Talk about familiar things and what you are doing. Talk about unfamiliar things. In your talks you will help your child with listening, speaking, communication skills and vocabulary.


Sing songs to and with your child any chance you the car, in the tub, putting them to bed. This helps your child hear the sounds that make up words as they're drawn out by notes of songs.


Read aloud to your child - take home a book we read at Storytime. Check out some classic picture books. Talk about the story while you read or after you read. You will help your child develop vocabulary and best of all help them develop a love of reading!  


Draw and scribble! Encourage your child to "write". You are conveying that written symbols have meaning and ultimately help them learn the alphabet.


Use your imagination. Find letters and shapes in your home. You are helping develop your child’s critical thinking skills, narrative skills, and - if you play with your alphabet - letter knowledge.

Learning As They Grow: Early Literacy and Libraries Video

Below is a great resource, produced by the Hennepin County (MN) Library, for parents to understand ways to support early literacy as they talk, sing, read, write, and play with their children, noting specifically the connections to early literacy and later reading.

Credit to Dan Marcou of Hennepin County Library for producing this wonderful video!