Vault A75, REUSIT, Unit 1

EXTENT: 1 linear foot (2 containers and 1 oversize folder)

ORGANIZATION: Seven series: I. Minutes, agendas and financial reports, 1978-2001; II. Events and programs, 1972-2004; III. Topical issues, [197?]-1993; IV. History of recycling and REUSIT in Concord, 1983, 2000, plus undated material; V. RENEWSIT newsletter, 1991-1998; VI. Newspaper/magazine clippings, [197?]-2007; VII. Materials by form, 1970-1999.

HISTORY: REUSIT, Inc. (Rescue the Environment and Us from being Smothered in Trash) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1972 to address issues of recycling in the town of Concord, MA. Spearheaded by Marian Thornton, REUSIT volunteers initiated Concord’s recycling program in 1971 and managed it until 1989, when the town of Concord assumed this responsibility. The goals of REUSIT (still an active organization) are threefold: 1) to preserve and protect the environment by recycling waste materials, by encouraging the wise conservation and use of natural resources and by creating an environmental ethic; 2) to contribute to the reduction and/or elimination of pollution; 3) to further the well-being of the community through education and citizen action.

The present activities of REUSIT include: promoting home composting; supporting environmental/recycling/waste reduction legislation and ballot initiatives; producing the column “The Recycling Bin” for The Concord Journal; planning and organizing the semiannual “SWAPOFF” and “DROPOFF” in conjunction with Concord Public Works; group visits to local recycling facilities of many sorts; contributing to, and cooperating with, other organizations whose programs and activities are supportive of REUSIT’s goals; adult education workshops and public meetings on environmental concerns and waste management issues.

In the early days, the education, advocacy, and public service activities were financed from the sale of newspaper and glass recycling. With the town assuming this responsibility, that income is no longer available.  REUSIT has become a broadly based membership organization, the programs of which now rely upon dues and contributions.  All are welcome, including residents of other towns. Members are kept informed of new developments, programs, legislative action, and opportunities to participate in such activities as the semiannual “SWAPOFF” and "DROPOFF" each spring and fall in Concord. Meetings are held monthly.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Records, 1970-2007, consisting of: minutes, agendas and financial reports of board meetings, 1978-2001(incomplete); planning notes and media coverage of Down-to-Earth Week, 1972; correspondence relating to starting up a recycling center at the Concord town landfill, 1971, 1982; surveyor’s drawing of proposed compactor at town landfill, [198?]; surveyor’s map of proposed relocation of road access for recycling center at landfill, [198?]; instructions for recycling center volunteers at landfill, [198?]; flyers, lists of volunteers, planning notes and tallies for materials collected, for DropOff/SwapOff Day, 1999-2004; promotional materials, planning notes, volunteer lists, black and white negatives and photos, relating to Cardboard Drop Off at the Stop and Shop, 1991-1995;  correspondence, photos and book list regarding establishment of Environmental Resource Center at Concord Free Public Library, 1985-1992; promotional materials, planning notes, speaker schedules and evaluation summary of forum “Trash and the Environment” (Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education), 1990; form letters to members and volunteers, [199?]-2000; publicity and press releases, 1987, 1996; “Trash is Cash” pinback button, [198?]; pamphlets and flyers promoting recycling and related events (undated); Concord town reports, 1973, 1977; notes for meeting with Concord Public Works Commission, 1982; correspondence regarding transition of recycling program to town jurisdiction, 1989; “Evaluation of the Town Newspaper Recycling System—Period V: September 1 to November 30, 1971,” regional report by Boston Environment, Inc., 1972; “Environmental Action,” newsletter put out by Boston Environmental, Inc., 1972; recycling guide put out by Youth Advisory Board of EPA, [198?]; notes relating to recycling in Conantum (a neighborhood of Concord), Wayland, Weston, Carlisle, and Dover, [197?]; notes of talks by Marian Thornton to SUASCO (Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Watershed Association, Inc.), AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club), Fenn School, 1970s; correspondence, flyers, media coverage, written statements before the State Legislative Committee on Energy (1979, 1980) and Joint Legislative Committee on Taxation (1979) regarding Bottle Bill; MASSCITIZEN, quarterly report of MASSPIRG (Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group), 1982; “Analysis of Waste Management Alternatives for the Town of Concord,” by Melody Orfei (paper toward B.S. in Applied Management from Lesley College, 1993); materials regarding Beyond 2000 Solid Waste Master Plan, 198?, Ballot Question #3, 1992, watershed and sewage concerns; Commonwealth of Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Board and Water Resources Commission-Division of Water Pollution Control-Hazardous Waste Regulations, January 11, 1973; “Report on Potential Effects of Cessation of Town Garbage Collection,” by Peter R. Burn, 1981; newspaper and magazine clippings, 1970s-2007; REUSIT bank book; photo album of Earth Day, 1999.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Presented by Stephan Bader on behalf of REUSIT, January 30, 2008.

