Vault B20, Unit 1

Chandler--Great FireEXTENT: <883> items (in <47> containers).

ORGANIZATION AND ARRANGEMENT: Organized into four series: Series I. Historical Topics; Series II. Individuals (As Author or Subject); Series III. Massachusetts Towns—History, Anniversaries, Description, etc.; and Series IV. Pamphlet Materials on Multiple Topics, Organized by Form. The four series are further divided into forty-seven subseries (see Series/Subseries Listing, below). Within each subseries, material in bound volumes is listed in the order in which bound. Loose items are arranged alphabetically by author or subject (as appropriate) and listed following the bound materials.

SCOPE AND CONTENT: A long-established, artificial, still-growing collection consisting largely of printed pamphlets, with articles, reprints, some ephemera, typescripts, photocopied manuscript material, and one set of slides (to accompany a typescript item) also included. Some of the items within were bound during the 19th century, some are loose. Covering a broad range of topics relating to American (and particularly New England) history, life, and thought, the Topical Pamphlet Collection provides background and context for the more specifically Concord-related materials in the Concord Free Public Library William Munroe Special Collections. The collection—not to be confused with the Concord Pamphlet Collection—includes <883> items, dating from <1741> to <1996>. Series I (Historical Topics) includes <352> items dating between <1741> and <1996>, Series II (Individuals, As Author or Subject) <300> items between <1761> and <1963>, Series III (Massachusetts Towns—History, Anniversaries, Description, etc.) <127> items between <1748> and <1991>, and Series IV (Pamphlet Materials on Multiple Topics, Organized by Form) <104> items between <1752> and <1940>. Some of the bound volumes include the occasional out-of-scope pamphlet. Moreover, there is some topical overlap of material in different subseries. Those researching a particular subject may consequently wish to consult multiple subseries in the item listing (see Series/Subseries Listing for a complete outline). Researchers interested in determining whether the collection holds specific pamphlet titles should search using keywords in the search box on the Selected Finding Aids page.

SOURCES OF ACQUISITION: Multiple. Known sources of acquisition for particular items and copy-specific information suggesting previous ownership and sources of acquisition are noted in the item listing. Some bound volumes came from the collection of the Concord Town Library (predecessor of the Concord Free Public Library). A significant number of the pamphlets in other bound volumes were given by Edward Jarvis. More recently, loose items from the Concord Antiquarian Society gift and from the purchased Winnifred L. Sturdy Collection have been added.

RESTRICTION ON PHOTOCOPY: Because of the fragile condition of much of the collection, photocopy is not permitted from most items in it. No photocopy is allowed from any of the bound volumes, or from any loose items in delicate or brittle condition. Some loose items in good condition and at no risk of damage may be photocopied (all photocopy of pre-20th century material to be done by staff). Consult Special Collections staff for additional information.

NOTES/COMMENTS: The Topical Pamphlet Collection represents an enhanced, reorganized version of the former Basement Pamphlet Collection, in some areas streamlined and in others augmented by the addition of new materials. Former Basement Pamphlet numbers no longer apply.

PROCESSED BY: LPW; finding aid completed 05/29/04.





I. A. Native Americans in New England.
I. B. Colonial History and Anniversaries.
I. C. Saugus Ironworks Restoration.
I. D. Revolutionary History, Anniversaries, Commemorative Sermons, etc.
I. E. New England Social History, Architectural History, and Material Culture.
I. F. Politics.
I. G. Masonry and Antimasonry.
I. H. Slavery, Antislavery, Emancipation, Colonization, Fugitive Slave Law, and Underground Railroad.
I. I. Civil War.
I. J. Church Histories and Anniversaries.
I. K. Transportation (Including Railroads and Middlesex Canal).
I. L. Fourth of July Orations (and Some Washington’s Birthday).
I. M. 1876 Centennial Celebrations.
I. N. Weather.
I. O. Geography.
I. P. Trials and Legal Proceedings.
I. Q. Bahai Movement.
I. R. Religion and Atheism.
I. S. Temperance.
I. T. Education (Including Tracts, Primers, Readers, Learning Aids, Syllabi, and Periodical Publications).


II. A. Biographical Miscellany (including bound volumes of pamphlets and eulogies on multiple individuals, and separate items relating to individuals represented by too few items to warrant a separate subseries).
II. B. Charles Francis Adams (1835-1915).
II. C. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
II. D. John Quincy Adams.
II. E. Thomas Carlyle.
II. F. George E. Ellis.
II. G. Edward Everett.
II. H. Samuel Abbott Green.
II. I. Charles T. Jackson;
II. J. Horace Mann.
II. K. Theodore Parker.
II. L. Andrew Preston Peabody.
II. M. James Hosmer Penniman.
II. N. Charles Sumner.
II. O. Daniel Webster.


III. A. Various Massachusetts Towns (including bound volumes of pamphlets relating to multiple towns, and separate pamphlets relating to towns represented by too few items to warrant a separate subseries and for which rapid collection growth is not anticipated).
III. B. Acton, Mass.
III. C. Bedford, Mass.
III. D. Boston, Mass.
III. E. Carlisle, Mass.
III. F. Groton, Mass.
III. G. Lexington, Mass.
III. H. Lincoln, Mass.
III. I. Sudbury, Mass.


IV. A. Addresses on Various Topics (including bound volumes of miscellaneous inauguration, dedication, unveiling, historical, political, anniversary, Fourth of July, commencement, Phi Beta Kappa, and other occasional addresses).
IV. B. Sermons on Various Topics (including bound and loose ordination, election, fast, thanksgiving, Christmas, farewell, and other occasional sermons).
IV. C. John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company Publications.



Box I.1:

I. A. Native Americans in New England, 1850-1983: (five items)

L’Estrange, Roger. News from New-England, Being A True and last Account of the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the Infidels, Natives, and the English Christians, and Converted Indians of New-England, declaring the many Dreadful Battles Fought betwixt them: As also the many Towns and Villages burnt by the merciless Heathens. And also the true Number of all the Christians slain since the beginning of that War, as it was sent over by a Factor of New-England to a Merchant in London. Licensed Aug. 1 (London: Printed for J. Coniers, 1676; reprint, Boston, N.E.: Reprinted for Samuel G. Drake, 1850). Removed from the Winnifred L. Sturdy Collection (purchased in 1990 from the Harvard Historical Society).

Forbes, Allan. Some Indian Events of New England … (Boston: Printed for the State Street Trust Company, 1934).

Forbes, Allan. Other Indian Events of New England … Volume II (Boston: Issued by the State Street Trust Company, 1941).

Gookin, Daniel. An Historical Account of the Doings and Sufferings of the Christian Indians in New England, in the Years 1675, 1676, 1677 … (photocopy of pages [423]-534 from unidentified printed book).

