding aid completed 7 December 2015.


Series I: Financial records, 1992-2003

Box 1, Folder 1: Annual 1099 tax forms and accompanying notes, 1993-1999.

Box 1, Folders 2-6: Unemployment insurance paperwork and notes, 1993-2000.

Box 1, Folders 7-10: ADP quarterly wage and tax reports, 1993-1996.

Box 1, Folders 11-17: Annual W-2 forms and related notes, 1993-1999.

Box 1, Folders 18-23: Monthly accounting reports, June 1997-May 2000.

Each month's report to the treasurer includes: payroll detail; payroll summary journal entry; operating account disbursement pages; house account disbursement pages; capital account checks, charges, and credits; copies of capital item invoices; rent roll for coming month; annotated rent roll for prior month; copies of detail deposit slips, or list of detail by deposit.

Box 1, Folders 24-25: Annual financial statements, 1993-1999.

Materials include: audited financial statements prepared by Mathias, Barnes and Henshaw, P.C. (1993-1997) and Sheridan & Company (1998-1999); some unaudited statements from 1997. Statements are predominantly comparative reviews of CAR's financials on May 31st of the current year and the prior year.

Box 1, Folder 26: Christmas bonus memos and letters, 1995-1998.

Materials include: memos between Ruth Ames and the current president of the Board of Directors regarding bonus amounts for the staff, drafts and final copies of letters to staff accompanying bonus check.

Box 1, Folder 27: Miscellaneous financial records, 1992-2003.

Materials include: company trust account summary from 1992, certificate of tax exemption, budget for fiscal year 1994-1995, contributions for fiscal year 1995-1996, investment performance report for fiscal year 1996-1997, and a quarterly portfolio review from 2003.

Series II: Operational records, 1992-1999

Box 1, Folder 28: Manager's binder, 1992-1994.

Materials include: birthday and contact lists; job descriptions and applications; work schedules; food service, clean up, and lock up procedures; staff policy; signage for house; memos to staff and residents from Ruth Ames; blank new resident paperwork; information on nearby senior living facilities; history of the house; training certificates; and medical forms for 1994 residents.

Box 1, Folder 29: Manager's binder, 1999.

Materials include: memos to staff and residents from Ruth Ames; birthday and contact lists; room and board rates; food service operations manual; and house signage.

Box 1, Folder 30: Loose operational materials, 1994-1998.

Materials include: birthday and contact lists; staff procedures manual; room and board rates; memos to staff and residents from Ruth Ames; food service operations manual; and lists of friends, volunteers, and vendors.

Series III: Board of Directors records, 1992-1997

Box 1, Folder 31: Monthly reports from the manager, 1993-1997 (with gaps).

Materials include: reports sent by Ruth Ames to members of the CAR Board of Directors to update them on residents, facilities, staffing, etc. Gap from Oct. 1994 - May 1996.

Box 1, Folder 32: Meeting agendas and minutes of the CAR Board of Directors, 1992-1997.

Box 1, Folder 33: Materials related to CAR Board operations, committees, and communications, 1992-2000.

Materials include: by-laws of the Board; duties of officers; contact sheets; committee reports; communications within the Board members; packet of information for Board members; guest list for annual meeting; dealings with NEDA; and a memo of understanding with Carleton-Willard Village, Inc.

Series IV: Correspondence, 1992-2000

Box 1, Folder 34

Series V: Ruth Ames papers, 1993-2003

Box 1, Folder 35

Box 2

Series VI: Photographs, 1989-1997

Subseries VI.A: Birthdays and celebrations, 1989-1997

Box 2, Folders 1-62

Materials include: photographs and negatives of birthdays, retirement parties, holidays, picnics, and some miscellaneous celebrations.

Subseries VI.B: Grounds and maintenance, 1993-1996

Box 2, Folders 63-72

Materials include: photographs and negatives of the Belknap house grounds and interior, as well as maintenance work done in 1994.


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