[ca. 1875] - 1901

Ebenezer Hibbard to Charles Bartlett map.
Not to be reproduced without permission from the Concord Free Public Library.

Vault A45, Walcott, Unit 1

EXTENT: 2.75 linear feet. 12 manuscript volumes, one container.

ORGANIZATION: Organized in three series. Series I: Title examinations for properties in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk Counties, [ca.1880]-1901; Series II: Notes on properties, land, and roads in Concord, Massachusetts, [ca.1875]-1897 includes one bound volume and four folders of loose sheets; Series III: Letters from Horace R. Hosmer to Charles H. Walcott, 1889-1892.

BIOGRAPHY: Charles Hosmer Walcott was a lawyer in Concord, Massachusetts. The son of Joel Walcott, he was born (1848) and died (1901) in Concord. He graduated from Harvard in 1870 and studied law at Harvard Law School and in the office of Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar. In 1872, he became a partner in the Boston law firm of Buswell, Howe, & Walcott and also opened a law office in Concord. Walcott's legal work consisted largely of conveyancing. In 1886, he was appointed to the newly established State Board of Arbitration. He served Concord through a variety of offices, boards, and committees. He was Superintendent of Schools (1872), Assessor, Selectman, Overseer of the Poor, Library Committee member, and a member of committees for the 1875 centennial celebration of the Battle of Concord and the 1885 celebration of the 250th anniversary of the town's incorporation. Walcott was President of the Middlesex Institution for Savings. He was also a member of the Concord Antiquarian Society, the Social Circle in Concord, Shakespeare Club, Saturday Club, and Tuesday Club, as well as Curator of the Concord Lyceum. Walcott was married twice: in 1875 to Florence Keyes (daughter of John Shepard and Martha Lawrence Prescott Keyes), who died in 1877 shortly after the birth of their second son; in 1891 to Jessie McDermott, with whom he also had two children. Walcott published Concord in the Colonial Period in 1884 and Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneill in 1898.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Series I consists of eleven manuscript volumes containing title examinations for properties in Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk Counties, Massachusetts [ca. 1880]-1901 (but relating to property transactions going much farther back in time than the date span of compilation reflects). Volumes include many properties in Concord as well as properties in Acton, Bedford, Boston, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Chelsea, Dedham, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Marlborough, Maynard, Medford, Melrose, Sharon, Somerville, Stow, Sudbury, Waltham, Watertown, and elsewhere. Series II contains one bound volume and one folder of loose sheets of notes on properties, land, and roads in Concord [ca. 1875]-1897, and three folders of loose notes on roads. Loose notes are also available as a typewritten transcript (1978). Series III contains letters from Horace R. Hosmer to Charles H. Walcott [1889-1892]. Letters discuss Concord and other local history and genealogy, including the story of the “Acton Pirate” related to Walcott by Hosmer.

SOURCE OF ACQUISITION: Series I: Prescott Keyes Estate. Series II: Presented to Ruth Wheeler by Prescott Keyes. Series III: source undiscovered.

NOTES/COMMENTS: Series II and III: Foldered material in a single box. Series III: transferred from letter file (formerly numbered 3a/H-5, 3a/H-6, 3a/H-7, 3a/H-8, 3a/H-9, 3a/H-10, 3a/H-11, 3a/H-12).

PROCESSED BY: C. Manoli-Skocay with the assistance of Bette Aschaffenburg and Jim Stoessel. Series II inventory compiled by Marian Miller. Finding aid completed 30 March 2002.  

Container List.




Sudbury Road Patrick Hagerty 1
  Potter Estate 1
  George R. Hubbard 2, 4
  George E. Titcomb 10
Stow Road Daniel W. Sheehan 1
  Wheeler & Hosmer Estates 1
Acton Road John LeGross 3
Nine Acre Corner  Edwin Wheeler 3
Lexington Road Bridget Murphy 10
Dowd's Lane Frank Dowd 5
  Ellen Collins 10
Barrett's Mill Road C.A. Hayward 10
  Geo. A. Barrett 5     (see also Vol. II)
Barnes Hill Road Eli Dakin 5
Byron Street James J. Byron 8
Wood Street Alonzo Tower 8
  James S. Garland  8
Strawberry Hill Road Joseph A. Smith  8


West Acton Nath'l E. Cutler 1
  Edwin L Hayward  3
South Acton A.G. Shattuck 4
  Neil Currie 4


South Street John A. Merriam 2
  Herman Lips 9


W. Newton Street Edwin B. Horn 6


Cambridge Street D.W. Lewis 6


Lex. & Concord R'd Joshua Brooks 10
  Charles Brown 7


Main Street J.K. Harriman  3, 5
Pine Street J.K. Harriman 3
  Alfred  Brunelle 5, 8
Concord Road, etc. Jona. P. Bent 4
Stow Road F.H. Salisbury 6
Brooks & Maple Streets Warren A. Haynes 7
  Tilly Haynes 7
Concord Road Christopher Whitney 8


