Our Children's Library Blanding's turtles Juan hatched in August 2021 and Vlad hatched in September 2021. They originally hatched in Great Meadows, and we hope to release them back to Great Meadows in May 2023. By taking care of them here at the library, it provides them an opportunity to grow and stay safe from predators.

Did you know that only about 1% of all Blanding’s turtle eggs survive to grow into adulthood? Blanding’s turtles are among the most threatened species of turtles in the northeastern United States. If you haven't met our endangered Blanding's turtles Juan and Vlad yet, be sure to stop by the Children's Library and introduce yourself to them!

Meet Juan and Vlad!


Howdy! I'm Juan the Blanding's turtle. If I get scared suddenly, I curl up into my shell and hide. Vlad and I are good buddies, but we like to eat separately because we get a bit possessive about our food. Some of my favorite foods are mealy worms and sardines. If you ever want to bring me a snack, my favorite choice would be an earth worm please!



Hi! I'm Vlad. When I'm relaxing, you may often find me floating on top of my brother Juan. I am an excellent swimmer! Did you know that I can stay submerged in water for hours? Sometimes people think I am an amphibian, but I am a reptile. My skin is dry and has scales unlike amphibians who have moist skin with mucus.