Ashworth Airphoto Aerial Photographs of Concord, Mass., [ca. 1938]

Ashworth air photo no. 24.
Image no. 24: Nashawtuc Hill, Boston & Lowell line tracks, Barrett's Mill Road, Spencer Brook, Nick Macone's Pond,
Sudbury & Assabet Rivers, Egg Rock, Route 2, Howard Johnson's Restaurant, Derby Farm, Route 62.

Vault, B5,Unit 20

EXTENT: One container.

ORGANIZATION: Organized into two series. Series I: Aerial photographs, taken from lower elevation (42 photos); Series II: Aerial photographs, taken from higher elevation (34 photos).

HISTORY: Undetermined.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Two series of aerial photographs taken of the town of Concord, Massachusetts, 1938 (determined to be taken prior to the Hurricane of
21 September 1938). The photographs measure 23.5 cm. x 17.5 cm.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Gift of Marcia Rasmussen for Concord Dept. of Planning and Land Management, 2002.

NOTES/COMMENTS: Map locations identified with the assistance of Richard Stevenson.

PROCESSED BY: C. Manoli-Skocay, April 2011.

Container List

Series I: Aerial photographs taken from lower elevation

            Ashworth        Description

1.         Unnumbered  Topographic reconnaissance map of Concord, key to Series I
                                    aerial photos, undated.
2.         3                      Route 2, Concord-Lincoln town line. Includes Sandy (Flint’s)                        
                                    Pond, Goose Pond, Crosby’s Pond, Fairyland Pond, Walden Pond,
                                    Walden Breezes Trailer Park, Crosby’s Corner, Cambridge
                                    Turnpike, Walden Street, Pine Hill.

3          4                      Route 2, Cambridge Turnpike. Includes Sandy Pond Road,
                                    Crosby’s Pond, Route 2A connector, Lexington Road, Hawthorne                     
                                    Lane, Old Bedford Road, Kenney Farms, Bedford Street,  
                                    Marabello House (old school house moved from behind the
                                    Concord Free Public Library).

4.         5                      Bedford Street, Lexington Road, Virginia Road. Includes    
                                    Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Great Meadows, St. Bernard’s     
                                    Cemetery, Meriam’s Corner, Thoreau Birthplace, Old Bedford
                                    Road, Sewage Treatment Plant, Concord River, Kenney Farms,                  
                                    Gowing’s Swamp.

5.         6                     Bedford Street, Concord River. Includes Great Meadows,
                                   Concord-Bedford town line, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, St.                     
                                   Bernard’s Cemetery, Prescott Road, Virginia Road, Old Bedford
                                   Road, Monument Street.

6.        7                      Bedford Street, Concord River, Monument Street. Includes      
                                   Bedford town line, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Ball’s Hill Road,
                                   Great Meadows.

7.        8                      Concord River, Monument Street. Includes Ball’s Hill Road,
                                   Lawrence Farm.

8.        9                     Concord-Bedford-Carlisle town lines. Includes Concord
                                  River, Monument Street, Route 225 Bridge.

9.       13                    Fairhaven Bay, Concord-Lincoln town line. Includes Sudbury
                                  River, Lee’s Bridge, Farrar’s Pond, Sam Staples’ Camp, C. F.       
                                  Adams Estate (Lincoln), Boston & Maine Line tracks, Route 126,   
                                  Mt. Misery.

10.       14                   Fairhaven Bay, Walden Pond.  Includes Concord-Lincoln town
                                   line, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Route 126, Pine Hill, C.F.   
                                   Adams  Estate (Concord), Thompson House, Sam Staples’ Camp.

11.      15                    Route 2, Walden Pond. Includes Goose Pond, Walden Street,
                                   Fairyland Pond, Thoreau Street, Boston & Maine Line tracks, C.F.
                                   Adams Estate (Concord), Sudbury Road, Potter Street, Fairhaven
                                   Road, Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Macone sand pits (present
                                   CCHS site), Brister’s Hill, Deep Cut, Laurel Glen.

12.      16                    Concord Center, Route 2, Boston & Maine line tracks. Includes
                                   Macone sand pits, Fairyland Pond, Cambridge Turnpike, Lexington 
                                   Road, Sudbury Road, Fairhaven Road, Potter Street, Mill Brook,
                                   Hawthorne Lane, Heywood Street, Nashawtuc Bridge.