Dudley Street Emma M. Kellum 4


  Grace D. Lovejoy  2


Concord Road Lydia Maynard 8


North Sudbury Andrew Haynes 6
  Warren A. Haynes 7


Main Street Herman A. Priest  3
Prospect Street Herman A. Priest  3



Monument Street Wm. H. Hunt 1
  Lewis Flint 6
  Emeline E. Barrett 1
Second Division Cyrus Hosmer 1
Main & Thoreau Streets H.S. Richardson 1
Main Street Geo. Hunt's Store 5
  Rebecca P. Damon 5
     (near) James Tuma 8
     (Railroad Lane) Jos. D. Brown 3
Lowell Road Jos. A. Melvin 5
Walden Street Geo. B. Davis 6
Barrett's Mill Road Geo. M. Barrett 6
Acton Road Jona. Wadley 7
Belknap Street Middlesex Ag'l Soc'y 7
Stow Road (Westvale) Est. Wm D. Brown}  
  John Ingham} 7
  John Butterworth 8
Bedford Street Sarah W. Hosmer  10
Hubbard Street Jas. B. Wood 9
     (extension) Jas. B. Wood 10
  Edwd. Coughlin  10
New Street & Extension Rosalie L. Lewden 10
  W.B. Wood  
Cambridge Turnpike Catherine E. Bulger 3
Virginia Road Michael McCaffery 3
  D.L. Giles 8
Elm Street Wm. L. Eaton 3


North Sudbury Geo. H. Bent 4
North Sudbury Sidney D. Haynes 2
North Sudbury Albert T. Parmenter 9
  Est. Abel B. Jones 2


Tuttle St.;  Acton & Prospect Sts. A.D. Smith 4
  (John Fuller)  
  (L.N. Fowler)  
Acton Street Albert Battey 1
  Asa D. Smith}  
  Thos. Wagner} 7
Summer Street Thos. H. Brooks 7
Concord Street Randall-Fowler 10


  Charlotte Conant 10
  Asa D. Smith 4
  Micah Smith 6
  Sarepla C. Goodnow 2


Elm Street Wm. T. Henderson 3


Melrose Highlands Adelaide L. Burke 4


Bedford Road Artemas Hill 5


(Port.) Plymouth St. Hannah Griffths 8


Virginia Road D. L. Giles 8
Cambridge Turnpike Bridget Cahill 9



Chandler Street Edw'd A. Martin 1
Caledonia Street} Caroline E. Jackson 1
St. Paul Street} Charles A. Jackson 1
Harvard Street Amelia B. Vinal 1
Boston Street Norton Iron Co. 1
Leyland Street Louise J. Fonner 1
Dorchester Ave. Wm. J. Robinson 2
  Chas. Babbidge 8
Lauriat Ave. Laming & McIlroy 2
Chapman Ave. Wm. J.J. Knox 2
Cazenove Street Nath'l M. Jewett  3
Robin Hood Street Hooper Estate 3
  Frost Bros. 7
Withington Street Nath'l M. Jewett 3
Howard Place C. Boultenhouse 4
Fuller Street Catherine M. Stinson 4
  Geo. F. Murray 4
Welles Ave. Wm. J. Robinson 2
Westland Ave. Thos. M. Stevens 4
Springfield St. D. J. Sullivan 4
Norfolk Ave. Margaret Boyd 5
Pelham Street Hannah Miller} 5
  D. J. Sullivan} 5
Dudley Street} Frost Bros. 5
Nonquit Street}    
Magnolia Street Frost Bros. 6
  John Sullivan 6
Lebanon Street  Frost Bros. 6
Alexander Avenue (Est. R.C. Hooper) 6
  (Frost Bros.) 6
Sharon Street (W. Rox.) Lawrence Cleary  6
St. Botolph Street Frost Bros. 7
Humphrey Street Margaret J. Ryan 8
W. Chester Park  Josiah B. Kendall 8
Beacon Street Alden Avery 8
Montague Street (Dorch.) Geo. W. Oliver 8


Cherry Street Frost Bros. 7

Hyde Park

Pierce Street Elizabeth  M. O' Connor 8
  Martha A. Habberly 9
Highland Street (Pond) Helen Bryant 8
Pleasant Street C. F. Goodspeed 9
West Street Edgar V. Hazard 8
  Mary Coveney 9
Hyde Park Ave. Mary Coveney 9
Dell Street Mary Coveney 9
Norway Park Fairmount Land Co. 10
Oak Street Elizabeth T. Willett 11
Elizabeth T. Willett Charles Haley 11
Albion Street Oscar W. Whitaker 12


