A Library of Things is designed to reduce cost and waste for the whole community by sharing technology, tools, toys, & more the same way libraries already let us share books and films. Browse our current selection below or let us know what you'd like to see us add to our Library of Things by emailing our Library of Things team!

Fun & Games

Board Game Library

All Libraries | 2-Week Loan, Non-Renewable

Host the best game night in town with our collection of the latest and greatest board games for all ages.

Museum & Recreation Passes

Main Library | Varying Loan Periods

Get discounted admission to local museums, zoos, parks & more with your library card!

Puzzle Swap

All Libraries | No Due Dates

Rain in the forecast? No problem! Take a jigsaw; leave a jigsaw at one of our puzzle swap stations available at all Concord libraries.

STEAM Learning


Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

For our tiniest tinkerers, the adorable Code-A-Pillar is designed to introduce critical thinking and coding concepts to kids ages 3-6.


Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Building blocks for the 21st century, Cubelets are preprogrammed magnetic blocks that allow kids as young as 4 to build their own robots.


Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Get a closer look at the world around you with our compound microscope!


Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Simple but powerful machines for stargazing, our telescope comes complete with instructions and a constellation guide!


Kill-A-Watt Energy Meter

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Identify sources of electricity waste around your home with this simple power consumption monitor.

Seed Library

Fowler Library | No Due Dates

Jumpstart your garden and help your neighbors do the same with our free exchange vegetable seed library. Just stop by to browse our current selection or drop off your own heirloom varieties!

Thermal Leak Detector

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Save money and the environment - this infrared sensor helps users detect heat and cooling leakages around walls, molding, ductwork, and more.


GoPro Camera

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Weather-resistant and waterproof up to 33 feet, this tiny digital camera is perfect for your next adventure. Record 1080p video or take 10MP photos with the click of a button or even simple voice commands.

Media Conversion Kits

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Preserve your precious family memories with one of our media conversion kits! Our tools are designed to digitize VHS and cassette tapes, photographs, and even some proprietary camcorder formats. Choose between:



Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Host movie night in style! Simply connect your HDMI or VGA-compatible device, and our LED projector will turn any blank surface into your own big screen.

Region Free DVD Player

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

An essential for international film buffs - our region free DVD player is compatible with disks from across the globe, not just North American releases.

Voice Recorder

Main Library | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Whether you're recording a lecture or interviewing your relatives for a family history project, our voice recorder offers ultra-portable, all-in-one audio recording, playback, and USB connection for transferring yoru files.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

All Libraries | 1-Week Loan, Renewable

Experiencing a temporary internet outage or want to make your next camping trip a little less off-the-grid? Our Wi-Fi hotspots provide free internet access anywhere with cell phone service!