13.      17                    Concord Center, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Includes Boston &
                                   Maine Line tracks, Route 2, Egg Rock, Concord, Sudbury &
                                   Assabet Rivers, Walden Street, Thoreau Street, Macone sand pits,                   
                                   Fairyland Pond, Cambridge Turnpike, Lexington Road, Sudbury
                                   Road, Fairhaven Road, Potter Street, Mill Brook, Hawthorne Lane, 
                                   Heywood Street, Nashawtuc Bridge, Lowell Road, Bedford Street,
                                   St. Bernard’s Cemetery.

14.      18                    Old North Bridge, Great Meadows. Includes Lowell Road, Bed-
                                   ford Street, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, St. Bernard’s Cemetery,
                                   Flint’s Bridge, Monument Street, Barnes Hill Road, Estabrook
                                   Woods, Estabrook Road, Egg Rock.

15.      19 (2)              Monument Street, Concord River, Great Meadows. Includes
                                   Lowell Road, Old North Bridge, Punkatasset Hill, Hutchins Farm,
                                   Sewage Treatment Plant, Saw Mill Brook.

16.      20                    Monument Street, Ball’s Hill Road, Concord River. Includes
                                   Hutchins Farm, Robb House, Lawrence Farm, Saw Mill Brook,
                                   Punkatasset Hill.

17.      21                    Monument Street to Concord-Carlisle town line. Includes
                                   Lawrence Farm, Ball’s Hill Road.

18.      22                    Concord-Carlisle town line, Monument Street.

19.      25                    Concord-Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln town lines. Includes
                                   Brigham Farm, Lee’s Bridge, Sudbury Road, Garfield Road,
                                   Wheeler-Anderson Farm, Nine Acre Corner, Sudbury River,
                                   Farrar’s Pond, Wheeler Road, Fitchburg Turnpike (Route 117),
                                   Andy Boy Farms, Plainfield Road, Frank Wheeler Farm
                                   (Nashawtuc Country Club).

20.      26                    Nine Acre Corner. Includes Sudbury Road, Garfield Road,
                                   Fitchburg Turnpike (Route 117), Plainfield Road, Powder Mill
                                   Road, Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Seven Star Lane, Conantum                  
                                   area, White Pond, Frank Wheeler Farm, Wheeler-Anderson Farm,  
                                   Brigham Farm, Lee’s Bridge, Fairhaven Bay, Derby/Beede Farm.

21.      27                    Sudbury Road, Sudbury River. Includes Conantum area,
                                   Heath’s Bridge (Hubbard’s Bridge), Fairhaven Hill, C.F. Adams                
                                   Estate (Concord), Thompson House, Derby/Beede Farm, Dr.  
                                   MacDonald House, Seven Star Lane, Dumain Estate, Garfield
                                   Road, Route 2, Potter Street, Bigelow/Souter Estate, Old Road to  
                                   Nine Acre Corner, Williams Road, Concord Country Club,  
                                   Mattison Farm, Jones Farm, Flint House, Powder Mill Road,  
                                   Green’s Pond.

22.      28                    Sudbury River, Concord Country Club. Includes Route 2,
                                   Sudbury Road, Heath’s Bridge (Hubbard’s Bridge), Bigelow/                     
                                   Souter Estate, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Judge French
                                   House/Victory Lee Stables, Coolidge Park, Main Street (Route 62),  
                                   Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Edison Substation, Emerson  
                                   Hospital, Rivercrest, Deaconess Home, Cottage Street, Old Bridge
                                   Road, Lowell Road, Assabet River, Upland Road, Harrington
                                   Avenue, Williams Road, Mattison Farm, Jones Farm, Jenny Dugan  

23.      29                    Main Street toward West Concord, Route 2. Includes   
                                   Sudbury River, Sudbury Road, Elm Street, Concord Center, 
                                   Nashawtuc Hill, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Assabet River, Old  
                                   Bridge Road, Harvey Wheeler House, Coolidge Park, Concord
                                   Country Club, Emerson Hospital, Rivercrest, Deaconess Home,
                                   West Concord Junction, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Upland  
                                   Road, Old Marlborough Road, Cottage Street.