Eastern Ave. Nath'l M. Jewett 12
Bryant Street Nath'l M. Jewett 12

No. Weymouth

Bridge Street Sarah E. Merrifield 12



So. Sudbury C. L. Goodnow Est.} 1
  Jos. Feldman}  
Wayland Road Wm. Rice Farm 2
Concord Road John J. Dewyer 2
Concord Road Benj. Snow 1
Rd. to Pratt Tavern Levi Dow} 1
  Geo. W. Gilman}  


Concord Road James Sherman}  
  Mary J. Knox} 2


Concord Road or Street Josiah Brown Est.}  
  Henry Fowler Est.} 3
  Herbert B. Fowler}  
  Silas Brooks Est.}  
  Silas P. Brooks Est.} 5
  Lydia Brooks}  
  Jona. P. Bent Est. 6
Summer Street Wm. J. Parker} 3
  Sam'l G. Brown}  
  Lydia Brooks Est.}  
  Ephm. Randall Est.} 6
  James R. Bent}  
Nason Street Artemas Whitney} 3
  Joseph Hird}  
  Est. Jessie Pratt 4
  Jessie Pratt (Ritchie) 3
Acton Street Wm. T. Parker}  
  Ezekiel S. Brown Est.} 4
  George F. Brown  
Sudbury Road, etc. Estate of Levi L. Pratt}  
  Est. C. P. Hemenway} 4
  Est. A. Maynard}  
Brooks Street Estate Silas Brooks}  
  Alfred T. Haynes} 5
Parker Street    


Centre, Concord Road, etc. John E. Cutter} 7
  M. M. Keezer}  
West, Turnpike, etc. Jona. B. Davis} 8
  Libbie L. Brooks}  
South David W. Hosmer} 9
  Ephm. L. Hall Est.}  
     (Fletcher Cor.) Lorenzo A. Pratt 10
  Adeline A. Priest 10
  W. E. Faulkner Est.}  
  C. A. Harrington} 11
East Wm. J. Whitney} 10
  Ida F. Goodwin}  
East Israel H. Miles} 7
  Geo. H. Brooks}  
South (School St.) Abel Jones Est.} 11
  Warren H. Jones}  
East Est. J.B. Perkins} 7
  M. H. Warden}  


Pleasant & Warland Sts. E.B. Manning} 12
  Jas. R. Bent}  
Leonard Avenue Hovey Estate}  
  Wm. E. Doyle} 12
  S. M. Thompson}  


Ft. Meadow Reservoir W. T. Parker 4
Hosmer Street Est. Lewis Hapgood} 8
  Lyman Hapgood}  


Old Road to Reading Jas. York Jr. 1


Sudbury Road H. E. Bigelow 5
Sudbury Road Ephraim Wheeler}  
  HenryWheeler} 1
  Caleb Wheeler}  
  Frank E. Cutler 1
  Martha A. King 1
  Henry D. Coolidge 1
  Heath-Keyser 3
Devens Street Jona. Wheeler}  
  H. J. Coolidge} 1
Thoreau Street Caleb H. Wheeler} 1
  James B. Wood}  
Lowell Road Abel Davis} 2
  H.P. Worthley}  
  Winn-Emerson 11
Potter Street Est. J. H. Potter} 2
  James Hagerty}  
Fairhaven [Street] Road Jas. B. Wood} 3
  Geo. M. Brooks}  
  Potter Est.} 3
  Emma V. Maguire}  
  Walcott, Holden 3
  A. H. Wheeler} 5
  Geo. R. Wheeler}  
Strawberry Hill Road Joseph A. Smith 2
Nine Acre Corner Est. Chas. Mile 2
  John Fitzpatrick 4
  M. H. Holden 4
  D. L. Garfield 3
  F.A. Wheeler 5
  Est. Darius Miles} 4
  Mary O. Lufkin}  
Harvard Road or Turnpike L. Eaton} 2
  Wm. Munroe}  
  Sophia J. Pierce 12
  Peter L. Towle 12
River & Elm Sts. Lucy R. Brown}  
  Wm. F. Hurd} 6
  Lucy F. Chapman}  
  Episc. Church 6
  Geo. E. Walcott  
  F. B. Sanborn 6
Riverside Park R.W. Browning 7
  H.J. Judkins, etc. 7
Old Marlborough Road Thos. Wheeler Est.} 11
  Benj. Derby} 8
  Harvey Wheeler} 11
  Jeremiah Sheehan 11
  Thibault 8
  Dan'l Tarbell} 9
  E. F. Berry}  
  D.W. Sheehan 10
Westvale Damon Mfg. Co. 8, 9
Westvale, Derby Street J. S. Howard 10
  Loring N. Fowler 10
  L. A. Pratt 10
Westvale, Main Street Mark Mara 10
Commonwealth Avenue R. Warner} 12
  E. M. Cadwell}  
Grant Street Brooks & Heywood}  
  John Dempsey} 11
  John Hopkins}  
Lexington Road Abel Moore} 11
  Edw'd Connors}  
Walden Street C. H. Bartlett} 11
  E.W. Emerson}  
Nine Acre Corner Est. Issac Garfield} 3, 4, 5
  Est. Geo. Heywood}  
  F. C. Dumaine}  
Stow Street   5
Old Camp Road Hayward Farm 3
     (near Powder Mills) Jem C. Richards  

