Thoreau Survey

10. Thoreau Surveys

The sale of the Anderson Market building and the court case of Collier v Pierce coincided with survey work by Henry David Thoreau. In 1853, and again in 1855, Thoreau created surveys, elevations, and sketches of the properties. The 1853 survey (popup window) was at the time of the Concord Mill Dam Company's auction of the Anderson Market building and the building next door. The former was purchased by A.C. Collier, who was then its tenant, the latter by Cyrus Pierce. The first survey is titled Plan of Land and Buildings in Concord, Mass. belonging to the Milldam Company, April 30, 1853. At that point, five days after the property had been sold to A.C. Collier, Thoreau calls the Anderson Market building the "Hatters Shop." In the later drawing he has crossed out "Hatters" and replaced it with "Colliers."