Old Concord DAR Chapter House
Former DAR Chapter House
Scanned from a postal card.
Not to be reproduced without permission from the
Concord Free Public Library.

Vault A75 DAR Unit 1


8.2 linear feet (17 containers)

ORGANIZATION: Four series: I. Old Concord Chapter, DAR, 1894-1998; II. Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter and Town of Acton, 1947-1984; III. National Society DAR, Massachusetts State DAR, and Other Organizations, 1924-1977; IV. Oversize Materials and Artifacts.

HISTORY: The Old Concord Chapter of the DAR was founded in 1894 by 13 women led by Mrs. Daniel Lothrop [Harriet], author of the "Five Little Pepper" books (under the pen name Margaret Sidney) and widow of a Boston publisher. It was the sixth DAR chapter in Massachusetts. The purpose of the organization, stated in its agreement of association, is for "educating the public in patriotism; for the presentation of antiquarian, historical, literary and monumental purposes; for establishing and maintaining libraries; for the association and accommodation of other chapters of the National Society of [sic] Daughters of the American Revolution; and for the establishment and maintenance of places for reading rooms, libraries, or social meetings." The members, all direct descendents of Revolutionary patriots, came from many area towns, although in time, additional DAR chapters were formed in nearby towns and drew away some members of the Old Concord Chapter. There was also one "Real Daughter" of the American Revolution: Mrs. Susan Brigham, born in 1811, whose father had served in the Revolutionary War as a teenager. The group generally met monthly, often to hear a presentation by a member or guest on a colonial or patriotic topic, and sometimes for a program on a subject of general cultural interest or a musical recital. The group contributed to many programs of the National Society of the DAR, donated books to local public libraries, made awards to school children for good citizenship and academic performance, offered its services to support military troops in time of war, and participated in numerous other community projects relating to its interests. In 1909 the chapter bought the "Old Deacon Tolman" house on the easterly side of Monument Square, which is today known as the Pellett/Barrett House at 13/15 Lexington Road. It supported the house for many years with a variety of fund raising efforts that included a public tea room during the 1910s, house tours, fairs and sales, and sometimes rentals of rooms and even the entire house to tenants. Members and friends donated furnishings, some of which were of historic value. In 1929 the chapter built an annex to the house for use as a meeting hall. The house was sold in 1951 and its furnishings sold at auction. Since then the group has continued to meet monthly in members’ homes, working to further the cause of patriotism and good citizenship both in local communities and on a national level through its participation in the National Society DAR activities. The Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter, in Acton, had been founded in 1947 by members of the Old Concord Chapter. When the Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter disbanded in 1984, eleven of its members became members of the Old Concord Chapter. Natasha MacGregor had been active in the Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter and in Acton town committees to celebrate the 1975 bicentennial. Apparently the Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter records and the Town of Acton records became part of this collection at the time that the Capt. Isaac Davis chapter disbanded and Natasha MacGregor joined the Old Concord Chapter. During the 1960s, the Isaac Davis Chapter was active in developing the Isaac Davis Trail. During the same period the Old Concord Chapter erected bronze markers at the Col. James Barrett homestead and at the site of the Doctor Samuel Prescott house to commemorate the roles of those men in the American Revolution. NOTE: Box numbering for this collection begins again at "1" with each series.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: The collection consists of materials generated by the Old Concord Chapter of the DAR and related organizations, including minutes, membership registers, financial records, correspondence, notes, members’ research papers, chapter histories written by members, scrapbooks, pamphlets, brochures, photographs, postcards, artifacts, and newspapers. The materials are arranged topically within each series and then, within the topics, chronologically as much as possible. The records include significant material relating to the history and activities of the Old Concord Chapter; of the 1975 bicentennial celebration of the Concord fight and other town anniversary celebrations in Concord and Acton; of the Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter of the DAR in Acton; and of the Pellet/Barrett House at 13/15 Lexington Road in Concord, which the Old Concord Chapter owned from 1909 to 1951.