Volume 6.  CONCORD

Main Street (South Side)   1
     Walden St. to Sudbury Road    
Main Street (South Side)    
     Sudbury Rd. to Academy Lane   2
Main Street (South Side)    
     Academy Lane to Belknap Street   8, 3
Academy Lane   3
Sudbury Road (North Side)   9, 7, 2, 3
Sudbury Road (South Side)   12
Main Street (South Side)    
     Thoreau Street to Railroad   7, 4, 5
Railroad Lane (or Cottage Lane)   4, 7
Main Street (South Side) cor. Thoreau St.   8, 7
Love Lane   9, 7
Main Street (South Side)    
     Belknap St. westward   8, 7
Thoreau Street (N. School St.)   4, 7, 8
Belknap Street (High & Texas Streets)   7, 8, 9
Main Street (North Side)   6
Union Turnpike (Elm Street)   6
Cyrus Hubbard Estate   8
Chas. R. Wetherbee Estate   8
Chas. R. Wetherbee Estate   8
Chas. J. Stearns Estate   8
Mary A. Stearns Estate   8
Grant Street and Elsinore St.   9
Hubbard Street (North Side)    
     From Devens St. westward   10, 11
     From Devens St. eastward   10
Hubbard Street (South Side)   11
Devens Street   10, 12
Walden Street (West Side)   11
Elsinore Street   9



Cambridge Turnpike Joseph White} 1
  Asa F. Calef}  
Concord Road L.W. Weston 1
Near F. R. R. Sta. Est. Hosea Weston}  
  L.W. Weston} 1, 3
  Roger Sherman}  
Wayland Road F.A. Hayden}  
  Katie F. P. Dodge} 2
  James Farrar  
Wayland Road, etc. John Lasher}  
  Chas. S. Bamforth} 2
  Thos. L. Giles}  
Wayland Road Wm. Hayden} 3
  Anna L. Snelling}  
Near Weston Line Est. Ephm Brown}  
  Est. Parker M. Brown} 3
  Est. Gardner Moore}  


Rd. to Waltham & Sudbury Calvin Sherman}  
  Hannah E. Walker} 3
  Evelyn M. Greaves}  
Pond St. Cochituate A.H. Bryant 3


Euclid Ave., Linden St., etc. John Comeau 4
Main St., etc. Est. Wm. O'Donnell 4


South Littleton (Boxboro Road) Wm. Grimes} 5
  Mary P. B. Grimes}  
Road from Depot to Boxboro Sam'l Sanderson} 5
  Henrietta Kimball}  
  Jos. A. Robbins 6
West Acton Rd. Est. Henry T. Taylor} 7
  Willis H. Gooch}  
Rd. to Depot fr. Centre Est. Sam'l Smith 7
  Mary F. Osborn}  


Lower Village Saper Place} 6
  J. Keyes Hall}  
Harvard Road Est. Jas. B. Brown}  
  Geo. H. S. Brown 7
  E. F. Richardson  


West Acton Est. Levi Wetherbee} 6
  Edwin L. Hayward}  
Gravel Pit Road Francis Kinsley} 8
  Chas. W. Pitman}  
Groton Road Alfred Handley}  
  Henry Loker} 8
  J.A. McLane}  
East Acton David Wetherbee 9


Bloomfield Street} Nath'l Mulliken 11
Eustis Street}    
Mt. Vernon St. Levi Prosser} 10
  Wm. B. Wilson}  
Bedford Road Issac Madill} 10
  Bradbury & Heald}  
Concord Road Est. Robt. Parker} 10
  Wm. J. Neville}  


Davis Road (West Side) Abner Lane} 11
  John Conners}  
Billerica Road Est. Jacob Gragg} 11
  Annie G.L. Skelton}  
  Est. Abner C. Childs} 10
  Arabella W. Lawrence}  
Burlington Road Martin Kelly 11


Broadway Geo. D. Edmands} 12
  Jno. A. Armstrong  
Morrison St. & Place Emily J. Paine} 12
  Martha W. Brown}  
Cedar & Chestnut Sts. Lucy H. Derby 12