Russell, Emily W. B. "Indian-Set Fires in the Forests of the Northeastern United States." Photocopy of article (pages [78]-88) in Ecology, Vol. 64, No. 1 (Feb. 1983).

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Box I.2:

I. B. Colonial History and Anniversaries, 1821-1973: (one bound volume containing fourteen items, plus fifteen separate items)

Note: Related materials may be found in Series III (Massachusetts Towns—History, Anniversaries, Description, etc.).

In bound volume titled "Pilgrims" (accession number 23772), listed in order in which bound:

Emmons, Nathanael. A Sermon, Delivered Dec. 31, 1820, the Last Lord’s Day in the Second Century Since Our Forefathers First Settled in Plymouth (Dedham: Printed by H. & W.H. Mann, 1821).

The Pilgrims’ Song. Words by the Rev. James Flint. Music composed and sung by B. Brown, Esq. at the celebration of the landing of the Forefathers, 1820 ([no place of publication or publisher specified; 1821?]).

Sabine, James. The Fathers of New England. A Sermon, Delivered in the Church in Essex-Street, Boston, December 22, 1820. Being the Second Centennial Celebration of the Landing of the Fathers at Plymouth (Boston: G. Clark & Co., 1821).

Ripley, Charles. An Oration, on the Colonization of New England, Delivered December 22, 1838, Before the Pilgrim Society of Louisville (Louisville, Ky.: Prentice and Weissinger, 1839). Edward Jarvis’s copy.

C., J.F. [James Freeman Clarke]. The Pilgrim Fathers: A Poem Recited in the Church of the Disciples, Boston, on the Festival of the Pilgrims, December 22d, 1842. From the Christian Examiner for May, 1843 (Boston: Thurston and Torry, 1843).

Hillard, George S. A Discourse Delivered Before the New England Society in the City of New-York, December 22, 1851 (New York: Published by the Society; George F. Nesbitt and Co., Printers, 1852). Bound with this: Report of the Annual Dinner of the New England Society in the City of New-York; at the Astor House, December 23, 1851 (New York: George F. Nesbitt & Co., Printers, 1852).

[Pilgrim Society]. An Account of the Pilgrim Celebration at Plymouth, August 1, 1853, Containing a List of the Decorations in the Town, and Correct Copies of the Speeches Made at the Dinner-Table. Revised by the Pilgrim Society (Boston: Crosby, Nichols, and Company, 1853).

Sumner, Charles. A Finger-Point from Plymouth Rock. Remarks at the Plymouth Festival, on the First of August, 1853. In Commemoration of the Embarkation of the Pilgrims (Boston: Crosby, Nichols, and Company, 1853). Inscribed on title-page: "Francis Jarvis / from Chas. Sumner Esq. / U.S.S."

The Illustrated Pilgrim Memorial. Published in Aid of the Monument Fund (Boston: Published at the Office of the National Monument to the Forefathers; Printed by Hickling & Co., 1864).

Memoranda, Historical, Chronological, &c. Prepared with the Hope to Aid Those Whose Interest in Pilgrim Memorials, and History, Is Freshened by This Jubilee Year … (Boston: Printed for the Use of Congregational Ministers; Todd, Printer, 1870).

New England Society in the City of New York. Sixty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the New-England Society in the City of New York at Delmonico’s, Dec. 22, 1870 ([New York: The Society, 1871]). Inscribed on title-page: "Wheildon / from W.J.A. Fuller, Esq. / New York."

Goodwin, John A. The Pilgrim Fathers. Oration Delivered Before the City Council and Citizens of Lowell, December 22, 1876 (Lowell, Mass.: Printed by Order of the City Council; Penhallow Printing Co., 1877).

Deverell, William. The Pilgrims and the Anglican Church (London: C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1878).

New England Society in the City of New York. Seventy-fourth Anniversary Celebration of the New-England Society in the City of New York at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, Dec. 22, 1879 ([New York: The Society, 1880]).

Separate items:

Anderson, Leon W. Hannah Duston: Heroine of 1697 Massacre of Indian Captors on River Islet at Boscawen, N.H. ([no place of publication specified]: Evans Printing Co., 1973). "This pamphlet was prepared … for the third in a series of historic bottles produced by Jim Beam Distillers for the N.H. state government."

Boutwell, George S. Wadsworth Monument. Date of Sudbury Fight. Communicated to the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for April, 1866, by Hon. George S. Boutwell (Boston: David Clapp & Son, Printers).

Cadbury, Henry J. "Quakers and Their Abettors, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1663." Reprint of article (pages 9-16) in Bulletin of Friends’ Historical Association, Vol. 27, No. 1 (1938).

Ford, Helen deN. The Starshine of Mrs. Hannah Dustin ([no place of publication, publisher, or date of publication specified]).

Fowler, Samuel P. An Account of the Life, Character, &c., of the Rev. Samuel Parris, of Salem Village, and of His Connection with the Witchcraft Delusion of 1692 (Salem: William Ives and George W. Pease, Printers, 1857). "Read before the Essex Institute, Nov’r 14, 1856."

Green, Samuel Swett. The Use of the Voluntary System in the Maintenance of Ministers in the Colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay During the Earlier Years of Their Existence (Worcester, Mass.: Press of Charles Hamilton, 1886). "The Historical Portion of the Report of the Council of the American Antiquarian Society Presented at the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Society Held in Boston, April 28, 1886."

McGlenen, Edward Webster. The Sudbury Fight, April 21, 1676. An Address Delivered before the Society of Colonial Wars at the Battle Ground, Sudbury, Massachusetts, June 17, 1897 (Boston: [no publisher specified], 1898).

Morison, Samuel Eliot. Historical Background for the Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary in 1930 (Boston: Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary, Inc., 1928). "Bulletin Number Ten—April, 1928."

Robbins, Roland Wells, with Evan Jones. Pilgrim John Alden’s Progress: Archaeological Excavations in Duxbury (Plymouth, Mass.: The Pilgrim Society, 1969). Inscribed by Roland Robbins for the Concord Free Public Library.

Sheldon, George. "Flintlock or Matchlock in King Philip’s War?" Reprint from article in the Proceedings of The Worcester Society of Antiquities, 1899. Inscribed by the author.

Sheldon, George. "The Flintlock Used in Philip’s War?" Reprint from the Proceedings of The Worcester Society of Antiquities, 1900. Inscribed by the author.

Ware, Horace E. The Powder Mill on the Neponset; Its Importance to the Colony in Philip’s War ([no place of publication or publisher specified: 1901]). "Read by Horace E. Ware before the Milton Woman’s Club, May 6, 1901."

Winship, George Parker. An Odd Lot of New England Puritan Personalities. With Some Observations on the Bay Psalm Book … (Portland, Maine: The Southworth-Anthoensen Press, 1942). Deposited by the Concord Antiquarian Society in 1971; converted to gift in 1974.