Series I. Old Concord Chapter DAR, 1894-1998: Materials generated by the meetings and activities of the Old Concord Chapter, including minutes and business records, financial records, membership records, and chapter yearbooks, citations and certificates of appreciation received by the chapter; informal photographs of chapter members and events, and many news clippings about chapter activities. Chapter activities include members’ personal research on ancestors, cemeteries, and old homesteads; the historic markers for the Col. James Barrett house and the Doctor Samuel Prescott house site; numerous chapter histories written by chapter members; and the purchase, furnishing, refurbishing, maintenance and fundraising for the chapter house at 13/15 Lexington Road between 1909 and 1951.

Series II. Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter DAR and Town of Acton, 1947-1984: Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter materials in this series include minutes and business records; bylaws; correspondence; miscellaneous personal notes; chapter disbandment papers; yearbooks; materials about the markers for the Line of March of the Acton Minutemen; photographs; news clippings; chapter history; and materials relating to the Isaac Davis Chapter’s presentation of the Freedom’s Foundation of Valley Forge’s 1966 award to the Town of Acton . Town of Acton records are between 1950 and 1967 and include: minutes and records of the Advisory Committee on the 1975 Celebration; records about the committee’s commemorative medallion; minutes and celebrations of the Public Ceremonies and Celebrations Committee; and the children’s musical celebration of the American Revolution, "I Hear a Drum," written by Ann Barton, Lynne Salisbury, and Connie Thomas in 1974.

Series III. National Society DAR, Massachusetts State DAR, and Other Organizations, 1924-1977: National Society DAR materials in this series include DAR Patriot Indexes; several issues of the National Society DAR Magazine; two issues of the newsletter National Defender; assorted pamphlets and publications; bylaws, rules, and patriotic materials; a Yankee Magazine article about the NSDAR; mailings from the national to state and chapter organizations; and material about accusations of NSDAR racism. Massachusetts State DAR materials in this series include yearbooks, newsletters, mailings from state officers to local chapters, information about state conferences, published histories, and other materials. Other organizations’ materials in this series include a number of pamphlets, brochures, and other printed materials of numerous organizations.

Series IV. Oversize Materials and Artifacts: This series includes all materials too large to fit into standard 8 ½ x11 manila folders. The Oversize Materials includes newspapers, oversize documents of the Old Concord Chapter; and oversize pamphlets and brochures of numerous other organizations. The Artifacts include small materials too bulky to store safely in the 8 ½ x11 folders with the other papers. All the materials in both of these boxes have been listed in two places in the Box and Folder List: once in the Oversize Materials or Artifact Box list where they are stored, and a second time in the series and box list in which they belong intellectually, although they are identified by their locational box numbers (Box 16 for Oversize Materials and Box 17 for Artifacts).

PROVENANCE: The Old Concord Chapter of the DAR had previously donated its records to the Concord Free Public Library but the library, unable to process the collection, returned it to the Old Concord Chapter.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: The Old Concord Chapter DAR gave this collection to the Concord Free Public Library Special Collections on October 6, 1998. Their representative was Carolyn Holbrook.

PROCESSED BY: This collection was processed by Simmons College GSLIS intern Josie Manternach with assistance from volunteer Marie Eaton and under the guidance of Special Collections Curator Leslie Perrin Wilson, May 1999.

NOTES/COMMENTS: Newspaper clippings have been photocopied when it was possible and the originals have been discarded.

Container list.


Box 1 – Minutes and Business Records, 1894-1943
Folder 1
Oct. 29, 1894-Mar. 10, 1906: Secretary’s Book [incl. membership records]

Folder 2
Apr. 14, 1906-April 9, 1910: Secretary’s Book [incl. membership records]

Box 16
March 3, 1909: Agreement of Association
March 9, 1909: Certificate of Incorporation

Folder 3
May 14, 1910-May 10, 1918: Part 1 – Secretary’s Book

Folder 4
May 14, 1910-Ma6 10, 1918: Part 2 – Papers interleaved in Secretary’s Book

Folder 5
May 17, 1919-Apr. 6, 1929: Secretary’s Book

Folder 6
Sept. 30, 1930-May 12, 1934: History of Old Concord Chapter…"in lieu of  Annual Reports" [except includes Annual Report 13, 1933] [no minutes]

Folder 7
June 4, 1935-Dec. 4, 1943: Part 1 - Secretary’s Book

Folder 8
June 4, 1935-Dec. 4, 1943: Part 2 – Papers interleaved in Secretary’s Book