Harvard St. G. Edward Smith 12


White St. (Waverley) E. C. Benton 12


Near Arsenal St. Est. Josiah Stickney}  
  Geo. W. Walker} 1
  Chester Sprague}  

Volume 8.  MIDDLESEX


South St., Otis St., est. A. O. Evans} 1
  Frank E. Cutler}  
South Road Est. Wm. Hartwell 2
South Road Est. Reuben Reed} 2
  Est. Philip A. Locke}  
  Est. Caroline S. Nourse}  
  Charles L. Watt}  
West Street Sarah C. Sampson 1
Huckins Street Est. Uriah Goodwin} 3
  Louis E. Berry}  
Billerica Road Est. Benj. Hutchinson}  
  Est. Susannah Hutchinson} 3
  Est. Simeon Stearns}  
  Rich'd A. Griffin}  
Concord Road (Bed. & Con.) Est. Patrick Kelly} 1
  Est. Bridget Kelly}  
  Oliver J. Lane & wife 4
Main Street Est. John D. Billings & ux} 4
  Mary A. Lane}  


Salem Road Est. Hannah T. Morrison} 8
  Jeremiah Nelson}  
High St. & Dane Ave. Alden O. Dane} 8
  Almira C. Smith}  
Andover Street Jona. Gates}  
  Geo. W. Searles} 9
  H. D. Livingston}  
Lowell & Bedford Road John A. Merriam} 9
  Mary A. Pardee  

So. Billerica and Bedford

Main Street Chas. E. Hosmer 9
  Henry Desmazes 3


  Otis Adams}  
  Est. Timo. O'Keefe} 9
  John O'Keefe}  

No. Wilmington

Rds. to Andover & No. Reading Est. Cyrus L. Carter}  
  Lucy M. Haley} 4
  Est. Wm. Blanchard}  


Varnum & 7th Street Est. A. Dillingham 9


River Road Wm. F. Hodgman} 6
  Loammi D. Hodgman}  
River Road (Carlisle & Concord) Est. Sam'l Devens}  
  Frank McCoy} 6
  Harry D. Swift}  
River Road M. Emilia Viena 6
Acton Road Lydia A. Walker}  
  Est. Geo. Heywood} 5
  A. M. Kerrigan}  
Westford Road Levi S. Hutchinson} 7
  Irving F. Bickford}  
Near Lowell Road Est. Jefferson Green}  
  Est. Chas. A. Carr} 6
  Emma C. Bend}  
Estabrook Road Est. Abel Taylor}  
  Est. Humphrey Prescott} 5
  Eugene L. Teabo}  


Vine Street, etc. Chas. G. Fletcher 10
  Est. Matthew Gately}  

So. Lincoln

South Co. Road} Est. Rufus Morse}  
New Rd. to Wayland} Stephen H. Blodgett} 11
Old Town Road} James H. Farrar}  
Main Street & rd Con. to Walth. Est. Rufus Wyman} 11
  Elizabeth M. Smith}  


Lancaster Road} Dan'l Goodnow}  
Rd. to Framingham} Est. James L. Willis} 12
  Edwin B. Hosmer}  
Pendleton Hill Cyrus Hunt} 12
  Aaron Hunt, Jr.}  
North Sudbury John Doyle}  
  Est. Wm. N. Johnson} 12 (note reads "not approved")
  S. H. Thibault & al.}  


Bedford Street John B. Moore}  
  Catholic Cemetery} 1
  F. R. & E. Garfield}  
  Est. John Keating}  
Bedford Street J.W. Palmeter}  
  John J. Hayes} 6, 1
  Geo. W. Floyd}  
Bedford Street Benj. Clark} 2
  Mary Dolan}  
Bedford Street Est. Sally Nealey 4
Bedford Street Chas. W. Goodnow}  
  John B. Moore} 4
  Bridget Grimes}  
Bedford Street Reuben Brown} 4
  Est. John Battles}  
Bedford Street Frances J. Surette 6
Bedford Street Est. Thos. M. Melvin} 6
  Jas. W. Palmeter}  
  Thos. M. Balcoun}  
  John J. Hayes}  
  James Hayes}  
  Patrick McGrath}  
Bedford Street (continued) Francis Jarvis} 8
  John H. Richardson}  
  John Keyes}  
  Dan'l Shattuck}  
Lexington Road Benj. Clark} 2
  Bridget Grimes}  
  Jabez Gowing}  
  Warren Fitts}  
Lexington Road Est. Jno. B. Moore} 11
  Nath'l. Hawthorne}  
  Geo. E. Messer}  
Lexington Road John Curtis} 12
  Davis-Beals Place}  
  Wm. Kettle}  
Davis Court Est. C.B. Davis} 2, 3
  Patrick J. White}  
Old Bedford Road Chas. Gordon} 4
  Waldo Flint}  
  Josiah Merriam} 5
  Joseph Merriam}  
  Est. Sampson Mason}  
  Est. Frank Clark  
  Terence Magoren}  
Dowd's Lane (Bedford Court) Dan'l B. Clark} 7
  Frank Dowd}  
  Est. Mary A. O'Brien}  
  Franklin Dowd}  
Cambridge Turnpike Shannon & Carson lots} 9
  M. Flannery} 10
  W. H. Higgins}  
Cambridge Turnpike Paul Harris} 9
    (Con & Lincoln) Wm. Fitzgerald}  
  Cyrus Smith}  
  D. C. Harris}  
  W. M. & L. E. Brooks}  
Cambridge Turnpike Est. James Wright} 10
  Wm. J. Karin}  
Sandy Pond Road Asa F. Calef} 10
  Mary R. Wright}  
  Wm. J. Karin}  
Middle Street Henry A. Wheeler} 2
  Isaiah Brooks}  