NOTES/COMMENTS: Accessioned January 30, 2008; AMC 154.

PROCESSED BY: Laura Wulf; finding aid completed April 1, 2008.



Box 1, Folder 1:

Series I: Minutes, agendas and financial reports, 1978-2001


Box 1, Folder 2:

Series II. Events and programs, 1972-2004:

Down-to-Earth Week, 1972


Box 1, Folder 3:
Recycling Center at Town Landfill, 1971-1992

Box 1, Folder 4:
Environmental Resource Center at Concord Public Library

Box 1, Folder 5:
Forum “Trash and the Environment,” 1990

Box 1, Folder 6:
DropOff/SwapOff Day, [199?]-2004

Box 1, Folder 7:
Cardboard DropOff, 1991-1995

Box 1, Folder 8:
Form letters. [199?]-2000

Box 1, Folder 9:
Publicity and press releases 1987-1996

Box 1, Folder 10:
Pamphlets and flyers (undated)

Box 1, Folder 11:
Relationship with Town of Concord, 1973-[199?]

Box 1, Folder 12:
Regional recycling efforts 1972-[199?]

Series III. Topical issues, [197?]-1993:

Box 1, Folder 13:
Bottle Bill, [197?]-1983

Box 1, Folder 14:
Solid waste management, [198?], 1993 (including paper “Analysis of Waste Management Alternatives for the Town of Concord,” by Melody Orfei)

Box 1, Folder 15:
Ballot Question #3, 1992

Box 1, Folder 16:
Watershed and sewage

Box 1, Folder 17:
Hazardous waste (Including "Hazardous Waste Regulations", Commonwealth of Massachusetts Hazardous Waste Board and Water Resources Commission)

Box 1, Folder 18:
Town of Concord landfill, 197?-1992? (including “Report on Potential Effects of Cessation of Town Garbage Collection,” by Peter R. Burn)

Box 1, Folder 19:

Series IV: History of recycling and REUSIT in Concord, 1983, 2000, plus undated material


Box 1, Folder 20:

Series V: RENEWSIT newsletter, 1991-1998 (not complete)



Series VI: Newspaper/magazine clippings, [197?]-2007


Box 1, Folder 21:
“Recycling Bin” column, The Concord Journal, [197?]-2003 (most undated)

Box 1, Folder 22:
The Concord Journal, [197?]-2003

Box 1, Folder 23:
The Boston Globe, [197?]-2003

Box 1, Folder 24:
Various publications, 1971-[199?]


Series VII: Materials by form, 1970-1999:


Box 1, Folder 25:
Middlesex Institution for Savings REUSIT bank book, 1970-1978

Box 2:
A. Cassette tapes, 1990:
Forum “Trash and the Environment,” 1990 (10 tapes)

B. Photo album, 1999:
Musketaquid Earth Day, May 1, 1999

C. Pinback button, [198?]:
“Trash for Cash” pinback button, [198?]

Oversize Folder:
Full page ad for Hood Milk, The Boston Globe, October 20, 1997
Recycling Initiative Campaign newsletter, October 1992

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Finding aid mounted 6th April 2008.   rcwh.