Box 2 – Minutes and Business Records, 1944-1980
Folder 1
Jan 1, 1944-June [n.d.], 1956: Secretary’s Book

Folder 2
Oct. 6, 1956-May 11, 1972: Part 1 – Secretary’s Book

Folder 3
Oct. 6, 1956-May 11, 1972: Part 2 – Papers interleaved in Secretary’s Book

Folder 4
Oct. 4, 1972-June 21, 1980: Part 1 – Secretary’s Book

Folder 5
Oct. 4, 1972-June 21, 1980: Part 2 – Papers interleaved in Secretary’s Book

Box 3 – Minutes and Business Records, 1979–1998
Folder 1
May 8, 1980-Apr. 9, 1981

Folder 2
May 21, 1981-Apr. 8, [1982?]

Folder 3
May 15, 1982-May 8, 1983

Folder 4
June 9, 1983-Apr. 12, 1984

Folder 5
May 31, 1984-Apr. 11, 1985

Folder 6
May 11, 1985- Apr. 24, 1986

Folder 7
May 8, 1986-Apr. 16, 1987

Folder 8
May 12, 1987-Apr. 14, 1988

Folder 9
May 19, 1988-Mar. 9, 1989

May 8, 1989-Apr. 12, 1990

Folder 11
May 16, 1990-Apr. 11, 1991

Folder 12
May 9, 1991-Apr. 9, 1992

Folder 13
May 14, 1992-Feb. 14, 1998

Box 4 – Financial Records, 1894–1998
Folder 1
Oct. 12, 1894-Dec. 19, 1912 Treasurer’s Book

Box 16
Mar. 26, 1909: Mortgage, Middlesex Inst.of Savings, $2,200.

Folder 2
Apr. 19, 1909-May 16, 1916: 2 brief accountings interleaved in scrapbook

Folder 3
May [n.d.], 1927-Apr. 10, 1928: Treasurer’s Book

Box 16
Oct. 28, 1929: Mortgage, Middlesex Inst.of Savings, $5,000.

Folder 4
Apr. 1, 1936- May 4, 1946: Treasurer’s Book

Folder 5
Mar. 2, 1966-Jan. 5, 1972: Checkbook Register and Cancelled Checks, (Harvard Trust Co., #535-77-73-4)

Folder 6
Apr. 21, 1971-Oct. 5, 1974: Bank Statements and Deposit Receipts, (Harvard Trust Co., #535-77-73-4)

June 3, 1971-Feb. 5, 1975: Miscellaneous Receipts and IRS Forms 1099-INT for 1973 & 1974

Box 5 – Membership Records, 1894-1978
Folder 1
1894-1935 Registrar’s Book (alphabetical)

Folder 2
1894-1935 Registrar’s Book (chronological)

Folder 3
1920-1935 Registrar’s Book (chronological)

Folder 4
1933-1978 Registrar’s Book (chronological)

Box 6 – Chapter Activities
Folder 1
Inventory of Chapter Records, Oct. 6, 1998

Folder 2
Chapter History: 1894-1930 By [Ida A. Harris (Mrs. Elwyn)]

Chapter History: [1894-1930] [Notes for] by [Ida Harris (Mrs. Elwyn)?]

Folder 4
Chapter History: 1894 - [1931] Biographies of Regents 1-14, [by Ida Harris (Mrs. Elwyn)]

Chapter History: 1930-1934 By [Ida Harris (Mrs. Elwyn)]

Folder 6
Chapter History: 1977-1992 By [Anonymous]

Folder 7
Chapter History: Histories read at certain anniversary meetings:
-- 30th, by Effie A.W. Rideout, 1924
-- 50th, by Ida Harris [Mrs. Elwyn], 1944 [longhand]
-- 50th, by Ida Harris [Mrs. Elwyn], 1944 [typescript]
-- 65th, by Anonymous, 1959
-- 70th, by Pauline Cleveland, 1964

Folder 8
Chapter House -- Descriptions and history

Box 16
Chapter House -- Poster: history of Old Concord Chapter house

Box 16
Chapter House -- Auction sale list, Sept. 10, 1957

Folder 9
Chapter House -- Furnishings

Folder 10
Chapter House -- Deeds, mortgages, sale

Chapter House -- Photographs and ephemera

Box 17
Chapter House -- Printers block, Chapter House

Folder 12
Historic Markers
-- Col. James Barrett House, Concord, Mass.
-- Barrett Family Ancestry

Folder 13
Historic Markers -- Doctor Samuel Prescott House, Concord, Mass.