Wolford, Thorp L. "The Laws and Liberties of 1648." Reprint of article (pages [426]-463]) in the Boston University Law Review, Vol. 28 (Nov. 1948).

Young, Edward J. Oration at the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Battle of Green Hill, King Philip’s War, Delivered in Sudbury, Mass., April 18, 1876 (Boston: Lockwood, Brooks and Company, 1876).

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Box I.3:

I. C. Saugus Ironworks Restoration, 1951-1957: (seven items)

First Iron Works Gazette (Saugus, Mass: First Ironworks Association, 1951-1955).

Vol. 1, No. 2 (May 1951)
Vol. 1, No. 3 (June 1951)
Vol. 1, No. 4 (Oct. 1951)
Vol. 2, No. 1 (Jan. 1952)
Vol. 2, No. 2 (Mar. 1952)
Vol. 2, No. 3 (June 1952)
Vol. 2, No. 4 (Aug. 1952)
Vol. 2, No. 5 (Nov. 1952)
Vol. 3, No. 1 (Feb. 1953)
Vol. 3, No. 2 (Apr. 1953)
Vol. 3, No. 3 (July 1953)
Vol. 3, No. 4 (Oct. 1953)
Vol. 4, No. 1 (Jan. 1954)
Vol. 4, No. 2 (Apr. 1954)
Vol. 4, No. 3 (Aug. 1954)
Vol. 4, No. 4 (Fall 1954)
Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring 1955)
Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 1955)

Saugus Ironworks Restoration Newsletter (Saugus, Mass.: Published for Members of the First Iron Works Association, Inc., 1956-1957).

Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 1956)
Vol. 1, No. 2 (Summer 1956)
Vol. 1, No. 3 (Fall 1956)
Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 1957)
Vol. 2, No. 3 (Fall 1957)

The Saugus Restauration (Saugus, Mass.: First Iron Works Association, ©1951).

The Saugus Ironworks Restoration (New York: American Iron and Steel Institute, 1955).

Folded brochures ("Saugus Ironworks Restoration"): three printings (all undated).

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Box I.4:

I. D. Revolutionary History, Anniversaries, Commemorative Sermons, etc., [1775]-1953: (three bound volumes containing twenty-five items, plus twenty-eight separate items)

Note: Related materials may be found in Series III (Massachusetts Towns—Histories, Anniversaries, Description, etc.).

In bound volume titled "American Revolution, April 19, 1775, Acton and Lexington" (accession number 23774), listed in order in which bound:

Adams, Josiah. An Address Delivered at Acton, July 21, 1835, Being the First Centennial Anniversary of the Organization of That Town; with an Appendix, in which the honors of the Concord Fight, claimed, by some late publications, for Major Buttrick and other officers belonging to Concord, particularly so far as they are supposed to belong to the memory of Capt. Isaac Davis of Acton, who was killed in the engagement, are considered; with some reasons why a proposed monument should not be placed over the two British soldiers who were buried in one grave at the north bridge … Published by the Request of a Committee of the Inhabitants … (Boston: Printed by J.T. Buckingham, 1835).

Adams, Josiah. Letter to Lemuel Shattuck, Esq. of Boston, from Josiah Adams, Esq. of Framingham, in Vindication of the Claims of Capt. Isaac Davis, of Acton, to His Just Share in the Honors of the Concord Fight. Also, Depositions of Witnesses, Stating the Facts on Which the Claims Are Founded, and Other Interesting Papers (Boston: Damrell & Moore, Printers, 1850).

Woodbury, James Trask. Speech Delivered in the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, February 3, 1851, upon the Question of Granting Two Thousand Dollars to Aid the Town of Acton in Building a Monument over the Remains of Capt. Isaac Davis, Abner Hosmer, and Jas. Hayward, Acton Minute Men, Killed at Concord Fight, April 19, 1775 … Published by Request of the Town of Acton (Boston: Printed by Bazin & Chandler, 1851). Manuscript note by "J.A." (Josiah Adams?) pasted to page 63.

Boutwell, George S. An Oration Delivered in Acton, Mass., on the 29th of October, 1851, by His Excellency George S. Boutwell … and a Poem, Pronounced by Rev. John Pierpont … It Being the Celebration of the Completion of the Granite Monument, Erected on Acton Common, over the Remains of Captain Isaac Davis, and Privates Abner Hosmer and James Hayward, with an Appendix, Giving an Account of the Proceedings on That Occasion, and a Few Revolutionary Facts and Anecdotes, Pertaining to the Town of Acton. Published by Request of the Town of Acton (Boston: Bazin and Chandler, Printers, 1852).

Davis, Josiah. Letter of Josiah Adams, to the People of Acton, Relative to the Evidence which procured the Grant for the Davis Monument (Holliston: Parker & Plimpton, Printers, 1852).

Emmons, [--------]. Emmons’s Oration, on Lexington Battle. Delivered April 19th, 1827 ([no place of publication or publisher specified; 1827]). Caption title.

Phinney, Elias. History of the Battle at Lexington, on the Morning of the 19th April, 1775 (Boston: Printed by Phelps and Farnham, 1825).

King, Daniel P. Address Commemorative of Seven Young Men of Danvers, Who Were Slain in the Battle of Lexington; Delivered in the Old South Meeting House, in Danvers, on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Battle. With Notes … Published by Request (Salem: W. & S.B. Ives, 1835). Inscribed on title-page: "Presented by Geo. Tolman."

Loring, George B. An Oration, Delivered at Lexington on the Dedication of the Town and Memorial Hall, April 19, 1871, Being the 96th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington … With the Proceedings and a Historical Appendix (Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin & Son, 1871).

Hudson, Charles. Abstract of the History of Lexington, Mass. from Its Settlement to the Centennial Anniversary of the Declaration of Our National Independence. July 4, 1876 (Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin & Son, 1876).

Lexington (Mass.). Historical Monuments and Tablets, Erected by the Town of Lexington. 1884 ([Lexington: The Town, 1884]).

In bound volume titled "Bunker Hill Battle" (accession number 23775), listed in order in which bound:

Swett, S. Who Was the Commander at Bunker Hill? With Remarks on Frothingham’s History of the Battle … (Boston: Printed by John Wilson, 1850). Inscribed by the author for Doctor S. G. Howe (?).

Drake, Samuel Adams. General Israel Putnam, the Commander at Bunker Hill (Boston: Nichols & Hall, 1875). "To accompany Drake’s ‘Bunker Hill.’"

Drake, Samuel Adams. Bunker Hill: The Story Told in Letters from the Battle Field by British Officers Engaged. With an Introduction and Sketch of the Battle (Boston: Nichols and Hall, 1875).

Ellis, George E. History of the Battle of Bunker’s (Breed’s) Hill, on June 17, 1775, from Authentic Sources in Print and Manuscript … (Boston: Lockwood, Brooks, and Company, 1875).