24.      30                    Nashawtuc Hill. Includes Wright Farm, College Road, Strawberry
                                   Hill Road, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Barrett’s Mill Road,
                                   Spencer Brook, Nick Macone’s Pond, Nashoba Road, Crescent
                                   Street, Concord, Sudbury & Assabet Rivers, Egg Rock, Baker
                                   Avenue, Route 2, Howard Johnson’s Restaurant, Assabet Avenue,  
                                   Grove Street, Derby Farm (General Radio site), Boston & Maine
                                   Line tracks, Main Street (Route 62).

25.      31                    Spencer Brook. Includes Macone’s Pond, Lowell Road, Barrett’s
                                   Mill Road, Barrett’s Mill, Barnes Hill Road, Assabet River,
                                   Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Strawberry Hill Road, College Road,
                                   Wright Farm, Grove Street, Assabet Avenue.

26.      32                    Bateman’s Pond. Includes Middlesex School, portion of
                                   Estabrook Woods, Lowell Road, Westford Road, Farmer’s Cliff,
                                   Gladys Clark’s house and farm, Spencer Brook, Spencer Brook  
                                   Road, Strawberry Hill Road, Macone Farms, Barrett’s Mill Pond,
                                   College Road, Concord-Acton town line.

27.      33                    Concord-Acton and Concord-Carlisle town lines. Includes 
                                   Bateman’s Pond, Middlesex School, Lowell Road, Westford
                                   Road, Spencer Brook, Spencer Brook Road, Triangle Farm,
                                   section of Estabrook Woods, Pope Road.

28.      40                    Fitchburg Turnpike (Route 117), Concord-Sudbury town
                                   line. Includes portion of White Pond, Boston & Lowell Line tracks,             
                                   Old Pickard Road.

29.      41                    White Pond, Concord-Sudbury town line. Includes Powder
                                   Mill Road, Boston & Lowell line tracks, Old Marlborough Road,
                                   Plainfield Road.

30.      42                    Powder Mill Road. Includes Powder Mills, Hayward’s Pond, Old
                                   Pickard Road, section of White Pond, Boston & Lowell Line tracks,
                                   Old Marlborough Road, Plainfield Road.

31.      43                    West Concord. Includes Second Division Brook, Hayward’s
                                   Pond, Hayward’s Mill, Crest Street, Damon Mill, Old Rifle
                                   Range, Williams Road, Assabet River.

32.      44                    West Concord, Concord-Acton town line. Includes Warner’s
                                   Pond, Assabet River, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Boston &
                                   Lowell Line tracks, West Concord Railroad Station, Main Street
                                   (Route 62), Massachusetts Avenue, Route 2 at Assabet Avenue,   
                                   Elm Street at Route 2, Nashoba Brook, Old Bridge Road, Old
                                   Marlborough Road, Pine Street, West Concord School, Harvey  
                                   Wheeler School, Harrington Avenue, Harrington House, Damon  
                                   Mill, Old Stow Road, Howard Johnson’s Restaurant, Conant Street,
                                   Rideout Playground, Second Division Brook, Hayward’s Pond,
                                   Hayward’s Mill, Crest Street.

33.      45                    Warner’s Pond, Concord-Acton line. Includes West Concord,
                                   Assabet River, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Boston & Lowell line
                                   tracks (Old Colony line), Nashoba Brook, Commonwealth Ave. 
                                   Concord Reformatory, Prison Farm, Union Turnpike, Route 2,  
                                   Route 2A, Main Street (Route 62), Church Street, Lawsbrook  
                                   Road, Barrett’s Mill Road, College Road, Conant Street, Derby  
                                   Farm, Harness Factory.

34.      46                    Concord-Acton town line, West Concord. Includes Annursnac
                                   Hill Reservoir, Route 2, Route 2A, Concord Reformatory, Barrett’s
                                   Mill Road, Mass. Ave., Commonwealth Avenue, Boston & Lowell
                                   Line tracks, Nashoba Brook, Warner’s Pond, Assabet Avenue,
                                   Grove Street.

35.      47                    Concord-Acton town line, Strawberry Hill Road. Includes
                                   Annursnac Hill Reservoir.

