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William Munroe, founder of the Concord Free Public Library, had the vision to imagine an institution with three connected buildings.  The first – the historic Library we know and love – was built in 1873.  

Nearly one hundred and fifty years later, we are launching this $10 million project, which will link the historic Heywood-Benjamin house next door to the Main Library, effectively realizing the second piece of his original vision.

The Plan:

* An increase of +37% in overall Library square footage for more gathering, collaborative, and interactive learning spaces

* Enhance and preserve the historical assets in our collections

* Upgrade the Library’s technology infrastructure

* Support ongoing educational activities and programming

In addition to connecting two beloved buildings, this project also speaks to the connection the Library has with the community. This is truly an exciting project, expanding the ways people use the library, increasing the opportunities to access it, and making it more dynamic. Connecting our Community was chosen as the campaign name because this project does just that – it provides a place in the heart of Concord where the community can come together to learn, collaborate, socialize and… connect!