Parker, Francis J. Colonel William Prescott, the Commander in the Battle of Bunker’s Hill. Honor to Whom Honor is Due. A Monograph (Boston: A. Williams & Co., 1875).

Charlestown. Something of Its History … (Charlestown District, Boston: Bunker Hill Times Office, 1875). Inscribed.

Wheildon, William W. New History of the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, Its Purpose, Conduct, and Result (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1875).

Wheildon, William W. Siege and Evacuation of Boston and Charlestown, with a Brief Account of Pre-Revolutionary Public Buildings … (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1876).

In bound volume titled "American Revolution" (accession number 23773), listed in order in which bound:

Moore, George H. Historical Notes on the Employment of Negroes in the American Army of the Revolution (New York: Charles T. Evans, 1862). Inscribed by the author.

Celebration of the Battle of King’s Mountain, October, 1855, and the Address … Together with the Proceedings of the Meetings and Accompanying Documents (Yorkville, S.C.: Published for the Committees by Miller & Melton, 1855). Inscribed by the author for "Mr. Hudson [Frederic Hudson]."

Memorial to the Men of Cambridge Who Fell in the First Battle of the Revolutionary War. Services of Dedication, Nov. 3, 1870 (Cambridge: Press of John Wilson and Son, 1870).

Coburn, Frank W. The Centennial History of the Battle of Bennington; Compiled from the Most Reliable Sources, and Fully Illustrated with Original Documents and Entertaining Anecdotes. Col. Seth Warner’s Identity in the First Action Completely Established … (Boston: George E. Littlefield, 1877).

Curtis, George William. Burgoyne’s Surrender: An Oration Delivered on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Event, October 17, 1877, at Schuylerville, N.Y. (New York: Baker & Godwin, 1877).

Stone, William L. Memoir of the Centennial Celebration of Burgoyne’s Surrender, Held at Schuylerville, N.Y., Under the Auspices of the Saratoga Monument Association, on the 17th of October, 1877(Albany: Joel Munsell, 1878).

Separate items:

Adams, Charles Francis. "The Battle of Bunker Hill." Reprint of article (pages 401-413) in the American Historical Review, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Apr. 1896).

Boston (Mass.). Message of the Mayor Transmitting a Communication from the City Registrar Giving Authority for Adding the Names of Lieutenant Benjamin West and Captain William Meacham to the List of Patriots Who Were Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill (Boston: The City, 1895). "Document 147—1895." (Gift of Janet Turley, 09/02/93.)

Cameron, E.H. Of Yankee Granite: An Account of the Building of Bunker Hill Monument (Boston: Bunker Hill Monument Association, 1953).

[Chapin, Noah]. [Typed transcription of diary, 1775, including account of events of April 19th ; date of transcription not specified].

Clark, Jonas. The Fate of Blood-thirsty Oppressors and God’s tender Care of his distressed People. A Sermon, Preached at Lexington, April 19, 1776. To commemorate the Murder, Bloodshed, and Commencement of Hostilities, between Great Britain and America, in that Town, by a Brigade of Troops of George III, under Command of Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, on the Nineteenth of April, 1775. To Which is Added, a Brief Narrative of the principal Transactions of that Day … (Boston: Printed by Powars and Willis, 1776; reprint, Boston: Franklin Press; Rand, Avery, & Co., 1875).

Cooke, Samuel. The violent destroyed: And oppressed delivered. A Sermon, Preached at Lexington, April 19, 1777. For a Memorial of the Bloody Tragedy, barbarously acted, by a party of British Troops, in that Town and the Adjacent, April 19, 1775 … (Boston: Printed by Draper and Phillips, for Thoma[s] Leverett and Nicholas Bowes, 1777). Inscribed: "From Miss E.A. Stone."

Coolidge, George A. Brochure of Bunker Hill. With Heliotype Views (Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, ©1875).

Cumings, Henry. A Sermon Preached at Lexington, on the 19th of April 1781. Being the Anniversary of the Commencement of Hostilities between Great_britain and America, which took Place in that Town, on the 19th of April, 1775 … (Boston: Printed by Benjamin Edes & Sons, 1781). Inscribed: "Presented by / Dr. Josiah Bartlett."

Dana, Richard Henry. Oration at Lexington, April 19, 1875 (Boston: Lockwood, Brooks, and Company, 1875). Inscribed on wrapper: "From Miss E.A. Stone."

Derby, Samuel Carroll. Early Dublin: A List of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Dublin, N.H. … (Columbus, Ohio: Press of Spahr & Glenn, 1901). Wrapper title: Early Dublin. I. Revolutionary Soldiers. Inscribed on wrapper: "With respects of S.C. Derby." Deposited by the Concord Antiquarian Society in 1971; converted to gift in 1974.

Endicott, Charles M. Account of Leslie’s Retreat at the North Bridge, in Salem, on Sunday, Feb’y 26, 1775 … From the Proceedings of the Essex Institute (Salem: Wm. Ives and Geo. W. Pease, Printers, 1856). Removed from the Winnifred L. Sturdy Collection (purchased in 1990 from the Harvard Historical Society).

Everett, Edward. An Address Delivered at Lexington, on the 19th (20th) of April, 1835 … Second Edition (Charlestown: Published by William W. Wheildon, 1835).

Everett, Edward. Battle of Bunker Hill. Oration by Edward Everett, with a Brief Account of the Celebration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, at Charlestown, June 17, 1850 (Boston: Redding and Company, 1850). Inscribed by William Willder Wheildon for Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Frothingham, Richard. The Centennial: Battle of Bunker Hill. With a View of Charlestown in 1775, Page’s Plan of the Action, Romans’ Exact View of the Battle, and Other Illustrations (Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1875).

Frothingham, Richard. The Battle-Field of Bunker Hill: with a Relation of the Action by William Prescott, and Illustrative Documents. A Paper Communicated to the Massachusetts Historical Society, June 10, 1875, with Additions (Boston: Printed for the author, 1876). Inscribed by the author for Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Goodale, George Lincoln. British and Colonial Army Surgeons on the 19th of April, 1775. An Address Delivered on the 19th of April, 1899, Before the Middlesex South District Medical Society ([no place of publication specified]: Published at the Request of the Society, [1899?]).

Goodell, Abner C. Address Delivered Before the Essex Institute, October 5, 1874, at the Centennial Anniversary of the Meeting of the Provincial Assembly in Salem, October 5, 1774 (Salem: Published by the Essex Institute, 1874).

"How the News of the Battle of Lexington Reached Philadelphia" [consisting largely of facsimile of original dispatch of 1775]. Article (pages 257-261) in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 27, No. 107 (July 1903).

Memorial, Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17th, 1775 … (Boston: James R. Osgood & Co., ©1875).

Morrill, Isaac. Faith in Divine Providence, the Great Support of God’s People in Perilous Times. A Sermon, Preached at Lexington, April 19, 1780. In Memory of the Commencement of the unnatural War between Great-Britain and America; which took place in said Town April 19, 1775 … (Boston: Printed by John Gill, 1780).