Box 17
Historic Markers -- Printers block, Prescott House and marker

Box 16
Historic Markers -- Marker texts, Doctor Samuel Prescott House [2 versions]

Folder 14
Ancestor Papers: Lineage of chapter members
-- "Some Revolutionary Ancestors of Mary and Elizabeth Munroe, 1899", by Mary Munroe – incl. Greenough, Munroe, and Parker families
-- "Ancestry of Carrie Luella Shapley…Acton, Mass," by [Anonymous] – incl. Jones, Hunt, and Tuttle families
-- "Ancestry: Ida A. Hapgood Harris (Mrs. Elwyn W.), Harvard, Mass." – incl. Hapgood, Harris, and Parker families
-- "Bradford Genealogy," by Mrs. Luther Conant [Susan Augusta Davis]
-- "Mary Florence (Fletcher) Charles," by Ida A. Harris [Mrs. Elwyn] – incl. Jones family

Folder 15
Ancestor Papers "Copy of Diary Kept By Cor’t Noah Chapin of Somers, Conn. While in the Army at Roxbury, April 18, 1775-July 17, 1775 [typescript]

Folder 16
Ancestor Papers Misc. copies of original records relating to ancestors

Folder 17
Ancestor Papers Old homesteads

Folder 18
Cemetery Research (And Other Research) by Ida Harris [Mrs. Elwyn]:
--"Concord Cemeteries"
--"Tablet on Boulder Under…Old Oak Tree in Wilson Park, Bedford"
--"Harvard, Mass.: The Old Burying Ground"
--"Littleton, Mass.: Littleton Cemeteries"
--"A Few Civil Office Holders in Stow During the Revolutionary Period, [copied from] Stow History by Rev. Geo. F. Clark"
--"Stow Cemeteries: Old Cemetery"
--"Men Who Served in the Revolutionary War, Stow, Mass., [copied from] Crowell’s History"
--"Boxboro, Mass.: Boxboro’s First Officers 1783"
--"Town Officers of Concord, Mass."
--"Revolutionary Soldiers from Stow"
--"Oliver Jones Homestead" [So. Acton]
--"Maynard, Mass." [cemeteries]
--"Concord, Mass." [memorial tablet inscriptions] by Ida A. Harris

Folder 19
Cemetery Research Organized by Betty Paradise:
-- List of Revolutionary graves at old Burying Ground and Shawsheen Cemetery in Bedford, by Mrs. George R. Blinn [1925?]
-- Map of New Hill Burying Ground, Concord, Mass., showing names and lot numbers
-- Tombstone inscriptions copied by Barbara Sheldon at New Hill Burying Ground, Lots 31-48, Lots 56-67
-- Tombstone inscriptions copied by Virginia Williams at New Hill Burying Ground, Lots 51-55
-- "Suggestions for Tombstone Inscription Copying," [typed photocopy]

Folder 20
Chapter yearbooks

Folder 21
-- The Rev. George A. Tewksbury, "Colonial Patriotism in 1775," Apr. 11, 1914

Folder 22
-- Anonymous, "Highlights of Massachusetts," Dec. 14, 1929
-- Jennie K. Tuttle, "Massachusetts: Old Cemeteries of Concord," Dec. 12, 1931

Folder 23
Citations and Certificates of Appreciation

Folder 24
News Clippings

Folder 25
-- Mary Minot Baker, memorial pamphlet [n.d.]
-- 4 photocopied pages, poems [printed], theme of "Prayers, Praises and Thanksgiving"
-- 3 photocopied pages from "You Named It," compiled and edited by Bernice G. Picking, Organizing Secretary, 1977-1980, Massachusetts D.A.R. with handwritten note, "…No entry for Old Concord!"
-- Printed menu, 3 course meal, D.A.R. Concord Chapter
-- 2 stationery envelopes with Old Concord Chapter D.A.R. return address imprint
-- "Information for Smithsonian Institution’s Annual Report: Old Concord Chapter D.A.R.," [apparently a list of chapter members and their revolutionary ancestors]
-- Letters (2) from Mrs. Virginia Breckinridge Smith, one to Pres. Jimmy Carter, 1977 and one to Mr. Solzhenitsyn, 1975.