  Wm. Wheeler 2


Camb. Turnpike P. Harris 9
Camb. Turnpike Cyrus Smith 9
  W. M. & L. E. Brooks}  
Camb. Turnpike Mary R. Wright 10
Wayland & Con. Rd. H. K.W. Hall 10
Rd. to Boston Abel Brooks} 6
  Thos. Lynah}  
  Wm. Leighton}  
South Road Est. Wm. Jones} 3
  Jno. A. Burgess}  

 Volume 10.  BOSTON


Buckingham Place C. J. & R. T. Paine} 1
  Geo. Cousins}  
Savin Hill Ave.} Coffin Est.} 1
Everett Rd.} Fred. E. Everett}  
Springdale St.} Della H. Walker}  
Cottage Terrace Amos D. Gould} 1
  Carl F. Monk}  
Hooper Avenue} Hooper Est.} 7, 2
Half Moon Street} Frost Bros.}  
Thacher Road Thacher Est.} 9
Cushing Avenue Fannie G. Frost} 2
  Carl F. Monk}  
Chamblet Street Hooper Est.} 3
  Frost Bros.}  
  J. G. Jobling}  
Mayfield Street} Baker Farm} 3
Morrill Street} Associates}  
Oleander Street Sumner Est.} 4
  C. Boultenhouse}  
Wells Avenue Geo. D. Wells} 5
Samoset Street Frost Bros.}  
Rosemont Avenue Robt. S. Copp}  
Armadine Street Geo. W. Oliver}  
Rockwell Street W. R. McDonald}  
Brent Street} A. R. Baker} 6
Talbot Avenue} W. C. B. Fifield}  
Carlisle Street} Geo. D. Welles}  
  Wm. G. Gibson}  
  B. S. Frost}  
Edgewater, Mattapan Wm. C. Brackett 7
  A. Talbot, Jr.}  
  J. A. McCloskey}  
Moultrie Avenue Geo. O. Wood} 7
  G. W. Oliver}  
Norfolk Street} Est. Thos. W. Capen} 8
Darling Street} Chas. G.W. Capen}  
  Mary E. Barker}  
King Street Franklin King} 8
Train Street L. J. Logan}  
  David Green}  
  Jas. Stevenson}  


Antwerp Street Est. M. Day Kimball} 9
Waverley Street Edmund Rice}  
Lincoln Street Frost Bros.}  


Washington Street Owen Nawn 10
Harrison Avenue    
Plymouth Court    
Walnut Street/Ave. Est. Wm. Danforth} 11
Circuit Street Frost Bros.}  
Ottawa Street Est. Isiaac A. Kendall} 11
  Sarah E. Merrifield}  

West Roxbury

Poplar Street Met Land Co.} 12
Kittredge Street Frost Bros.}  
Augustus Avenue    
Baker Street Patrick O'Neill} 12
  Wm. D. Hennessy}  

Volume 11. CONCORD, ETC.

Monument Street Est. Abner Buttrick}  
  Est. Nathan Barrett} 1
  Edward Coughlin}  
Monument Street Fred G. & Minor Pratt} 1
  J. R. Day}  
  Mary R. Glover}  
Monument Street Est. Timo. Prescott} 1
  Est. Thos. Benjamin} 6
  C. W. Goodnow}  
Monument Street & Court Lane David Shattuck}  
  John Garrison} 2
  Lorenzo Eaton}  
  Burying Grounds}  
  Ag'l Soc'y}  
Monument Street & Common Est. Timothy Minot 6
Monument Street Francis Jarvis} 7, 6
  Calvin S. Fifield}  
  S. R. Kimball}  
  Est. Asa C. Collier  
  Est. Humphrey Barrett}  
Monument Street Abel B. Heywood} 2
  F. R. Gourgas}  
Mill Dam (North Side)   3
Mill Dam (South Side)   4
Lowell Road Jacob B. Farmer} 5
  Dan'l B. Clark}  
  Est. F. W. Towle}  
Lowell Road James Wood} 5
  Albert E. Wood}  
  F. Tracy Hazen}  
Lowell Road Est. Jos. A. Melvin 5
  Eliz'th Turner & Sons}  
Lowell Road Wood & Farmer 5
  Thos. T. Davis  

IN CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS, [ca. 1875] - 1897

(NOTE: All locations in Concord, Mass., unless otherwise noted. Listed in page number order.)