Muzzey, A.B. The Battle of Lexington: with Personal Recollections of Men Engaged in It … Reprinted from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register for October, 1877 (Boston: David Clapp & Son, Printers, 1877). Inscribed on wrapper: [in one hand] "A.R. Lothrop / East-Lexington / Mass." / [in another hand] "From Miss E.A. Stone."

Porter, Edward G. Remarks Concerning the Recent Visit of Lieutenant General George Digby Barker, C.B. and the Diary of Lieutenant John Barker of the Fourth (King’s Own) Regiment During the Siege of Boston (Cambridge: John Wilson and Son, 1898). "Reprinted from the Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol. V." Inscribed for the Concord Free Public Library.

Pulsifer, David. An Account of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Compiled from Authentic Sources … with General Burgoyne’s Account of the Battle (Boston: A. Williams and Co., 1872).

Salem (Mass.). Memorial Services at the Centennial Anniversary of Leslie’s Expedition to Salem, Sunday, February 26, 1775, on Friday, February 26, 1875, by the City Authorities of Salem (Salem, Mass.: [The City], 1875. Signature of Albert E. Wood on front lining leaf.

Sudbury (Mass.). Proceedings at the Dedication of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Honor of Revolutionary Patriots at Sudbury, Massachusetts, June Seventeenth, Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Six, Including the Oration of Hon. John L. Bates of Boston. 1775-1896 (Sudbury: Published by the Town; South Framingham: Lakeview Press, 1897). Removed from the Winnifred L. Sturdy Collection (purchased in 1990 from the Harvard Historical Society).

Wall, Caleb A. The Historic Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773. Its Men and Objects: Incidents Leading to, Accompanying, and Following the Throwing Overboard of the Tea. Including a Short Account of the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770. With Patriotic Lessons Therefrom Adapted to the Present Time (Worcester, Mass.: Press of F.S. Blanchard & Co., 1896).

Watson, John Lee. Paul Revere’s Signal: The True Story of the Signal Lanterns in Christ Church, Boston … With Remarks on Laying Dr. Watson’s Communication Before the Massachusetts Historical Society, Nov. 9, 1876: by Charles Deane (New York: Trow’s Printing and Bookbinding Company, 1880). Inscribed in ink: "Miss Emily, with ye kind regards of / J.L. Watson"; below this, in another hand, in pencil: "To / Paul Revere / 1881." Removed from the Winnifred L. Sturdy Collection (purchased in 1990 from the Harvard Historical Society).

Westcott, Henry. Lexington Centennial Sermons, Delivered in the First Congregational Church, Lexington, Mass., April 11th, 18th, and 25th, 1875 (Boston: Printed by Frank Wood, 1875).

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Box I.5:

I. E. New England Social History, Architectural History, and Material Culture, 1855-1977: (ten items)

Babin, Fred, and Barry C. Field. Dimensions of Rurality in New England: A Comparative Analysis of Rurality Indexes for the Sixty-Seven New England Counties (Amherst: Published by the Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station, 1977). "Research Bulletin Number 642/January 1977."

Barker, Harry Stearns. Horses and Buggies ([no place of publication or publisher specified], ©1964). Inscribed for the Concord Free Public Library by M.S.B. [Maude S. Barker].

Chapin, Howard M. "The Early Use of Flags in New England." Article (pages 60- 73) removed from Old-Time New England, Vol. 21, No. 2 (Oct. 1930).

Cummings, Abbott Lowell. Architecture in Early New England (Sturbridge, Mass.: Old Sturbridge Village, 1964, ©1958).

"Glimpses of New England Life" [unattributed]. Article (pages 510-527) removed from Scribner’s, Vol. 16, No. 36 (1878).

Harvey, Lashley G. The "Walled" Towns of New England (Boston: Boston University Press, 1964). "University Lecture April 15, 1964."

Massachusetts. Senate. Senate No. 155 [regarding smallpox vaccination] ([Boston: The Commonwealth],1855). "C.H. Stedman, Chairman."

Park, Helen. "A List of Architectural Books Available in America before the Revolution." Photocopy of article (pages 115-130) in Journal of The Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Oct. 1961).

Poppeliers, John, with the assistance of Deborah Stephens. Shaker Built: A Catalog of Shaker Architectural Records from the Historic American Buildings Survey ([Washington, D.C.]: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Historic American Buildings Survey, 1974).

Some Industries of New England: Their Origin, Development and Accomplishments, illustrated by many Old and Interesting Views (Boston, Mass.: Issued by the State Street Trust Company, 1923). Gift of Robert F. Needham.

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Box I.6:

I. F. Politics, 1801-1942: (one bound volume containing sixteen items, plus two separate items)

In bound volume titled "Political" (accession number 23779), listed in order in which bound:

Harper, Robert Goodloe. A Letter from Robert Goodloe Harper, of South Carolina, to His Constituents ([no place of publication specified]: William Hilliard, Printer, 1801). Thaddeus Blood’s copy.

Republican Address to the Electors of New-Hampshire, on the Choice of Electors of President and Vice-President (Walpole, N.H.: Printed [no name specified], 1804).

The Impartial Inquirer; Being a Candid Examination of the Conduct of the President of the United States, in Execution of the Powers Vested in Him, by the Act of Congress of May 1, 1810: To Which is Added, Some Reflections upon the Invasion of the Spanish Territory of West-Florida … By a Citizen of Massachusetts ([no place of publication specified]: Russell & Cutler, Printer, 1811).

A Letter to an Ex-President of the United States … (Leominster, Mass.: Printed by Salmon Wilder, 1812).

The Proceedings of a Convention of Delegates, from the States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode-Island; the Counties of Cheshire and Grafton, in the State of New-Hampshire; and the County of Windham, in the State of Vermont;--Convened at Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, December 15th, 1814. Third Edition, Corrected and Improved (Boston: Printed and Published by Wells and Lilly, 1815).

Osgood, David. A Solemn Protest Against the Late Declaration of War, in a Discourse, Delivered on the Next Lord’s Day After the Tidings of It Were Received (Cambridge: Printed Hilliard and Metcalf, 1812).

Poinsett, Joel R. Substance of a Speech Delivered by the Hon. Joel R. Poinsett, at a Public Meeting held at Seyle’s, 5th October, 1832 (Charleston: Printed by J.S. Burges, 1832).

Proceedings of the State Convention of the Whig Young Men of Massachusetts. Held at Worcester, September 11th, 1839 (Boston: Printed by Samuel N. Dickinson, 1839).

Secret History of the Perfidies, Intrigues, and Corruptions of the Tyler Dynasty, with the Mysteries of Washington City, Connected with That Vile Administration, in a Series of Letters to the Ex-Acting President, by One Most Familiar with the Subject … (Washington and New York: Published by the Author, 1845). Frederic Hudson’s copy.