36.      54                    Concord-Acton-Maynard-Sudbury town lines. Includes Assabet
                                   River, Damon Mill, Powder Mills, Hayward’s Pond.

37.      55                    Concord-Acton line, Assabet River. Includes Powder Mills,
                                   Boston & Maine Line tracks, Hayward’s Pond, Route 62, Damon

38.      82                    Concord Center, Sudbury River. Includes Route 2, Conantum
                                   area, Sudbury Road, Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Boston &              
                                   Lowell Line tracks, Potter Street, Fairhaven Road, Boston & Maine
                                   Line tracks, Main Street, Elm Street, Nashawtuc Hill, Baker
                                   Avenue, Crescent Street, Nashoba Road, Old Marlborough Road,
                                   Williams Road, Coolidge Park.

39.      84                    Great Meadows, Monument Street. Includes Concord River,
                                   Saw Mill Brook, Hutchins Pond, Flint’s Bridge, Fenn School,
                                   Pippin Tree Farm, Hutchins Farm, Punkatasset Hill,
                                   Robb/Kahn/Redstone/Hack home, Liberty Street, Buttrick Estate
                                   and groundskeeper’s buildings, Barnes Hill Road, Barrett’s Mill
                                   Road, Estabrook Road, Clark Farm and barn, Lowell Road,
                                   Hildreth Corner, Hildreth House, Farmer’s Cliff.

40.      85                    Monument Street.  Includes Ball’s Hill Road, Lawrence Farms,
                                   October Farm.

41.      89                    Great Meadows, Old North Bridge, Concord River. Includes
                                   Flint’s Bridge, Middlesex RR tracks, Lowell Road, Estabrook
                                   Road, Spencer Brook.
42.      90                    Bateman’s Pond, Lowell Road. Includes Middlesex School,
                                   section of Estabrook Woods, Estabrook Road, Westford Road.        

Series II: Aerial photographs taken from higher elevation

1.         H37-F-127      Acton, Nashoba Brook.

2.         H37-F-142      Concord Center, Concord River, Cambridge Turnpike.
                                    Includes Great Meadows, Middlesex RR tracks, Bedford Street,
                                    Crosby’s Pond, Route 2.

3.         H37-F-143      Concord River, Lexington Road, Virginia Road. Includes
                                    Great Meadows, Monument Street, Bedford Street, Old Bedford
                                    Road, Concord-Bedford town line, Middlesex RR tracks, Meriam’s
                                    Corner, Bedford Levels, Old North Bridge, Flint’s Bridge.

4.         H37-F-144      Concord River, Lexington Road, Monument Street. Includes
                                    Bedford Levels, Virginia Road, Middlesex RR tracks, Ball’s
                                    Hill Road.      

5.         H37-F-145      Concord River, Route 225 Bridge. Includes Monument Street,
                                    Ball’s Hill Road.

6.         H37-F-146      Concord River, Concord-Bedford town line. Include Monument
                                    Street, Bedford Street.

7.         H37-F-147      Bateman’s Pond, Middlesex School, Concord-Carlisle town

8.         H37-F-148      Bateman’s Pond, Middlesex School. Includes Hutchins Pond,
                                    Monument Street, Concord River, Ball’s Hill Road.

9.         H37-F-149      Concord River, Monument Street, Bateman’s Pond. Includes
                                    Hutchins Pond, Macone’s Pond, Great Meadows, Lowell Road.
10.       H37-F-150      Concord River, Concord Center, Nashawtuc Hill. Includes
                                    Great Meadows, Middlesex RR tracks, Monument Street,  
                                    Macone’s Pond, Route 2, Bedford Street.

11.       H37-F-151      Concord Center, Concord, Sudbury & Assabet Rivers. Includes
                                    Egg Rock, Boston & Maine line tracks, Middlesex RR tracks,
                                    Nashawtuc Hill, Monument Street, Bedford Street, Macone’s     
                                    Pond, Route 2.

12.       H37-F-152      Concord Center, Route 2, Boston & Maine line tracks. Includes
                                    Nashawtuc Hill, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Concord, Sudbury
                                    and Assabet Rivers, Egg Rock, Lowell Road, Walden Street,
                                    Sudbury Road, St. Bernard’s Cemetery, Goose Pond, Crosby’s
                                    Pond, Fairyland Pond, Old North Bridge, Meriam’s Corner,
                                    Gowing’s Swamp.