Box 17
--Printers block, Old North Bridge
--"Anniversary Pin," gift from DAR School [gold plastic]

Box 16
--Thank you letter to DAR from brownie troop, [crayon]
--Mar. 9, 1975 Boston Globe, special section, "The Nation’s 200th Anniversary: Lexington-Concord Alarm, Our Revolutionary War Begins"
--Apr. 13, 1975 Sunday Herald Advertiser, Pictorial Living Section, "A Bicentennial Special: The Truth About the Battles of Concord and Lexington"
--June 15, 1975 Sunday Herald Advertiser, "1775: Cry Freedom: A Souvenir of America’s Bicentennial – 1975"
--[1976] Boston 1776 [tourist guide, incl. Freedom Trail Map]
--Mar. 7, 1976 Boston Globe, Special Section, "Washington’s First Victory: The Liberation of Boston"
--Mar. 14, 1976 Sunday Herald Advertiser, Pictorial Living, "1776-1976 Special Bicentennial Issue"

Box 7 – Photographs
Folder 1
Old Concord Chapter Centennial, 1994 [?]

Folder 2
Photographs B&w snapshots, together in an envelope w. negatives

Folder 3
Photographs Color snapshots, together on top of (not inside) an envelope
Photographs Color snapshots, in photo album, negatives included

Folder 4
Photographs -- Part 1

Folder 5
Photographs -- Part 2

Folder 6
Photographs --Part 3

Folder 7
Photographs Miscellaneous photographs
-- Mrs. Susan Brigham ["Real Daughter"], June 5, 1910
-- [Medal of Honor Presentation?], [Dr. Francis MacDonald], member of Town of Concord Public Celebrations Committee], and 3 unidentified women, [1950s?]
-- Old North Bridge, upstream side
-- Old North Bridge, downstream side
-- Minuteman Statue
-- Snapshot of 3 women (b&w)
-- Snapshots (2) of parade (color)

Box 8 – Scrapbooks, 1904-1935
Folder 1
1904-1918 Chapter Activities [cover title: "Day"]

Folder 2
1909-1935 Chapter Activities [cover color: dark blue-green]

Folder 3
1932 Postcards and Photos of Views Donated by Chapter Members [cover removed, pages are black paper]
-- "Old Chapter House…Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "The Old First Church, Concord, Mass." [b&w]
-- "The Bedford Flag" [color]
-- "Old North Bridge, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "The Minute Man, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "Grave of British Soldiers, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "The Old Wright Tavern…Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "Old Tap room, Wright Tavern, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "The Col. James Barrett House, Concord, Mass." [b&w]
-- "Meriam’s Corner, Concord, Mass." [b&w]
-- "The Old Manse, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "Bullet Hole House, Concord, Mass." [color]
-- "Isaac Davis Monument, Acton Mass." [b&w]
-- "Calvin and Luther Blanchard Memorial, W. Acton" [b&w]
-- "Unitarian Church, Bedford" [b&w]
-- "World War Memorial, Bedford" [b&w]
-- "The Rogers House, Littleton, Mass." [b&w]
-- "Front Entry of the Rogers House, Littleton, Mass." [b&w]
-- "Fruitlands, Prospect Hill, Harvard, Mass. [b&w]
-- "A Bedroom at Fruitlands, Harvard" [b&w]
-- "Pretty Scene on the Assabet River, Maynard, Mass." [color]
-- "War Memorial, Maynard, Mass."
-- "Home of David Forbush of Marlboro, 1718-1803... Situated in South Acton …on the road to Stow. Just above the bridge." [b&w]
-- "Home of Simon Hunt, 1731, South Acton. (Known later as the Sally Bright Place). Situated in South Acton on the road to Red Acre Farm." [b&w]
-- "Hawthorne’s grove adjacent to his home on Lexington Road in Concord" [b&w ]
-- "The Elms in the dooryard of the Alcott House in Concord" [b&w]
-- "The Willows on the River near the Old North Bridge…These willows measure twenty feet+ in circumference at base." [b&w]
Postcards [Duplicates, in an envelope in Scrapbook]
-- "The Old Manse, Concord, Mass." [b&w]
-- "Concord, Mass. Wright Tavern" [color]
-- "Old North Bridge, Concord, Mass."  [color]
-- "Bullet Hole House, Concord, Mass." [color]

