E. Cantrell Collection of Concord Negatives, 1922


Vault B5 Unit 18

EXTENT: 1 container; .3 linear foot

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized in one series.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Collection contains 60 black & white negatives taken in Concord in November 1922. They have been divided into three categories: Historic Structures, Natural Landscape, Bridges and other Landmarks.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: E. Cantrell, Northport, NY, 16 January 2007.

NOTES/COMMENTS: The collection was sent to the Concord Free Public Library without documentation. An effort to contact the donor was unsuccessful. The captions are transcribed as they were written on the original envelopes.

PROCESSED BY: Sheryl Peters, February 2007; finding aid prepared for the web by C. Manoli-Skocay, May 2007.

Container List

I. Historic Structures

I. a.      Concord Free Public Library (4 images)
I. b.      Old Barret [sic] Mill (Thoreau)
I. c.      Alcott House
I. d.      School of Philosophy
I. e.      The House of Little Women (The Dovecote)
I. f.       Fruitlands
I. g.      Home of Ralph Waldo Emerson
I. h.      The Old Manse
I. i.       The Old Manse
I. j.       Doorstep stones to Thoreau’s Birthplace (on their original site)
I. k.      Baker Farm (?)
I. l.       Thoreau Cairn, Walden Pond [with figure]
I. m.     Thoreau Cairn, Walden Pond
I. n.      Second site of the Walden hut on Mr. Clark’s lot. Thoreau
I. o.      Second site of the Walden hut on Mr. Clark’s lot. Thoreau

II. Natural Landscape

II. a.     The leaning hemlocks (Assabet River) (2 images)
II. b.     Clam Shell Bluff
II. c.     Unidentified (Fairhaven Bay?)
II. d.     The Cliff
II. e.     The Cliffs, Fair Haven [sic] Bay Thoreau
II. f.      Fair Haven [sic] Bay from the Cliffs
II. g.     Fair Haven [sic] Bay from the Cliffs
II. h.     Fairyland (Thoreau)
II. i.      The Spring at Fairyland
II. j.      Gowing’s Swamp, Thoreau
II. k.     Mill Brook (Thoreau)
II. l.      Mill Brook
II. m.    Sunset near Nine Acre Corners [sic]. Thoreau
II. n.     Old Marlborough Rd.
II. o.     Old Marlborough Rd.
II. p.     Poplar Hill
II. q.     Bateman Pond
II. r.     Fair haven [sic] Pond, Thoreau
II. s.     Goose Pond (opposite Walden in about ½ mile) Thoreau
II. t.      Loring Pond, Thoreau
II. u.     White Pond, Thoreau
II. v.     White Pond, Thoreau
II. w.    Walden Pond
II. x.     Walden Pond
II. y.     Walden Pond
II. z      Walden from the Cliffs. Thoreau
II. aa.   Road into Walden
II. bb.   Road into Walden
II. cc.   White Pines at Walden
II. dd.   White Pines in winter near the shore of Walden

III. Bridges and other Landmarks

III. a.    Dam at Old Barret [sic] Mill (Thoreau)
III. b.   Stream and woods above dam at Barrets [sic] Mill
III. c.    Stream and woods above dam at Barrets [sic] Mill
III. d.   Path to dam of Old Barret [sic] Mill (Thoreau)
III. e.    Bridge (Flint’s)
III. f.    (Heath’s) Bridge
III. g.    (Red) Bridge
III. h.    Grave of Emerson
III. i.     Grave of Louisa May Alcott
III. j.    Fence and tree directly in front of the spot to which Thoreau’s hut was moved
III. k.   Thoreau’s Little Eva, cane, surveying chain, and family bible, also rule (Antiquarian Soc.)


c2007 Concord Free Public Library, Concord, Mass.
Not to be reproduced in any form without permission of the Curator of Special Collections, Concord Free Public Library.

Mounted 7th November 2007.    rcwh.

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