Series II: Manuscript Volume

1 Monument St. – Timothy Prescott
9 9 Estate on Walden St.  – Nathan B. Stow
12 Weston, Mass., - Teel Farm
16 Wayland, Mass., - Farm of Dennis McDonnell (see also p. 26)
19 Lexington Rd. – Wright Smith Farm
24 Monument St. – S. B. Prescott Houselot
26 Wayland, Mass., - Dennis McDonnell Farm (see also p.16)
28 Lexington Rd. – Patrick Carson’s House and lot
34 River Meadow – Stedman Buttrick Farm and outlands
38 Bedford St. – S. M. Holden
42 North part of Concord – Henry Bull Farm
44 Lowell St. – Dr. John Reynolds Place
47 Bow St. – Louis A. Surette
48 Mill Pond – J. F.Thayer Estate
55 Virginia Rd. – Robert Algeo Estate
60 Texas St.– Henry J. Hosmer (Mrs. Quinn’s Lot)
62 Bedford St. –  Patrick W. White’s Lot
64 Concord  (near Acton) - Warren Robbins Farm
69 Main St.– Daniel Shattuck  (Hudson Cottage Lot)
70 Main St. – School-house Lot – Hudson
78 Walden St. – Charles Bartlett Place
82 Old Marlboro Rd. – John Hosmer Farm
93 East Quarter School House Lot – Rufus Meriam
99 Concord Mill Dam Company, 1829
107 Near Court House- Surette Houselot (John White)
112 Bedford, Mass., - John Connors Farm
122 Walden St. - Cyrus Stow Farm
125 F. J. and L. A. Surette (see also  p. 111)
142 Fairhaven Rd. (Old Road to Nine Acre Corner) – Michael Wood
Six acres swamp near Fairhaven– Simon Willard
144 Sudbury Way Settlers (including Billings, Merriam, Wheeler, c.1660-7)
147 “Way to the Nine Acars” (sic)
148 Seven Star Lane, 1731
149 Main St. – Dakin, 1665; Heywood, 1700; John Scotchford, 1665; John Prescott, 1693; Edward Bulkeley, 1673
Report of a committee appointed by Concord selectman to determine the bounds of a highway, Concord, 1726/7
155 South Field Rd. – Scotchford, Buss, Luke Potter, Josh. Wheeler
157 Highway to Watertown – Jno. Billings 
159 Way to Mr. Flint’s Farm
161 Lancaster Rd. – Wm. Buss
163 Sudbury Rd. (Way to Swamp Bridge) – Wm. Buss, 1690; Smedly
165 Way to Dundell – Buss
166 Chestnut Field Path
167 Lexington Rd. – Thomas Dane, 1635; Richard Rice, 1666
170 Way to Rocky Meadow – Caleb Ball, 1729; Geo. Wheeler, 1655
171 Highway to Rocky Hill
172 Highway to Nut Meadow
173 Plain Way to Walden - Sam’l Stratton, 1662/3
177 Way to Great Meadows – Blood’s Land, 1666; Bateman, 1666
178 Way to Fifty-Acre Meadow – John Jones, 1666
181 Nine Acre Corner-Wm. Parkman
182 Baker’s Rd.
183 Barrett’s Mill Rd. – Wm. Buttrick, 1676
187 Highway Rates, 1669/70
190 Ways in the Twenty Score  (Concord into Carlisle, 1697)
191 Hawthorne Lane to Sandy Pond Rd. – Francis Fletcher, 1692/3
193 Groton Rd. – Wm Buttrick, Boaz Browne, 1691
194 Monument St. – Thomas Dane
Old Groton Road, laid out in 1699
199 North Quarter, 1702
201 Lowell Rd. – Robert and Jno. Hunt, 1701
205 Way to Brick-kiln Island, 1666
205 Way to Mento. (Hubbard’s Bridge) Edward Bulkeley, 1673
209 Billerica Rd. – Joseph Dane, Thomas Pellet, 1666
211 Samuel Davis’s Road, 1696
212 Way to the Town Meadow 1665/6
213 Way to Elmbrook Meadow – John Wheeler, Sr., Samuel Hartwell, Eliezar Flagg, 1691
214 Long Meadow – Samuel Prescott and John Shepard
215 Marlborough Rd. – Michael Wood, 1673
218 Harrington Rd.- laid out 1838
219 Stratton’s Rd.- laid out 1665/6
221 Highway to the new Grant – laid out 1665/6 by John Flint and John Smedley
224 Monument Street, 1699
225 Highway to Woburn- laid out 1665 by Sgt. Thomas Wheeler
226 Way to John Fassett’s (Shaushine Corner) – laid out 1720/1
227 Way to Watertown – laid out 1681
230 Ball’s Hill Rd., 1746/7
230 Liberty Street 
231 Way over Fox’s Bridge (Hawthorne Lane), 1726
234 Hosmer Road  (Baker Avenue) – Josiah and Elijah Hosmer, 1775
235 Way from Thos. Wheeler’s Mill – John Parlings (Parlin), 1733/4
237 Way from Blood’s Farm – James Blood, 1734/5
240 Virginia Road, 1804 
242 Highway at John Mason’s and James Adams’s, 1665/6
243 Walden Street, 1726
243 Ways to Lincoln, 1735/6
250 Union Turnpike, 1808
Elm and Main Streets, 1822
  Additional notes