Allen, Thaddeus. An Inquiry into the Views, Principles, Services, and Influences of the Leading Men in the Origination of Our Union, and in the Formation and Early Administration of Our Present Government (Boston: Printed by S.N. Dickinson & Co., 1845). Edward Jarvis’s copy (presented to Jarvis by the author).

To the Whig Voters of the Fourth Congressional District, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ([no place, publisher, or date of publication specified; 1848]).

Seward, William H. Speech of William H. Seward, on the Claims of American Merchants for Indemnities for French Spoliations, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, January 21, 1851. Third Edition, with Notes (Washington: Buell & Blanchard, 1851).

Remarks on the Proposed State Constitution. By a Free-Soiler from the Start (Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Company, 1853).

Quincy, Josiah. Remarks on the Letter of the Hon. Rufus Choate to the "Whig State Committee of Maine," Written in Answer to a Letter of the Hon. John Z. Goodrich ([no place of publication or publisher specified; 1856]).

Reunion of the Free-Soilers of 1848, at Downer Landing, Hingham, Mass., August 9, 1877 … (Boston: Albert J. Wright, Printer, 1877).

Report of the Proceedings of the Harvard Republican Meeting Held at Tremont Temple, Boston, Friday Evening, November 2, 1888 (Cambridge: Wm. H. Wheeler, Printer, 1889).

Separate items:

Washburne, Elihu B., and George S. Boutwell. Impeachment. Speeches of Hon. Elihu B. Washburne, of Illinois, and Hon. George S. Boutwell, of Massachusetts, Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 22, 1868 (Washington: Printed at the Office of The Great Republic, 1868).

Wolford, Thorp Lanier. "Democratic-Republican Reaction in Massachusetts to the Embargo of 1807." Reprint of article (pages 35-61) in The New England Quarterly, Vol. 15, No. 1 (Mar. 1942). Two letters (1942 May 1 and 1948 Dec. 15), T.L. Wolford to the Librarian of the Concord Free Public Library, tipped in.

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Box I.7:

I. G. Masonry and Antimasonry, 1797-1834: (three bound volumes containing thirty-two items, plus one separate item)

In bound volume titled "Freemasonry" (accesion number 2461; from the collection of the Concord Town Library), listed in the order in which bound:

Harris, Thaddeus M. Ignorance and Prejudice Shown to Be the Only Enemies to Free Masonry—Their Objections Considered and Answered—and the True Description of the Society Given in a Sermon at the Consecration of Saint Paul’s Lodge in Groton, and the Installation of its Officers in Due Form, August 9th, A.L. 5797 (Leominster, Mass.: Printed by Brother Charles Prentiss, 1797).

Whipple, William J. A Masonic Address, Delivered Before the Corinthian Lodge, at Concord, on the Anniversary Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24, 5819 (Concord, Mass.: Published by Request; Printed by Caleb Cushing, 1819).

Beede, Thomas. The Value of Emblems and Ceremonies, A Discourse, Delivered Before the Most Worshipful, the Grand Lodge of New-Hampshire, at Their Annual Meeting in Concord, June 15, A.L. 5820 (Amherst, N.H.: Printed by Elijah Mansur, 1820).

Gleason, Benjamin. An Address, Pronounced at the Dedication of the New Masonic Hall, in Concord, Ms. Nov. 13, A.L. 5820 … (Concord, Mass.: J.T. Peters, printer, 1820).

Jenkins, Charles. A Discourse, Preached Before the Masonick Fraternity, Convened at Shelburne, Mass., June 24, 1823; in Commemoration of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Greenfield: Published by request of Mountain Lodge; Denio, Clark & Tyler, Printers, 1823).

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. The Act of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, for the Government and Management of the Master, Wardens and Members, of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Incorporated June 16, 1817. Adopted September 9, A.L. 5818. As Amended Until the Annual Communication 5825 (Boston: Printed by E.G. House, 1826).

Abbot, John. An Address, Delivered Before the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, at the Annual Communication, December, 5826 (Cambridge: Printed by Hilliard, Metcalf, and Co., 1826). John Keyes’s copy.

Hamilton, Luther. Address Delivered at Taunton, on the Festival of St. John the Baptist, June 24th, 1826 (Taunton: Printed by Samuel W. Mortimer, 1826). Nehemiah Jones’s copy.

Colton, Simeon. The Claims of Anti-Masonry, and Duty of Masons. An Address Delivered Before the Central Lodge of Free-Masons, in Dudley, Mass. June 24, A.L. 5830 (Southbridge: J. Snow, Printer, 1830).

Thompson, James W. The Claims of Free-Masonry Stated, and Objections to It Considered. An Address Delivered Before the Fraternity, at Leicester, Mass., on the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, June 24, A.L. 5831 (Cambridge: Printed by E.W. Metcalf and Company, 1831).

Sheppard, John H. An Address, Delivered Before Lincoln Lodge, Wiscasset, June 24, A.L. 5831 … (Boston: Printed by Beals and Homer, 1831). "Published agreeably to an unanimous vote of Lincoln Lodge."

In bound volume titled "Masonry & Anti-Masonry (accession number 2460; from the collection of the Concord Town Library), listed in order in which bound:

Ecclesiastical Record [regarding Baptist Church in South Reading, Mass.] (Boston: Printed by Jonathan Howe, 1832).

Boston Daily Advocate. Extra. Reply to the Declaration of the 1200 Masons (Boston: The Daily Advocate, October 5, 1832).

Adams, John Quincy. Letters on the Entered Apprentice’s Oath … Demonstrating That the First Step in Masonry is Wrong. Stereotype Edition … (Boston: Published by the Young Men’s Antimasonic Association for the Diffusion of Truth, 1833). "Publication No. I."

Massachusetts. House of Representatives. House No. 55 [petition for the investigation of Freemasonry] ([Boston: The Commonwealth], 1834). "March 1834." House No. 76, No. 75, and No. 74 (unrelated to Masonry) bound in between this and the following item.

Massachusetts. House of Representatives. House No. 1. Memorial [regarding voluntary surrender of civil charter of Grand Lodge of Massachusetts] ([Boston: The Commonwealth], 1834). "Jan. 1834."

Massachusetts. House of Representatives. House No. 7. Memorial [requesting investigation of Freemasonry and prohibition of "extrajudicial oaths in Masonic Lodges, Chapters, and all other Masonic bodies"] ([Boston: The Commonwealth],1834). "Jan. 1834."

Massachusetts. House of Representatives. House No. 73. Report by a Committee of the Legislature of Massachusetts, on Freemasonry. March, 1834 ([Boston: The Commonwealth], 1834). Appendix Containing the Testimony and Documents Received in Evidence by the Committee follows report.

