• Internet Computers

    Internet computers are available at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch.  A MS Office Suite program is installed on each PC station.  A Mac computer is available in the Young Adult area at both locations. 

  • Printing
    • B/W - $0.15 /page
    • Color - $0.25/page
  • Scanning

    A BookScan station can be found next to the public printer at both the Main Library and the Fowler Branch which allows users to scan to email, printer, USB or Google Doc. Scanning is free.   

  • Photocopier

    A b/w photocopier is available at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch.  $0.15/page

  • Wireless Internet Access

    Free wireless Internet access is available at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch. 

  • Wireless Printing

    Wireless b/w printing is available at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch.  Please see a staff member for assistance. 

  • Wireless Hotspot for Loan

    A wireless hotspot device is available for Concord patrons to borrow at the Main Library and the Fowler Branch.  Read Hotspot Circulation Policy

  • Computer Classes/Drop-In Tech Help/By Appointment Individual Demo

    The Library offers free computer classes and drop-in tech help sessions on a regular basis. Please visit the Event Calendar (link) for class schedules.  Free individual lessons/demos are also available by appointment.  Call 978-318-3347 to schedule a one-on-one lesson with one of our tech instructors.

  • Laptop Lending for In-Library-Use

    Patrons may borrow a Dell laptop at the Main Library or at the Fowler Branch for in-library use for up to three hours at a time.  Please ask at the Circulation Desk.   [View Laptop Lending Policy]  [View Borrower Agreement]

  • 3D Printing

    The Library owns an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer.  Patrons may email the Library their 3D design file which will be reviewed by the staff first and then printed on the 3D printer if it complies with our 3D print policy and meets the specifications. [View 3D Print Policy]  [View 3D Print Instructions]

    Please note that staff members are available for 3D print service and inquiries from Monday through Friday only. 

  • Fax Service

    Fax service is available to the public at the Main Library.  It is for outgoing fax only.  No incoming fax is accepted.

    To Send a Fax:
    1) Lift the phone.
    2) Listen to/Follow a pre-recorded instruction (as listed below and also posted next to the machine).
    3) Place documents face down.
    4) Dial fax # (including three digit area code) (i.e. 978-318-3344) (International dial 011 first).
    5) Pay with a credit or debit card by entering card # directly on the keypad (No cash or check).
    6) Press START key when connected.
    7) Wait for confirmation after a fax is sent.

    Fax Service Charge:
    $1.75 first page
    $1.00 each additional page
    $3.95 first page
    $3.45 each additional page