Series II: Foldered Materials

Folder 1  
I. Bound Volumes on Properties and Roads: loose sheets (10) formerly laid into volume
Folder 2  
II: Loose notes on roads 1-26
1 Lexington Road
2, 3 Heywood Street / Potter’s Lane
4 Thomas Stow’s Road
5, 6 Way to Flint’s Farm
7 Chestnut Field Path
8 Sudbury Ways
9 Road to Watertown
10 Lancaster or Stow Road
11 Cambridge Turnpike
12 Stow and Waltham Road through Nine Acre Corner
13 Bedford Street
14 Ways to Fairhaven and Nine Acre Corner
15 Way at Long Meadow
16 Way to Dunsdale
16 Way to the old meeting-house frame
17 Chelmsford Road
18 Way to Rocky Meadow
19 Way to Rocky Hill
19 Way to the Frog Ponds
20 Seven Star Lane
21 James Smedly’s Road
22 Lowell Road
23 Bedford Street
24 Stow’s Farm Road
25 Highway to Nut Meadow
26 Ways to the Great Meadow and Great Fields
Folder 3  
II. Loose notes on roads 27-57
27 Barrett’s Mill Road
27 Way to the Sawmill
27a Strawberry Hill Road (Thos. Barrett’s Road)
28 Roads in the Twenty Score
29 The Harrington Road
30 Way to Mento
31 Plain Way to Walden
32 Baker’s Road
33 Virginia Road
34 Mason’s and Adams’s Road
34 Way to Town Meadow
34a Way to Thomas Wheeler’s Mills
35 Highway to the New Grant or Acton
35b Law’s Path
36 Ways in Concord Village or New Grant
37 Ball’s Hill Road
38 Liberty Street
39 Ways to Blood’s Farm
39 Whittaker’s Road
40 Everett Road
40a Lane leading to the South Field
41 Roads in Lincoln
42 Hayward’s Road
43 Wood Street
44 Old Groton Road
44a Way to Fifty Acres Meadow
45 Road to Thomas Davis’s Lot
45 Way to Brick-kiln Island
46 College Road
46 Temple Road
47 Union Turnpike or Elm Street
  Billerica Road 
49 Marlborough Road
  Monument Street
  Westford Road
50 Harvard Road
51 Thoreau Street}
  School Street}
52 Belknap Street (including Texas or High Streets)
53 Middle Street
54 Academy Lane
55 Railroad Lane
56 Love Lane}
  Heywood’s Lane}
57 Sam’l Hosmer’s Road
  Additional roads listed in notes, no corresponding pages
5N. 41. Easterbrook Rd. and Way, 1801
5N. 46. T. Ways Thro Jona. Butt’s Past., 1764
       8g. Way to John Miles’s Pasture
       40a. Lane to South Field
6N. 47 {Path to Town Meadow
       4 {
6N. 153 Road to White Pond Plain
6N. 155+ Way to Cranefield
  Fassett’s Road    7N 47
  Harvard Road  12N.  17 (1787)
Folder 4  
II. Loose notes on roads: unnumbered 

Series III.  Letters from Horace R. Hosmer to Charles H. Wolcott.

Folder 5  
  Eight letters from Horace R. Hosmer to Charles H. Walcott, 1889-1892
Date Former Letter File Number
6 October 1889  3a / H-5
5 January 1890  3a / H-6
17 March 1890  3a / H-7
19 March 1890  3a / H-8
19 April 1891  3a / H-9
15 July 1892  3a / H-10
undated   3a / H-11
16 December 1892  3a / H-12

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