Hallett, Benjamin F., George Turner, and others. Legislative Investigation into Masonry; Being a Correct History of the Examination, Under Civil Oath, of More Than Fifty Adhering and Seceding Masons, Before a Committee of the General Assembly of Rhode-Island, Held at Providence and Newport, Between December 7, 1831, and January 7, 1832. Reported from Minutes Taken at the Time by B.F. Hallett, Geo. Turner and Others, and Carefully Compared (Boston: Office of the Boston Daily Advocate, 1832).

Locke, Charles H. Trial of Moore & Sevey for a Libel on Samuel D. Greene, in the Municipal Court, Boston, July Term, 1833. Reported by Charles H. Locke (Boston: Published by Moore & Sevey, 1833). Daniel Shattuck’s copy.

In bound volume titled "Antimasonry" (accession number 2462; from the collection of the Concord Town Library), listed in order in which bound:

Dexter, Samuel. Letter of the Hon. Samuel Dexter … to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Massachusetts ([no place of publication, publisher, or date of publication specified]).

Sumner, Charles Pinckney. A Letter on Speculative Free Masonry … Being an Answer to a Letter … on That Subject by the Suffolk Committee (Boston: John Marsh; Dutton & Wentworth, Printers, 1829).

Pease, David. The Good Man in Bad Company: or Speculative Freemasonry a Wicked and Dangerous Combination. A Sermon Delivered in Belchertown, (Mass.) July 8, 1830 … with an Appendix (Brookfield: Printed by E. and G. Merriam, 1831). "Published by Request."

Fuller, Timothy. Oration, Delivered at Faneuil Hall, Boston, July 11, 1831, at the Request of the Suffolk Anti-Masonic Committee (Boston: Printed at the Office of the Boston Press, for the Publishing Committee, 1831).

Philleo, Calvin. Calvin Philleo’s Light on Masonry, and Anti-Masonry, and a Renunciation of Both, with Undissembled Esteem for Masons and Anti-Masons (Providence: A. H. Brown, Printer, 1831). Herman Atwill’s copy.

[Z., A.]. Free-Masonry, in Reply to Anti-Masonry, in the American Quarterly Review, for March, 1830 (Boston: John Marsh & Co., 1830).

An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Antimasonic State Convention of Massachusetts. Held in Faneuil Hall, Boston, May 19 & 20, 1831 (Boston: Printed at the Office of the Boston Press, for the Publishing Committee, 1831).

Third Antimasonic State Convention. Antimasonic Republican Convention, of Massachusetts, Held at Worcester, Sept. 5th & 6th, 1832. For the Nomination of Candidates for Electors of President and Vice President of the United States, and for Governor and Lt. Governor of Massachusetts. Proceedings, Resolutions, and Address to the People (Boston: Printed by Perkins & Marvin, 1832).

A Brief Report of the Debates in the Anti-Masonic Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Held in Faneuil Hall, Boston, December 30, 31, 1829, and January 1, 1830 (Boston: Published by John Marsh, 1830).

An Abstract of the Proceedings of the Anti-Masonic State Convention of Massachusetts, Held in Faneuil Hall, Boston, Dec. 30 and 31, 1829, and Jan. 1, 1830 (Boston: John Marsh, for the Publishing Committee, 1830).

No. 4. Fourth Antimasonic State Convention. Antimasonic Republican Convention, of Massachusetts, Held at Boston, Sept. 11, 12, & 13, 1833, for the Nomination of Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth, and "For the Purpose of ‘Consulting Upon the Common Good, by Seeking Redress of Wrongs and Grievances Suffered’ from Secret Societies" (Boston: Printed by Jonathan Howe, for the Convention, 1833).

A Freeman on Freemasonry ([no place of publication, publisher, or date of publication specified]). "To the Editor of the Massachusetts Yeoman." Manuscript response to piece (beginning "A raving Antimason") on final page of text.

Separate item:

The Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention, Held at Philadelphia, September 11, 1830. Embracing the Journal of Proceedings, the Reports, the Debates, and the Address to the People (Philadelphia: I.P. Trimble; New York: Skinner and Dewey; Albany: D.B. Packard; [etc.],1830). Accession number 2605; from the collection of the Concord Town Library.

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Box I.8:

I. H. Slavery, Antislavery, Emancipation, Colonization, Fugitive Slave Law, and Underground Railroad, 1829-1996: (three bound volumes containing thirty-five items, plus ten separate items)

In bound volume titled "Slavery" (accession number 23780), listed in order in which bound:

Bowditch, William I. Slavery and the Constitution (Boston: Robert F. Wallcut, 1849).

Proceedings of the Constitutional Meeting at Faneuil Hall, November 26th, 1850 (Boston: Printed by Beals & Greene, 1850).

Greeley, Horace. A History of the Struggle for Slavery Extension or Restriction in the United States, from the Declaration of Independence to the Present Day. Mainly Compiled and Condensed from the Journals of Congress and Other Official Records, and Showing the Vote by Yeas and Nays on the Most Important Divisions in Either House (New York: Dix, Edwards & Co., 1856).

Parker, Joel. Personal Liberty Laws (Statutes of Massachusetts), and Slavery in the Territories (Case of Dred Scott) (Boston: Wright & Potter, Printers, 1861).

American Anti-Slavery Society. The Anti-Slavery History of the John-Brown Year; Being the Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the American Anti-Slavery Society (New York: American Anti-Slavery Society, 1861). Samuel Barrett’s copy.

In bound volume titled "Slavery, Fugitive Slave Law, etc." (accession number 23781), listed in order in which bound:

Storrs, Richard S. American Slavery, and the Means of Its Removal. A Sermon, Preached in the First Congregational Church, Braintree, April 4, 1844 (Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin, 1844).

Spencer, Ichabod S. Fugitive Slave Law. The Religious Duty of Obedience to Law: A Sermon, Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 1850 (New York: Published by M.W. Dodd, 1850). Inscribed on wrapper: "A. Brooks."

Forman, J.G. The Fugitive Slave Law. A Discourse Delivered in the Congregational Church in West Bridgewater, Mass., on Sunday, November 17th, 1850 (Boston: Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1850). "Published by Request." Wrapper inscribed (inscription cropped).

Lord, John C. "The Higher Law," In Its Application to the Fugitive Slave Bill. A Sermon on the Duties Men Owe to God and to Governments. Delivered at the Central Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, on Thanksgiving-Day (New York: Published by Order of the "Union Safety Committee," 1851).

Furness, W.H. [William Henry]. The Moving Power. A Discourse Delivered in the First Congregational Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Sunday Morning, Feb. 9, 1851, After the Occurrence of a Fugitive Slave Case (Philadelphia: Merrihew and Thompson, Printers, 1851).

Forman, J.G. The Christian Martyrs; or, The Conditions of Obedience to the Civil Government: A Discourse … To Which Is Added, A Friendly Letter to said Church and Congregation [the First Church and Congregation in West Bridgewater] on the Pro-Slavery Influences That Occasioned His [Forman’s] Removal (Boston: Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1851).