13.       H37-F-153      Concord Center, Route 2, Walden Pond. Includes Fairhaven
                                    Bay, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Sudbury Road, Route 126,  
                                    Laurel Glen, Sandy Pond Road, Cambridge Turnpike, Concord-
                                    Lincoln town line.

14.       H37-F-154      Walden Pond, Route 2, Fairhaven Bay. Includes Boston &
                                    Maine Line tracks, Sudbury Road, Route 126, Conantum area,
                                    Laurel Glen, Concord-Lincoln town line.

15.       H37-F-155      Fairhaven Bay, Sudbury River. Includes Fitchburg Turnpike
                                   (Route 117), Boston & Maine Line tracks, Nine Acre Corner,
                                   Garfield Road, Sudbury Road, Conantum area, Concord-Lincoln town line.

16.       H37-F-156      Sudbury River, Lee’s Bridge. Includes Lincoln, Wayland, Sud-
                                    bury town lines, Farrar’s Pond, Garfield Road, Fitchburg Turnpike
                                   (Route 117).    

17.       H37-F-157      Sudbury River, Farrar’s Pond. Includes section of Wayland, 
                                    Concord-Lincoln town line.

18.       H37-F-158      Sudbury River, section of Wayland.          

19.       H37-F-159      Sudbury River, section of Wayland (continuing southwest).

20.       H37-F-170      White Pond, Boston & Lowell Line tracks. Includes Fitchburg
                                    Turnpike (Route 117), Hayward’s Pond, Powder Mill Road, Old
                                    Marlborough Road.

21.       H37-F-171      West Concord, Assabet River, Concord River. Includes
                                    Damon Mill, Boston & Lowell Line tracks, Route 62, Hayward’s
                                    Pond, Sudbury Road, White Pond.

22.       H37-F-172      West Concord, Warner’s Pond, Assabet River. Includes
                                     Route 2, Elm Street, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Boston &             
                                     Lowell Line tracks, Hayward’s Pond, Damon Mill, Concord
                                     Reformatory, Sudbury River.

23.       H37-F-173      West Concord, Warner’s Pond, Assabet River (continuing
                                     north). Includes Route 2, Boston & Maine Line tracks, Sudbury

24.       H37-F-174      West Concord, Warner’s Pond, Annursnac Hill Reservoir.
                                     Includes Concord Reformatory, Nashoba Brook, Spencer Brook,
                                     Nashawtuc Hill.

25.       H37-F-175      Annursnac Hill Reservoir, Spencer Brook, Bateman’s Pond.
                                    Includes Assabet River, College Road, Barrett’s Mill Road.

26.       H37-F-176      Bateman’s Pond, Lowell Road, Bedford-Carlisle town
                                    line. Includes Middlesex School.

27.       H37-F-177      Lowell Road, Westford Road, Pope Road. Includes Bateman’s
                                    Pond, Strawberry Hill Road, Concord-Carlisle town line.

28.       H37-F-178      Acton, Nashoba Brook. Includes Acton Cemetery.

29.       H37-F-179      Acton, Nashoba Brook, Annursnac Hill Reservoir. Includes
                                    Acton Cemetery.

30.       H37-F-180      Concord-Acton town line, Nashoba Brook. Includes Concord
                                    Reformatory, Annursnac Hill Reservoir, Acton Cemetery,
                                    Massachusetts Avenue, Concord Turnpike.

31.       H37-F-181      Warner’s Pond, Concord-Acton town line, Annursnac Hill
                                    Reservoir. Includes Nashoba Brook, Concord Reformatory,
                                    Boston & Maine Line tracks, Boston & Lowell Line tracks,
                                    Commonwealth Avenue, Rideout Playground.

32.       H37-F-182      West Concord, Warner’s Pond, Assabet River. Includes
                                    Sudbury River, Concord-Acton town line.

33.       H37-F-184      Assabet River, White Pond, Acton-Maynard-Sudbury town
                                    lines. Includes Boston & Maine Line tracks, Boston & Lowell Line
                                    tracks, Powder Mills, Hayward’s Pond, Fitchburg Turnpike (Route

34.       H37-F-244R   Acton, Nashoba Brook.

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