16. Damon-Almy Partnership, 1876-1880

In March of 1876, a few months prior to the dissolution of the Damon-Smith partnership, spring flooding destroyed a portion of the dam, the waste gates, and one or two tenements. The mill was closed for a time for repairs, and fortunately all the goods produced prior to this natural disaster had been sold. With Henry F. Smith moving on to other business ventures, Edward Damon formed a partnership in December 1876 with Edward P. Almy, a young man who had some experience in the manufacture of woolen goods. The Damon-Almy partnership lasted four years, ending in 1880. In that year, Edward Almy's wife died and he went to Philadelphia to join his brother in a wool manufacturing business. With Almy gone, Edward Damon and his son Ralph reincorporated as Damon Manufacturing Company, and the mill was once again a family business.

Charles Hosmer Walcott's compilation of title searches includes the Damon-Almy property record shown here.