Hedge, F.H. [Frederic Henry]. Conscience and the State. A Discourse, Preached in the Westminster Church, Providence, Sunday April 27, 1851 (Providence: Published by the Society; Joseph Knowles, Printer, 1851). Wrapper inscribed by the author (inscription cropped).

Krebs, John M. The American Citizen. A Discourse on the Nature and Extent of Our Religious Subjection to the Government Under Which We Live: Including an Inquiry Into the Scriptural Authority of That Provision of the Constitution of the United States, Which Requires the Surrender of Fugitive Slaves. Delivered in the Rutgers Street Presbyterian Church, in the City of New York, on Thanksgiving Day, December 12, 1850. And Afterwards at Their Request, as a Lecture Before the Young Men’s Associations of Albany and Waterford, N.Y., on January 14th and 15th, 1851 (New York: Charles Scribner, 1851).

Lunt, William P. The Divine Right of Government: A Discourse Delivered in Quincy, Massachusetts, on the Day of the Annual State Fast, April 10, 1851 (Boston: Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1851).

M’Ewen, Abel. A Sermon, Preached in the First Congregational Church, New London, Conn., on the Day of Thanksgiving, November 28, 1850 (New London: Daniels & Bacon, 1851). Inscribed by Sabin Smith on title-page.

Hall, Nathaniel. The Limits of Civil Obedience. A Sermon Preached in the First Church, Dorchester, January 12, 1851 (Boston: William Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1851). "Published by Request."

Stearns, Oliver. The Gospel applied to the Fugitive Slave Law: A Sermon Preached to the Third Congregational Society of Hingham, on Sunday, March 2, 1851 (Boston: Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1851). "Published by Request."

Clark, Rufus W. Conscience and Law. A Discourse Preached in the North Church, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Fast Day, April 3, 1851 (Boston: Tappan & Whittemore; Portsmouth: Samuel A. Badger, 1851).

Quincy, Josiah. Address Illustrative of the Nature and Power of the Slave States, and the Duties of the Free States; Delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Quincy, Mass., on Thursday, June 5, 1856 … Altered and Enlarged since Delivery (Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1856).

Quincy, Josiah. Mr. Quincy’s Remarks on Mr. Choate’s Letter to the Whig State Committee of Maine ([no place of publication or publisher specified], 1856).

Palfrey, John G. Papers on the Slave Power, First Published in the "Boston Whig" (Boston: Merrill, Cobb & Co., [1846]). Edward Jarvis’s copy (presented to Jarvis by the author).

In bound volume titled "Slavery, Emancipation, Colonization, etc." (accession number 23782), listed in order in which bound:

Clay, Henry. An Address Delivered to the Colonization Society of Kentucky, at Frankfort, December 17, 1829 … at the Request of the Board of Managers (Lexington: Published at the instance of the Society; Thomas Smith, Printer, 1829). Inscribed on title-page: "Thos. Melvill."

Stewart, Charles. The West India Question. Immediate Emancipation Would Be Safe for the Masters; Profitable for the Masters; Happy for the Slaves; Right in the Government; Advantageous to the Nation; Would Interfere with No Feelings But Such as Are Disgraceful and Destructive; Cannot Be Postponed … An Outline for Immediate Emancipation … Reprinted from the (Eng.) Quarterly Magazine and Review, of April, 1832. Second American Edition (Newburyport: Charles Whipple, 1835). Inscription (cropped; "Plymouth A.S. Library"?) on title-page.

[Austin, James T.]. Remarks on Dr. Channing’s Slavery. By a Citizen of Massachusetts (Boston: Russell, Shattuck and Co., and John Eastburn, 1835).

[Pratt, Minot]. A Friend of the South in Answer to Remarks on Dr. Channing’s Slavery (Boston: Otis, Broaders and Company, 1836).

Cushing, Abel. Speech of the Hon. Abel Cushing, in the Senate of Massachusetts, on the 30th and 31st of March, 1837, on Resolves Relative to the Action of Congress upon Anti-Slavery Petitions, and the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia; and Also upon a Resolve Respecting the Further Admission of Slave-Holding States into the Union (Boston: Printed by Beals & Greene, 1837).

The Anti-Slavery Examiner. No. 6. American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses … (New York: Published by the American Anti-Slavery Society, 1839). George Partridge Bradford’s copy (inscribed on wrapper).

Lovejoy, J.C. The Alliance of Jehoshaphat and Ahab. A Sermon Preached on the Annual Fast, April 4, 1844, at Cambridgeport ([no place of publication or publisher specified, 1844]). At head of title: "No. 12."

Address of the Committee Appointed by a Public Meeting, Held at Faneuil Hall, September 24, 1846, for the Purpose of Considering the Recent Case of Kidnapping from Our Soil, and of Taking Measures to Prevent the Recurrence of Similar Outrages. With an Appendix (Boston: White & Potter, Printers, 1846). Inscribed on wrapper: "Reading Room."

United States vs. Charles G. Davis. Report of the Proceedings at the Examination of Charles G. Davis … on a Charge of Aiding and Abetting in the Rescue of a Fugitive Slave. Held in Boston, in February, 1851 (Boston: White & Potter, Printers, 1851).

Goodloe, Daniel R. The Southern Platform: or, Manual of Southern Sentiment on the Subject of Slavery (Boston: John P. Jewett & Co., 1858).

De Fontaine, F.G. History of American Abolitionism; Its Four Great Epochs, Embracing Narratives of the Ordinance of 1787, Compromise of 1820, Annexation of Texas, Mexican War, Wilmot Proviso, Negro Insurrections, Abolition Riots, Slave Rescues, Compromise of 1850, Kansas Bill of 1854, John Brown Insurrection, 1859, Valuable Statistics &c. &c., &c. Together with a History of the Southern Confederacy. (Originally Published in the New York Herald.) (New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1861).

Lyman, Theodore. Papers Relating to the Garrison Mob. Edited by Theodore Lyman … (Cambridge: Welch, Bigelow, and Company, 1870). Bookplate of Concord Town Library pasted to wrapper.

Palfrey, John G. Papers on the Slave Power, First Published in the "Boston Whig" (Boston: Merrill, Cobb & Co., [1846]).

Bearse, Austin. Reminiscences of Fugitive-Slave Law Days in Boston (Boston: Printed by Warren Richardson, 1880). Wrapper inscribed: "[first line cropped] wh [with] respects of F.W. Gill."

Separate items:

Adams, Charles Francis (1807-1886). An Oration, Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Fall River, July 4, 1860 (Fall River: Almy & Milne, 1860). Inscribed on wrapper: "Edward Jarvis / from the author."

Blockson, Charles L. "Escape from Slavery: The Underground Railroad." Article (pages [2]-39) in National Greographic (July