Box 9 – Scrapbooks, 1935-1979
1935-1941 Chapter Activities [binding removed, pages are loose]
Folder 1
Part 1, 1935-1937

Folder 2
Part 2, 1937-1940

Folder 3
Part 3, 1941-1947

Folder 4
1974-1979 -- "Old Concord Chapter: D.A.R. Press Book" [white marbled cover]

TOWN OF ACTON, 1947-1984

Box 1 – Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter, 1947-1984
Folder 1
Minutes and Records, 1947-1977

Folder 2
Correspondence, 1972-1973

Folder 3
3 Correspondence, 1974

Folder 4
Correspondence, 1975

Folder 5
Miscellaneous Notes, [1970s]

Folder 6
Chapter Disbandment Papers, 1984

Folder 7
Yearbooks (Partial Set), 1970/71-1983/84 (1970-71, 1971-72, 1972-73, 1976-77, 1979-80,1982-83,1983-84)

Folder 8
Markers for Line of March for Acton Minutemen

Box 16
-- Replica scrolls, Line of March of Acton Minutemen
-- Illus., Minutemen Company en route to Concord, Gun Shop in background [b&w]

Folder 9
-- Oct. 1974, Crown Resistance Day (in colonial garb) (color)
-- [n.d.] "In N.H. to place D.A.R. marker on Clara Blanchard’s grave" (b&w)
-- Presentation at Captain Isaac Davis marker (b&w)
-- Photocopies of photographs of Acton scenes: houses, monument, marker

Folder 10
News Clippings

Folder 11
Chapter History (highlights)

Folder 12
Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge, "Seventeenth Annual Nation and School Awards, Feb. 22, 1966"

Box 2  – Town of Acton, 1950-1967
Folder 1  – Miscellaneous History
-- Historic Faulkner Homestead…Acton, Mass., visitors guide
-- Acton’s 250th Anniversary Parade Committee, general mailing requesting submissions for "The Acton 250th Parade Book"
-- Acton’s 250th Anniversary, Acton Centre Historic District booklet

Advisory Committee on the 1975 Celebration
Folder 2
Minutes and Business Records, 1971

Folder 3
Minutes and Business Records, 1972

Folder 4
Minutes and Business Records, 1973

Folder 5
Minutes and Business Records, 1974

Folder 6
Minutes and Business Records, 1975

Commemorative Medallion

Public Ceremonies and Celebrations Committee
Folder 8
Meeting Agendas, Feb. 5, 1973-May 6, 1974

Folder 9
Patriots Day Celebrations, 1950-1976 [1950, 1967, 1973-1976]

Folder 10
Memorial Day Celebrations, 1972-1974

Folder 11
Independence Day Celebration, 1973

Bicentennial Miscellany
Folder 12
-- "The White Cockade," [sheet music] arr. By George V. Doren and Constantine Liberakis
-- "I Hear a Drum," by Ann Barton, Lynne Salisbury, and Connie Thomas, 1974 [a musical "celebration of the Bicentennial for a children’s chorus"]

Folder 13
-- "Historical Society to Hear Bunker Hill Society President [1975] [flyer]
-- "Tentative Schedule, Bicentennial Events, Acton Public Schools, Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools, 1975"
-- Plans for Acton/Boxborough Regional High School Band
-- "Town of Acton, Independence Day, 1976" [planning for]

Box 17
-- Cloth badge, "Isaac Davis Trail 1775" [machine embroidered, colorful]
-- Plastic name badge, "Natacha MacGregor, Member Advisory Committee 1975 Celebration"

