The 1925 Committee of Arrangements:
Front row—Henry J. Coolidge, Michael J. Dee, James Nagle, Hugh F. Leith, John C. Macone, Harold E. Orendorff, Edward F. Loughlin, Burleigh L. Pratt, Stedman Buttrick, Edward B. Caiger, Thomas Todd; second row—George W. Hunt, James M. Russell, George F. Wheeler, Jeremiah Sheehan, Prescott Keyes, Edward W. Emerson, William Wheeler, John Gilmore, Charles F. Adams, Wells A. Hall; top row—Edward McKenna, Oscar E.. Beckvold, George M. Weed, George L. Prescott, Philip T. Flavin, Benjamin Derby, Raymond Wheeler, Thomas Peterson, Thomas McGrath, Allen French, Horton Edmands.

Vault A15, Unit C5

EXTENT: 1 album volume, 4 leaves (6 pages) of loose album sheets, and 57 loose prints (in two boxes).

HISTORY: A committee was appointed to arrange the public celebration in Concord, Massachusetts, of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Concord, 1925 April 19-20. Officers: Prescott Keyes, Chairman; Samuel Hoar, Secretary (later Wells A. Hall); Stedman Buttrick, Treasurer; Allen French, Historian. Dignitaries invited to Concord included officials of state and federal governments; the Vice President of the United States and the Governor of Massachusetts attended. Religious services on Sun. April 19 were followed by the placement of wreaths on Revolutionary graves by the Children of the American Revolution, by a band concert, and by afternoon and evening addresses. A parade to the North Bridge took place on April 20. A reenactment of the Concord Fight, arranged by Allen French, took place at the bridge. Athletic events, literary exercises, fireworks, a concert, and a ball took place later in the day. Patriot Half Dollars, ordered from United States Mint, were sold as part of the celebration. (The Concord committee cooperated with Lexington's celebration committee, particularly regarding the Patriot Half Dollar, but the celebrations in the towns were separate.) The Concord committee's final report was included in the 1925 annual municipal report.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: Collection consists of 1 album volume, 4 leaves (6 pages) of loose album sheets, and 57 loose photographs of the public celebration in Concord, 1925 April 19-20, of the 150 th anniversary of the Concord Fight. It includes photographs of the Nineteenth of April Committee, decorated buildings, the parade, the reenactment at the North Bridge, children in Colonial garb, etc. The 1925 snapshots on the loose album sheets were taken by Robert L. Sheridan of Maynard, Massachusetts.  

SOURCES OF ACQUISITION: Multiple; established for most items in the collection. Packet of photographs taken from Main Street location: gift of Marian B. Miller, 1970. Two parade photographs: gift of Laurence E. Richardson, 1976 Nov. Loose Sheridan album sheets: gift of Ralph L. Sheridan of Maynard, 1985 Oct. 30, in memory of Robert L. Sheridan. Album: gift, 1935 Jan.  

ASSOCIATED COLLECTION: Nineteenth of April Committee for the Celebration in Concord, Massachusetts, of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Concord Records, 1924-1926.

NOTES/COMMENTS: Album accessioned (accession number 74758; 1935 Jan.).

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Box 1, Folder 1:
Photograph of Nineteenth of April Committee, with separate label identifying members.

Box 1, Folder 2:
Packet of 54 photographs taken from Main Street location.

Box 1, Folder 3:
Two parade photographs.

Box 1, Folder 4:
Loose album sheets containing snapshots taken by Robert L. Sheridan of Maynard.


Box 2 (unfoldered):

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