Box 16
-- Sept. "1774" The Acton Spy, Vol. 2, No. 1
-- Feb. "1775" The Acton Spy, Vol. 2, No. 2
-- Apr. [n.d.] 1974 The Spirit [annual supplement to The Beacon Publications]
-- Sept. 26, 1974 The Assabet Valley Beacon
-- Sept. 26, 1974 The Patriot
-- Apr. 10, 1975 The Spirit
-- Apr. 24, 1975 The Assabet Valley Beacon, Vol. 23, No. 13
-- Apr. 18, 1985 The Beacon, Vol. 35, No. 15


Box 1 – National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1967-1985
DAR Patriot Indexes
Folder 1
[Vol. I], 1967 [hardcover book]

Folder 2
Vol. II, 1980 [hardcover book]

Folder 3
Supplement, 1982 [paperback book]

Folder 4
[Additions and Corrections], 1983-1985 [loose sheets from D.A.R. Magazine]

Box 2 – National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1976-1997
DAR Magazine
Folder 1
Vol. 110, No. 3 (March 1976)

Folder 2
Vol. 110, No. 6 (July 1976)

Folder 3
Vol. 130, No. 6 (June-July, 1996)

Folder 4
Vol. 131, No. 4 (April, 1997)

Folder 5
Vol. 131, No. 5 (May 1997)

Folder 6
Assorted Pamphlets and Publications
-- "Valley Forge, Washington Chapel, and Memorial Bell Tower"
-- "Kansas DAR Chapel, Washington, D.C., Prayer for Peace"
-- National Headquarters of the Daughters of the American Revolution [color pamphlet]
-- Resolutions, Sixty-Sixth Continental Congress, NSDAR, April 15-19, 1957
-- NSDAR, Ritual [booklet]
-- DAR Manual for Citizenship, 21st English edition, 1945 [booklet]
-- Membership Outline Guide, NSDAR [brochure]
-- J.E. Caldwell, Philadelphia, Pa., NSDAR Official Insignia [sales materials]
-- DAR schools [booklet]
-- Meet the DAR [booklet]
-- Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-Laws of the NSDAR, 1948

Folder 7
"Manual of the [U.S.] for the Information of Immigrants and Foreigners," 1924

Folder 8
Accusations of Racism, 1939; 1986

Folder 9
By-laws, Rules, and Patriotic Materials

Folder 10
National Defender [newsletter]
-- Vol. 24, No.3 (Nov.16, 1982)
-- Vol. 27, No.2 (Oct. 1985)

Folder 11
"The Daughters," by Susan Mahnke, Yankee Magazine, Feb. 1980

Folder 12
Mailings from National to State and Chapter Organizations, July 1980-April 1991

Folder 13
Scrapbook: Continental Congresses, 1935-1944 [binding removed, pages loose]

Box 17
Photograph, Opening Session, NSDAR, [10 in x 31 in.] Apr. 17, 1933

Box 3 – Massachusetts State Daughters of the American Revolution, 1925-1998
Folder 1
History, 1932 [hardcover book]

Folder 2
History, 1932-1959 [paperback book]

Folder 3
Yearbooks, 1970-1971; 1976-77

Folder 4
Bay State Newsletter -- 1974-1977 "Bicentennial Edition"; April 1976

Folder 5
Bay State News -- Summer 1995; Fall 1995; Spring 1996; Winter 1996; Winter 1998

Folder 6
Communications from State Officers to Local Chapters

Folder 7
State Conferences -- 1940, 1950, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1995

Folder 8
-- State Forest
-- Scholarship Fund
-- "DAR Day at the Haverhill Library…Nov. 16. 1, 1998" [flyer]
-- Room at Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, D.C.
-- Dormitory at American International College, Springfield, Mass. – Dedication Program, June 23, 1925
-- "A Salute to Our World War II Veteran Members," Nov. 19, 1993
-- [Annual Report?] [1973?]
-- "Honoring George Washington on His Birthday Feb. 22, 1976" [program handout]

Folder 9
Betty Clark Vialle, State Regent, 1995-1998

Box 17
2 lapel ribbons, "Voter, Massachusetts DAR" [one red, one white]

Box 4 – Other Organizations
Folder 1
Children of the American Revolution

Folder 2
Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Folder 3
Other Groups and Organizations
-- Molly Varnum Chapter, D.A.R., Lowell, Mass., Spalding House, 1761-1978 [pamphlet]
-- The Hannah Weston Chapter, D.A.R., Machias, Me., "Naval Battle at Machias, June 12, 1775" [booklet]
-- Major Simon Willard Chapter, D.A.R. [s.l.], "Tenth Anniversary Program"
-- Crossnore School, Inc., Crossnore, No. Carolina, "Weaving Department"
-- Minute Man National Historic Park, "The Wayside Re-opening Ceremonies, April 17, 1971"
-- The Society of Mayflower Descendants,, "The Mayflower Compact" [2 copies]

Folder 4
Other Groups and Organizations, Bicentennial Records
-- "The Nineteenth of April in Concord, Massachusetts, 1775-1961" [booklet]

Box 16
US Postal Service, 1st Day of Issue Ceremony in Honor of Samuel Adams, Dec. 13, 1973 [pamphlet] incl. 3 metered Samuel Adams 8c postcards [Dec. 16, 1973] and other materials


Box 1 – Oversize Materials
The Acton Spy, Acton, Mass., publ. by the Acton Advisory Committee on the 1975 Celebration
-- Vol. 2, No 1, [no month] 1774
-- Vol. 2, No. 2, Feb. 1775
The Assabet Valley Beacon, [Acton, Mass.]
-- [No. vol., no #], Sept. 26, 1974, Section A, page 1
-- Vol. 23, No. 13, April 24, 1975
The Beacon [Acton, Mass.]
-- Vol. 35, No. 15, April 18, 1985 [2 sections]
Boston, 1776, Boston, Mass., publ. by Boston
-- 1776 Company
Boston Globe
-- Special Section, March 9, 1975
-- Special Section, March 7, 1976
The Patriot [newspaper supplement], Acton, Mass.
-- Sept. 26, 1974
The Spirit [newspaper supplement to the Beacon Publications]
-- April, 1974
-- April 19, 1975
Sunday Herald Advertiser
-- April 13, 1975
-- March 14, 1976
Old Concord Chapter
-- Agreement of Association, March 3, 1909
-- Certification of Incorporation, Mar. 9, 1909
-- Mortgage, Middlesex Institute for Savings, $2200, Mar. 26, 1909
-- Mortgage, Middlesex Institution for Savings, $5000, Oct. 28, 1929
-- "History of Old Concord Chapter House, 1659-1909" [black and white poster]
-- Texts of marker for Home of Doctor Samuel Prescott [2 different versions]
-- Thank you from Brownie Troop 2070 for gift of a new flag [n.d.]
Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter
--Illustration, Minutemen Company marching on road with Gun House in background "Replica Scrolls: The Line of March of the Acton Minutemen to the Old North Bridge at Concord -- April 19, 1775" [Freedom’s Foundation at Valley Forge Award to Town of Acton, April 19, 1965, presented by Capt. Isaac Davis Chapter, DAR]
-- U. S. Postal Service, First Day of Issue Ceremony in Honor of Samuel Adams. Dec. 16, 1973 [pamphlet], incl. 3 metered Samuel Adams 8c postcards (Dec. 16, 1973) and other materials

Box 2 -- Artifacts
Old Concord Chapter
-- Printer’s blocks [for reproduction in NSDAR Magazine?]
-- Doctor Samuel Prescott House historic marker photograph
-- Old North Bridge
-- Old Concord Chapter House
-- "Anniversary Pin," gift from Kate Duncan Smith DAR School to Old Concord Chapter DAR, Jan 28, 1975 [gold-colored plastic]
Isaac Davis Chapter and Town of Acton
-- Name Badge, Town of Acton, Member Advisory Committee, 1975 Celebration,
-- "Natacha [sic] MacGregor"
-- Cloth Badge, Isaac Davis Trail 1775 [machine embroidered, colored threads]
National DAR, State DAR and Other Organizations
-- Photograph, "Opening Session, NSDAR, April 17, 1933" [b&w, 10 in x 31 in. Photo. is rolled up]
-- Lapel ribbons [2] "Voter, Massachusetts DAR" [one white, one red]

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